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  1. Titan quest is also a nightmare. darksiders 2 remastered also had (still has?) a ton of bugs. I really support them as a AA publisher but their rereleases have simply not been good enough.
  2. Using this technique i managed to lower myself to level 64. Gained xp to level to 65 but the trophy doesn't trigger anyway. Seems the trophy trigger itself is broken and the levelling past 65 isn't the reason it happens
  3. I hope so but i am currently experimenting something different, i've loaded my level 62 save from the cloud and am currently dying over and over again in the hope of lowering the level jump to 65. What i think has happened is that this patch is giving increased xp for quests already done but it only triggers when gaining xp so by dying a ton i should be able to lower the xp reward.
  4. Welp this patch just ruined everything for me. I was 3 levels away from becoming level 65 and getting the final trophy but the patch jumped me to level 67 and the trophy didn't unlock. Luckily i have a backed up save of me at level 62 but i have no way of removing the patch.
  5. I am mostly wondering how long and how the grind to level 100 works? Is that online only? The rest of the trophies seem completely fine.
  6. How long does the level 100 grind for absolver take?