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  1. #128 Wolf.. I kid I kid :P 


    I am satisfied with 99% completion at the moment. I can't see myself dedicating too much time for the mein leben trophy. If that was maybe 5 years ago, I would've gave it a solid shot just like I did with Max Payne 3. Dedicating 8-9 hours (aka a whole day) is not something I can easily do. And even if I can somehow make it during the weekends, If I die, say 4-5 hours in, there goes the time you made for mein leben! Can you imagine this epic fail happening to you while nearing the end?! :lol: (yes this happened to me but thank goodness it wasn't on mein leben). (Also.. my spoiler tags aren't working properly... so I apologize in advance for having to open spoilers within spoilers)




    I really liked how the DLC broke it into chapters making it much more manageable to do the dlc mein leben trophies and even making it fun/challenging tbh! If the main game did it this way, it would've made it much more manageable to do it in chunks.




    Anywho, I really loved this Wolfenstein. Gunplay is as good as ever and is super satisfying blasting everything with your weapons. I captured this short video while I was going for one of the DLC challenges which almost made me tear my hairs apart! But the end result was satisfying and it gives you an idea in terms of the gameplay I suppose :)




    Story-wise was eh, so-so. I preferred the New Order here. There were also a couple of loose ends that weren't concluded such as



    the golden object thing from the Da'cht Ya'chud (I think that's how you spell it) that Wyatt/ Fergus finds.



    So...There's definitely going to be a sequel :P.


    Finally, it wouldn't be a post of mine if I didn't leave behind some soundtracks and oooh boy there were lots of goodies! (though there are some that don't sound as good to listen alone without playing the game because of how often they loop when they were recorded vs dynamically switching the soundtrack depending if you were in stealth or combat). And one thing to note is that Mick Gordon (the artist) really likes to build up his soundtracks so they usually start slow. Enjoy!


    This one here is one of my favourites. It plays in the main menu and it's actually a remix of the New Order main menu theme!


    Full badassery on display here especially in the combat sequence it plays in. Too much testosterone to handle :lol:


    Again, another badass theme!



    This one here, is just hilarious. It is actually a fictional band whereby the beatles (Die Kafer) were forced to make music for the Nazi regime. Enjoy the lyrics :P


    These last two are epic when you're blasting nazis left and right but I am not sure how they stand up on their own. In any case, I'm posting them here for you to decide :)




    Aaaand that's it folks. I'm planning to start Fist of the North Star next. I figured I'd play one more Yakuza-esque game before the yakuza trilogy remastered physical copy arrives in Feb 2020! Then it's probably JC4, another title I'm excited to try after enjoying JC3.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Yuna4353 didn't plat the game but thanks for the congrats anyway :)


      And no, it's basically the game on the hardest difficulty and you have no saves. Meaning you have to beat the game on hardest difficulty without a single save in one continuous session. Also one hit?! My god don't give them ideas :lol:


      I'll be playing fist of the North Star as I said in my status update!


      @BG_painter I've no idea what people are referring to? Maybe they patched it? You can skip cutscenes, just not animated sequences which are rendered during regular gameplay. They're not bad. 


      And yea maybe! Although if I were to have a chance at beating it, it's best to play it now when everything is still fresh in my mind and when I still have the twitchy fingers. 


    3. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast Yea I notice that after sending it but yea when you looked at DMC5 list then yea one-hit KO makes me glad we have saved in that game. I'm guessing you are going with the Japanese dub for the first playthrough of FOTNS I am honestly excited to see what you think because I don't know if you have watched the anime. 

    4. DamagingRob



      Go finish that shit. :P

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