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  1. Yakuza LAD


    I think after putting in a solid amount of hours into the game (~40 hrs, late chapter 7) I can formulate an opinion that's not very likely to change. 


    I know the topic has been discussed numerous times by now but I'm not really a fan of the turn based combat. 


    The pros:


    - Good to have a party around because it feels like you got bros and gals with you at all times and you're just bonding together. Reminds me of FFXV in a way. 


    - Having party members is a decent Avenue to explore other characters other than the main one and you can create some cool scenarios with it. 




    - boss fights don't feel as impactful. Where's the fun in having 4 people vs 1 boss when the boss and the main guy are actually the people who have beef with each other? This may work in other games but in Yakuza where it's personal, it doesn't feel right. 


    - You're telling me a former hostess, a 59 year old retired cop, and a homeless former nurse can tackle and defeat the Korean mafia, the Chinese mafia and top Yakuza bosses? What the... Maybe that's just a common theme with JRPGs to have wild party that I don't know about lol but it just doesn't have that impact imo because at this point, your rank in the Yakuza, mafia or whatever criminal underworld that you're part of doesn't mean anything anymore. I just no longer get that rush after beating a prominent boss..


    Anyway, don't get me wrong, I think it's a good game and it gets a lot of things right but it's not the best Yakuza game imo. 

  2. Yakuza LAD


    So guys.. I think I blew out my luck for the entire year.. 



    First time I got a yakuman in mahjong (without using the cheat tile for pure 13 orphans). 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Yuna4353 I think it'd be great if you do. Lots of guides out there to help. And while I'm no expert, I can certainly help with the basics and fundamentals. Good luck! It's really fun imo. Yakuza LAD has no trophies associated with it but I just like playing it :)

      @BB-BakkerJ Mmm so here's my opinion. I'm currently only on chapter 5/15 so you can say I've still a third or even more left. Currently clocking in at ~22 hrs only so I don't have a proper/final opinion on it yet as a disclaimer.  With that said, here are some things I noticed that may help you decide.


      - Cutscenes are massively long. I think this is the longest RGG studios has put out. 

      - First 2 chapters or so are top notch despite being primarily cutscenes with hardly any gameplay. 

      - Chapters 3-5 take a big hit with the pacing imo because the cutscenes are still massively long but it's just a massive boring introduction to characters and minigames and game mechanics. 

      - I heard the story substantially picks up after, some even arguing that it's the best RGG story out there. Can't confirm until I get there :P

      - Yokahama, the new city is massive. I spent so much time just running around taking in the new sites. It's really beautiful especially at night. 

      - There are lots of new minigames and I won't spoil those for you. I liked them. They're pretty quirky as you'd expect!

      - soundtrack is top notch as usual

      - Combat... This one depends on if you like turn based or not. I still prefer the old combat but this one isn't that bad. It just feels like action combat would've been better with regards to getting those "fudge yea" moments when you face prominent antagonists 1 vs 1. But overall, it's not as bad as people make it out to be. It does the job and has its few cool moments here and there. 


      Overall, I like it and I'd recommend it (especially if you're a RGG fan) but perhaps not as much as the other games that stars Kiryu in it.  As a disclaimer, my opinion could very well change after I'm done with it but this is based off what I played so far so take my opinion with a grain of salt!

    3. Deluziion90


      Same as @Yuna4353 if I knew mahjong I would probably plat them all back to back  in no time but I’m too dumb to understand and I’ve tried a lot of mahjong. I’ll probably play them on PC when I don’t have any playstation games to play. Which is probably never😂

    4. PooPooBlast


      LMAO well your loss :P. Jk Jk, it can be intimidating for sure but hey man, if ever decide to give it a shot, always there to help :)

  3. Yakuza LAD


    I know we've been blessed with some premium soundtracks in previous Yakuza games that plays during street fights (e.g. Ryu Kyu humming, town bully, etc.) but this one slaps so hard it gave me whiplash! 



