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  1. I sound little bit weird but i will try it hope it works and i get the online trophies on uk account
  2. Does the online trophies require online pass
  3. Ok thanks but i still dont get it 😬 Lets say if i buy the game and online pass from us region will it work on uk region
  4. Ok thanks
  5. Do i need to have ratchet and clank all 4 one online pass to get the platinum because i m thinking to buy it from us store but my main account is European/uk where i am going to play it
  6. I wish that they could remastered infamous 1,2 that was on ps3 for ps5
  7. Oh ok thanks Ok bro 👌
  8. I have found in the PlayStation store can anyone confirm this whether is it the game or what https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP2030-BLES01080_00-SAW1030000000000
  9. Bro i live in Pakistan but thanks
  10. Ok Thanks
  11. Is it available on PlayStation store? Where i can find it
  12. Mine too but nothing happened
  13. This games suckes i mean i love the first two parts but when i bought this on my ps3 and one more thing do not buy this on ps3 i completed lvls and some how my data got corrupted and then i aced like 5,8 lvls and again my data got corrupted and i dont have access too play or too see my completed lvls ,i want to platinum it but now i am thinking i m not going to do it and try buying it on ps4 maybe that might be little bit better on ps4 i hope so
  14. From where have you bought the game
  15. When the server are going down ?uk region