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  1. I will preface that this is not my video, but whoever made it is a GOD. He has figured out that the RNG in Re:CoM can be manipulated, and has also figured out how to maximise the chance for each individual enemy card. Essentially the steps are: - Go to the appropriate world - Create a Moment's Reprieve in the first room - Create the room listed at the bottom of the video in the next room (not sure if needs to be the same direction as his, but why risk it?) - Edit your deck to match the one in the right side, numbers don't matter (not sure if premiums effect this, but again, why risk it?) - Save - Soft reset with + + - Load - Follow the instructions at the bottom (N dodge rolls, do/do not attack the enemy shown in the video) - If you do not get the same spawn as shown in the video, soft reset again - If you do, mash until all the enemies are dead - If you don't get the enemy card, soft reset and repeat This method was taking me at MAX 10 soft resets per enemy card. Sounds tedious, but once you get in the groove it is quite fast. Either way, it is much faster than cruising around hoping for the best while hunting enemy cards. Hope this was as helpful to everyone else as it was to me!
  2. Can you put me down for Berith please? I've got Dante's Inferno, Darksiders 1 & 2
  3. I've now got everything except Move Heroes and All Stars LOMBAX PRAETORIAN ME UUUUUUUP
  4. Put me down as an investigator please Remember Me Saboteur Watch Dogs Enslaved
  5. I'll boost with you wtru9, I'll PM you when I get home
  6. Hey cj, Quick suggestion: Could you add everyone's PSNIDs to the top post above their cards? I couldn't remember if I joined and I couldn't use find to see if I was already there. Also would just be a more convenient way to search Cheers
  7. Bump me up into Lombax Praetorian please! Also in the process of earning my RYNO
  8. I've got 4: Nova-111 Race the Sun Pix the Cat Velocity 2X
  9. I managed to have a pretty good run this month! Unfortunately broke my streak but it also means now I can get back into hunting properly! I tackled some of the games that have been sitting in my backlog for a very long time (not the backlog for this yet). Total for February: 37 Bronze 25 Silver 7 Gold 4 Platinum Great month for me!
  10. Sign me up with 3! Far Cry 3, BD, Far Cry 4
  11. Has anyone else had issues with trophies nor unlocking? I've jilled several enemies via infighting, as well as with bombs, but I've yet to unlock the respective trophies.
  12. Haha yeah it certainly seems like it's going to be that way. Oh and just to be clear, I'm actually going for a streak, not an average. I'm aiming to get at least one trophy each day, not per day. Have had some close calls!
  13. Just the one with Rogue Legacy. Save scummed the ever-loving shit out of Thanophobia.
  14. I have made another thread on this suggestion that is probably a bit more feasible over at: http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/34756-suggestion-find-users-missing-the-same-trophies-as-you/
  15. Ah man, equal last. I've set myself of at least one trophy/day this year though, which I have managed to maintain I think I need to target my backlog games next, about to wrap up Watch Dogs, hopefully will be getting Brutal Legend at some point this month too. Then punch through some Ratchet & Clank, then on to backlog. Unless something else I really want to play comes up first hahaha.