    1. Yuna4353


      Yakuza knows how to do it music 

  4. If you happen to run into me before this should come as no surprise... It's Yakuza..Why you ask? - I'm always a sucker for good stories and they never fail to deliver - TONS of side content in the form of sidequests (substories) and distractions (e.g. minigames) that isn't just copy-pasted and half-assed Ubisoft-style. You can tell it was crafted with care. - Lots of comedic relief peppered in to offset the serious crime drama story. Who doesn't like a good laugh? - Classic brawler combat (at least before Yakuza LAD anyway) that is just easy to pick up on the fly and looks cool while doing it. - Always a blast exploring the cities in the game even if they're reused multiple times across the iterations. There's always something new to mitigate the feeling of "been there, done that." Summary: solid story, tons of unique side activities to do, easy to pick-up but effective combat, lots of comedic scenarios.
  5. Yakuza LAD


    Spoilers I guess if you want to see the minigame for yourself but the seagull cinema minigame is freakin hilarious 👌. I wonder what sort of drugs the developers were using when they came up with this because I want some :lol:


    So.. the premise is this.. You get to watch some satire short movies like "office alone", "robocook", "Lord of the wedding rings", and a couple of others :P all while not trying to fall asleep because of the terrible writing. 


    You have to fight back sheep with flailing arms trying to lull you to sleep and avoid attacking the alarm cock.. yes he's called the alarm cock 😂. It's kinda clever symbolically if you think about it. You count sheep to sleep and you hear cocks I mean chickens waking you up with their loud Squawks! Anyway, words won't do it justice.. enjoy xD



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    2. PooPooBlast


      I've seen a few people draw that comparison too when I talked to them about this! 


      Never played Catherine, but if it has a bunch of odd (to us westerners anyway :P ) Japanese humour then it might be my type of game :). 

    3. Bittersweet


      It's a pretty stylish game and while it does have that WTF factor, it did present a very interesting take on how one perceives relationships (cheating vs being faithful) and what life revolves around them. I have a feeling you'd like it. ^^;

      I'm not much of a puzzle person, but I found both versions fun~

    4. Copanele


      Hahaha I can only imagine how this minigame was selected at a board meeting. Jesus where do they keep finding these ideas😂

  6. Hey guys, I've been trying to redeem maneater for ps5 (I don't own a ps5 yet) so I can have the game when I get the console. However, I've been having difficulties on both the ps app and the browser:


    App - it prompts me to sign in when adding it to my library but when I click sign in, literally nothing happens. 


    Browser - after I input the 2 step verification code, it'll just load forever then say code expired...


    Might be farfetched but is anybody else having the same issue? Can't be the internet connection, I checked.  



    In other news, I put about 7-8 hrs in like a dragon so far and I think I spent 90% of watching cutscenes! Not complaining though and I get that they have to build Ichi. The first chance I got to do some activities in Yokohama, I literally spent most of my time collecting trash in a minigame to get S ranks in can collection :lol:. Who knew you can make a minigame about collecting trash as a fun pastime? 

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    2. FawltyPowers


      I've just done the same as you. I don't have a PS5 but wanted to add Maneater to my library. I did it through my app, it asked me to sign in, 2 step verification, etc and then it put me straight back into the app, however, when I went back into PS+ monthly games and clicked on Maneater it then gave me the option of "Add to Library". Clicking on that added it for me.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Much appreciated everyone. 


      @FawltyPowers tried your method. Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot. 

    4. Yuna4353


      I did not have any issues myself thankfully, enjoy LAD if you have any questions or want to talk about the story I am open for discussion. 

  7. #155 Hard Reset Redux


    A very fun, fast-paced first person shooter. Reminiscent of the old school shooters like Serious Sam, Unreal tournament, etc., but with modern mechanics (thankfully..). If you played Shadow Warrior, you would know what to expect. Highly recommended if shooters is a genre you enjoy :). 


    Up next, Asian GTA 7! Let's gooo.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      @PooPooBlast It's a great novel with a lot of useful information so it's very much welcomed. XP


      Oh, I know that tiny gap you're referring to, lol. I did fall through it a couple of times on my Insane playthrough instead. That's the one before you go inside the hospital, right? I was like, "WTF is going on now? Why do I keep dying here? What's wrong with me? xxD" And then I realized that I had to carefully jump there because I'd sometimes forget there was even a gap there. 😂


      Stay on the move and don't get cornered or stuck on something, got it. That AoE attack they have is the one that can easily get you if you don't back away from them in time. Although, getting stuck on something when they charge as you can be just as lethal. I will keep the blowing-up-the-explosives-and-other-environmental-hazards-beforehand-thing in mind as well. But I can see you didn't have much of a problem during your Heroic playthrough since you didn't have that many deaths in the end.


      The Atlas boss is the one I found the most threatening on my previous runs, exactly. My Heroic playthrough lasted exactly until that boss. Got killed a couple of times (like 3 times or so) and then I switched to another game without trying this one again. At the moment, I had been prioritizing upgrading the CLN weapons because I found they hit harder than the NRG weapons. Now, I think maybe a mixup of the two would be much better, especially since the NRG weapons seem to have more useful functionalities, like the Smartgun with its tracking projectiles or the stasis bubble for the mortar.


