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  1. So after yesterday's failed attempt at increasing my tiny backlog from the Japanese sale I did some online research and found a lot of great deals for games I was interested in


    Managed to haul (on top of Shibuya scramble from the Japan sale):


    - Rage 2 from EB games which hit an all time low

    - Ace attorney trilogy from the ps store which was actually discounted for a while and I just noticed :lol:

    - Spongebob remake from Amazon because we all need a dosage of nostalgia in our lives every now and then!

    - Not a really a sale or anything but I pre-ordered Yakuza 7 because why the hell not! Both judgment and the Yakuza collection were a superb experience which I also bought day 1. Plus that steel book edition though.. couldnt resist..

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @cckerberos You're correct I am not. So this might sound stupid, but first of all, I don't redeem games that I am absolutely not interested in even though it costs nothing to redeem them when theyre free. I dont know why I do that but it's just that I know for a fact Ill never play them.


      And second, for those that I redeemed, I actually am about 30/70 with regards to interest/disinterest.


      My Ps plus games include:

      hitman 2016 (didnt enjoy absolution as much so I have little desire to try this out), Heavy rain, Beyond 2 souls, Detroit become human (not really into david cage or david cage-esque games) and Uncharted the collection (already played the ps3 versions).


      My current backlog consists of games I will definitely play:

      Ace attorney, 428 Shibuya scramble, rage 2, spongebob the remake, yakuza 6 and 7, Fallout 4, plague tale innocence and root letter.


      And oh yea the perks of being multilingual! Curious question, which version do you usually prefer or opt for. Do you feel like sometimes that localization can result in the loss of the original meaning or perhaps it's not as good as the original source?

    3. cckerberos


      No, that makes sense. I'll occasionally not redeem a PS+ game. Like this month I didn't grab PUBG.


      I don't know if you've played any of the earlier Hitman games but Absolution is an outlier. Hitman 2016 is supposed to be a return to form for the series.


      The only Yakuza game I've played in English was the first. I was living in Japan when 2 through 4 came out so I switched to the Japanese versions then and I think changing now would feel pretty jarring.


      I feel like translation always involves the loss of some meaning from the original (that's not a criticism; I'm a professional translator and its just the nature of the beast). Game localization can be especially rough because of time and length restrictions. What's lost isn't always important, of course. I don't think that anything significant is lost playing a Resident Evil game in English, for example. But I always try to stick to Japanese when a game's subject matter is closely related to Japanese culture.

    4. PooPooBlast


      I didn't play the previous hitman games. Just Absolution. And yea I heard. I added it to my profile for that reason but I've yet to try it out. I'll consider it in the future..


      Gotcha thanks for sharing. I feel the same way (regarding your last sentence) although I can only play with English subtitles because I can't read nor comprehend the language but hearing English voices on Japanese faces in a Japanese environment breaks me out of the immersion. 


      Well hope you find your physical copy. I'm a collector of certain games I like so I know the feeling. 

      Good luck!

  2. Big in Japan sale


    If you guys ever need help trimming your backlog or you have to choose between getting game A or game B I'll help you choose neither :P


    Spent a lot of my time browsing through the sale, having about 7-8 games added to the cart. Later sat down thinking about each game's pros and cons and ultimately I was left with 428 Shibuya's Scramble as recommended by @DamagingRob


    Guess that's all for me.. my picky taste is both a blessing and a curse :shakefist:

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    2. Sword


      Disgaea 4+ is on sale and that immediately went into my cart so I could complete the "PS4" Disgaea collection.(Having previously bought and played D5 and bought D1+ last sale).


      All three Trial of Cold Steel games are on sale which is very tempting because I have friends in Discord that meme about that series all the time (in a good way) and I want in on the action... 


      All these dang sales have been awesome in catching up to speed on at least having these games in my collection. The problem now is theres not enough time to play everything. Aghhhh!!

    3. PooPooBlast


      Agreed! The prices are pretty decent and probably they hit an all time low which is superb for fans of the genres but the thing is that as I mentioned I'm quite picky with what I like..ended up passing on the games for now. 


