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  1. #138 Shadow Warrior.


    Truly an underrated gem and will definitely jump on SW 2 pretty soon! Oh yea and this is life footage of me beating Chapter 16 on Heroic Mode :lol:

    Rambo Hell yeah


    Actually, it was more like this :P



    Hell Yeah Dancing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


    Heroic mode was pretty challenging but I wouldn't say impossible and that it was the hardest thing I've done. In the 10-15 times I've died on this mode, I knew exactly how I messed up (like dashing off of stairs...) and the subsequent runs became better.


    Onto the next!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Deluziion90 I've tried.. I've tried Demon's souls and the surge.. the souls formula is just not for me 🤷‍♂️


      @Honor_Hand thank you! I really think you'd like it given that I know you liked doom a lot. 


      And once you get to it and have any questions, I'd be happy to give tips/pointers though chances are, you'd probably be better at this game than I am :lol:

    3. Masamune


      Congrats! ^_^ I just finished Dynasty Warriors, so I'll probably be checking this out next (even if I'm a bit hesitant from seeing some people rate it at 9 or even 10 for the difficulty). 😅

    4. Spaz


      @PooPooBlast Since you're willing, any tips you can give me for Heroic Mode?


      Sorry, I only just saw your comment now even though it's been several days.

  2. #138 Shadow Warrior I bought this game from the underrated gem sale and no exaggeration, it's one of the best games I've played especially when you know that it was created by a small dev team. This game is a reboot of the original 1997 Shadow Warrior which was released only on PC. You play as Lo Wang, a cheeky assassin who likes to drop a bunch of dick jokes and one-liners . You work for a Japanese industrial businessman called Orochi Zilla and your mission is simple. Seek out and retrieve a very fancy Katana called the Nobitsura Kage. The story wasn't really anything crazy to write home about (it was okay), but it was there as an excuse for the solid solid gameplay mechanics. You have a katana, revolver, SMG, crossbow, rocket launcher, shotgun, flamethrower and detachable weapons like a demon heart and demon head all of which are upgradable to make yourself powerful and look fancy while slaying demons. Level design was really great. There is an obvious heavy Japanese inspiration from mythos to environments what with the Koi ponds, cherry blossom trees and building architectures. The only bad thing I can say about the level design is that the first 5 levels were a little bit too samey i'd say but after that, it started to become much more varied and enjoyable. Trophy-wise, you have a bunch of kill-related trophies and collectibles to get all of which are nicely tracked in an in-game statistic menu (only downside is you don't know which collectibles you're missing). Speaking of collectibles, I really enjoyed the fortune cookies which were freaking hilarious . The game is honestly worth it for that alone . https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822745091 Normal difficulty imo was not hard at all and is the best way to experience the game. There is some challenge involved in normal difficulty but the game also remains fun most importantly as you're able to execute cool combos and take big risks doing flashy moves without the fear of knowing you can easily die at any moment. Of course, I can't talk about trophies here without mentioning Heroic mode which is basically a mode whereby enemies have a shit ton more health, deal a shit ton more damage, you start fresh (no NG+) and you only get 1 life per chapter (each chapter ranges from 25 mins to as much as 85 mins or so). It's definitely doable though but you have to play very defensively and not in a way you that you should play this game imo. Hardest parts were early on in the game when you have no upgrades and I'd say some of the long chapters like Chapter 9, 13 and 16 (only because of the final fights). Overall, was pleasantly impressed with this game and it definitely earns its moniker as an underrated gem. Will definitely jump on SW 2 pretty soon but for now let's keep things varied .
  3. So every week, under the new games tab, xxxx by POWGI keeps popping up but I gave it no thought as I had no idea what that game series was all about so I kept ignoring it. 


    I finally decided to search it up out of curiosity and I was greeted with 69 colourful dogs staring at me which includes phat stacks across multiple platforms and regions :jaymon:


    Jesus Christ I think I gave myself eye cancer! 😵

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    2. eigen-space


      That might explain it... I bought mine for the Vita as a game to play while I'm away from my PS4 (though it gives you both the Vita and PS4 stack when you buy it). Played a good portion of it on a roadtrip actually lol. I don't think I could play it on my PS4 unless I was SUPER boed.

