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  1. Appreciate the help! Extremely helpful and friendly. Got the trophies in no time at all 👍👍
  2. Can I get a taxi boost please? Also need the Reunion trophy if possible. Gonna get to the point where I have the hyperdrive then I’m ready. Please message me on PSN if you will help me. Thanks 👍
  3. I have so many shit games on my trophy list because I would just buy anything for easy trophies when there was a sale on. I regret it and have definitely considered starting again a few times but I have too many games which took too much time that I’m proud of. I couldn’t do those again. I do start all over in games that I love but starting an entire new profile is too much. Each to their own but I personally have considered it but I’m confident I never will start again
  4. Most rewarding thing I’ve ever done game wise and I don’t think it’ll ever be topped. Congrats on getting it done!
  5. I’m close to the 100%. I have put a lot of hours into it. Being a massive Fallout fan I decided to give it another go after it’s huge flop on release. I had so much fun with it and played it completely solo (boosting revives and kills for the trophies). I did subscribe to the Fallout 1st I think it’s called just because the scrap box is so useful but definitely not necessary. Would highly recommend this game even with the bugs and crashes. It didn’t crash that often for me but I’ve heard of people having a lot of trouble on that front
  6. I feel your pain lol. Did a few good runs and lost to the hard checkpoint near the end. Just getting to that checkpoint with 0 faults shows you are capable of finishing the track. I personally found the checkpoint where you do the small uphill climb on two obstacles to be harder than the one near the end. Keep at it!
  7. All of the above 👆
  8. Honestly there’s a handful of extremely difficult dlc trophies. If you can do top roach and pipe phobia then you are capable of doing the dlcs. I gave up several times on the circles of hell trophy but as my skill level improved I started to get further and further and then had a lucky run. It’s skill dependant but also luck dependant. I’m so glad I stuck at it. Most satisfying game to 100% and I would recommend you push yourself to get it done. You can do it 👍
  9. There was once a time where I would have bought all of these games. I steered away from them sorts of games and decided to only play games I enjoy and at least respectable games. That being said I will still play cheesy easy games on occasion especially if they are a niche or quirky and enjoyable. These jumping games and the church ones are properly awful just like the games under £1 that look like they were done in MS Paint
  10. My most frustrating trophy is (and probably always will be) ‘Is There Anything You Can’t Do?’ From Trials Fusion. To get the trophy you have to complete all track challenges for every track in the base game. Some are very easy, some are tedious and some are extremely difficult. I am quite an experienced Trials player and the infamous ‘Top Roach’ challenge took me a very very long time. You had to complete a certain extreme track with 0 faults on a bike that basically wasn’t made to handle extreme tracks. That was just 1 of the challenges. Absolute nightmare, lost my temper countless times and spent an ungodly amount of time practising.
  11. Some really good games there. I’ve done a fair few of them myself so I’ll help in any way I can. I keep having burnouts but when I help someone with something I have done and share my tips etc, it makes me feel a lot better and motivates me to play more. I’ve always wanted to do a thread like this myself but I am awful at updating things and and keeping on track so I enjoy just following other people’s threads. There’s also a couple of games in your backlog that I want to do so maybe our paths will cross 👍 I remember playing Gone Home a while ago and couldn’t believe how such a small indie game could be so good. There’s not even a lot to the game it just resonated with me. If I’m playing a difficult game, I like to play something else alongside it for when I’m not in the mood to play sweaty and just want a casual gaming session lol. So good luck with Cuphead anyway!
  12. It definitely can ruin a game for me but it can also massively enhance my experience. Some games will have a trophy list that a casual player will naturally get the majority completed without even noticing and then there will be one trophy to do something obscure which is a massive grind and that will ruin an entire game if you’re going for the trophies. No matter how good a game is, it can be ruined by trophies in my opinion but trophies can make a game better because you’re forced to play it in a different way for example or to do things you wouldn’t normally do and keeps it interesting.
  13. Mafia II is one of my favourite games, the remaster was horrendous though. Couldn’t believe all the bugs and glitches I was experiencing which I don’t remember ever having problems with on the original. Every time I drove on one of the bridges I would fall through the map endlessly, the texture flickering was a nightmare and I’m usually able to ignore issues like that. I had a lot of crashes as well. No idea how they messed it up that bad
  14. I can’t seem to find cheap PS3 games. Obviously old sports titles and common games are cheap but everywhere I go seem to have them priced up
  15. I agree. If it was a bit longer then I would’ve enjoyed it more. I wasn’t expecting it to be a masterpiece with amazing voice acting and thrilling gameplay so I wasn’t disappointed. Like you said, it doesn’t pretend to be anything else, it’s definitely a rip off of Uncharted, but it’s quite obviously a rip off and it doesn’t try to be better than Uncharted.