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  1. I got the trophy "Daredevil" in the game Pixel Ripped 1989 and it looks like I'm the only one who has it on psnprofiles, but it says that there are zero achievers of this trophy and zero achievers of 100% of all trophies in the game, even though I have them unlocked and synced. Imgur image link
  2. I did it aprox 9 hours ago, I can wait Sure, here or somewhere else also? The trophy requires you to play through the first level without looking at the in-game Gameboy, called the Gear Kid, which is where the game is played. So you have to tilt your PSVR to the ceiling and do it blindly. I recorded a video of me doing it regularly, then I tried to mimic my moves. It was stupidly hard. Here's a link to the video I made: Youtube link