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  1. I beat the story today in Wolfenstein II and a couple of takeaways:


    - Gameplay and visuals are as good as ever and improved upon new order. It's Ay Okay! 👌

    - story was just bonkers like the new order but they took it up a couple of notches here ( and perhaps went a tiny bit overboard at times). 

    - Speaking of the story, it was a nice little journey. It feels like uncharted (bear with me) in that the journey was really fun but looking back, it doesnt really feel like you accomplished much. 

    - I had a trophy glitch on me :/ (collect one of each collectible). Hopefully it won't glitch on my second playthrough... 

    - Less BJ monologues to go this time around :/. 

    - The maps I got to visit were really cool but I felt that New order had better map variety. 

    - I played on normal difficulty on my first playthrough and I kinda regret it as I barely died during my run. Something like 7-10 times and most of them were me taking it slow, taking in the environment/ ruins and also searching for collectibles. I feel like I should've started on I am death incarnate but I wouldn't mind a second playthrough.

    - Finally, I likely won't go for mein Leben. I'm going to do clean-up then do "I am death incarnate" difficulty and by then I'll have a clearer picture of whether I should try mein Leben or not. But right now in my current state of mind I doubt it. 


    And that's all for now :).  

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    2. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast Yea difficulty trophies don't stack up, what makes it worse is you have to get S ranks on the hardest difficulty (every difficulty except 1) where you die in one hit, but the enemies do not. 

    3. Spaz


      The New Order and The Old Blood I highly recommend. The challenges in The Old Blood aren’t too badZ 




      1) Yeah that’s what I meant, she figured BJ was one of them.


      2) I completely understand if the content is sensitive to someone, particularly Germans because this is a part of history that they greatly shun. I appreciate games taking the alternate timeline approach, The Order: 1886 did it, so has this game. 


      What I’m saying is the story is a mixed bag, and it gets too political at times, which I tend to see more often with modern AAA games. Going by gameplay, you’re in a power suit that enables you to run and jump but you’re limited to 50 health. You can overcharge like in the previous games, but that is temporary and because of the way the game is, you’re more tempted to go the stealth approach. 


      3) Doesn’t mean someone can’t share a negative opinion about it. 


      Wolfenstein II was a bit more meh for me. Has nothing to do with Mein Leben. 


      4) Fair enough.

    4. PooPooBlast


      @Spaz I can only comment based on my normal playthrough but the entire time I was playing with 50 health, I was dual wielding and going gung-ho on everybody. Didn't feel i was hindered that much. By the time you 

      get your new body, you would've already upgraded a bunch of weapons, gotten some benefits from perks, and you get to unlock a contraption one of which lets you permanently overcharge your health and it'll only start to deflate if you take damage.


      Overall I really liked this game but I think new order was better. I put 2 before new order but after the old blood imo.