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  1. Because they didn't want to copy Microsoft, do something on their own. So they came up with something else, although in essence, it is the same system, just with fixed values for Trophies (15, 30, 90) instead of developers being able to use more kinds of values but at the same time giving a more intrinsic value. Bronze you put as something easy, gold as something more meaningful. And it allows them to do better 'branding' like doing a contest where you could win an actual Platinum Trophy.
  2. I know nothing about this game, but you should put the reason that is listed on the profile, and also indicate which Trophies have been marked. It makes it easier for people to comment.
  3. Wait, you can hide your profile so you can still see it but nobody else can? I love using the site for my own completion, seeing what I still need to do, but it wouldn't be bad for privacy to manage and hide it. Downside of having an extremely uncommon name.
  4. You can't prepare your own saves. Thank You requires finishing the game five times on the same save. This isn't some game where you could save state just before major decisions, and then finish from there.
  5. Because likely it takes them so much time to actually load up the saves.
  6. If you report someone, can you follow that report? Like if I report Sly, would I be able to see that somewhere? And if the CRT decides it is not a valid flag, it is shown that is not a valid one? So I know it isn't good to submit a report for that same error with that error.
  7. It is really easy to put in a HDD into the 12 GB as well because the HDD slot is empty. It means it is simply opening the slot and putting in the drive. Not remove anything. But I believe you also need to buy a mounting bracket. It has been a long time since I did it, but I think I needed one. It is really cheap though. It is this thing according to my Amazon history.
  8. I just restarted from the round where I failed, which gave me five lives again. Was a lot faster than trying to get this to work.
  9. But the enemies don't fire anyway in the stages where you need to get the Trophy?
  10. The fight before you reach it? Be really fast, use the blocking move as much as possible, activate rage all the time (if you have the memento to help you focus).
  11. You can go back all the time. You probably won't even 'finish' the game until you have discovered everything. Most secret areas are easy to find if you use your head. The last one on the other hand, is cracking my brain a bit. Edit: complaining really helps. A lever is hidden behind a tree.
  12. I hit the home button all the time. There is no issue as long as this game stays the active game. Don't open other games, don't close the tab.
  13. We're going need a good map to find everything.
  14. You should be able to select a character, after which you get a choice between bird and human form. If you can't do that selection, you're glitched.