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  1. Just as the title says, sell a game with one gif only so make sure you choose the best gif you think is out there! More than one person can choose the same game. Note: I saw this idea from another website so this wasn't my idea but I thought it would be cool to have this on PSNP. Here's mine for Mirror's Edge Catalyst Yakuza 5
  2. Seems like we're in all agreement here! I personally never liked Bayonetta (the character) and the story was just... Bad. I didn't know what was going on and it was obscure as hell.
  3. Batman Arkham Knight Jk jk
  4. Glad you're liking it And my god that's brutal! 😱
  5. Heck yea!! :)


    Just got the surgical precision trophy in the fist of the North star. I was really really addicted to this minigame and it was just pure fun experiencing some of the classical music remixed and "modernized."


    My god though the last 3 songs! Song number 6 gave me trouble because the register of the buttons and their timing is off beat. (More on that below!)


    Number 7 was difficult due to the buttons you have to quickly press in sequence without messing up the timing. 


    Finally Number 8 was just pure hell due how fast paced the music piece is. So for those who dont know, the number 8 song was Turkish March, a classical music with PLENTY of off beat timing that you have to nail and it can really throw you off.


    Thankfully and I really mean thankfully :lol: is that my brother is a musician (as a hobbyist though) and he played that song so many times it's engraved in my head so I was able to understand the rhythm and timing eventually! 


    Not to mention, I had a flashback from highschool band where I was the trumpet for the music piece "three minute Nutcracker." Essentially this classical piece has an offbeat tempo for percussion (2:47 below) which hopefully gives you an idea what it's like and I remember drilling this over and over with our school band for the Christmas show. Let's just say this payed off as well :lol:



    And here was my run! (sorry I set my record option to 1 mins only so this is as much as I am able to show!



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    2. Yuna4353


      At least it didn't take you the whole day 

    3. ShonenCat


      It’s interesting how you ended up liking this mini game so much that it pushed you to getting it’s trophy pretty early in your playthrough. I remember putting mine off for a good month of so before building up enough determination to getting all those perfect combos. Turkish March was insanely hard, but yet I prevailed as well :D I think I would of given up a long time ago if this game didn’t have “Fist of the North Star” attached to it’s name. Congratz on pulling it off, it’s pretty much all down hill from there. See you at the talisman grinds 😋

    4. PooPooBlast


      Haha yea man. Funny story actually, I was going to spread them out during my playthrough (I like to spread out the minigames to not burn myself out or finish something thats fun too quickly) but because I was having major success in the first 5 songs I decided to continue and finish it already because I felt like I was on my best that day and if I waited for some other time I might miss that "window" lol. 


      And thanks man :). I hope so! Right now the Colosseum is kicking my ass.. the electric cage mission just sucks donkey balls. All it takes is for you to get hit with one punch near the fence to stunlock you (and get dealt MASSIVE damage) and there goes like half you health :/. 


      But yea I've still a looooong way to go in the game. I think I progressed a little too far in the story for my liking because as I said earlier I like to spread out everything but unfortunately every time I wanted to do something it just so happens that the story locks me out and until further progress... 

  6. Tekken 7


    Let me just say Lucky Chloe is beyond broken (being able to juggle about 3/4 of your health!!!)


    But anyway, I had the biggest satisfaction of beating one today. Went from losing 3 in a row against an opponent to winning 4 in a row and making him quit after figuring him out but kudos to him and for granting me rematches.


    I can definitely use one of those right now! ( In light of the recent cat pic inspired by Mr Supersaiyan himself :P )









    You didn't think you'd be seeing this many cat gifs today now did you :P


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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Copanele absolutely man, would love to help :). But first finish your backlog of games :p. I don't want to be responsible for making you buy stuff you won't play :P


      @DamagingRob oh believe me, I'm like that too. Play a game, plat it, move on to the next to experience new things as much as I can. 


