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  1. Ty!! You missing: Lara's notebook: the crimson fire The resistance: unuratu's amulet
  2. Hi, Since most of us know Dr craft and 100% are glitched and some people said we can go back and collect them again. So, I'll start 1st: this is what I have (and not 100%) Angel De La Cruz 85% - De LA Cruz Arrives - De La Cruz Leaves - Journal of T. Serrano 10 - Journal of T. Serrano 11 - Journal of T. Serrano 12 - Journal of T. Serrano 13 Handmade Dolls 80% - I have 4 Dolls Cult of De La Cruz 85% - The Chosen One - Believer's Journal - Last Words - Pure of Heart - Hubris - Testament of T. Serrano Please, if you have those 100%, tell me what I'm missing. also if you are missing something else, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!!
  3. tbh idk but i have them all i believe
  4. oh ok!! ty!! are you missing anything from the list??
  5. I found a few but the game is "new" and no one has complete list.
  6. No I started my ng+ collectibles don't carry over!!
  7. I know what you meant. still I'm sure just like the challenge from the flashback. it's not required for the 100%. You only need 15 challenges.
  8. I'm sure its not. There is a new glitched with 1.03 even if you have 100% every zone, still you won't get 100%. my savefile shows 99.65% but every area is 100%
  9. Last checked with Patch 1.03!! So, there are some collectibles that can glitch out. Artifacts randomly don’t count towards your completion and don’t register in the Artifacts menu, AND getting players stuck at some odd 99% like myself as well as voiding the “Dr. Croft” trophy. Every zone says 100% but no trophies!!
  10. Hi I need help with challenge trophy. Thank you in advance.