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  1. Might be that your PS3's internal clock is dead. You usually play without being connected to WiFi?
  2. You need to earn another trophy.
  3. I have had issues with different LEGO games, but I must say, I never missed a trophy because of it until now. I apparently don't have the trophy for the second level. (Apparently saving in level negates Trophies. Great because these games are really reliable and you don't need to save)
  4. Yes.
  5. Attack is a meaningless statistic with Costly Punch compared to VIT and SPR. Indeed, but that point you don't really need 99 Phoenix Down anymore. I used about 5 or 6.
  6. It also means you missed the mails trophy which is even more annoying.
  7. There are 160 potential card locations in the game. Each card can be in any of the 160, completely random. The glitched one you see is purely visual, you have it.
  8. It doesn't. I did the Zack fanclub in the first playthrough, but missed it in the second. no mail completionist.
  9. So how do you make sure you get attacks in between every of her hits doing 99999 damage when you're not at full SPR / VIT? And having enough time to use that Phoenix Down after Judgement Arrow?
  10. No, you actually have to do the Limit Break for the Magic Pot.
  11. I got 68 on like my fourth try, and I think that is the maximum. It is way, way, way easier than 7 Remake. Every time his arm was at the bottom back, I pressed and that was it.
  12. I think you're looking at a 50-60 hour platinum. I'm 35 hours in, finished up first run, chapter 10 on Hard now with about 200 missions done, just before the Gunhead battles. Currently really really afraid that the 'mail' trophy doesn't track across playthroughs because I missed the Zack fanclub on my second run. Otherwise I think DMW will be the time consuming one. Largely unchanged. I have noticed some chests got moved around compared to a PSP guide, but that is it. 200 missions in by now. Between Costly Punch, Hell Firaga and Curaga (HP++ 840% by now) there is little that is giving me actual trouble. Humbaba was one.
  13. Ah, ended the game - my second run - with 99 of 100 cards. And I have 22 Thorpe, I just didn't get it on the expected place.
  14. You would suppose the tracking percentage would be higher if you counted cheaters, not lower. The only reason is that PSNProfiles is self-selecting. People on here are automatically more interested in Trophies, thus more likely to complete them.
  15. Pfff, missing a tool is hard. Had to play from the third tool to the fifth to get it to count.