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  1. Was watching this documentary last night and found it pretty cool that I felt like sharing. 


    With yakuza's 15 year anniversary coming up in December they did an interview with Nagoshi-san and he offered some really cool insight on how he approaches making the Yakuza games and how it all started. A lot of which you might already know if you're a fan of the series but he mentions a few others that probably weren't discussed before. 


    Highly recommend you check it out if you're a Yakuza fan or just interested about learning what goes on behind the scenes in games in general. It's a bit long at 25 mins and you need to turn on captions unless you're fluent in Japanese. Enjoy!



  2. Lots of good games to consider but mmmmmmmm.. we're at this stage of the console generation where I'm deciding whether to wait and play the ps5 version later or just play the ps4 version now. Looking at death stranding and control in particular, those will look stunning and probably run at higher framerates on the ps5. Decisions decisions
  3. Sorry wrong thread
  4. Plague Tale


    Been slowly tackling this game as of late. Pretty busy these days.


    With that said it's such a good game and it seems I started it at the perfect time. We all need a linear game every now and then to unwind a bit when things get hectic. 


    Anyway, story, music and scenery is pretty darn good especially when you consider this is an AA game. I spent quite a bit of time in photo mode and captured some beatiful moments (and even gnarly moments) which I think I may post later. 


    Other than that, I have nothing else to say other than I just want to give some appreciation here as I was a bit skeptical when I first started it. 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Spaz Hope you like it. It's nothing revolutionary in terms of gameplay and in fact the AI leaves a bit to be desired but the story, the setting and the music makes up for it imo. A game doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyable. 


      @Yuna4353 that's a lot of games to play at once! I can't do that but glad to see it's working for you. 


      @Stan Lee right? It's just simple but elegant. I know it's not really the same (or at all lol) but it reminds me of the early uncharteds in terms of simplicity minus the shooting of course. 


      Everything feels simple but there is some beauty in linear games that you don't always get with open world games which quite frankly can get a bit repetitive at times so games like these are a nice break. 

    3. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast yea it is, mainly Cold Steel 4 been taking a backseat, but when you have many games to get to it good to play some just in case of burnout from my rpgs because I can get burnout that why I gave AI a try

    4. Deluziion90


      Loved the game but downside is to keep looking for those stupid collectables

  5. After my Yakuza 7 copy arrived yesterday, I didn't get a chance to have a proper look at the cover and what's included insid the case. So... Upon checking today this is what I found and this why I love the devs. :P




    They included my homeboy nugget in there xD


    1. Yuna4353


      The box really shows Yakuza crazy side doesnt it 

    2. UltraFire121


      So blast are you ready to plat Yakuza 7? Here's a pro-tip, get items that relates defence power-up, You gonna need it.

    3. Spaz


      Too many Yakuza games. Guess I need to get my ass in gear.

  6. I'd like to sign up friend
  7. #150 Yakuza 6 


    So this is Kiryu's finale eh? Somebody must be cutting onions :'). Such a silly thing to be kind of sad about but this is what happens when you collectively invest just over a 1000 hours if we take into account the other RGG games. 


    But alas, all things have a beginning, middle and end. What a journey folks... Well.. Yakuza 7 will be arriving tomorrow. Going to take a small break from the series, recharge the batteries and have another stab at it soon! 

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    2. Deluziion90
    3. Spaz


      Awesome job. Yakuza is definitely a series that deserves a lot more attention.


      Supposing that I go beyond Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1 & 2, what would you suggest the games to be played next?

    4. PooPooBlast


      @Spaz thanks! If you happen to like the series I suggest just playing them in order that the numbers are in and good news is that all mainline titles are now on the ps4. (All 0-7)


      So with that I recommend you play 3,4,5 on ps4. Bear in mind those are remasters of a 2009,2010 and 2012 games and not a remake collection so a couple of things might feel a bit rough around the edges compared to yakuza 0,1,2. But it's nothing too bad imo and if you happen to enjoy 0-2, then chances are you'll like 3-5. Otherwise your opinion will likely not change with playing 3-5 if you didn't enjoy 0-2. 


