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  1. Sony believes Trophies to be a social activity. So that is why it lets you compare Trophies with friends, lets you see which Trophies they earned, ... That doesn't fit with a leaderboard comparing yourself to the world.
  2. Sure. stretchyjonny however hasn't claimed he works for Bethesda, and they are the only ones that can reach such a menu.
  3. That happens only when the internal battery is discharged, at which point your Trophies will be listed as missing timestamp.
  4. Using your own saves is allowed if you don't have to delete Trophies. It is not allowed if you have to 'delete' Trophies. So if you play the game on a complete roundabout way to save before popping any Trophy, fine. If you pop them all and then just delete them/reload savegames, that is not.
  5. I The issue is: it is not being fixed yet and there is a clear demand considering how many times this issue comes up. You are telling people to wait for an unknown point in the future while you could easily solve the issue.
  6. You can see he is flagged, but not that the flag is already approved though. But looking at a couple of games, I do suspect there are some more flagged, I see at least two others on top of The Crew 2, so the usual recommendation would be: anything actually cheated should best be hidden. In any case, the behavior is described in the Trophy Guide at PlayStation Trophies, although slighlty different which is suspect/40 minutes too late. " If you met the requirements for a Platinum medal prior to reaching level 50, this trophy will pop retroactively upon reaching level 50. "
  7. Nope, only works for PS4 and PS5.
  8. He is right though, his profile shows he registered about a month ago. It means someone synced him but that doesn't mean he did.
  9. As far as I understood from previous topics here, the box will always be visible to you.
  10. Like about an hour.
  11. I used this one, worked perfect for me.
  12. I think this discussion is relevant: someone else with the same issue which got cleared.
  13. If it is cross-saved and it is clear you have an original list, you should be fine.