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  1. Actually I thought that the graphics and visual fidelity were upgraded and I noticed there were more reflections on the streets to give it this "neo" look. And also the combat felt better in Kiwami especially the dragon of Dojima. But I agree that it felt lower in quality than 0. But one thing you need to remember and as you mentioned is that Kiwami is based on the first game and there's not a whole lot you can change vs zero which is built from the ground-up and came out between 5 and 6 I believe so not only did they have some experience on how to make a good game by then but also the lore was well developed by the time they reached 0. To me I like to treat it as one long continuous series. Just like the GoE series. I don't exactly have a favourite per se because each contribute to kratos' story. If you're interested, you can read more about my thoughts here which I made a while back
  2. Borderlands


    So how in the bloody hell do you beat Cramewarx?? I lost about $64M in cash so far :(. The enemies are far too powerful for my siren to absorb the hits and she's lvl 67!


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    2. DamagingRob


      I told you it sucks solo. Lol. Even with that glitch spot, which is the only way I've found to beat him, I couldn't hit the spot on his back. Have always needed at least one other person to be used as bait help distract him. :P

    3. PooPooBlast


      @KingGuy420 thanks for the offer man! It's okay though I don't want to bother you. I think I can do it solo but problem is like @DamagingRob said is to hit his back :(


      I'll try out my luck and if I absolutely can't do it, I'll call you :D. I also have another kind soul who offered to help me :) but yea I'll wait for now and be patient


    4. PooPooBlast


      So.. after dying to this bastard about 3 more times, I finally managed to beat him! The toughest part was timing the launcher attacks. 


      But yea I also went and killed him again >:) for extra loot >:). 


      Thanks again though! Appreciate it!


      What's left is the craptrap dlc. 


      LOLLL UH OH.. it's a premonition of what's to come xD

  3. Haha it's kind of evil to say but their real value imo is that they can divert the enemy fire and then you have some room to breathe and take out a few stragglers or you can move forward and flank a few enemies. But yea you're almost there man, enjoy.
  4. What I personally did was stay back as much as I can and keep taking pot shots at the enemies from a distance. I obviously had a few long range weapons for that. Also I think the story makes up for it in every way, you'll see
  5. I'd want them to get rid of the obnoxious giant LED light on the front more than anything because it just eats up the battery.
  6. Woah! Just checked your profile. Impressive man! And I realize that you're Polish so you must be extra proud of CDPR . Quick question: I never stacked a game from different regions so suppose something like the witcher was given. Does that mean I'd have to create an EU account (provided they also receive the same game as NA as a freebie) and purchase ps plus there? Edit: nevermind! Completely forgot that the complete edition has a separate list from the regular edition
  7. Well crap you have a point there . It'll be great for those to try the game out. I bought the complete edition a while back and completed it during the summer so I guess deep inside I don't want it to be a plus offering haha. In terms of profits I did notice that whenever the game is on sale and the dlcs as well, the complete edition tends to be worth less than the separate dlcs on sale combined. Interesting .
  8. Not in a blue moon! (imo ) I've a feeling that the leaked line-up will end up being true or partially true (only one of them will be given and I'm leaning more towards diablo).
  9. Layoffs? Plausible! Shutting down? Unlikely..
  10. Mm let's see 1) GTA 5 except the bounty trophy because everyone liked me and nobody was an @$$ to put a bounty on me 2) Tekken 6, TTT2, 7. Then again these are pretty easy so I'm not really proud lol but they are fun to play. 3) FFXV Comrades . Was somewhat fun but the 999999 kW trophy was disgusting... I still have to do the new expansion MP pack actually 4) UFC 2 this is probably my proudest! Winning 4 matches online in a row to become the champion and completing a daily challenge was brutal! @Shinobi can attest to that Honourable mentions: (those that were partially boosted). Bioshock 2( boosted some levels and winning on all maps), tomb raider ( boosted the misc trophies but grinded the levelling up trophy solo), Modern Warfare 2,3 ( my friends helped me do some spec ops missions).
  11. You should definitely try the Frozen Wilds at some point. The new machines can be brutal sometimes!
  12. My rankings But seriously though there's no such thing as top 25 games because for example mirrors edge catalyst will be close to number one if not number 1 on my list and guess what? Not many like this game. Perhaps you can do what a person from before did if you have the time and collect data based on rankings, then put them on Excel and post the results. So suppose I choose mirrors edge catalyst as my favourite game at 25 then that gets 25 points. Then at the end of the poll, the top 25 games with the most points gets displayed here.
  13. Tekken is one my favourite franchises but I was royally pissed about seeing a second season pass ESPECIALLY that the first one provided little to no content. Not to mention Lei and Anna were on the main roster on previous Tekkens. WTF Oh and speaking of Royally screwing up FFXV decided to release a royal edition on-top of the complete edition AND they're releasing a second season pass soon for the new story episodes coming out . Sigh...
  14. Interesting to see that shadow of war gold edition is removed now and replaced by definitive edition. It's also interesting that the definitive edition released at $80 CAD and now it's $40 right away Yea it's going to drop quick, especially when black Friday comes so I'll be waiting .
  15. That's opinions for you. I loved GTA 5 including the MP (ONLY when playing friends and not randoms) and I thought it was the best GTA to date. It is missing the customizations however that made GTA San Andreas really stand out. But nevermind that, this thread is about tomb Raider I haven't played shadow yet but I did play TR 2013 and Rise. Both were good but definitely no where no near a 9 or 10 imo. Curious to see however how shadow pales in comparison