      And enjoy! 

    4. Yuna4353


      @Sword just coming off of cold steel myself I can highly recommend it because it just so damn good 

  3. South park FBW


    Started this game a few days ago and the intro felt a little lacking. 


    However the content really started picking up once you enter the church (without saying any spoilers) and took it to new levels in that strip club mission. My god I haven't laughed like that in ages :lol:


    Also later, I entered a bar and met PC Principle, a walking parody about today's society on racism and that skit had me rolling :lol:


    Safe to say, this game is finally delivering. 

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    2. KingGuy420


      I played SoT, got the plat on ps3. Actually pre ordered FbW to get the ps4 version of SoT so I could plat it again. They're both sitting in my backlog lol.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Oh nice! I know we both share the same taste in terms of satire comedy (as with GTA for example) so this'll be right up your alley as well. Enjoy! 

    4. Yuna4353


      Glad to see you're enjoying it since this game was really new (2017). They incorporated stuff that appeared in the seasons that were airing at that time or from a couple of years back (PC Principal being one of them). 

  4. I got you mate!
  5. #147 Chaos;Child


    Depression simulator is done! Phew! Definitely a must read if you're a fan of VNs but I really need something uplifting to play so Im going all the way to the other extreme and booting South park fractured butt hole :P.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Depression simulator, lol xD


      Amazing work sir PooPooBlast, well done on the Platinum. 👍

    3. PooPooBlast


      @Honor_HandHey I was just being honest :P


      My mood wasnt always great whenever I binge read the VN so I played it in shorter sessions


      Didn't help that it was very long so I was feeling relatively down for about a week lol


      But yea thanks man :)

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  6. #147 Chaos;Child Mindblown...A must read. Chaos;Child is a VN that puts you in the shoes of an 18 year old highschool boy who also happens to be the president of the newspaper club in that school. Naturally, he writes about a lot of things but his interests mainly lie in urban legends and mysterious murders. The latter being the central show of the game. At first, three mysterious murders that are quite grotesque and gruesome occur right at the beginning of the game. First of which is a guy cutting his arm and eating it on livestream, another is a singer who cuts a hole in her stomach and shoves a speaker there, and the other is a guy who wrings his head off by attaching wires to a rotary bed. More and more bizarre murders keep happening and due to how outlandish they are you are naturally drawn to them. You begin to investigate those murders in which you begin to discover some really cool secrets about what's happening around you and in the city of Shibuya where the game takes place. I will say though that I was really surprised by how dark the game can get. I can easily say that this was the darkest and most grotesque VN i played. Nothing could prepare you for ending of chapter 8.. Absolutely nothing.. I don't normally feel creeped out or scared per se in a game, but I will admit that it got me feeling uncomfortable at times so I suppose that was a success if that's what they're going for. It's also reassuring that I am not a psychopath Gameplay wise, you have something called delusions which are kind of hard to describe but they're basically a mental scenario that plays out in your head and you can choose whether to trigger it in a positive (mapped as R2) or negative (L2) light. The former being well.. positive, uplifting and typically lewd because that's how our main character thinks , and the latter being negative, dark and possibly the worst case scenario you can think of. In the first playthrough those delusions wont really have an effect on story outcomes but they definitely will in subsequent playthroughs in which you can unlock a path that explores one of the supporting casts of the game and learn more about them, adding to the overall game and the true ending. Speaking of the true end, it's incredibly bittersweet but it was the most fitting and I couldn't think how else they would've concluded it. Almost got me teary eyed but because I was chatting with a friend and was making jokes, it kind of killed the mood . Nonetheless, perfect ending in my eyes.. I won't delve too much into the story other than it's definitely a must play if you're a fan of VNs. I personally liked all the character routes but I know that not all may agree. Another thing worth mentioning is that this VN was long! If you were looking for something short to play and decided to choose a VN and this happened to be it, then I'd recommend you choose something else. It's veeery long, could've had some parts removed but as an overall package I didnt mind and enjoyed it. With that said, I really need a palette cleanser from all the depressing and heavy crap the VN threw at me. South Park fractured butt hole, here I come!
  7. Chaos;Child


    Been reading this VN for a looong time now (easily 25-30 hours) and was pretty much withholding any thoughts until I at least finished my first playthrough but damn... chapter 8 got me big time..


