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  1. Yep. It saved me so much time following this rather than the guide here on psnp and you get to keep a lot of rewards from the different factions with this method.
  2. Hi! I made a post here a while back which details how one might go about tackling all the missable story trophies using strategic saves. It is also spoiler free. Cheers.
  3. Not that I was going to wait for reviews to buy a game from RGG studios but wow, according to Famitsu, Lost judgment received a score of 38/40 ( 4 reviewers; two 9s and two 10s). This is one point higher than its predecessor, a game I personally rank as top 3 in the series. 


    Looking forward to getting my hands on it next week! 

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    2. Distant


      Same here (For that sweet steelbook 😄), but it's pretty far from me so I won't be able to pick it up. Plus there's that few days of early access, so I gotta watch out for that. I haven't seen anything since those first couple trailers, so hopefully I'll be fine. But I still gotta avoid everything until then just in case.

    3. Jens


      I'm expecting a solid memes-per-hour rate from you dude, you better deliver!

    4. Yuna4353


      I still need to preorder 6 more days though because of digital deluxe edition 

  4. Sure it does not, but 1) Neocarleen isn't always available to post and 2) you can just as easily browse the store yourself. It's not like she's getting the information from some alien source.
  5. Borderlands 3 ultimate edition is still $60. A lot of other games I'm interested in that contain the full package are still out of my budget as well. I reckon by black Friday they'll definitely get cheaper. Mafia ii is actually on sale right now.
  6. If game is good. Buy If game is no good. No buy
  7. Great initiative Beyond! Good luck to everyone out there. I won't be participating though
  8. #160 and 100% Control


    Full thoughts below to those interested about the game and if you care about my opinion :P


    I also can't talk about control without mentioning this track which was hype AF when it played in the game. Enjoy!



    Anyway, onto the next!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Yuna4353 sorry completely missed your reply. Actually nope! The only way to do early access is to purchase the deluxe edition digitally which im not going to do. Always been a physical guy for yakuza. 


      @snakebit10 thanks! I've only played the PS3 version before so it's definitely a massive improvement. According to the store description, it's running at 4k resolution with 60 fps and has HDR on the ps5


      On ps4 pro, it runs at a lower resolution at 1440p and has a 30 fps cap. You can remove the cap and it'll hover at 40-50 fps meaning the framerate is never stable so you can expect a definite improvement on the ps5. 


      In terms of my own experience, image looks sharp and framerate never dips even during the tank mayhem missions. The only problem I've encountered was that it crashed on me twice in the span of about 10-12 hrs of gaming time. 

    3. snakebit10


      Sounds good. I may just platinum once again before the new one comes out next year. I didn't have any issues with it on a base PS4 last year. It's been so long ago I don't remember how it played on PS3. 

    4. Yuna4353


      Yea that makes sense, i take the early access just to avoid spoilers 

  9. #160 and 100% Control PS5 version My first meaty game on the PS5, courtesy of ps plus. You play as Jesse Faden, a woman whose brother got kidnapped many years ago by the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) and taken to a top secret research facility called the Oldest House where investigations on paranormal activity occurs. Jesse and her brother Dylan were exposed to what is called an Altered World Event (AWE) as children. To describe an AWE - think of ANY ordinary object that is possessed by some supernatural powers. For example, a traffic light that has the power to bend time based on its 3 lights, a mirror that if interacted with will literally flip the whole world that you perceive in an inverted manner, and so on. Upon arrival at the Oldest House to find your brother, you discover that the whole place was ravaged by some supernatural enemy type tied to the aforementioned event encountered by Jesse and her brother. From there, you'll spend the entire game in the building exploring everything it has to offer Story-telling, while very convoluted, eerie and borderline WTF at times , was captivating if you actually read and watched every single collectible. I'd say you can get most of what is happening in the game by doing just that and having the patience to learn some new vocab if you will that is tied to the lore of the game. Some of the things I liked include: The Ashtray Maze was hands down the best thing in the game. PERIOD. View the spoiler at your own discretion! The level design of the Oldest House was very well done, fun to explore and rewarding. The PS5 version looks stunning with ray tracing although I opted for 60 fps mode which is better suited for gameplay and seeing those glass shards falling so smoothly . Collectibles and videos were interesting, especially the ones coming from a guy called Dr. Darling (who is the VA of Alan Wake btw!). His "Dynamite" recording was one of the best things in the game . In terms of gameplay, the best way to describe it is you're looking at a third person shooter fused with inFAMOUS-type powers. Won't elaborate further as it's best imo to just see everything yourself firsthand! DLC While it has been nothing but praises so far, unfortunately, the DLC for this game was meh. What made the base game so amazing was that it took its time with world building and storytelling and lightly peppered you with collectibles to ease yourself into the world of Control. However, the DLC just thrusts you straight into action with little to no mystery. Your objective is set from the start and nothing extraordinary will happen as the plot progresses. The collectibles felt like they were strewn around randomly too, sometimes with a massive info dump spanning tons of collectibles to read in one tiny area. The redeeming factor though is that you get a couple of new powers and weapons to toy around with. Having said all that, Control was an enjoyable experience overall but I can see why it may not be for everybody if you like a clear cut story. Well, onto the next!
  10. So here's a completely useless fact of the day 😅.


