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  1. You can likely still achieve all those things with practice (unless you have an actual disability in which case I'm sorry for the assumption) but try finishing Everybody's Gone to the Rapture if you're deaf for instance. One stupid Trophy that has nothing to do with sound, but that only registers with a small audio feedback. An accessibility option of translating that audio feedback into a subtitle would make that achievable.
  2. This is great for people who want or need this feature. People needing accessibility options shouldn't be randomly locked out of stuff because someone else needs internet brownie points. So you're having your personal challenge devalued by internet brownie points.
  3. That is weird. Modern Warfare 2 is the only game you're flagged in?
  4. Sure, EA's fault. Not the asshole who is doing this.
  5. There is no issue.
  6. Your American list has the same issue as your European list. Multiple ending playthroughs unlocked less than an hour apart. How do you manage to get between playthroughs so fast when Thank You requires them on a single playthrough?
  7. I know, but save-stating makes reaching the ending easier than just reaching the ending without it.
  8. It is fixed now. You syncing triggered the update.
  9. You can get all in the first run.
  10. So the question for knowledgeable is can Yuuki really be defeated in a minute? This dude did it in 2m
  11. He returns with more stuff. I believe I went to him just before the final dungeon. At that point I save-stated to buy his expensive sword, shield and bracelet.They were very expensive so I could only afford one at a time.
  12. I would recommend doing it in Ice Pyramid 1. There is an easy one there to save and reload. Even makes sure you don't waste money because you'll be reloading anyway to before you used the machine.
  13. The PlayStation 3-version had save-stating though.
  14. That is only on PS5. It is two boxes on the PS4.
  15. Monster World IV (PS4) can be added to the Wonder Boy series Series: Game: It belongs to Stage 5. (It might be good to move Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World into that same stage, as it is a remake of Monster World IV.