      Yeah, I had the RPG on the Cauldron boss too. It made that fight super easy. Maybe I could try and start again since the first few levels aren't exactly hard or long. I don't think I have the Smartgun yet on the Atlas, I think I went for the Railgun instead. :hmm: And on the CLN weapons, I've been using the Shotgun as well because I find its second function useful to stop enemies on their tracks. It's also pretty good for those small pesky robots that annoy the shit out of me, lol.


      But hey, super thanks for the tips. I'll be sure to try again sometime again before this month is over. Either I'll continue my current progress or start again but mixing up my weapons and spreading the upgrades in a better way. Thanks for the help again, PooPooBlast. :)

    3. PooPooBlast


      Haha actually, that's not what I was referring to but I know which one you're talking about. However the one I was talking about was a makeshift bridge that you cross over to get to the other side. (The section after you shut down 3 generators in a small room). Lol anyway, it's not that important. 


      As for environmental damage, it's actually pretty useful to dispose enemies quickly and if you're good at avoiding being in range then you may not really need to blow them up before hand. Just choose whatever you're comfortable with at that time :). 


      If you think it's useful to restart then sure go for it. What I listed before, that was just my style of playing so if you think the shotgun helps then there's no harm in upgrading it! As for Atlas I think you can still get by with the railgun because that's also pretty accurate. I haven't tested it though to see if it's better or not. 


      In any case, good luck man! I know you can do it. You just need to put in a solid effort. If you ever have any questions, I believe I already have you on my friend's list on psn so you can always reach out. Or you can PM here on psnp. Good luck! 

    4. Honor_Hand


      @PooPooBlast Lol, I got it mixed up with the one I kept falling into, but I think I remember the one you're talking about. xD


      Yeah, baiting the enemies into the environmental traps helps in dealing a good amount of damage to them. It can be a bit dangerous but it's worth the effort too.


      The thing with the railgun is that it lacks punch until you upgrade it, and its fire rate is on the low side. I wasn't quite sure there with which weapon to go because I know the Smartgun is great for air targes but since I was using the homing function of the RPG for that I was like, "Eh, I'mma pick the Railgun here I guess". x3


      Will do. Thanks again! :)



  8. #155 Hard Reset Redux From the polish developers Flying Wild Hog, they bring us a high octane first person shooter with robots! You play as a major called Fletcher in the year 2436 and robots have become EEEVIL. Solution - Kill bad robots. That's the story . Goes without saying that's not why the game was fun. The frenetic gameplay, the explosions/particle effects and the destructibility of the environment were the main selling points. You get two weapons BUT with alternate firing modes so basically you get the same arsenal of weapons a shooter has like an assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher, electric traps, homing missiles, etc which actually makes weapon switching on the fly a breeze and perfect when in the midst of action.. You might know the developers more for creating the Shadow Warrior reboot and if that game was up your alley, there's a very high chance this will too! With that said, the trophy lists are very similar... downright to having heroic mode :l . For those who don't know, the difficulty is jacked up to the highest (enemies are bullet sponges, you die easily in a few hits) and you get 1 life per chapter only (and each chapter is about 30-45 mins long). Thankfully, because I played on insane mode in my first playthrough (which is required anyway) and did a quick NG+ run on normal mode, you can say I was more or less prepped for enemy placements/what to expect. It was pretty challenging but I think it's pretty doable and if you got past Shadow Warrior, then this shouldn't give you as much trouble. Do I recommend this game? Absolutely! If first person shooters aren't your thing then I suppose you should pass on it.
  9. [Hard Reset Redux] 


    FUCK YES! Heroic difficulty is done!!! 



    For those who dont know. This is the hardest difficulty in the game. Enemies are absolute bullet sponges and they do a shit ton of damage. You can't do it in NG+ so you need to start a fresh playthrough. Every time you die you start from the beginning of the chapter (luckily it's not perma death mode) but each chapter is about 30-60 mins long...


    Two grindy trophies left. Kill 10k enemies and kill 2k with environmental damage but meh! Plat is within reach. I'm setting this shit to easy now. I need a break! 


    Oh and I reached 90.00% completion on psnp. Feels weird to see it in the nineties! 

