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  1. Was finally able to put some more time in Wolfenstein II and man the gunplay is as good as ever. It's really satisfying and watching gameplay doesn't do it justice. Gunning through hordes of enemies while dual wielding, chopping and blowing off limbs feels soo satisfying all while listening to the badass music and hearing BJ's thoughtful monologues every now and then :lol:


    ~ 5 hrs in and I can say, I have no idea why this game reviewed badly... Graphics and framerate are top notch as well. My only criticism is that the game switches tones constantly from serious to "fudge yea let's kill Nazis" / WTF moments in a snap which could feel outta place sometimes. The original did those transitions better imo. 

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Did Wolfenstein II review badly? To my memory it was received very well if slightly less so than its predecessor. This year's Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the other hand was trashed and rightly so.

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