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  1. Was talking to a friend about Max Payne 3 recently and I just remembered this video. Man it brought back memories :lol:.



    1. ahmedelebiary


      Man that was pretty good 😁 fantastic game ❤️

    2. PooPooBlast


      Haha I laughed at all the little references thrown in there. Pretty tongue in cheek but somehow accurate at the same time.


      "Like all the lunches in my life, it began with the death of a woman" xD.


      Glad you liked it. Really excellent game I agree. If only I can beat NYMHC though ;_;

  2. Having played 0-6 (including dead souls) and being currently at chapter 15 of LAD, it's not really necessary BUT and a big BUT, a lot of the characters you meet might feel how should I say... meh or perhaps might not feel as cool? It's not because they're bad, not at all but because other than word of mouth and their power, you really have no other indication that they're as great as they're made out to be. Their presence might feel diminished than if you were to play the previous games and see what the fuss is all about when they're talking about guy X or guy Y for instance You'll miss out on those Holy shit moments when an important character shows up. The game will allude to their importance but of course the game cannot in 5 minutes explain to you why they're such a big deal in the Yakuza world. Having said all of that, the story is self contained and doesn't really require you to know the past events of previous games. Knowing their history though is an added bonus as there's lots of fan service for old timers. So in conclusion, you can play LAD without missing out on plot points but I think your experience might be better if you play the previous games. And if you decide to try out the series from the beginning, start with 0. Cheers!
  3. Bless the internet 😂


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    2. Yuna4353


      OK why is this a thing?

    3. PooPooBlast


      @Alderriz I think just about the whole video was my favourite part .😅


      The shirtless dancing with Majima and nishiki on the plane and Kiryu having Majima on his phone with a pic with kisses was top tier. 


      @Yuna4353 I once a saw a great quote on the internet which said, "sometimes people stop to think to see whether they could but not whether they should." So there's your answer :lol:


    4. Copanele


      @Alderriz that must be the most random word thrown in there out of all. That and "Hello its me Picasso" because it just rhymes.


      Now that I think of it, Kiryu is a kind of modern "Haiduc" hahahah. 


      Goddamn your post @PooPooBlast, it's messing up with my brain 😂

  4. Alien Isolation is a very easy recommendation. Best one I've played. I'm not one to really get scared or jumpy in video games but I'd lie if I said there weren't moments where I felt some real tension creep up (in an awesome/adrenaline packed sort of way of course!). What I loved about it is that it doesn't really employ any scary or cheap scary tactics that are obtrusive and causes you to just roll your eyes and say meh.. It relies on atmosphere, music, the lighting, the unpredictable behaviour of the A.I and the sound design (my god the sound..you really feel like you're on some spaceship with the way the 3D audio is implemented along with the muffled noises). They were just Hiding in that vent? Oh you think you're safe now? Guess what, alien can sniff you out as the game progresses if you keep using the same places every time to hide! Think you can run around from objective to objective? Guess what, the alien will hear the sound of your loud footsteps then sort of try to cut you off from the path you're taking. Anyway, I can keep going on and on, but it's something you have to experience yourself. Should you choose to try it out, I hope you enjoy the hospital level. >:P.
  5. Thanks :D. The rate at which you plow through games is impressive. By the time I finish 1 game you would've done 4 😅.
  6. Throwback to my favourite track in the series courtesy of Tekken 5!
  7. My profile isn't really that amazing but I appreciate it nonetheless! Thanks
  8. I don't know about you guys but I think it's a crime Nick Cage isn't casted as Ellie.
  9. A thousand times yes.
  10. I suppose it would be cool to share my 2020 wrap up stats. No surprise with the results tbh. Well except for Tuesday being super low in terms of time played lol.


    Also chuckled at the online stats. Played 12 hrs only all of which was Tekken 7 :lol:. And dang 1568 hrs played/365 days averages to 4.5 hr per day.. 



    Yakuza 5 was a behemoth








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    2. Honor_Hand


      As expected, Yakuza dominated the most played games section. I wonder which were my most played games last year. I'm gonna check this wrap-up thing tomorrow to see my stats.


      99% hours played locally, 1% hours playing online, yet we pay for PS+. At this point, we're pretty much paying only for the free games every month, lol. xD

    3. PooPooBlast


      Haha tell me about it. Sort of don't mind paying for online (although free would nice but nothing in life is free) just because for $50 CAD or so I tend to play 3-5 ps plus games a year which isn't bad. Plus we get some decent discounts. At the end it averages itself out. 


      And do share! Looking forward to seeing it :)

    4. Yuna4353


      Not suprised by the yakuza domination, expected it with how long Yakuza 5 was. I played none of my stuff online, I think I pay for PS Plus for the cloud storage. 

  11. Sucks it isn't free but I'd buy it again... Judgment was a stellar experience. Will wait for a sale though.. (and if I can find a ps5 ).
  12. "Worth it" is something completely subjective. That's up to you with what you want to do you with your time.
  13. That would be a resounding yes from me. - It's a prequel so no background knowledge needed (and old timers can appreciate subtle references) - Regarded as one of the best in the series so if you didn't like it then at least you'd save time not having to play the rest to see what's out there because they're not going to change much from game to game (exception would be yakuza LAD or dead souls which yea.. let's not go there :P).
  14. Been stuck in my head for the last two days