      However with Tekken, idk man , i use it for mini breaks. I hop in for a couple of minutes, do a couple of matches and log off to return to my duties. It's so accessible you know? 


      Lol sometimes my minutes can turn into more than that which I'm guilty of a number of times especially after a heated rivalry. 

    3. Copanele


      Well GUESS WHAT! Tekken 7 is now heavily discounted as a Flash Christmas Sale (73%)

      Time to main the Cat Lucha Libre ! 

    4. PooPooBlast


      Wooooo daddeh! Friendly match incoming soon! 

  7. Geez that's brutal! Fist of the North Star Lost paradise:
  8. Fist of the North Star:


    This game is glorious :lol:. Easily this is my favourite minigame! (Bartender ken is a close second). 




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    2. PooPooBlast




      Worked my way to #5 getting ranks S, A and B separately in each song (rewards don't stack apparently) and decided to call it quits for the day. I go on to intervene against some goons, I kill them, the boy gives me a reward and the game crashes..... My last save was an hour and half ago... RIP.. (the clinic minigame transitioned directly from the storyline which is why I never got a chance to save). 


      Well I'm certainly done for the day but at least it's still a damn fun minigame though. 


      And thanks man :). 

    3. ShonenCat


      And the pain now begins xD This will be your wall to get over for the platinum if you can handle all the grinds as well

    4. Yuna4353


      Well, yea this an interesting way to heal people. 