      One last thing, if you happen to really like the series, Judgment is made by the same team and is a more recent game that follows the same formula as those Yakuza games which I recommend


      You play the role of a disgraced lawyer who happened to have acquitted a guy who committed murder after his release and from there you sort of retire and become a detective instead. 


      However, many years later some murders pop up which tie in with the guy you acquitted and it turns out he was innocent. You get sucked in back to that world to prove his innocence and capture the real bad guy. Of course that's a subplot. There's also a whole of bunch of others involving the Yakuza a bit and other themes I won't spoil. 


      Edit: oh and if you really really want to try out some more games from the same team, then fist of the north star lost paradise is another one. It's a game adapted from the long running show Fist of the north..


      So yea you can have a look at those and see if those games are up your alley

  8. #150 Milestone Yakuza 6 So this is it huh… This is where the Dragon’s story ends. To say that the series affected how I view gaming as a source of entertainment would be an understatement. Credit to a random person on YouTube where they eloquently described the Yakuza series as the "Swiss Army Knife" of gaming and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate analogy. From goofy side activities that are just plain ol’ fun and what video games should be all about, to well-written characters and stories, it really is the Jack-of-all Trades, at least in my eyes anyway. This is such a somber moment for me and I know at the end of the day they’re just video games but the Yakuza series really moved me in ways like no other entertainment medium. As cheesy as it sounds, I just love the life lessons or themes that always come out of those games. Meaning of friendship, family, parents, sacrifices and dreams. Especially dreams. How far people are willing to go to see their loved ones and themselves achieve those goals. Anyway, rambling aside… Let’s talk about the game itself. Yakuza 6’s story picks off right from the ending of Yakuza 5 and sees Kiryu piecing together what happened after he finds Haruka comatose and with a mysterious newborn nonetheless. Naturally, you seek to find answers and I’ll leave the story at that… Minigames: After finishing the behemoth that was Yakuza 5, Yakuza 6 was literally about a 1/3 of its total length. Not surprising considering Yakuza 5 had 5 controllable characters. But 68 hours of logged game time is nothing to scoff at either in Yakuza 6 so it was decent in length. It brought with it the following minigames which I thought were worth highlighting: Internet chat: This minigame pits Kiryu into an internet café where he puts his perverted uncle glasses on and starts chatting them young ladies . Your job is to respond or not respond to certain aspects and see where *ahem* it goes from there. Oh yea did I mention that the ladies are real? As in, they’re actual real life recordings which is kind of not something you want people to catch you watching while playing RIZAP Gym: This involves the Dragon of DoGYMa hitting the gym and working out. It’s actually pretty simple but I liked it just because it felt like a mini throwback to GTA San Andreas in that regards. Bar Chat: As the name implies, you hit a bar and you start chatting up the folks there, increasing a friendship meter and becoming friends which unlocks their substories. You can play darts, karaoke, converse with people and order food there. Pretty cool place to chill at. Hostesses/Karaoke: Those aren’t particularly new to the Yakuza series but they were changed from the typical formula and I liked the new set up! Best thing of course is when you take the hostesses to do Karaoke and sing your heart out with them. Easily my favourite song was Like a Butterfly with Saki. She was the best girl! That’s about it for minigames. Other things like Clan Wars, baseball simulation and spearfishing minigames were decent/okay. Substories: Despite their relatively few numbers (51 substories), a lot of them were actually more involved than your typical substories so it makes up for it in quality. There were lots of good ones and the devs also added a bunch of throwbacks to some old substories that I won’t spoil the surprises here. It’s best you experience it yourself when you get there Soundtrack: And this brings us to my favourite part when writing the Yakuza plat posts, the soundtracks! I think Yakuza 6 may possibly have one of the best Yakuza soundtracks out there. I can’t post everything because I’d be here all day so grab a pair of headphones and enjoy my personal Top 12 tracks! (No Spoilers) It still feels surreal that this is the last time I'd be playing as Kiryu but with Yakuza 7 having just been released, at least the series is still going strong. Here's to a future that is blessed with more Yakuzas to come . Thank you RGG studios and Cheers!! Plat screenshot
  9. No worries, I get that not everyone has time to play them. It is daunting to have 7 mainline games. Hope you like Yakuza 0. I started in the same boat not sure if I wanted to invest this much time as you mentioned but I ended up purchasing them all later on. Enjoy 👍
  10. I disagree man 3 introduced the orphanage that Kiryu runs and is in charge of. It's pretty much one of the biggest purposes he has in life and that's raising those kids. Gives depth in terms of how far he's willing to protect those he values in life I agree that 4 is filler from kiryu's POV but it did introduce us to Akiyama, Saejima and gave us a bit more background about Majima so it's not entirely filler. 5 is absolutely not filler. So much so 6 picks up right off from 5's ending.
  11. Don't recommend it. Sure it's relatively self contained and has recaps of previous games but it's not the same thing. Not even close. This is supposed to be kiryu's final game so a lot of the important plot devices would bear less weight. If you're really interested in the series and you want to try the series out why start at the end? Start from the beginning which is Yakuza 0. It is chronologically speaking the first game so you don't need any background information whatsoever to know what's happening If you like it, then you'd probably continue with the series from there. If you don't well the series isn't for you then. But at least by starting from 0 you're not just jumping at the end of kiryu's chapter. Just my opinion.
  12. My go to was the match with the destructible walls. Each match took a mere few seconds. 1) as soon as the match starts bash the wall next to you with 3 or 4 square hits, don't remember the exact amount it needs to break. 2) Just grab the enemy with circle and toss them to the direction of the crevice. Works for all enemies including the number 1 guy. Good luck
  13. Heck yea! Already pre-ordered. Just waiting for the copy to arrive. Will take a mini break after finishing Yakuza 6 and then we're jumping back in to play Yakuza 7 soon! Couldn't care less about the trophy list tbh. All I know is that, I'll be getting them trophies regardless if they were either easy or hard! Part of me wishes it had the 100% completion just because I feel like those games feel more rewarding this way. Certainly felt that when playing 0 and 5.
  14. Wasn't planning on recording my Amon run but here it is thanks to @Copanele. Nothing too impressive :P