    For now I'll just say I've been completely hooked and can't say I've been bored once unlike a lot of other VNs where I have to wait a bit to get the meaty parts. 


    I feel like I want to talk a bit about how twisted and dark some of the murders and situations get. I'll keep it spoiler free and I'll say this: I'm never one to get scared in horror movies but I'd be lying if I said the game didn't succeed in making me feel uncomfortable.. (at least I know I'm a normal human being and not a psychopath :lol:). 


    But yes.. chapter 8 is beyond fudged.... Whereas I thought that the positive delusions you can experience in the game were super weird and turn sexual quickly (thanks to Miyashiro's perverted mind; think itarou hashida from Steins gate), the game slowly starts shifting from those moments. After all the fudged up things that happened so far I think I'm yearning for those to come back now :lol:..


    But yes... Chaos child.. twisted twisted story but I can't stop reading...

    1. Yuna4353


      I look at the 25-30 Hours and im like yep your reading a visual novel lmao. In all honestly, I am happy you enjoyed it makes me excited to get to it eventually. Also are you using any guides for it or no 

    2. PooPooBlast


      I realized that in my sentence I made it seem like I finished a playthrough but haha not yet. I am close though. 


      And yea I've been following a guide, the one used in pst.org. 


      It's completely spoiler free. And even if I did a blind playthrough, you can easily consult a guide and use if to get the remaining endings. Game has a feature where you can skip the parts you read quickly. 


      And thanks. It's a weird kind of enjoyment. The story gets pretty dark at times as a warning.. definitely not for the feint of heart but thankfully there are some light-hearted moments to break those segments up into digestible pieces to handle. 

    3. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast That makes me happy to get to do it at some point. 

  8. I know I'm almost 1 year late, but here goes.. (I feel like I need one right now as well.. game pulled no punches). </3 😧🤧
  9. In Canada it's the same thing. The tax percentage depends on the province. The price for the pro was listed as $499 MSRP here but I ended up paying $565 because of taxes. Also prices are never listed with taxes here. It's always before tax.
  10. #146 Shadow Warrior 2!


    Highly recommended! A little bit of a departure from the old school shooter but was very fun nonetheless. Just 3 games remaining before I delve into Yakuza 6.. On that note, not sure if I should make Yakuza like a dragon a milestone as well :hmm:. We'll see..

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    2. Spaz


      The actual old school isn’t going to really attract people. I can still play Duke Nukem 3D because I simply grew up on that game. Somebody who is age 18 - 22 is probably going to look at that as too archaic. Especially if they didn’t start gaming until the PS3/360 generation.


      I started back in 1992 - 1993. I have a bunch of old SEGA games on my profile, partly because of nostalgia but also because I loved them as a kid. I’m also 32 years old so I was basically the cutoff point. Some guy born in 1994 - 2000 is probably not going to be familiar with that old stuff, so they’ll more likely play the modern Call of Duty stuff. 

      Shadow Warrior 1 & 2 should be fun. Honestly I treat DOOM 2016 the same way I treated Wolfenstein The New Order/The Old Blood.  Very fun games, but not very representative of the old games they drew inspiration from. Same with Shadow Warrior. They are all reboots for the newer generation of gamers. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      @FearlessElle thanks, appreciate it :)

      In case you're wondering I found a shortcut online which helped tremendously with the grind. Wish I knew about this even earlier


      @Spaz I feel like a lot of games in the past just won't cut it for today's standards. If you made an old school shooter even if it was fun, people might criticise it for having no story, being short or lacking complexity, etc. and that it's not worth the full price. 


      People might even call it lazy. The thing is that back then people used to replay a small selection of games over and over because not everybody could afford a giant library and that games were simpler, easier to pick up, and complete in one sitting which is helpful because not everyone owned memory cards.. this was enough for a lot of people including me. I grew up with a small selection of games on the ps2. 


