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  1. Can you guess how long you have played so far? Or how long it will take for you to 100%?
  2. As the title says, does anyone know the time and difficulty to 100% this game?
  3. That happened to me also. Got 50 trophy and some time after my game crashed a few times and got all buggy (couldn't collect anything or attack enemies) so I did a new universe and continued but didn't get the trophy. I'm not sure if it was because I altered the quest between 3 islands using map instead of quitting to menu after each try (though optimus says it's fine). At the next day I just deleted my save and did it again only in world 3 just like the video, exiting to menu after each try and got the trophy at exactly 200 quests. So if I were you I just would start a fresh save and do it again. Takes like 2 - 3 hours.
  4. How can you get the ghost world to spawn? I know it's a random event but it is one of my last trophies so is there a date that I can change my ps4 to that always spawns it or do I have to just wait. Have played the game for one week btw.
  5. Hmm I haven't noticed trophies auto syncing. Or is it still normal for a trophy to sync with the percentace bar when going to the trophy list immeaditly after achieving them?
  6. Oh, didn't know that. Thanks!
  7. Does somenone know why I am getting this error or how to fix it. After a round there was an error "online profile not found". Now I can't connect to the game because of it. It loads to the menu if i press no after it asks if I want to try again and shows my rank and all but after the match I don't get xp because of the error. I'm level 27 so if I can't get plat because of this i'm furious. Anyone else having or had this?
  8. Yeah I think you're right. I feel pretty stupid not thinking that. Like bananamuffin-352 said I also have done that multiple times but no trophy so that doesn't work.
  9. Does anyone know what exactly is an expanding laser? Thought it was the one that goes horizontally from the middle across the almost whole length of a map. But apparently not since i have killed 2 enemies multiple times with that.
  10. Something weird happened when I popped the plat trophy for uncharted 4. My last trophy before the plat was 5 online game one and when I got it the plat trophy notification glitched in a very weird way. It was normal for a second and then the plat trophy pic turned gray or something and the text "you have obtained trophy" and the name of the plat trophy had some weird black bars. When I look the screenshot in trophy list it has that weird pop up. Got one survival mode trophy after that and it was okay. Anyonen else experienced this. Haven't seen this before and I have collected LOTS of trophies and platinums.
  11. Tried with other account and it works fine so I guess my save file is messed up by update maybe. When I start the game it just gets stuck in the initial loading data screen.
  12. Is anyone else having problems starting the game? I just downloaded the patch and wanted to have a look if the 150 medal trophy pops in the menu because I have already got all the medals. When I start the game it just loads save or something forever and I have to close application with ps button.
  13. But how trophy has wrong screenshot in it?
  14. I didn't have any notification about blocking. I don't know if something has changed in updates or something?
  15. So today I popped 4 trophies at once while playing Until Dawn and in the trophy list 2 of those trophies have screenshots and 2 doesn't. And weird thing is that both trophies screenshot is wrong, so screenshot has a wrong trophy in it. Also another weird thing is that in my capture gallery it has 3 out of 4 of those screenshots. Is this normal when popping this many trophies at once. I don't think this game has screenshot blocking.