    Kinda wish I made a save before the fight so that I could've retried it and polished the run a bit but this'll do..


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      Not even close haha. I think judgment's Amon is the hardest and by a large margin than the rest of the games tbh. 

    3. Copanele


      Hah you honored my request wheee! 

      Damn i friggin LOVE that soundtrack. It cracked me up when I saw that jo amon throws drones and mined roombas at you. Sure looked like a hard boss. 


    4. PooPooBlast


      Yes sir! And hahahaha I'd be lying if I said this was my first run. 


      So what happened is that first time I saw these drones I was like oh they're just going to keep bashing into me and breaking my combos. 


      Then I met those saucer things on the floor and I was like why is he bringing automatic vacuums here? xD. And it is an automatic vacuum because there was a substory dedicated to it.. 


      Anyway so I go on fighting him and then I start hearing ticking noises. I'm like oh shit that's not good. I start running and KABLAMMMM EXPLOSIIONSSS. I was laughing my ass off. 


      And I agree!! Oh man, like usual I'm going to post my favourite tracks when I get my plat. There are lots and lots of good ones. 

  15. Yakuza 6


    Just beat the game. Man what a bittersweet ending......... Though I can't help but feel that it's basically


    Yakuza 5 but for real this time.. what I mean by that is Kiryu leaving the family behind again... To protect them


    Also damn.. if I played this before Yakuza 7, him getting shot and collapsing would've definitely fooled me into thinking he died before the epilogue!



    Well I'm in the home stretch now. Plat will be popped soon! (Sadly)

    1. Yuna4353


      Glad you enjoyed the ending, the ending is one where for me it understandable once it sits with you.

    2. PooPooBlast


      Perhaps. Still processing the whole ending atm.


      Honestly the more I think about it the more I think of yakuza 5's ending as being the better conclusion to kiryu's story.


      Still, yakuza 6 is pretty good too


      Curious to see how Y7 continues now!