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  1. Hey, I've just started playing this game, and figured I'd do all misc trophies on normal difficulty first, then do New Game+ on Ultimate difficulty. Does anyone know if this also unlocks the other difficulty related trophies, even though the new difficulty is a DLC?
  2. Finally got it. Nightmare version, I got it on my 5th(!) playthrough. Purely random, did not matter if I only used Aiden, only picked it up while standing, or without a drawn weapon, if I read the datafile or not, if I let the audio files play or not. When I finally got it I played the first mission until it was complete, then drove around the city with Aiden and picked up datafiles without reading/listening to them. I picked up one datafile with the droid. The only thing I did different on my fifth playthrough is that I did not use any fast travel. Only drove around the city. I did not count, but it unlocked after about all available datafiles on that point was picked up, which I think is somewhere between 60-70. This was pure shit Ubisoft, do better. Good luck to those who's still struggling with it.
  3. It's a nice video, but how am I supposed to compare what I'm missing when you haven't written the name of the data files in the description? I currently have 96 data files, but no idea which ones I'm missing...
  4. Follow up questions: - Did you do it in one sitting, or did you take breaks? If so, did you use rest mode or shut the Playstation off completely? - Did you ever die or get a mission failed? I've collected 70+ datafiles three times now, twice on easy and once on medium, but it still refuses to pop.. I'm running out of ideas :/
  5. I'm having this trophy bug, and I'm trying to investigate the cause of it further. Can someone who have the trophy answer this? - Which difficulty did you play on? - Did you read the file, or just pick it up and immediately close the menu? - When picking up a file, was your character crouching or standing upright? - Did you pick up the files while in a mission, or between missions? - Did you pick them up in the same way, or did you use the drone on some and some with the characters Aiden/Wrench (both or only one)?
  6. I did it aprox 9 hours ago, I can wait Sure, here or somewhere else also? The trophy requires you to play through the first level without looking at the in-game Gameboy, called the Gear Kid, which is where the game is played. So you have to tilt your PSVR to the ceiling and do it blindly. I recorded a video of me doing it regularly, then I tried to mimic my moves. It was stupidly hard. Here's a link to the video I made: Youtube link
  7. I got the trophy "Daredevil" in the game Pixel Ripped 1989 and it looks like I'm the only one who has it on psnprofiles, but it says that there are zero achievers of this trophy and zero achievers of 100% of all trophies in the game, even though I have them unlocked and synced. Imgur image link