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  1. OHh! ok got you. Yeah I think I'll pass for now and maybe it'll be way cheaper later on.
  2. Ah ok, and already 2-3 months past since that PC patch was released. Now we just need someone to confirmed if anything got fixed at all. I see the game on sale now but I don't wanna buy a broken game if there's no patch for it yet.
  3. Any update?
  4. Thanks. That's what I wanted to be clear with
  5. Yeah it was on the site I read from Twitter. Probably PushSquare stating that the game has online trophies but 2 will affect by shutdown and i think that was the one where you have to fight 1 ranked and the other one was the platinum I'm hoping that I misread that.
  6. Hey can anyone confirm if this is true or not? The platinum trophy requires you to be online. I don't mean the other online trophies but i mean the actual platinum in this game?
  7. Wish they would've just just dec 31 as shut down date instead or something
  8. Big time
  9. I'm only at level 8... I suck with the ch 4 part 1 score attack but it's all I can do now. I wish life wasn't so busy where I could've got myself to at least level 30 by now.
  10. Ouch…. Well rip… my first nba game in forever (since nba 2k1 on Dreamcast) and I just locked myself out trying to platinum this
  11. Was those two trophies hard to get?
  12. I'm so upset that I never knew there was an upgrade deadline. I bought the game on March 27th and I'm just realizing now that I have time to play it, I can't upgrade it to my PS5. It's ridiculous that it can't just automatically apply to your PSN account
  13. Only the level 50 trophy popped for me. Are we suppose to be doing anything else?
  14. @sanctusLight Awesome! Thank you
  15. Do the enemies level up with you or they're fixed? @sanctusLight