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  1. I beat the story today in Wolfenstein II and a couple of takeaways:


    - Gameplay and visuals are as good as ever and improved upon new order. It's Ay Okay! 👌

    - story was just bonkers like the new order but they took it up a couple of notches here ( and perhaps went a tiny bit overboard at times). 

    - Speaking of the story, it was a nice little journey. It feels like uncharted (bear with me) in that the journey was really fun but looking back, it doesnt really feel like you accomplished much. 

    - I had a trophy glitch on me :/ (collect one of each collectible). Hopefully it won't glitch on my second playthrough... 

    - Less BJ monologues to go this time around :/. 

    - The maps I got to visit were really cool but I felt that New order had better map variety. 

    - I played on normal difficulty on my first playthrough and I kinda regret it as I barely died during my run. Something like 7-10 times and most of them were me taking it slow, taking in the environment/ ruins and also searching for collectibles. I feel like I should've started on I am death incarnate but I wouldn't mind a second playthrough.

    - Finally, I likely won't go for mein Leben. I'm going to do clean-up then do "I am death incarnate" difficulty and by then I'll have a clearer picture of whether I should try mein Leben or not. But right now in my current state of mind I doubt it. 


    And that's all for now :).  

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    2. Spaz


      1) Yeah but she has a thing against whites who look like Nazis. BJ wasn't too comfortable around her during their first meeting.


      2) I get that this is a video game but I get kind of turned off when big budget games like this try to make things a bit too realistic in place of well, killing Nazis for the fun of it. Problem is, you're stuck at half health for a good portion of the game until you get a different body. Which makes playing through harder difficulties that much tougher.


      3) Not sure what you're trying to say here.


      4) I was referring to Mein Leben in Wolfenstein II and New York Minute Hardcore in Max Payne 3.


      These take skill and a lot of commitment. I referred to Furi because I consider that to be a difficult indie game and I know not everybody can do it. In fact most people don't have it finished. When you have a platinum in a game most people struggled to get, or gave up on, that's something you can be proud of.


      Vanquish is completely skill based on the challenges alone. For many people, they either lack the skill or don't have the commitment. I haven't really tried yet, but I definitely see the huge difficulty spike compared to everything else that gives you trophies.


      My friend gave up on Outlast 2's Insane difficulty. There's no problem with hanging up the towel if you lack the commitment. I did that with Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 multiplayer, no way was I going to sit down and spend hundreds of hours boosting.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Wolfenstein II. :) I've read this one had sort of a mixed reception, largely in part for the supposed political agenda they're trying to push with the game. Truth be told, I haven't even really checked what's that about. I do love the old Wolfenstein games and was planning to get The New Order and Old Blood eventually. 


      From what little gameplay I've seen of The New Colossus, it actually looks fun. It seems to remain true to what makes the other games fun. That Mein Leben trophy does sound like an absolute bitch, though. Eh, I'll probably give it a go once I get there.


      Are you planning to try out Youngblood as well?

    4. PooPooBlast



      1) Correction - she hates Nazis only and anybody who has Aryan features and not any white person which is why BJ was uncomfortable initially because she suspected he was one. Not to mention she's seen kissing super spesh a white dude and it's implied they had a baby together.


      2) and I didn't think that was bad imo. You're welcome to hate it and I won't put that against you but games in general draw boundaries somewhere between realism and "funness" and it just so happens that's what Wolfenstein II. Even games touted as realistic had some unrealistic moments like RDR 2. Eating food doesn't magically buff your abilities and regenerate health irl so every game has to draw a line somewhere. 


      3) here I was pointing out how you said you didn't like how the game seems to hold a political agenda such as having Grace as a badass leader and I was explaining how having people of various backgrounds doesn't necessarily mean Wolfenstein II is trying to force their views on us. And I mean even if they did, fine! That's their game, their money, and same goes with every other game. Every game is trying to tell a message anyway whether it was political or not. 


      4) ah gotcha. It's not like I'm losing sleep here.  I was just saying how I won't go for mein Leben because that seems like a topic that's always brought up when discussing Wolfenstein II ;). I have a tolerance for hard games up to a point and perma death mode isn't one of them unfortunately. 


      @Honor_Hand No problem and thank you :). And ooh you should 100% grab all 3 games you mentioned and just play them in order of release. They're so much fun especially the new order! 


      As for mein Leben yea. Haven't tried it but having played through the campaign once I can definitely see it giving me lots of trouble and blocking me out of the plat. 


      As for youngblood... Lol I heard it was polarizing to say the least. I heard it didn't rank too high and tanked a little because of RPG game mechanics as it wasn't really a "Wolfenstein" game. But me being me, I am stubborn and wanted to see what the game was about so I bought it.  I liked the gameplay from what I've seen and the rpg mechanics seems like a refresher to the series so I bought it for $27.50 physical allowing me to sell it back for $10-15 once I'm done with it or if I don't like it. 

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