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    2. Gommes_


      It feels even better when the % drops as soon as you start a new game ;)

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Congrats, working towards 90 myself but I've a good few games to do online trophies for still so that will tank it to the high 70s

    4. Deluziion90


      Nice, Always sucks when enemies just become stupid bullet sponges

  10. Been playing Hard Reset Redux lately on insane difficulty (on chapter 10/12) and it's pretty damn fun. It's from the same team that made shadow warrior so the "old school fps feel" and the frenetic gameplay is there. 


    Plus it has a shit ton of explosions (cars, barrels, vending machines lol, electric fans, etc. Literally everything around you explodes) and ragdoll physics too! :D. Nothing like shoving a vortex/black hole grenade or whatever the fudge it is xD, then following it up with an RPG or a grenade launcher. Robots start flying left and right. 


    Now let's hope heroic difficulty doesn't give me too much trouble when I get there..

    1. Honor_Hand


      Glad that you're having a lot of fun with this one. At this rate, you're going to beat me at completing this one. 😅 I haven't touched the game in weeks after getting caught with some other games, lol. The game gives you plenty of health packs in general, so insane isn't really that much hard. The enemies do take a while to go down but as long as you keep dancing around and hitting them with the proper weapons, you're good. 


      Looking forward to your thoughts on Heroic difficulty. One thing that helps to make the Heroic difficultly a little bit easier is knowing well in advance what enemies are you going to be facing next, which is something that we get to learn from previous playthroughs. As for weapons, I was sticking mostly to the Rocket Launcher, the Shotgun, and the Railgun. The bosses are what I think could be the biggest challenge in the game during this last playthrough. I think I got up to the one on level 5, the big Atlas statue, but didn't bother trying it again after getting killed a couple of times. :hmm:


      Also, did you saw the abhorrent framerates during the final boss fight on Insane, lol? 😂

    2. PooPooBlast


      Thank you! Agreed. I've had a few close calls in heroic so far. Just reached chapter 3. 


      And my god that last chapter.. I think I was averaging 10-15 frames. I was pretty scared my console was going to crash any minute. What I really wished for was if the devs released a patch that utilized the ps4 pro's power. My console was surprisingly quiet while everything was melting on screen so yea.. 

  11. #154 Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom


    Enjoyed it for the most part! Came mainly because of the show, stayed for the memes and innuendos :P


    I need a more challenging game next!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Thanks everyone! Happy new year @Yuna4353 :)

      (and everybody else)

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! No like for you. This website is still afraid I'll get addicted to liking stuff. 

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  12. #154 Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated It's a spongebob game! If you're a fan of the show then this is something you'll most likely enjoy and as a person who grew up watching the show repeatedly (along with enjoying the memes ) I had to try this game out. Not going to lie, first few hours felt a bit too over simplistic for my taste and I was kind of pushing myself through but the later stages got much more interesting and it started to feel like it was worth my time. I mean that's expected considering it's a game for children as the intended audience after all. What impressed me the most though was the level design. You get to visit iconic places from the show and some others that were mentioned but weren't explicitly shown. Everything looks vibrant, colourful and has a unique design so kudos to the artists. And on top, I think the remake added a few extras from the original like handsome squidward portraits after it became a meme and some cool idle animations that is best seen firsthand. . By far my favourite level design was Squidward's dream sequence. It was the most creative out of them all. Won't spoil it. Story-wise, it's a classic spongebob saves the day kind of thing that I didn't really care much about but what I enjoyed were the subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) innuendos that would fly over a kid's head but makes you go WTF as an adult . Here are some screenshots of what I mean. Enjoy (no spoilers). Anyway, with all that said, it was an enjoyable experience but I feel like if you're not a fan of the show or you never got to experience the show growing up, chances are you won't enjoy the game. There's just not enough of a challenge or gameplay variety to keep you going but I won't hold that against the game given that it's a remake of a 2003 game after all intended for children. Anyway, onto the next!
  13. You had me in the first half 😂. What a shame really. I grew up on the original replaying it over and over.
  14. Started playing Spongebob today and I had to go afk a bit. Came back and saw Spongebob in the middle of this idle animation. Let's just say I completely lost my shit 😂👌. 



    Spongebob will forever be one of the best cartoons for giving us endless memes and entertaining adults (with subtle innuendos) while being kid friendly.  Everyone and their mother should play this masterpiece :lol:

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    2. Nitroman65


      @PooPooBlast @DrakeHellsing *Mystery the seahorse name is Mystery :P

    3. PooPooBlast


      @Nitroman65 Aye caramba :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:.

      I totally screwed that up. And I call myself a fan 😬


    4. DrakeHellsing


      @Nitroman65 Oh right. Yes, because SpongeBob talks about her being a "mystery"


      Mr. Krabs: Yer a mystery boy.


