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  1. LOL this made my morning . No I actually don't speedrun for real . ( OK only in mirror's edge but that's it ).
  2. No way! Ive been watching Eric Jacobus throughout the years doing Tekken video stunts and now he's actually doing Kratos' moves! Wow!



  3. But here's the thing, I don't speedrun
  4. Could've played it on an alternate, wrote down notes, figured out tricks, replayed game on main account, skipping cutscenes and boom!
  5. With all the god of war hype, it got me thinking about horizon zero dawn back when it was released.


    I still find it unbelievable that this game still makes the top 10 most played list here on PSN profiles!


    I've been eyeing it ever since and it has managed to sustain a healthy 2k players for gosh knows how long!

  6. #103 Saint's Row Gat Outta Hell Loved this game that I bought it again for PS4! It has a nice and comedic charm to it that is very rare in games. While grindy a bit, the weapons and powers were fun to use so it did not get overly boring. As a tip for those playing it in the future, save 1-2 survival locations and 1-2 altars to farm kills easily! I ended up idling for 6 hrs for the final trophy because of that . Here's my plat image as Gat. Screw the Boss, he's the Boss
  7. #103 Saint's Row Gat Outta Hell


    Shoutout to @XIRCHRAD-for afking with him :P. You beat me to the plat by about 2 hrs :P 


    Loved this game and its craziness and I certainly hope there's Saint's Row 5! Bring it on Volition!

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. PooPooBlast


      Thank you all :D

    4. Lars


      Congrats, its a fun game this one. I platted it twice

  8. They should be called sneaky Sony
  9. Yea I know that but activi$ion owns both so who knows
  10. I'm calling it! : Bo4 no campaign in regular edition Bo4+ MW2 remastered in legacy edition or whatever. Then 5 or so months later MW2 will get a standalone release
  11. Lmao I like how they call it double discount to make plus owners feel they're getting a good deal when in fact those are the regular sale prices when there's no plus deals. I.e the battlefield 1 revolution edition is always $24 or $25 CAD when on sale and now with this sale for plus owners it reaches $25 CAD
  12. Gat outta hell.


    This is why I love the game xD



  13. For real?? Wow! I was literally stuck on that mission for a solid 2.5 hrs!! Heat was kind of easy for me because of the way I timed those heli attacks but I can see how it can give trouble. Well good luck on your future plats and I still think that that Jin tattoo is kick ass
  14. #102 dishonored death of the outsider!


    I really enjoyed this one more than dishonored 2 oddly enough xD due to a more coherent story and better developed characters imo. The length was pretty decent for a dlc too. 

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    2. PooPooBlast



      LOL there is no Delilah in Death of the Outsider :P  but thanks! I posted my full thoughts here :) if you're interested


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      Is that Jackie Chan? Lol.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yeah! In the movie, The Tuxedo with Jennifer Love Hewitt. He's possibly my favourite actor. 


      And haha I searched high and low to find this scene giffed but I ended up creating one myself :P 

  15. #102 Dishonored Death of the Outsider Let me just say that this was much better than 2 imo simply because the characters and the plot felt more compelling and believable. The missions were quite creative and nice and the length of the game despite being a dlc is pretty decent! According to my total time in game it was about 12 hrs but this doesn't include the amount of times I've reloaded back and forth to try something else so yea about 15 hrs feels more realistic I also love how they gave you different powers for the second playthrough to make the game remain fresh. Dishonored in general is one of those games where a second playthrough feels completely different when on a stealth run which is why I can bear playing the game multiple times otherwise 1 playthrough is the max for me.