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  1. I have a US acount, but I can't go to “Add to Cart” in PlayStation store of PS3.. Anybody knows how to buy this game?
  2. It looks somebody earned MP trophies in August.. 🤔
  3. Can this game play without PSVR?
  4. Thank you for the information!! Thank you for letting me know!! I would get a partner before long
  5. If this game is still up, how many people the minimum did you need to boost all online trophies??
  6. This looks like Table Top Racing WT of low quality version lol BTW Which is more difficult, this game or Table Top Racing WT?
  7. How many people do you need at the minimum to boost all multiplayer trophies?
  8. Thank you so much. I will try to get a HK acount!
  9. Thanks for your information! I almost bought it 😵
  10. How many people do you need at the minimum to boost all Multiplayer trophies?
  11. What's meaning of broken? Is this regeon lock or something?
  12. How many people did you need at the minimum to boost all multi-player trophy?
  13. Thank you so much!😊
  14. Hi there! In Japan, Umbrella Corps will be released as ps plus's free play on March. Some of japanese player will increase, so let's get it if you really need rank match trophies!
  15. I think this game's difficulty become like GrimFandango remastered.. I don't know about Jazzpunk and native English but I like this trophy title icon, Looks cool, something 80s! So I'll try it! Sorry, my bad English anyway. Let me hear your opinion about trophy difficulty!