      But yeah, not sure why I was thinking "misery" xD

  15. Got this bad boy today from the boxing week sale at my local EB Games and if I'm going off how good Mafia II was then hopefully I'll be in for a ride. 




    Any tips I should look out for? I've heard so many people say to start on classic mode in my first playthrough because it's not that bad. Not to mention just based off my own observation plat rarity is above 20% in NA and upwards of 30% ish in the EU region!

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    2. Deluziion90


      I still need to get this one as well. I’m playing them backwards and Idk why lol.

      mafia 3 was really fun

      mafia 2.. oh god the 1000 miles trophy..


      Mafia 1 classic seems fun tho. Only annoying thing is probably the race? I’ve seen a lot of rage posts about that one

    3. PooPooBlast


      Haha you absolute mad man. And yea the race seems to be the hardest aspect but I'm not too worried about it. I feel like I've done worse. 


      And I can stomach shitty trophies to some extent if the game is genuinely fun or has a great narrative. I won't hold that against the game. For instance, Mein Leben in Wolfenstein II is an insane challenge but I won't hate the game for  having it. Wolfenstein II was awesome imo. 

    4. Deluziion90


      Wolfenstein 2 is great and I loved it. On Pc😂. Those are the type of trophies I avoid. Especially since you can’t skip that 15min intro. 

  16. #153 and 100% Rage 2 



    Oof.. had lots of potential to be a tremendous game due to its gameplay mechanics but it was held back by a generic open world that is devoid of life and a shitty story so I'll say it was a meh/10. 

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats! :)


      I have the first one on PS3 here, pending to play one of these days. I only got it because it was a game developed by the same guys of DOOM and Wolfenstein. But admittedly, this one does look a bit more generic, reason why I haven't played it yet. I guess the second title is more of the same. Bummer.

    4. PooPooBlast


      @Honor_Hand if you ever played a just cause game this is pretty much what you'll expect. A giant sandbox with very fun core gameplay mechanics but with boring world design and boring open world activities, at least imo. 


      Definitely not the worst thing I've played. Far from it. It even entertained me at times but those tend to come and go quickly

  17. #153 and 100% Rage 2 From the makers of the Just Cause series, the developers created Rage 2 which pits you in the shoes of a Ranger called Walker that's about as generic as they come. The story was easily forgettable and I honestly did not give a shite about what happened to anybody in the game . Now that that's out of the way, the shooting was lots of fun! The guns, the powers you get and the mobility was pretty dope. And it ran at 60 fps on the pro which was a bonus! You get a pistol, rifle, shotgun that kicks ass, rocket launcher, a plasma gun (that's like a sniper rifle) and a few others that can be modded/upgraded. In terms of powers you get the ability to push back people with a shockwave, do an AOE slam attack, launch a mini vortex that suspends enemies in the air, and a barrier shield for protection among a few others. The DLC added a few other weapons and powers which were fun too. In terms of open world activities unfortunately, it gets repetitive pretty quick with uninspired things to do, very reminiscent of far cry. Claim this outpost, find loot, destroy these fuel tanks, destroy this convoy, destroy this tower, power up this station, blah blah. The open world was extremely large but devoid of any life and honestly they could've cut half and nothing would've been lost.. Thankfully, the weapons and powers you get to toy around with the enemies make up for it. As for the DLC, it was such a waste of money...but for completion sake and because I'm an idiot I bought them . To add insult to injury Bethesda decided to be scummy. How? Well the two expansions in total cost 2000 coins but guess what? The only coin options you can purchase are 500, 1100, 2500, and 4500... Cheapest option would be 2500 coins which translates to an extra 500 coins or $7 CAD essentially forcing you to spend extra.. Fuck you thrice Bethesda. Overall, I liked the game but it has its issues. If you're an fps fan then sure go for it. Shooting is pretty solid. But if shooters isn't something you occasionally play or you're looking for a great narrative then avoid at all costs!
  18. Just as the title says, sell a game with one gif only so make sure you choose the best gif you think is out there! More than one person can choose the same game. Note: I saw this idea from another website so this wasn't my idea but I thought it would be cool to have this on PSNP. Here's mine for Mirror's Edge Catalyst Yakuza 5
  19. You can toss cats as weapons?
  20. I just started my 3 week vacation and it threw me off completely because I've never had this much free time before.. spent pretty much all day deciding what to play only to boot up Tekken 7 at the end, played a few matches, encountered an angry Italian and shut the console off xD


    With that said though, I'm in a bind here with deciding whether to play something long that I wouldn't be able to otherwise play normally (like fallout 4) but at the same time I'm not in the mood to play something long haha. 


