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  1. Before you start being a keyboard warrior and typing "OMG U NOOB LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GAME" Hear me out. I played Persona 4 Dancing All Night with what I believe is the same gameplay and had no issues. Got a platinum in it too which shows I played hard mode in that game. So I play this game and just can't help but notice the controls are so... unresponsive? Let me explain... Lets say I am in 4 trax, I press O and X and it works but when I press triangle it won't work... it just won't. It bugs out but when I try to press O it will work. I am just confused what is even causing this? It's just weird because it causes this to happen: I have the notes O and X coming towards the gear, I get all the X correctly but none of the O because the controls got unresponsive. My PS Vita isn't broken as I can use the buttons everywhere else just fine. Secondly I pick a song... and the picture of the song comes up on my screen and then starts loading. And instead another song loads up. I downloaded the patch the game is all up to date but this just keeps happening... Any fixes or does anyone have the same problem? Please note the game is in my other account so you won't find it on this one lol. Edit: controls being unresponsive happened just now... there were two seperate notes coming to the gear in a super slow song I had my fingers on the buttons and I am 100% sure if I didn't hit them on perfect at least I hit them in some way... But the controls just went unresponsive and there wasn't even a sound to indicate I pressed the buttons when I did. The gear doesn't even light up.. And it always light up even if I don't hit a note.
  2. Sounds like someone hacked you are there any new trophies on it?
  3. I collect consoles so I will get it... by collect I mean I bought 3 3DS... it is a addiction... and I have a plug and play Sega console it's ridiculous.
  4. Guys do you think this person hacked? every song is like 4 mins long so there is no way they could play over 20 songs in 16 mins I seen also others on the board who got a plat in 24 mins what is this?

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Lloyd is a boss at dante slaying tactics :)

    3. CyberC-2


      I can make a topic out of it I mean seriously this isn't achieving anything... it is still cheating.

    4. AlphaLloyd


      Haha Behemoth :P just doing my best. If the topic is up, would be nice if you put the link here on ya feed! :)

  5. This is actually my second account... and sorry but I won't be changing the rules.To the other people who posted: You can still enter Do you use the chat at all?
  6. Okay guys small update: been looking to buy the bundles today but some idiot decided that it would be a good idea to put super stupid and boring games in the bundle causing everyone to get the same games so I will wait for a new better bundle so you guys don't have to play games with negative or mixed reviews lol
  7. Sorry for the delay! I had exams, lost a lot of money and generally a lot of family issues. Will be able to get the games at the end of this week for sure.
  8. You can probably finish L.A. Noire quickly dunno... sounds like a easier choice than the others.
  9. 1st 100%... Aaabs animals or whatever it's called it was so hard :c

  10. Thanks that would help, I got confused and thought I have all of this day too
  11. Banned for buying so many cars in a month. (You said it in the trophy thread)
  12. Accepted. I also remember you mostly from chat so yeah lol
  13. I thought you get the whole 5th of June to still enter... oh well