    I was playing on the ps5 as usual and noticed that the Dualsense had a very fine grip "feel" to it which wasn't present on the ps4 controller.


    Lo and Behold, I looked at it really close, like REALLY close because it's so damn tiny and here's what I found! 



    Pretty neat eh? 

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    2. Cleggworth


      Nice controller but damn are they enemy of sweaty hands peeps like myself

    3. PooPooBlast


      @Stan Lee I noticed that too when I was setting up the stand on the console! I set mine horizontal btw. I know the console supports both and looks better vertical even but 1) I have no space to stand it up 2) I'm always scared of knocking the ps5 over and 3) I don't trust the disc spinning vertically. Admittedly I don't know how the disc is secured when inserted but I feel like if for some reason the console got tilted or fell over, I'm not sure what would happen so better safe than sorry. 


      @Cleggworth me and you both. My hands sweat a lot 😅. Doesn't help that it's a tiny bit heavier than the ps5 controller. It's still great though and as Stan Lee mentioned, it's the best controller so far imo. 


      @eigen-space fair enough! 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Looks pretty cool, no doubt about it. And extra points if it actually helps you improve your grip on the controller. xD

  11. [Control] 

    Just beat it a couple of minutes ago. If i was given the chance to describe what the story was about, I'd probably lose almost all of you including myself 😂.


    BUTTTT despite all the story shenanigans and tons of made-up jargon I'd have to use to describe supernatural phenomena, I somehow am able to make sense of it in my brain and it is FLIPPING awesome. 


    - Level design is top tier. 

    - Dr. Darling is the GOAT. 

    - The Ashtray maze sequence elevated the game for me by 10x. 


    Will definitely do a more well thought out mini write up after I'm completely done with the game and DLC. So until then..

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    2. zizimonster


      You need to play the AWE expansion. The expansion has made Control a much more enjoyable experience for me. :D

    3. PooPooBlast


      @Kristen Danielle I don't think they're related but the fact they're made by the same team makes me want to try Alan Wake when it arrives on the PlayStation. Apparently btw, Dr. Darling whom I mentioned is actually the voice actor of Alan Wake. Cool stuff. 

      @Honor_Hand Haha it really is hard to describe. It's like trying to learn a new vocabulary to know what the hell is an Astral Plane, the Hotline, Altered World Events, Objects of Power, etc etc. But yea it'll slowly make sense once you actually spend time trying to know these things. 


      @zizimonster will do! That's gonna be next after I mop up a few misc trophies in the main game :)

    4. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      @PooPooBlast I think the DLC for it ties Control into the Alan Wake story. At least, that's what I read.

  12. The game has infinite NG+. Whenever you beat the game, you're prompted to create a clear game data save to continue playing after beating the game on premium adventure mode. You can also use that save to carry your stats for your next playthrough (minus substories, coin lockers and a few other misc items) so you can do it on easy, then hard to unlock legend and finally do legend for the trophy. Although you'd be creating an extra playthrough but that's up to you.
  13. But you can and I don't see the problem or a counterpoint being presented to my statement.
  14. Guess that makes me a brain-dead baffoon . I find gameranx one of the most genuine channels out there especially when Jake is the one speaking. How can you even hate this man.
  15. Been playing Control on the PS5 and one word to describe my experience so far is trippy. Feels like one giant fever dream. 


    It took me about 1-2 hrs to know what the hell is going on in the game :lol:. Everybody talks in the most cryptic and obscured manner leaving you wondering what the hell are they even talking about. 


    Nonetheless, I'd say I'm still able to piece most of what's going on through optional talks and with scouring and reading every collectible I come across. 


    Some pros worth mentioning is that the environment destruction like broken pieces of rubble and explosions looks stunning on the ps5 and are so smooth when running the 60 fps mode.


    And James McCafferry aka MAX MOTHER FLIPPING PAYNE is in the game (or his voice actor anyway). What an iconic voice. So weird to see him conjure up an alcoholic rant in Max Payne talking about "a warm cup of milk and a blowjob" to playing a calm and collected Director role in Control :lol:


    Anyway.... Really digging the game so far. We'll see how the game evolves as I dig more into the storyline! 

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    2. Cobbsquatch


      @PooPooBlast I hope that's true, I'm holding out for an official announcement, but Alan Wake is so much better imo. 1 of my favourite games of all time tbh.

    3. zizimonster


      I couldn't agree more with you, @Cobbsquatch. Alan Wake *is* so much better than Control. 👍

    4. Cobbsquatch


      I mean I can't say any Remedy game I've played has been bad tbh, they're all fantastic games. But Alan Wake just peaks the lot.