    So I created a poll... Maybe you can help me decide? Leaning more towards rage 2 personally as it looks and feels like Wolfenstein II but with a little bit of steroids. 



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    2. Honor_Hand


      Play Rage 2 first so that you can give me more chance to finish Hard Reset Redux. :P

    3. PooPooBlast


      Haha so guys... Yakuza like a dragon won the poll it seems which is unexpected 😂. Then fallout 4 tied with rage 2 which isn't making it any easier..


      You know what, I'm not going to overthink it. The first thing im going to do when I fire the console is launch whatever game I'm feeling at that moment from those 3 choices without thinking about it. 


      With that said, thanks for voting and have a good weekend!

    4. Deluziion90


      Yakuza like a dragon :D 

  21. Holy smokes!!



    That's an interesting turn of events

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    2. Gommes_


      @Nighcisama I think Sony is overwhelmed with the refund thing CPR offered. To avoid that amount of work they scrapped the game.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Not saying I support Sony whatsoever but I think that they wanted to pull the plug now after the shit storm it created simply because of how popular the game is as opposed to the games @Nighcisama mentioned which sure they're terrible, but perhaps 3 or 4 people played it only xD. And it could also be CDPR chose to pull it off the store after the number of refund requests they received and Sony allowed it. 


      So yea my viewpoint mirrors @gommes in that it could be because of a popularity aspect. 


      It really needed more time in the oven and I'm actually glad they did that. The game was truly rushed. It kind of sucks because I've heard from so many people that underneath it all there's actually a fun game with a decent story. Until then I'll be waiting. 

    4. Gommes_


      I am also waiting for the PS5 release. And a PS5.

  22. #152 428 Shibuya Scramble


    Didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. It's definitely a must read if VNs are your thing. 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Asuna Yuuki Haha will do man. But! I'm not going to play it on the ps4. Performance is terrible. Will wait until I get a ps5. 


      @Yuna4353 I'm honestly not sure! It might be fallout 4 or perhaps Yakuza 7.


      And thanks everyone!

    3. Yuna4353
    4. Honor_Hand


      Well done, congrats! :D

  23. #152 428 Shibuya Scramble What a VN! Shoutout to @DamagingRob for the recommendation! What does a detective, 19 year old girl, garbage collector, freelance writer and a girl in a cat costume have in common? Well play the game to find out . In this game, you take control of the aforementioned characters all of which are seemingly unrelated but soon enough you get to see how their fate converges and becomes intertwined. The style of this VN is presented in a way such that there's text over real photos with very few short FMV sections which might seem a bit cheesy at first but it grew on me quickly and that cheesiness faded away . Now I won't delve into spoilers at all as it's best experienced firsthand but essentially, it starts off with a girl being held ransom and her sister must deliver the ransom money to the baddies which of course later devolves into something much bigger! Themes revolve around awkward romance, friendship, family, some slapstick comedy (more on that below ), thriller and a crime story. The game has a crap ton of bad endings, 85 to be exact! A lot of your actions in 1 character can impact the other which can create some hilarious scenarios . Here's a good one. Completely lost my shit when this ending came up (not a spoiler) Then there's the comedy relief aspect which involves this guy . He was something else. (not a spoiler, unless you want to see this for yourself I guess? ) With that said, it's one of those games where I would definitely recommend to others but with a caveat in that if you're not a fan of VNs, then I don't think this'll change your mind about the genre. If you are a fan though, then absolutely do yourself a favour and try it out! Anywho, doodly-doo I'll leave you with this low tier meme I made from a screenshot in the game
  24. Didn't know they released the Uncensored Spongebob Sailor Mouth Episode :P


    1. Honor_Hand


      So this is what all those dolphin noises were hiding back then... 😂

  25. So I started playing 428 Shibuya scramble last night, stumbled upon this scene and I just had to "memefiy" it :P




    Story is great so far. The presentation involves actual pictures (with top tier meme-potential expressions) and short movies with subtitles but unfortunately aren't voice acted. No big deal as I wouldn't understand a thing either way :lol:. Let's see where this goes. 

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    2. Yuna4353


      Not that photo i meant the game's ones 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Oh right. In here you're undercover with another detective who's dressed as a hobo to blend in because you're waiting for a ransom deal to commence so that you can capture the bad guy :)

    4. Deluziion90