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  1. Hello to anyone who sees this forum. I’ve never started a topic before so I’m just winging it. I’ve always struggled with mental health after losing someone very close to me several years ago and gaming has always helped me deal with my issues by distracting my mind. I wanted to start a forum where people can come to if they feel down or are struggling with something and need advice or just someone to talk to. Talking about your issues is so important and it is extremely unhealthy to bottle things up. I wanted a place for people to come where there is no judgement, only support and care. There are many outlets out there to help with mental health but I thought this would be a good place to do this as gaming has always helped me and I’m sure many other people as well.
  2. Haha I know what you mean. A lot of people put their PSN ID in a thread for adding people as friends and they will say something about them not accepting blank friend requests and to add a message saying you’re from PSNP but then their privacy settings won’t let you message them and then they won’t accept you because it’s a blank request. Backwards thinking 😂
  3. To anyone that reads this, I know Christmas is a difficult time for a lot of people myself included. I, like a lot of people, miss somebody who is no longer here and it makes Christmas Day a tough time for me to deal with. Luckily I have a lot of very loving and caring people around me to help me deal with it better but I know a large amount of people don’t have that luxury. If you’re reading this and struggling with mental health, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me by posting in this thread/messaging me on here or PSN. That might put you off because I don’t know you but sometimes that’s better than speaking to someone you know because there’s no judgment but everyone is different. If you don’t feel like talking about it but just need some company, I’ll be happy to chat with you about anything you want over PSN messages. You’re not alone. Merry Christmas all!
  4. I think it’s 6
  5. This would make me extremely happy as I have just recently been itching to play the original
  6. I found just staying on the outside for that turn worked out best for me. You can keep most of your speed on the outside
  7. 1. Inferno 2, Jan 4th 2. Planet of the Eyes, Jan 5th 3. UglyDolls - An Imperfect Adventure, Jan 7th 4. SnakeyBus, Jan 7th 5. The Outer Worlds, Feb 19th 6. Jigsaw Abundance, Feb 24th 7. Memory Lane, Feb 24th 8. Dark Sauce, Feb 25th 9. Horizon Zero Dawn, March 3rd 10. Anthem, March 14th 11. Adam’s Venture Origins, March 16th 12. BFF or Die, March 26th 13. Fall Guys, March 30th 14. 112th Seed, April 1st 15. Modern Warfare 2, April 14th 16. Without Escape, April 16th 17. Null Drifter, April 16th 18. Breeder Homegrown: Director’s Cut, April 20th 19. Punchline, April 21st 20. Alien Destroyer, April 22nd 21. Newtonian Inversion, April 22nd 22. Super Wiloo Demake, April 22nd 23. Active Neurons, May 4th 24. Planet RIX-13, May 4th 25. Legends of Talia: Arcadia, May 12th 26. Arrog, May 12th 27. inFAMOUS 2, May 20th 28. Assassin‘s Creed II, May 24th 29. Subnautica, May 25th 30. inFamous, May 26th 31. Blind Men, May 26th 32. Zeroptian Invasion, May 26th 33. Beyond Blue, May 26th 34. Flatland: Prologue, May 27th 35. Squareboy vs Bullies, June 1st 36. Super Weekend Mode, June 1st 37. CrossKrush, June 3rd 38. Metagal, June 3rd 39. Zero Zero Zero Zero, June 3rd 40. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, June 7th 41. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Aug 22nd 42. Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Aug 31st 43. Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Sep 11th 44. Midnight Deluxe, Sep 18th 45. We Were Here, Sep 19th 46. Jak & Daxter: Precursor Legacy, Oct 2nd 47. Jak II, Oct 5th 48. Late Shift, Oct 5th 49. We Were Here Too, Oct 6th 50. We Were Here Together, Oct 9th 51. Serial Cleaner, Oct 11th 52. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Remastered, Oct 12th 53. Birthday of Midnight, Oct 12th 54. World of Nubia, Oct 12th 55. WWE: Smackdown vs RAW 2010, Oct 15th 56. AER: Memories of Old, Oct 16th 57. Terminator Salvation, Oct 19th 58. Spare Parts, Oct 21st 59. Far Cry 2, Oct 31st 60. Borderlands 2, Nov 10 61. Grand Theft Auto III: Remake, Nov 15th 62. Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Remake Nov, 21st 63. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Remake, Nov 22nd 64. Black Mirror, Nov 25th 65. Mafia: Definitive Edition, Nov 25th 66. Tekken 7, Nov 27th A lot of shameful ones this year but oh well 😂
  8. I’m starting to collect whiskey bottles. My girlfriend has bought me a couple of little whiskey sets with the mini bottles of all different kinds of whiskey for birthdays/Christmas etc because I love it. I want to eventually have a couple of shelves full of all different kinds and sizes of bottles. I used to collect funko pops but it became a bit too expensive of a habit. I collect fridge magnets from any place I visit and have people bring me one back from wherever they go lol. My girlfriend collects rare coins, specifically 50p coins.
