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  1. pick up the dice, look at the lasers, small jump, throw down towards laser, the laser bounce removes the momentum so the dice can't damage you.
  2. Thank you.
  3. That's strange, could the shortcut be blocking it? i'll experiment more with it. Could you share the abzu without ankh technique?
  4. After playing a lot and researching a bunch i think i have mapped out almost the entire game. warning, heavy spoilers Spelunky 2 progress path
  5. "awaken the eggplant child" "eggplant" oh no no no no Could this be a coop victory trophy?
  6. Played it for three hours, game feels great. Only trophy that will absolutely give people trouble is the score ten million one but i am sure people will find the optimal strategy for it.
  7. Man, i wish we could have had this years ago instead of that god awful tony hawk pro skater hd.
  8. I am pretty confident the challenges will be stuff like "on warehouse score a combo of 200000"
  9. Good list, basically complete the entire singleplayer and play some casual multiplayer. I hope they treat this as a game as a service and release th 3/4 levels as level packs.
  10. yet another hard indie darling that has its platinum devalued. I am still a bit booty bothered after hollow knight got a invincibility glitch.
  11. open world loot game as a service online coop Dear god is next gen going to be boring if every company makes this style of game
  12. for rugged tenacity make sure you make use of the grabclaw mini game, getting good at that can give you multiple heart containers on the same floor, and of course try it with the character that starts with 4 hearts
  13. You can break sonys dl throttle by repeatably pausing and resuming downloads, it will jump from slow as molasses to proper speed. I manage to get a stable 40-45 mb a second that way.
  14. I've gotten all the RNG trophies except for this one bugger of a trophy. For those who managed to unlock it, on what difficulty were you playing and with how many dots (1-5)? I've noticed a massive increase of number of eggs in easy difficulty but i am having severe trouble getting a 5 streak hatch failing. Have not unlocked ming yet so hopefully he somehow helps.
  15. I have been using this guide.