    3. Deluziion90


      Everything for the trophies!

    4. Spaz


      Well you have a bunch of games on your profile that I either played or am looking forward to play. I just like a big variety of games.

  4. Indeed! https://amp.reddit.com/r/yakuzagames/comments/fv5ptp/kiryu_0_kills_baby_still_0_kills/
  5. Shadow Warrior


    Man this game is freaking awesome. Got it from the hidden gems sale so thank you Sony for bringing it to my attention. Definitely went under my radar throughout the years! 


    Just cleared chapter 9 tonight. 8 more chapters to go! 


    I saw this cool montage on YouTube so I thought I'd share :)


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    2. Masamune


      Yeah, I'm actually thinking about changing up my current play schedule & trying this out next. xD

    3. Yuna4353


      @LegacyJKO09 it 7.49 still it goes off sale on Wednesday 

    4. PooPooBlast


      @LegacyJKO09 it is $7.50 as Yuna mentioned but that's US dollars. 


      SW 1 is $10, SW2 is $13.37, and there's a collection that has both for $20.


      @kidson2004 @Masamune basically my thoughts so far:


      First few levels are all in the same sort of area with cherry blossoms, koi ponds, bamboo sticks and traditional Japanese architecture buildings. But then it gets much better with the level variety. 


      Second thing, is that the game encourages you to mix it up as opposed to spamming a few moves and random slashes to the enemy. You get a rating at the end of each encounter and if you do well by mixing it up using different specialist techniques, environmental kills, magic, etc then you get bonus points which go into upgrading your character. 

  6. So it was you!! 😲 Haha oh man. Party chats can get wild. I just don't have the patience to talk to strangers because I know chances are, people are more likely to make enemies than be friendly. Not all the time, but most of the time especially in competitive modes.
  7. All of this came from the heart 😂. These were things I mostly experienced haha.
  8. Off the bat GTA 5 😂 and multiple times. I easily put 100 hours into the online so it was bound to happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Another example that happened recently was RDR 2 online. I was playing Capture the flag or whatever it's called where you ride horses and grab a torch while passing checkpoints. There was like 20 seconds left, we were losing badly and then some guy randomly pulled out a mic and the moaning noises started. It sounded so real actually that I thought it was the person themselves making that noise.. scarred me for life..
  9. 1 - the squeaky kids and I don't mean teenagers but really young ones (I wonder how they even got the approval to play rated M games) 2- the really old adults who like to act cool and say shut up to the young kids 😂. 3- the people who blast ghetto music that nobody wants to listen to. 4- the people who breathe heavily into the mic but aren't using it 5- the people who fumble with the mic frequently but aren't using it. 6- the people who are silent but have crying kids in the background 7- the people who are silent but occasionally cough so loud into the mic and have a runny nose so they sniffle every second. 8- the people who like to chew/eat/ burp into a mic not showing any decency. or mannerisms. 9- the people who have the microwave or a timer beeping constantly. Their kitchen is probably burning down and they just don't seem to care. 10- the cursers who use every expletive that is available in the English dictionary 11- the foreigners who are talking to each other and you wish you can understand what they're saying 12- people playing porn loudly in the background so you can hear all the moaning noises and "wet sounds".. yes I had that happen to me..
  10. #137 and 100% Days Gone (...much like my days during the Coronavirus)


    Awesome game with a few flaws. Full thoughts here!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @ee28max thanks maximillion!


      @Deluziion90 haha thanks. I'm sure you can get it done too. I consulted video guides from Abyx gaming and Mr Reign. I chose the strategy that I felt comfortable with and required the least amount of time. I'm sure you can find other guides too. You can just look at the likes to dislike ratio as a quick gage to see whether it's worth watching or not. Good luck! 

