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  1. Ahh never knew that. Thanks for letting me know
  2. Thanks but I think you're supposed to put a comma not a period because it looks like 1¥
  3. Having platted UFC 2, this looks like hell Then again I'm not the best player so.. These look challenging imo because of either luck or skill requirement. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/7141-ea-sports-ufc-3/5-ufc-101-declaration https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/7141-ea-sports-ufc-3/6-ufc-46-supernatural And the complete all daily challenges trophy. I can assure you these will be a pain in the butt
  4. Eh, at this point MTX are the norm. Not that I'm pro MTX ( seriously f#$ them) but they're not going anywhere.
  5. Woah. 


    I popped a trophy yesterday from Jetpack Joyride because I felt a nostalgic attack. The time span is 5 years and 1 week xD do far. Wow! It sure as heck doesn't feel that long for me. 


    I just need to get the buy everything trophy for 100% but it's such a grind... 


    The funniest part is that you can actually pay $15 real money and finish the game in about 30 mins..but you need to play it for ~20 hrs if you don't. 


    I had a blast playing it on my phone/ ps3 initially but I seriously lack the motivation lol. 


    I'll probably come back in another 5 years to pop the last trophy xD.  Who knows i might save it for my biggest completed game time gap. 

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    2. Temmie


      I get that.  Especially when easy plats like My Name is Mayo and Energy Cycle are a thing (Both under 5~ dollars, both can be platted in around 30 minutes).  Or Life is Strange (PS3/PS4), TWD Season 1, etc.


      Looking over your list, I see Goat Sim.  I'm so sorry you had to go through Flappy Goat.

    3. PooPooBlast


      You know what's funny? Goat simulator made have an epiphany whereby I swore to never buy a game for its trophies. It was my first and last attempt in doing that. All of the other telltale games were free except TWD 1 and 2 and I actually genuinely love the stories as opposed to playing them for easy plats

      Made me have*

    4. Temmie


      I think Goat Sim was made terrible on purpose as a joke.  There were so many parts of the game that clearly signify the game was not finished.

  6. I actually completed dishonored 2 recently. All I could i say is, DO NOT PLAY IT FOR THE STORY. Story was literally a rehashed version of the first. But gameplay was its saving grace and for that it was fun. Lol also for my stealth playthrough, there was a seriously broken and op power which pretty much allowed me to sprint through enemy hoards undetected. It was hilarious
  7. Gravity Rush


    Ok this is bothering me xD. What language are they speaking? I know it's absolutely not french but at the same time it has a hint of it (the tone/ accent is the same). Then I hear a hint of Japanese but not Japanese! xD

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    2. PooPooBlast




      That's pretty dope! The game is slowly growing on me. The gravity mechanics can be really disorienting but I'm still trying to get the hang of it because I know that underneath that is loads of fun as you get the hang of it and start traversing the city.



      What I really admire is the simplicity of the game and creative art style. By simple I mean the mission structure is pretty basic but it's still enjoyable which is rare. That and the innocence of the conversations( if that makes sense xD makes ) it a relaxing game. It somewhat reminds me of Alice madness returns. The environment is absolutely gorgeous but beneath all of that is some sort of dark theme. 


      I'm also trying to not over expect anything because I know it was a Vita game and handhelds always have limitations whether it was hardware wise or just how it would look like on a tiny screen


      Anyways I'll stop my rambling xD



    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Yea, made-up language. Shinobi pretty much hit it. French + Japanese.

    4. PooPooBlast


      That's what I said first :P but thanks as well :)

  8. Oh! Was just speaking my mind haha
  9. I don't get it..
  10. This is so ridiculous xD. What's next ? Super royal edition which includes the episodic dlcs + whatever is being released now? What the heck Square Enix?
  11. Wait a minute, Royal edition/ Royal pass or whatever doesn't even include future episodic dlcs?
  12. I actually saw this about 2 weeks and told a friend about it after I 100%ed FFXV. I'm kind of excited/ annoyed. Excited: FFXV is a damn good game and I wouldn't mind playing more of it. Annoyed: The amount of dlc is absurd... This just further reinforces my opinion that I shouldn't buy games so soon after they're released( well i did buy it at the end of 2017 ad not even in 2015 when it was released and so it's kind of ther fault ) and i should wait till dev support completely ends .
  13. Thanks man! Appreciate it!
    1. fabmorais_2011


      One can say that the PooPoo hit the fan

    2. PSXtreme_


      "The stories accuse Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumiere of either tolerating or negligently managing a workplace riven by inappropriate humor."


      OH NOES....he haz funi pics dat I noe findz funi...


      People need to get over themselves...seems that they are looking to be offended so they can play the victim card and get their 5 minutes of youtube fame.

    3. PooPooBlast


      It's not just that. It could be an actual PR stunt by the company to get publicity? I mean if he had evidence that he can clear his name then he sure as heck would've attracted attention+ cleared his name from any scandals+ it's free

      It's free advertising*

  14. Thank you! And I suppose I can just make an alternate account if I can't find someone else. As for the RNG trophy, I'm hoping to get an easier time since I bought the season pass ( it's on sale right now for $6 CAD or $5 US I think) which happens to include the dlc packs + the stupid in game currency (as if they needed that in a SP game).