      For better or worse, technology has advanced and today games are packed with features that didn't exist back then, some of which are great like autosaves and some of which aren't, like tacked on rpg mechanics. 


      I feel like even 10 years from now, we'll look back and say, oh look at shadow warrior 2! That game was "old school." It's a never ending cycle. Every couple of years things change and people who grew up in a certain time period will feel attached to that time period


      80s kids will like the 80s, 90s kids will like the 90s, 20s kids will like the 20s

    4. Spaz


      I'm pretty fed up with open world games having to be 50 - 100 hour vistas. I will agree with most that Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a good game, but there is a lot that probably didn't need to be there. I've debated for a long while now in getting Red Dead Redemption 2. I love the original, it's probably my favorite title from the PS3 era. I've watched streamers on Twitch play RDR2, and while it looks fantastic, it looks like a massive chore. 150 - 200 hours? Just too much to handle.


      Assassin's Creed 2 and infamous 1 - 2 had the perfect balance. Might even think of doing those games again on an alt account.


      Shadow Warrior is definitely a throwback to the older stuff and because of it's simplicity that could be a reason why it wasn't as popular as it could of been. People today want Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fortnite, Overwatch, Fall Guys because they are multiplayer. I don't like that stuff. I played enough multiplayer doing World of Warcraft before I decided to quit.


      With the PS2 I was old enough to go out and buy the games on my own. Still I didn't have as much because I was going to college and working. There were no cheap Steam like deals with the PS2. So I ended up renting a lot of my games from Blockbuster. A few games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Underground I ended up buying after trying it out by renting it.


      I don't like a lot of the newer stuff. Some 17 - 18 year old kid out there is going to say they're the best stuff every conceived. And that's fine, because I'm now of an older generation.


      10 years from now the kids of today who will turn 25 - 35 years old will go 'Remember how awesome Fortnite was?' I will just go back and tell them it was complete crap. Of course, my opinion.


      Sorry, got on a rambling mood.

  11. #146 Shadow Warrior 2 Lo Wang, the dick-joke cracking mercenary from the first game is back at it again in another installment. Whereas in the first game he made a pact with a demon which enabled him to possess cool powers, this time he partnered up with another ally, the daughter of a yakuza leader. The dynamic between the two was pretty much the likes of siblings fighting all the time except Lo Wang has no filters with his crude humour. Even the fortune cookies were in on it Having improved upon the gameplay of the first, SW2 also changes up the formula and it plays similar to borderlands now, having freeroam and a loot system with regards to upgrades and elemental buffs. However the weapons are predefined and aren't random. There's also co-op now which I imagine would be fun with a buddy. The only drawback though with this system is that I was checking my inventory every 5 seconds filtering out the gems I dont need which breaks the pacing of the game. You'll have to sort through a bajillion upgrades because the drops are ludicrously high. Trophy-wise, it's significantly easier than SW1 but it's a lot more grindy. Getting 10M Zillyen or money, wasn't a big deal. It was the 10k orbs that was a pain in the ass. I finished all the trophies at about 36-37 hrs playtime and by the time I was done with the orbs, I was at 44 hrs after doing the same thing over and over. Not cool whatsoever.. Finding the secrets was also a bit of pain as the freeroam sections are randomly generated (not to be confused with procedurally generated) in that the devs created discrete units/assets such as a specific building, cave, fountain, statue, etc, and each section in the map can rotate between the aforementioned assets. What happens is that the secrets may or may not spawn as a result and you have to reload the map hoping for it to spawn. On top, it also gets a bit confusing when the map keeps changing everytime you reload so you’re always on the lookout for important landmarks around you making sure you’re going in the right place. Nonetheless, trophies aside, I highly recommend this game especially if you're into FPS's. I personally can't wait for SW3! With that, I leave you with this badass main menu track. Enjoy and onto the next!
  12. Hi guys, If you were like me and was completely put off by the trials which nets you only 27 orbs per run on insanity and lots of R2 spamming using shadow fury, then I found this other method online on PST.org which I truly believe that the guide on PSNP should've mentioned as it saved me so much time. Instead of doing the trials 250+ times, you can do this in less than half the time. The drawback is that you don't get to keep the orbs but if you don't care about that then keep reading. Anyway to summarize I did the following and each run took 2 mins including loading times (probably faster if you have an SSD). Start a New game with your current character upgrades on the highest difficulty that you are able to clear (the higher the better), choosing to skip the prologue and play all the way up to Industrial Espionage campaign mission. The reason is that the first few missions have a lower reward. Once you finish all the objectives for Industrial Espionage and travel back to dragon mountain, quit to the game main menu to save your progress. Grab a USB port and back-up your Character save and not Profile Save. We're using a USB port because it's faster to download to system storage than from the cloud. We're also backing our character save so that we can keep downloading it over and over and over right before we turn in the mission for the reward. Don't touch the profile save because your progress towards the orbs is tracked here, independent of the character save. Now load the game, turn in the mission, quit to the game main menu of the game to save your progress (important), then quit to the XMB menu and download the character save from your USB storage. Load the game, Rinse and repeat. All in all, you can get 72 orbs per run at Insanity 3 and I imagine upwards of 100+ per run as you go higher making the grind significantly less annoying and it doesnt require your full attention due to not having to kill 34 enemies every time you do trial of the embedding over and over and over mashing the trigger buttons. Hope this helps somebody. Cheers!
  13. I'm doing this as we speak 😅. Congrats btw!
  14. After a few days of not playing anything and just planning what to play next, I decided to try shadow Warrior 2. 