  9. Well dang! I checked my profile and I only platted 11 games so far this year. It has been very slow and busy for me so I'll probably average out 12 plats this year or 1 plat/month approximately. AAAANnnnd I was really tempted to choose a single game for many categories just because it fulfilled the criteria multiple times imo but to keep things interesting I'll try my best to limit myself as much as possible (besides the misc categories at the end) to one game per category. Anywho, without further ado here is my list for 2019! Enjoy Piece of Cake Award: I never play games for easy plats but I have a clear winner this year because by sheer coincidence, I stumbled upon a game I was interested in which had an easy list. That was the case here and it'll have to go for Spider-man PS4. The plat rarity should speak for itself! The devs could've made the list a lot more challenging such as getting three stars in all challenges or completing all benchmarks. It's Like Darksouls: Without a doubt Wolfenstein II. It kicked my ass in so many ways I could not understand . I love this game though and it was really badass on so many levels and it's too bad it'll likely forever sit at 99% completion! Badass Award: Ugh.. I would've chosen Wolfenstein II for riding a flipping robotic dog while breathing fire on everyone (mmm toasty!) with a badass soundtrack playing in the background. Seriously though that was probably the highlight of that game but the runner up is Watchdogs 2 for the purpose of mixing things up. I felt like a complete badass being able to complete missions silently out of everybody's reach using drones, an RC car and various other cool methods that the devs implemented. It was such a huge step-up from Watchdogs 1 and they really expanded what you can do with just the touch of your fingertips! Grind of the Year: Easily Red Dead Redemption 2. I wanted to give RDR 2 worst online experience actually but I thought that it deserved to be the biggest grind of the year instead. Getting 70 gold medals, reaching level 50 online, getting 100% in-game, killing and skinning a shit-ton of animals took me something like 170 hours overall all while I was done the story of the game (the best part) much earlier than that. Otherwise it was a fantastic game and well worth playing whether you want to trophy hunt or not. King of the Internet: Borderlands the Pre-sequel: Only and ONLY because I played this with @DamagingRob! Had many hilarious moments (using the unicorn shotgun???) and conversations while shooting baddies. Game itself was meh but my goodness does playing it in co-op make it so much better. A runner up though is far cry 5. I played it with a friend to get the dlc trophies and we had a blast too! However far cry 5 is saved for another category.. Worst Online Experience: Borderlands 2: I don't necessarily agree this was my worst online experience (RDR 2 was) as lol it's pretty much the exact same as Presequel but out of process of elimination this remained...... Anyway, I'd say this was the worst online experience as I tried to play it with randoms and it was terrible.. People were either afk or just running around shooting stuff without purpose or advancing a story or sidequest. Never play a co-op shooter with randoms!!! Sleeper Hit of the Year: Uncharted the Lost Legacy without a doubt. I walked in not expecting much after being disappointed with Uncharted 4. This one imo ranks up there with uncharted 2 as one of the best. Memorable puzzles and amazing locations and a great protagonist (Chloe!). Biggest Bomb of the Year: I'd say Far Cry 5. The intro really surprised in so many ways and I was expecting a story heavy game with character development and all I got was a disappointing story that went nowhere with an ending leaving much to be desired. I wouldn't go as far and say that the game was bad or terrible. It was just meh and I would've preferred more. You know it's bad when you liked the DLC more than the main game. (The mars DLC was fan freaking tastic and it redeemed all the bad things about this game). Best Trophy Image: I loved Judgement a lot so by default this wins for me. . The amount of effort to unlock this... (looking at you tetris ). Worst Trophy Image: Easily..EAASIILLY God of War 3 for me this year. "Yea let's make all trophies look the same and just change the colour for bronze, silver or gold.." Best Female Character: Easily this woman right here . Best Male Character: Yagami, Yagami, Yagami hands down. Made me laugh, made me cry (not really but almost!), and always conducted himself with class. Best Plat of the Year: Judgment without a doubt. It's a standard yakuza list that forces you to try out everything the devs poured their heart and soul to make. It was also my GOTY for this year. Tetris made me want to rip my hairs but holy crap was it worth the struggle at the end to cap off my #125! Wurst plat of the Year: This game right here. Fantastic game, terrible platinum. One of the worst online experiences too so couple of that with a grindy platinum and you've got yourself a winner! DING DING DING. Most Anticipated Platinum for 2020: Yakuza 3,4 and 5 all in one. . Lmao I checked and I said Yakuza 3 . It did come out already but I am waiting for the physical release so... yea... 2020 it is! (runners up would be cyberpunk and dying light 2. Anyway, thank you for reading if you've come this far! Looking forward to reading everyone else's!
  10. Ugh... There's no chance I can pull this off again. Lol I literally pulled that game out of my butthole when I made the guess haha.
  11. Well I'll be damned! 😱 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Regarding this month's ps plus, it's not bad only because of Titanfall 2 (already played it). Was such a great game and I highly recommend it. As for this racing game, I'm getting PTSD, thanks for reminding me. :/ I'll pass on this month. Not a fan of racing games in general!
  12. Damn son! Didn't expect to get anything correct as I'm always off when it comes to those predictions. The one time I make a correct guess, it actually doesn't count . That's some bad luck right there but oh well! Rules are rules and daivrules.
  13. Fist of the North Star


    I love it when games put a swappable cover! I was just wrapping up a session yesterday and was opening my case to store the disc and I noticed that the insides of the case (the paper behind the blue plastic had some drawings on it). I took out the art piece and to my surprise, not only did I discover a swappable cover but I also saw there were stickers in there!! Judgment was the other game that did that as well!


    Here are some pics :)


    Swapped cover



    Original cover with the stickers




    Regarding the game itself, I'm having a blast! Bartender ken, the substories, the combat , and main missions are pretty solid and fun. 


    My only complaint so far would be that the game takes fooooorever to finally open up like a traditional Yakuza game. You're really constricted in terms of roaming around up until chapter 4-5 I'd say and even then you're still locked out of some stuff to do. I will cut them some slack though as there are a bunch of "tutorials" to introduce the new minigames and gameplay mechanics which can get overwhelming so they probably didn't want to jam everything at once. And also I feel like they created a story first and then they decided to add the gameplay elements around that based on the linearity initially. 

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Enjoyed the humor and battles but those mini games, those mini games


    3. Copanele


      Yes!!! Even my copy has the interchangeable cover. That was a nice touch from the producers of the physical copies! 