    3. Deluziion90


      Thanks! I’ll probably get it done in the near future. Currently way to busy with Nioh 2 😄

    4. Honor_Hand


      Great work there. Congrats! :)


      I read your thoughts on the MRP thread and it seems like a very competent game. I had read some bad opinions on it, so it's nice to see that you enjoyed it. Also, it seems like the perfect game to play during this whole coronavirus outbreak, lmao. xD

  11. #137 and 100% Days Gone Days gone is an open world survival game where you play as a short-tempered guy called Deacon St. John. There was a virus that was released that caused people to turn into freaks (zombies basically) within a matter of days and your job is to survive/find your wife after you got separated from her in the beginning of the game. In my opinion, Days Gone was a fun experience but it played everything by the book without any major surprises or introducing unique mechanics that's exclusive to the game (except for hordes which were the highlight for me and more on that below). Story was pretty decent and I liked the few subplots involving cults, finding your wife, finding the origin of the virus, character interactions and revenge elements. Made the game more interesting. I also loved Deacon's Mocap. A few times in the games I was really surprised by how well the facial expressions/dialogues were naturally flowing in the game. Some of the highlights for me were these: - Abandoned Towns were fun to explore/ trying to find new resources while avoiding freakers and human enemies. - Your bike was highly customizable with a plethora of custom skins and decals to choose from. - Loved the aspect of conserving fuel by giving the bike some added weight to it which means you can coast downhill without spending fuel and revving the engine. - There were a couple of memorable side characters like Taylor (a drug junkie), Rikki , Iron Mike, Skizzo, and Boozer - Nice weapon variety for you to dispose of hordes and human enemies (although it takes a while for you to unlock everything) - The ripper cult are freaking insane and I loved the subplot involving them - The secret ending made me go WTFFFFF ( so did Deacon at the same time ). There's a definitely going to be a sequel! - Hordes! Hordes were the highlight for me. Loved planning my routes and planting traps to take them out. First time I went from running away like a scared headless chicken to later on hunting them Rambo style. - I loved the random bits of dialogues that Deacon has while exploring. It made a huge difference when exploring the world when Deacon starts talking to himself . Added a lot of depth to his character and even though he kind of sounds like a psychopath but what can you do after what happened in the world! Here's a montage! (not a spoiler) - Loved the graphics. They were top notch, especially the ground textures and also when it rains. I captured a lot more screenshots but here are my favourites . (no spoilers) Some few suggestions/things I didn't like: - All of the background information about the leader of the Rippers was provided via dialogue which I wasn't a fan of along with the bossfight at the end which was pathetic imo. :/ (spoilers) - Bike management early on in the game sucked! Your bike ran out of fuel after riding it for like 2 mins and it broke down as soon as it touches a feather - The first 10-15 hours were kind of okay to meh but once the third area opened up the game got substantially better. It just took a while and I can see people losing interest there. - More of a suggestion but (spoilers) Trophy-wise, base game is pretty easy. Didn't even use a guide. Challenges on the other hand were... challenging.. Early on, they're brutal imo. It's almost impossible to get gold on any until you start getting bronzes and silvers in each challenge to unlock patches. There were a few relatively easy ones and a few others which were programmed by Satan . Definitely not a 8/10 difficulty though but it was still difficult imo. Aaand that's it. Onto the next game
  12. Already played mafia 2 and 3. Would love to experience 1 and revisit 2 but 3, I probably won't play again. Definitely looking forward to this. Can't wait!
  13. She must've gotten the wrong memo when Ikea said do it yourself:awesome:

    1. Shinobi


      What!? You mean, this isn't the right way to test out the merchandise at Ikea!?

    2. Masamune


      Apparently they have to bolt down their toilets to keep people from... "testing" them too. 😂



    3. ResoluteRock


      Why do I keep clicking links from PooPooBlast lol


      Seriously though, you guys don't do that? @Shinobi seems to be the only one here with some sense

  14. By far the easiest method/the way to do it. I was just playing the game and popped that trophy unintentionally by stealth killing one with that skill you mentioned. You can just sneak on one or alternatively, charge at it, throw a smoke bomb and do a stealth kill.
  15. Ayooo! ✋ Let me know how that goes for you if you get to it before I do!