    First thing that hit me was the main menu soundtrack. Came out of nowhere and was a pleasant surprise! 



    I mean even the in-game OST is phenomenal and very atmospheric. 


    Anyway,  few takeaways after playing it for 3 hours or so:


    - Disabling chromatic aberration, depth of field and film grain is a must. They just make the game look flat out ugly imo! 


    - Graphics look very nice but it comes at the cost of decreasing the framerate to a locked 30 fps vs the 60 fps in the original


    - there's a giant loot system now that imo sort of complicates the simple formula of the first game which made it really enjoyable because it was old school without too many bells and whistles. There's just too much garbage you get to pick up that you have to sort and sell. Not a fan of that. 


    - However, the large weapon variety is great and that's something I can fall behind. Feels really satisfying wielding two swords or a giant chainsaw to hack demons. 


    - While I've visited a bunch of cool areas, I think the procedural generation aspect of the map might make it look a bit too samey vs the first game which was handmade and looked unique. 


    Overall I think the second game took more steps forward than backwards in terms of gameplay and quality from the first but as an overall package I'm going to have to wait and finish the game before I decide which is better. 

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    2. Spaz


      As a whole Vanquish isn't that hard. It's the last wave in Challenge 6 that kills most people and their motivation in getting the platinum.


      You definitely need to use the L2 + X technique because he technically does a boost roll, which makes a big difference between whether you get shot by the Bogey's lasers or not. Even so the final wave requires your full attention as the two Bogey's can destroy you in a matter of moments.


      Had a lot of fun with that game. Maybe in the future I'll buy the 2 in 1 pack (Bayonetta + Vanquish) PS4, hopefully they are proper remasters and not some lazy copy paste job.


      Super Meat Boy.... I don't need to explain that one.


      I guess after Heroic difficulty in Shadow Warrior, Mein Leben in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the next step up for me.

    3. FearlessElle


      Upon checking your list I don’t think shadow warrior or wolfenstein 2 will be a problem for you at all. The good side is the games are really fun to play witch is the positive side about them and cheap aswell.

    4. Spaz


      Yeah.... just need to reduce my backlog.


      Shadow Warrior is a reboot of the old Shadow Warrior from 1997. Many people don't know about that game because Duke Nukem 3D and Half Life back in the day got all the attention.


      I watched some Let's Plays of the game, definitely has that old school feel to it. Will have to wait for a sale to pop up and hopefully I'll have a bunch of games finished by that point.