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  1. I’m starting to collect whiskey bottles. My girlfriend has bought me a couple of little whiskey sets with the mini bottles of all different kinds of whiskey for birthdays/Christmas etc because I love it. I want to eventually have a couple of shelves full of all different kinds and sizes of bottles. I used to collect funko pops but it became a bit too expensive of a habit. I collect fridge magnets from any place I visit and have people bring me one back from wherever they go lol. My girlfriend collects rare coins, specifically 50p coins.
  2. Add me, it won’t let me add you for some reason. Shaun1094 I can’t find you on PSN, add me Shaun1094
  3. After the update I loaded up my 100% save file and was at around 35k
  4. Yeah I was disappointed after getting the trophy for maxing out CJ’s fat attribute expecting to see the waddle but instead seeing the standard run
  5. I did the cone crazy exploit and only had around 23k criminal points so I did the accuracy exploit on Cortez’ yacht and then left it afk for an hour and it popped when I checked my stats
  6. Are you sure you didn’t miss some story missions because you can be locked out of some of Luigi’s and Joey’s missions if you don’t do them before Salvatore’s missions for example
  7. The theme tune for Dying Light is one of my favourites. Also the final chase right at the end of the game has some amazing music
  8. I don’t have a PS5 but I had a problem with Fallout 4 for the PS4. Because I had purchased it on an old account, the game would be padlocked but no other games had that problem. Turned out I just needed login to my old account and set the PS4 as the primary PS4 and then it worked fine
  9. So before the update, I had major issues with GTA III and a few issues with Vice City but not a single crash after over 50 hours for San Andreas. After the update, it has just crashed 8 times in a row immediately after loading in, I loaded a different save and it worked for a minute then it crashed again. They’ve fixed minor issues and caused major issues. I can deal with a few visual bugs and issues but not being able to play at all is ridiculous
  10. I feel like they increased the spawns of shotgun-wielding mafia guys. In the original I remember dying a few times to one or two shots to my vehicle but in the definitive edition it took me like 10 minutes to collect one hidden package as I was just getting wrecked the second I drove into the district
  11. What vehicles are you using? A PCJ or an Infernus/Cheetah is perfectly capable of completing all stunt jumps. PCJ is really good and there’s a fixed spawn for it near the Malibu Club so you can always get a new one
  12. -deleted-
  13. In terms of difficulty then I would say it’s the hardest just because of one flip over and you have to start again. For me I’d say the most difficult thing so far was the flamethrower rampage on the third island, where you constantly get shot by Colombians and the flamethrower is awful but it doesn’t take long to do whereas the paramedic missions are a grind
  14. It’s just speculation and it’s all unconfirmed to reduce crashing possibilities but it seems better for me at least
  15. I’ve had a lot of crashes. Ever since I switched it from fidelity mode to performance mode, turned motion blur and bloom off and disconnected from the internet before launching the game, it seems to be crashing a lot less (still a few here and there). I don’t know if any of that helps or it’s just a coincidence but it’s worth a try