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  1. Congrats man. Not far to go! I’ll go with 120
  2. PSN ID: ShaunJones94 Systems: PS3, PS4 Country: England Timezone: BST (GMT+1) Accepts blanks: Yeah Currently playing: Far Cry 2 & Fortnite I mainly play singleplayer games but at the moment I’m cleaning up my trophy list of abandoned games and I plan to 100% the whole Far Cry and inFamous franchises in the near future. Add me for whatever reason you want!
  3. #150 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PS3 The nostalgia was real and the spec ops mode was nowhere near as hard as I remember it. I still struggled on a couple though, most notably High Explosive and Homeland Security
  4. I love following these threads. They motivate me to get stuff done in my games. Good luck mate
  5. 10/10. First thought was a 99% completion rate meaning you have cherrypicked easy games but I was impressed with how many respectable platinums you have. Fair play!
  6. Likes to torture themselves by playing difficult/grindy games
  7. Assassin’s creed games are typically inactive after the first year of release so you would definitely need to boost those trophies. I think you can still buy the add-ons for it but I’m not 100% sure. No idea about the other games you mentioned
  8. I remember this was the only assassination target I had trouble with. I tried leaving the area and coming back during different times of the day but in the end I just sat in the limo outside his building for about 5 minutes and he finally spawned
  9. Wish I could help but I’ve accepted it as part of my life at this point and I think you will do the same in time lol
  10. Also, sticking with it might be a connection for you and a way to remember the good times but it’s whatever feels right. However you decide to approach it, there’s plenty of people on this site, including myself, that would be more than happy to help you in any way possible. I’ve met some genuinely good people from trophy hunting and it’s helped me get through some dark times but everybody is different. I wish you well mate!
  11. So sorry for your loss mate. I’ve suffered loss so I can somewhat relate a bit. I’m a good listener and a good person to talk to whether it’s just to vent or you want some advice. I actually started trophy hunting to take my mind off things and I just never really stopped. Hope you’re alright
  12. This is such an entertaining thread to follow. I love the concept and how in-depth you are with each game and highlighting your experiences. I’m starting to play some longer/harder games myself with the first one being Fortnite. I’ve had an epiphany to just raise my completion rate as much as possible by finishing games I started a while ago. Your determination is motivating me to keep going while I’m grinding through Fortnite. Keep it up mate 👌
  13. For the base game you can play at any difficulty but in the DLC trophy section there’s a DLC named New Game+ and one of the trophies is to beat new game + on ultra hard difficulty
  14. The DLC is really good in my opinion, not as good as the base game though. Enjoy!
  15. Yeah it comes with all DLC