      Make sure you slap enemies with that Hidebu xD

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yea the interchangeable cover is pretty awesome. As for the stickers, I doubt I'll use any( because I wouldn't even know where to stick'em).


      And haha every time I mention FoTNS I get comments about the minigames. It can't be that bad right? :lol: right? :hmm::hmm:We'll find out soon I guess! 

  14. Honestly it depends. U4 is $29.99, uncharted the collection and lost legacy are $20. Doom is $26.99 lol. But yea the price range seems to be $20-30 I guess. But regardless I can see the game getting cheaper at least here anyway is all I was saying!
  15. Nice! Enjoy! Also I should clarify that I'm looking at CAD dollars. $20 CAD would be great for me. It's right now $25 CAD digital and I'm not dying to play it tbh and so it's not like I'm going to play it ASAP when I get the game. It'll be a couple of months after purhase so I can wait! Also $15 US is equal to $19.95 CAD which is equal to $20 CAD pretty much :). Basically I'm waiting for it to be PlayStation greatest hits so that physical copy is $20 without a sale plus I'd be able to sell it afterwards for like $5-7? $13-15 for days gone isn't bad! Yea I'm a cheap ass gamer
  16. Lol true. But yea it was best that I don't give away your answer because not everyone might get this idea even if it became somewhere obvious! And imo just PM op to not give any ideas! Good luck!
  17. Removed
  18. On second thought, I won't grab days gone. I can see it becoming a PlayStation greatest hits game which means it'll end up as $20 base price. Add a sale to that in the future and well.. it'll be helluva lot cheaper.
  19. I've been noticing that trend in recent triple A games. It just makes everything look cleaner imo but at the cost of what you mentioned of course. God of war later implemented a patch to increase the font size.
  20. Man! Fist of the North Star's combat is pretty epic and the whole presentation imbues so much testosterone I feel like I'm growing hair on the palms of my hands :lol:


    23:40 - 26:05 was just 👌👌

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    2. BB-BakkerJ


      I don’t know about the 100% in game. That Sega mini fighting game is tough! Plus it would add many hours of extra grinding. Getting all buggy parts, pfff...


      Also, doesn’t Mein Leben runs takes around 3-5 hours? I’ll find out myself pretty soon, as I’m going for it as soon as I completed Trackmania Turbo.

    3. PooPooBlast


       Lol the sadist in me kind of loves it lol. Judgment's 100% took forever and was pretty challenging but it felt sooo gratifying man. 


      Regarding mein Leben lol to be honest I pulled those numbers out of my ass. It's my estimation. I estimated based on my I am death incarnate run. That one took me 11-12 hours. I figured there's not that many hours to cut from that because during that run I knew where I had to go so the only possible decrease in time could come from becoming better I suppose? 


      Idk, I'd estimate maybe 7-9 hours?? 


      But yea man keep me updated in terms of how long it takes you :). Good luck! 

    4. Yuna4353


      Honestly not having to get 100% in a yakuza game is a joy to me just because it is time-consuming. At least with Yakuza 6 it had it "grindy" moments. 

  21. Bought FC new Dawn for $20 :). Will wait for a better sale for Skyrim ps4 and shadow of the tomb Raider. I feel like I can nab a physical copy for $20 and then sell it for about 1/4 or 1/3 of the price for Skyrim once I'm done with it. As for shadow of the tomb Raider definitive edition it can definitely get cheaper down the line. I can see the physical copy being $20-30 eventually and once again I tend to sell my games after I finish them so I can probably play both Skyrim and tomb Raider for $10-15 each!
  22. My thoughts exactly. I too am not a star wars fan but the game somehow grabbed my attention!
  23. #128 Wolf.. I kid I kid :P 


