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  1. axiom verge 1 was not the mechanically strongest metroidvania but it absolutely nails the original metroid atmosphere. i liked it a lot.
  2. fish count, chapter 18 is great for the 1000 kill trophies because it has a infinite amount of them. No chapter select in sigma 1 sadly, you have to reload your save if you get a rank that is not master ninja and re do the level.
  3. I don't know what they did but this is straight from a developers mouth As for what changes players can expect in this remaster, it seems that the difficulty level will be just as brutal as before. Hero Mode is being included for both Sigma 1 and 2 and Yasuda believes that should allow almost anyone to complete the games. The multiplayer modes in both Sigma 2 and 3: Razor's Edge have been dropped, but tag missions will receive a rebalancing so that solo players can complete them.
  4. Dead space 1/2 are superb games and should be ported to everything forever just like resident evil 4.
  5. sigma 1 is completely fine and not awful whatsoever. sigma 2 is the one with severe changes.
  6. Team Ninja has confirmed the missions have been rebalanced so it should be doable.
  7. Sigma 1 platinum is very doable with the unlockable armor pieces. Sigma 2 has chapter select which is a godsend for trying to get max rank on master ninja difficulty but it also has "rebalanced" ,formally online, coop missions that are offline only in this version. I have to play these missions myself to see if the platinum is going to be masochistic tier hard.
  8. 50% off until June 19
  9. I can't believe the shantae games are finally on sale. I've waited years because the pysical version is so expensive.
  10. We at sony fully support japanese development. That's why we have gutted studio japan, forced them to make shit knack games instead of the horror game or scifi game they wanted to make, we also shooed away the creator of ico, shadow of the colossus and the last guardian and the creator of silent hill and gravity rush, massively undermarketed gravity rush 2 and have now turned the remaining husk of studio japan into yet another multinational soulless company. Only saving grace is that the astrobot games are actually good but i have no idea how many of that dev team are actually left.
  11. The plans are to release every single ps exclusive that made good money on pc, ps5 games will undoubtedly follow.
  12. Turn both camera and aiming acceleration off. I noticed that stuff back in the demo and made sure to have it off for the full game. Incredibly bad mechanic in my opinion.
  13. Probably just porting uc4 because the last of us (2) runs on the same engine and that means they can port that too.
  14. I do not think its smart to devalue your console brand for short term monetary gain through a few hundred thousand pc sales at best. Playstation won its generations on its exclusives. I understand they do not want to lose market share to microsoft but i wonder if longterm this will affect console sales. I personally do not care as i can buy any platform i want.
  15. Its real but also a timed switch exclusive so ps4/5 gamers have to wait. It was in the giga capcom leaks a few months ago.