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  1. The new update did not correct the trophy issue. I have verified all three versions of the game. I also loaded up the old launcher and nothing popped.
  2. Oh, I forgot to clarify, that nothing's auto popping. Perhaps there's an update today. I'm not even sure whether or not to get my hopes up. I've been hanging on to Hope for fall guys for months, maybe today the update for the new season will finally correct the PSN trophy issue.
  3. I got a reply and now the issue is scheduled to close out unless I reply. I'm not sure what to make of it, it sounds promising but they could be getting confused with sprays. I made it very clear this is about PS5 trophies so who knows. Hey there PortaLuna! This is Technical Specialist XX and I wanted to followup with you here regarding your PlayStation Trophies. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have received notice that this issue is now resolved. Upon successfully launching Overwatch 2 on any platform, the game client will acknowledge your achievements and auto-grant the necessary trophies. You will not have to repeat the requirements on additional platforms to access your rewards and trophies. 
  4. Strangely, they haven't resolved it for you! Especially since you could be the only one in the world that has the PS4 disc and that wants the PS5 version, lol. Some of these publishers aren't good with follow-ups and honoring things. Sony also doesn't seem keen on enforcement. Microsoft has an internal process where they will send your issue directly to the devs and request resolution for global issues. Sony directs you to the devs even when they devs ignore/refuse, so there's no little recourse.
  5. Still no resolution? I'm surprised they didn't just email you a PS5 code or mail you a PS5 disc to resolve it. I had a publisher send me a PS5 code when I raised a similar issue, and it was resolved after a few weeks. They told me it took so long because Sony was slow to turn it on.
  6. They should enable cross-buy; according to another dev, all it took was contacting Sony Dev Support to turn it on.
  7. Where do they post this info? Discord?
  8. How do you play vs bots or players? Walk up to jobs desk and then what? Is Quick Play always vs players and the other option beneath is bots mode?
  9. It did not!
  10. What is this bug? You mean people who auto pop a game like uncharted and transfer their save? So is the debate whether or not to ban over it?
  11. I submitted a support request to Blizzard last week about the trophies auto-popping. They finally responded, and have escalated my ticket to the development team. They did say that the trophies should automatically transfer from PS4 to PS5. The status of the ticket is not marked as resolved so maybe I'll hear back.
  12. Oh nice, I wish these devs could help Fall Guys and Overwatch get auto-pop right.
  13. Did they unlock for you? PC unlocked everything from PS4 for me. I'm only missing the six new ones for the trio added.
  14. I can't earn Friend Zone and the two Moira trophies, met the conditions and nothing. It could be because already earned them on PS4. Hoping they implement auto pop for everything already earned.
  15. It's possible it isn't popping if you already earned it on another platform! My two friends got the trophy when the match began, but I didn't on PS5. On BattleNet, the achievement auto-popped for me when I signed on. I was able to meet the conditions for Moira and didn't get her trophies. Hopefully they fix and enable auto pop.