    I am satisfied with 99% completion at the moment. I can't see myself dedicating too much time for the mein leben trophy. If that was maybe 5 years ago, I would've gave it a solid shot just like I did with Max Payne 3. Dedicating 8-9 hours (aka a whole day) is not something I can easily do. And even if I can somehow make it during the weekends, If I die, say 4-5 hours in, there goes the time you made for mein leben! Can you imagine this epic fail happening to you while nearing the end?! :lol: (yes this happened to me but thank goodness it wasn't on mein leben). (Also.. my spoiler tags aren't working properly... so I apologize in advance for having to open spoilers within spoilers)




    I really liked how the DLC broke it into chapters making it much more manageable to do the dlc mein leben trophies and even making it fun/challenging tbh! If the main game did it this way, it would've made it much more manageable to do it in chunks.




    Anywho, I really loved this Wolfenstein. Gunplay is as good as ever and is super satisfying blasting everything with your weapons. I captured this short video while I was going for one of the DLC challenges which almost made me tear my hairs apart! But the end result was satisfying and it gives you an idea in terms of the gameplay I suppose :)




    Story-wise was eh, so-so. I preferred the New Order here. There were also a couple of loose ends that weren't concluded such as



    the golden object thing from the Da'cht Ya'chud (I think that's how you spell it) that Wyatt/ Fergus finds.



    So...There's definitely going to be a sequel :P.


    Finally, it wouldn't be a post of mine if I didn't leave behind some soundtracks and oooh boy there were lots of goodies! (though there are some that don't sound as good to listen alone without playing the game because of how often they loop when they were recorded vs dynamically switching the soundtrack depending if you were in stealth or combat). And one thing to note is that Mick Gordon (the artist) really likes to build up his soundtracks so they usually start slow. Enjoy!


    This one here is one of my favourites. It plays in the main menu and it's actually a remix of the New Order main menu theme!


    Full badassery on display here especially in the combat sequence it plays in. Too much testosterone to handle :lol:


    Again, another badass theme!



    This one here, is just hilarious. It is actually a fictional band whereby the beatles (Die Kafer) were forced to make music for the Nazi regime. Enjoy the lyrics :P


    These last two are epic when you're blasting nazis left and right but I am not sure how they stand up on their own. In any case, I'm posting them here for you to decide :)




    Aaaand that's it folks. I'm planning to start Fist of the North Star next. I figured I'd play one more Yakuza-esque game before the yakuza trilogy remastered physical copy arrives in Feb 2020! Then it's probably JC4, another title I'm excited to try after enjoying JC3.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Yuna4353 one hit = dead in a shooter game would be just utter madness :lol:


      And as for FoTNS, yea I'll be going for JP audio first with English subtitles and then I'll give English dub a shot just like I did with judgment. Can't do English dub first when kiryu's voice actor is involved! 


      And actually no I haven't watched the anime! I just know that the game was from RGG studios so I'm going off on that. And yea of course! I'll be posting my thoughts here as usual. 


      @DamagingRob haha oh man... You think I'm not having nightmares leaving it at 99% :lol:. Jokes aside, I may give it a shot during the Christmas break but I'm afraid a month of not playing the game may make it more difficult on me. We'll see! 


    3. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast yea it is utter madness, but at least RGG Studio is on the map. And it should be interesting to see this based upon not seeing the anime 

    4. DamagingRob


      @PooPooBlast Haha, well, good luck if you go for it. Can't believe it's only a bronze. That's a giant middle finger from the developers, if I ever saw one. :/

  24. This a million times. Gosh knows how many times I reset my combat challenges! Poor bastards However to op, you might want to get good a little at certain objective based games to get the MVP trophy. I don't know how the game calculates it but it seems that it values going after objectives more than kills and so you can still be the MVP even if you didn't get the most kills and even if you were on the losing team!
  25. Ooh yes. Gravity Rush is such an underrated title. It's too bad the second one didn't do well sales-wise but I liked both titles a lot. Music was superb as well.