  9. Add me, it won’t let me add you for some reason. Shaun1094 I can’t find you on PSN, add me Shaun1094
  10. After the update I loaded up my 100% save file and was at around 35k
  11. Yeah I was disappointed after getting the trophy for maxing out CJ’s fat attribute expecting to see the waddle but instead seeing the standard run
  12. I did the cone crazy exploit and only had around 23k criminal points so I did the accuracy exploit on Cortez’ yacht and then left it afk for an hour and it popped when I checked my stats
  13. Are you sure you didn’t miss some story missions because you can be locked out of some of Luigi’s and Joey’s missions if you don’t do them before Salvatore’s missions for example
  14. The theme tune for Dying Light is one of my favourites. Also the final chase right at the end of the game has some amazing music
  15. I don’t have a PS5 but I had a problem with Fallout 4 for the PS4. Because I had purchased it on an old account, the game would be padlocked but no other games had that problem. Turned out I just needed login to my old account and set the PS4 as the primary PS4 and then it worked fine
  16. So before the update, I had major issues with GTA III and a few issues with Vice City but not a single crash after over 50 hours for San Andreas. After the update, it has just crashed 8 times in a row immediately after loading in, I loaded a different save and it worked for a minute then it crashed again. They’ve fixed minor issues and caused major issues. I can deal with a few visual bugs and issues but not being able to play at all is ridiculous
  17. I feel like they increased the spawns of shotgun-wielding mafia guys. In the original I remember dying a few times to one or two shots to my vehicle but in the definitive edition it took me like 10 minutes to collect one hidden package as I was just getting wrecked the second I drove into the district
  18. What vehicles are you using? A PCJ or an Infernus/Cheetah is perfectly capable of completing all stunt jumps. PCJ is really good and there’s a fixed spawn for it near the Malibu Club so you can always get a new one
  19. -deleted-
  20. In terms of difficulty then I would say it’s the hardest just because of one flip over and you have to start again. For me I’d say the most difficult thing so far was the flamethrower rampage on the third island, where you constantly get shot by Colombians and the flamethrower is awful but it doesn’t take long to do whereas the paramedic missions are a grind
  21. It’s just speculation and it’s all unconfirmed to reduce crashing possibilities but it seems better for me at least
  22. I’ve had a lot of crashes. Ever since I switched it from fidelity mode to performance mode, turned motion blur and bloom off and disconnected from the internet before launching the game, it seems to be crashing a lot less (still a few here and there). I don’t know if any of that helps or it’s just a coincidence but it’s worth a try
  23. I’ve been doing the rampages/firetruck/vigilante missions as soon as possible just because enemies tend to have worse weapons and are less hostile. Will just be a bit more difficult after the story
  24. I’ve also changed it from tap to sprint to hold to sprint, seems to work better
  25. I’m on PS4 and I have had probably close to 10 crashes. I was gonna do the taxi missions in one sweep but decided to do 4 lots of 25 saving after every 25. It crashed on my last lot of 25 when I had 4 left which means if I did all 100 in one go then it would’ve crashed at 96. I’ve been playing offline now and it seems to crash less frequently