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  1. I really don't get why there are people legit ready to just straight up not buy the game. Does it suck that everything isn't on the disc? Absolutely but this giga update does mean that the games are way more polished as it was very apparent that spyro 3 wasn't ready for release last month yet the discs were already printed. You can always get the digital version and just avoid the problem all together.
  2. I will wait for this game to hit ps plus in the far future, that should guarantee a healhty online userbase for at least a little while.
  3. It isn't much different from the ps3 version besides some trophy triggers being wonky. I had absolutely 0 trouble platting the ratchet and clank games on vita.
  4. There has been a capcom playstation bundle a good while ago.
  5. Bought the average bundle for black mirror and the dwarves. For people who haven't played it, battlechasers is a real fun game, it's turnbased with art by joe madureira, i highly recommend it. Also watch out with titan quest, that game is very buggy.
  6. It could be fake but i truly believe it, i saw a thread where an anonymous dev from toys for bob explained they needed more time for actual programming in spyro 3. Activision almost shipped it anyway which would have resulted in needing heavy patching.
  7. It's a misconception that they delayed it to put the games on disc. They delayed it because spyro 3 wasn't finished.
  8. Yeah that's great and all but that is not the problem. I also care 0% about muh titty games but i do however care greatly about japanese game developers not being unneccesary burdened with idiotic double checking in english by the american department of sony. The esrb and other such rating companies should be enough for a game to get rated and the current harsher rules from sony america is pure social justice pandering. And that shit always gets worse and worse if not stopped. Gamers hated the era of the puritan christians going after games and gamers should feel the same now with the rabid farlefties from sonys california HQ.
  9. That's nice. I'd prefer it though if the game would actually become available to buy as half of europe still can't buy it.
  10. Warriors orochi 4 has been proven to be not censored, it's the 60 fps that glitched the animations and thats why the switch is the only platform without the "removed" jiggle because it runs at 30 fps You can force 30 fps on pc and then you get the same as the switch version.
  11. Not happy with the devaluation of the trophy rarity i must say.. Hopefully halloween made people pick this game up though, i want a sequel.
  12. There is 0 indication, sadly the evil within 2 did not sell that well.
  13. There is a severe spoiler in one of the trophy explanations on powerpyx's guide, be warned.
  14. They completely messed up the EU release by not having store translations ready. I am no longer buying it at full price.
  15. I reported such a bot once, got a warning back from sony moderation that false reports can lead to a ban and i should stop. 🤔