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  1. How can we let sony know that we want this update whether in ps4 or ps5 is there any way
  2. I have few games left that i would love to platinum so around 2022 i think
  3. Dont have vr but thanks bro I will see that i might get spyro but thanks
  4. which games should i buy from sale
  5. hell man my save data got corrupted i thought this only happened in ps3 shit
  6. Thanks
  7. When the list is going to refresh
  8. Ok thanks
  9. I need the garden ops on crazy but cant find anyone
  10. There are few modes that are active i mean like team vanquish and garden and graveyards but im also looking for players to get the trophies msg me any one so we can do some trophies together
  11. Yes i would love to delete those games trophies which are now unobtainable such as the last of us on ps3,little big planet karting and some others i hope we get some update on this whether on ps4 or on ps5 ,but you can still delete trophies if its at 0% in your trophy list on ps4 but not after that if its 1or 2 per cent you cant delete those
  12. I sound little bit weird but i will try it hope it works and i get the online trophies on uk account
  13. Does the online trophies require online pass
  14. Ok thanks but i still dont get it 😬 Lets say if i buy the game and online pass from us region will it work on uk region
  15. Ok thanks