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  1. This is why I love the internet 😂


  2. Gives me goosebumps every time
  3. Hey guys. I found a PS5 that was priced reasonably on eBay. I know that we shouldn't support scalpers but it's only a couple of dollars above MSRP. :hmm:.



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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Wow yikes, that price tag hurts... My PS4 has no issues to speak of, so I am definitely going to stick with that until these prices become more reasonable! No way I would pay that much, are people really paying that?!! I want one too, don't get me wrong, just not nearly that bad 😆

    3. voodoo_eyes


      I would've bought it, but the shipping price is a bit too steep.

    4. PooPooBlast


      @iGGTheEnd happy to hear but unfortunately I can't justify shelling an extra $300 because I cant a wait for a few extra months you know? 

      @Joe Dubz same buddy same :lol:

      Only solution atm is to keep an eye out on any drops. A bit hard to follow however because those things are there for a few minutes and unfortunately I don't have the luxury of being close to a computer at all times!

  4. 😂😂 You bastard! Buddy if I can squeeze in 1 hour of gaming a day, I am a happy man 😅. But hey! Can't say no to more yakuza! I am replaying the series on my alt @YakuzaIad after all........
  5. Good to know! Thanks. I saw a digital foundry video and from my understanding, performance mode was the best option. Quality mode was struggling to maintain a constant 60 fps and it didn't even look that different from performance mode. Not to mention it has dynamic resolution and so it never actually reaches the targeted/intended 1800p which is hilarious.. Then there's ray tracing mode which performs similar to quality mode albeit looks nicer. I mean to tell you the truth, obviously the ps5 version is better than the ps4, but my goodness it's just not optimized well in terms of what the ps5 is capable of doing.
  6. Oh man... One day you can surprise your GF and do her makeup. I'm sure she'll be impressed. You can say Yakuza taught me. Don't worry that's not my style . You might be onto something (No spoilers btw)
  7. Liked yakuza 3 as well. I mean tbh even when ranking some games higher or lower, it doesn't mean they're bad games. There is no bad game in the yakuza series (well yakuza 4 is close haha but it still had some redeeming points)
  8. Lol yea I figured that out later but you quoted the wrong person. Spacey Dweeb said that. And I understand the sentiment being shared here which is why I opted out. Cheers ✌️
  9. Oooh you're one of the few who actually rank 3 so up high. I liked it as well by the way but I rank it just a bit lower. It's a hit or miss for some depending on how much people get invested with the kiddos and Haruka. Hope you like 4 though... That game.... was just something else. You'll see
  10. If it's anything like the quality of the first remastered game on the ps4/pro then yikes.. Here's to hoping the ps5 can fix those issues. If yes, then count me in.
  11. I'll just stick to playing Virtua fighter in Judgment, thank you very much 😂
  12. I mean whatever floats your boat man but I'm just saying, you're missing out on a fun experience. Some of the best FPS gameplay I've had.
  13. Mm I'm not sure if that'll cause any problems but if it works, then that's awesome. I didn't try it just because I went with the safe option here that's been done before. Good luck there
  14. Haven't been active lately on this account. About to be kicked off from less than 1000 country rank. Oh well! Was good while it lasted 😅. 



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    2. DamagingRob


      Your explanation sounds like me. Other than I'll probably die before I run out of games to play. 😂

    3. PooPooBlast


      @MidnightDragon That statement sounds funny if taken at face value 😅

      @DamagingRob Ooof xD. Would you rather be like in my situation and have no backlog or remain in your situation and have more games to play than what you can realistically complete in a lifetime? xD


      And was wondering why you haven't been active on the forums lately. I guess that explains it. Seen you a few items play fall guys :)

    4. DamagingRob


      If I ever stopped buying them, I'm sure I could get through them all. 700+ games already on my profile, what's 200 or so more? :P And yeah, that's my Yakuza. Lol. Been playing Fall Guys a lot with different people, and ignoring my backlog. 

  15. Same 😅 Hate is a strong word. I don't have any that I hate. Maybe dislike or "rather do something else" sure but I don't really hate any minigame including the cat fight. Currently replaying the game on my alt. The series will forever be treasured for its goofiness but also serious crime drama