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  1. I’ve got a huge backlog and I’ve been struggling to tackle it because I just love a sale 😂. There have been many sales in the last couple of years which have included a lot of games I’ve wanted to complete so my backlog has just been growing constantly. I only buy new games if I’m going to play them straight away and I’ve stopped buying random games from sales (unless the deal is really good and it’s a game I want to play, not just for trophy-hunting purposes). My best advice (from someone who can’t control his own backlog) is stick to 1-2 games at a time. I tend to play a grindy one with a few quicker ones just to break it up a bit. Also maybe play the shorter ones first and then occasionally do a big one and play different genres instead of only playing racers for example as that’s a sure way to burn out
  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve had no experience with anorexia so I couldn’t really comment on it but I understand it must be a very difficult thing to live with. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better these days and I hope you’re strong enough to keep pushing on. Yeah COVID did quite a lot of damage to people mentally, it affected me with the loneliness aspect but luckily I have really caring people around me. I’ve always said, the loudest person in the room usually has the most issues and it’s important to be able to identify issues with people as you could be the person that helps them.
  3. I agree with everything you said pretty much. Nowadays at least in my country (England) there is a lot of outlets for people who struggle with mental health. I’ve always said since I started talking to people and opening up that I felt myself getting better cos I wasn’t bottling things up, I was opening up to people. I just want people to feel like they’re not gonna get judged and that they can just openly say how they feel because too many people take their own lives as a result of having no one to talk to and having people to talk to has helped me massively. I appreciate your post 👍 I appreciate you putting that out there because that could help someone. Glad you’re in a better place!
  4. Sorry to hear. Glad you’re doing better these days. Sorry to hear. I really hope you can overcome what you’re going through. If you want to get stuff off your chest then you’re in the right place. You can always message me if you wanted to keep things a bit more private. I understand that you don’t trust people but I hope you can find someone you can trust and are able to get get stuff off your chest cos speaking from experience, bottling things up is the worst thing you can do. You don’t know me so you would probably find it hard to trust me but I want this to be a safe place to share and help each other. Personally I think your family should know how you feel, there’s more chance that they could help.
  5. Hello to anyone who sees this forum. I’ve never started a topic before so I’m just winging it. I’ve always struggled with mental health after losing someone very close to me several years ago and gaming has always helped me deal with my issues by distracting my mind. I wanted to start a forum where people can come to if they feel down or are struggling with something and need advice or just someone to talk to. Talking about your issues is so important and it is extremely unhealthy to bottle things up. I wanted a place for people to come where there is no judgement, only support and care. There are many outlets out there to help with mental health but I thought this would be a good place to do this as gaming has always helped me and I’m sure many other people as well.
  6. Red Dead 2. I need to finish it but I really can’t be arsed lol
  7. I’ve always been somewhat of a completionist even before trophies. I would try to 100% complete every game I played if I enjoyed it enough but 100% profile doesn’t appeal to me. I think I have a few games that are unobtainable now so it would be impossible for me to achieve but even if that wasn’t the case, it would put so much pressure on me. I’m aiming to be between 80% and 90%, that gives me a bit of leaning room to play games I’m not going to fully complete and not have to go back and finish every single game I’ve ever played. Don’t get me wrong I have some cheesy easy games on my profile but I do play good and challenging games as well. If you pride yourself on 100% profile and you have a shit load of region stacks for sub 10 minute plats then you’ve missed the point of having an impressive profile. If you pride yourself on 100% profile but have actually put effort in then you have my respect. I have nothing against easy plats but I would never brag about my profile because it’s full of them
  8. I second this. I also self-boosted with 3 consoles and I got into a rhythm of restarting each console one-by-one. I wasn’t sure if it was necessary or just the console that was hosting the games needed to restart but to be safe I just did all 3. Takes a couple of minutes but it keeps your mind at ease knowing you’re not gonna lose any progress. I would recommend everybody restarting just to be safe I’m not 100% sure on this but I don’t think you lose progress on your kills/headshots/executions but I can’t stress this enough, I’m not 100% sure so don’t take my word for it!
  9. For me it was the first one. I think it was called Eye of the Storm or sumat like that. Been a while since I played it. It’s one of the easier ones to master Ignore me, I thought it was Trials Fusion, not Rising. I’m retarded The Hong Kong one was one of the easier extremes because you could use the helium which for me is a lot easier to get over extreme obstacles and retain your balance
  10. This is different. Sign me up 👍
  11. Personally I think Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 was an amazing villain. His backstory was so intricate and had many different parts to it. Once you played Pre-Sequel you really begin to understand him and how he became what he became. He was written so well
  12. PSN: Shaun1094 Region: UK (GMT+1) Systems: PS3, PS4, PSVR After a brief burnout I’m back into trophy grinding. I play pretty much anything except sports games and racers typically. I mostly play singleplayer games but do sometimes venture into the multiplayer world. I’m easy to get along with and will talk about anything whether it’s gaming related or not. At the moment I’m working through my backlog of unfinished games. Currently playing - Mirrors Edge Catalyst
  13. Hello mate. I have quite a similar backlog to you so it would be interesting to see you tackle it. Good luck on the COD games!
  14. Only just stumbled upon this thread and I noticed you’re playing Trials. As a guy who has got the 100% on Fusion and Rising I am looking forward to watching somebody suffer as I did lol. I wish you the absolute best of luck because it will make any person rage no matter how good you are. Looking forward to seeing your progress 👍
  15. It’s nice to see some appreciation for GTA IV as I thought I was part of a minority of people that actually loved the game. I thought it was perfect (apart from the driving physics) and would definitely love a remaster