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  1. Picked up a nice hoodie from one of my favorite games:
  2. Heeeey - 37 years here too! I don’t really play my PS4 much anymore due to trophy burnout and I’m just way too amused with my Switch games and mini consoles these days. The nostalgia with that is real. But as you can see there’s a few of us elders still hanging around and enjoying our video games. 😁
  3. Takasugi-san's Tiny Delinquent Hero A nice breezy read, and lots of cutesy fluff. :3
  4. Surprisingly funny movie with a neat time-loop gimmick.
  5. Trading Up Conduct a trade with an ally. (Allies will still count as allies before exchanging member addresses.) The Great Communicator Speak to 10 or more PCs in the same volume. Just a Little Something Give a gift to an ally. (Allies will still count as allies before exchanging member addresses.) Chim's Kicker Kick or use your bike to ram 30 or more Chim Chims.
  6. Paint the Target Use the Sword to Focus on a Vital Point Valley of the Wanderer Defeat the 1st Colossus
  7. Nice. Symphonia is a really great one. Surprised you mentioned Legendia...not many people have played (or even liked) that one. Check out Abyss and Vesperia when you can. You'll enjoy them a lot, I think.
  8. Hi Goat. Looking at your profile now..seems like you're a Tales fan? Any favorites in that series?
  9. To Be This Good Takes Ages Play Hang-On or Space Harrier
  10. Gacha Catcha Find your first collectable toy
  11. Platinum #48 - P3DiM Dancing in Moonlight Obtained all trophies.
  12. In Search of Lost Memories Began your adventure in Celceta. Mine Raider Successfully rescued the trapped miners.
  13. My area got hit with a sudden snow squall last night. Of course the snow always hits when I have to be out on the road. 🙄
  14. #47 - 🔥 Spyro the Dragon 🔥 Gnasty's Demise Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies Difficulty: 3.0/10 (for the PITA flying levels) Enjoyment: 10/10
  15. Platinum #47 - 🔥 Spyro the Dragon 🔥

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