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  2. guys hope you like it ;;;MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK HERE:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0aAV_GCKXkfcYWYFsi6jQ
  3. guys i have started my youtube channel 3 months ago so please check it out and make sure to share it if you like i havent started commentary yet i am from pakistan i love everyone who watches and share it and subscribe to me i really appreciate them hope you all like HERE IS THE LINK :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0aAV_GCKXkfcYWYFsi6jQ
  4. and i just sign in with my account on the site now i just need to unlock trophies thats it
  5. i have log in with my us account which has only 44 points cause i played on my uk account so how does it work now
  6. how can i scan my trophies on this
  7. can you send me vpn link and you use it
  8. HOW I HAVE UK AND US ACCOUNT BOTH but i dont live in us i live pakistan how can i get the code the site doesnt open for me
  9. thanks for the videos
  10. dont have time now a days bro but just making a list to get it done
  11. ok
  12. thanks for two more games
  14. ok 2 on ps4 accounts
  15. how many i can get with us and uk account only