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  1. My body is more than ready. Tagging @Masamune in case you don't know!
  2. #141 and 100% Darskiders III


    Lots of fun, great game and highly recommend if you enjoy hack and slash with a mix of exploration.

    Up next, Metal Slug anthology!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Thanks guys, appreciate it! 


      @Yuna4353 neither did I. I predicted ~2 weeks but I binge played it last weekend. All in all, my total time was only 28.5 hours. 

    3. Deluziion90


      Congrats poopoo!

    4. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast 28.5 Hours is not bad hack and slash games are not long so for 2 playthroughs that good 

  3. #141 and 100% Darksiders 3 Definitely an underappreciated game but full disclaimer, I don't know what the state of the game was prior to the patches that were added. As of the current patch, you can play in classic mode (regular darksiders hack and slash) as opposed to default mode (dark soulsy) and they added a bunch of quality of life features that makes it much more fun and user friendly such as having the ability to buy crafting materials using souls which also have been reduced in price since release. You play as Fury, a horseman Err.. Horsewoman, who wants to restore the balance of the universe by defeating the 7 sins which in turn will also grant you the possibility of ruling over the other horesemen as a reward by the Charred Council. Time-wise, this takes place in conjunction with the other games but playing the previous games is not a must. Story-wise, it's not bad. I didn't expect an Oscar-winning tale so that's not what I came for. I came for the gameplay and oh boy did it deliver. I loved the visuals, the distinct art style and the level design, especially with how cleverly they connected the different areas together and they werent just separate maps despite being so distinct. Combat was fun, but it gets a little bit button mashy. You get 4 different hollows or essentially different elements to help you overcome puzzles and unlock new areas which have their own gimmicks that forces you to use them. If you played the previous games, you'll know what Im talking about. However, speaking of puzzles, this time they were pretty light and there weren't that many. The emphasis was on the combat and just exploring in general which the game has lots of in the form of hidden areas which felt satisfying/rewarding finding on your own to get some nice loot. It's an addictive gameplay loop. My only complaint would be the DLC and if you were to look up the definition of meh in the dictionary, that's what you'll probably see. I felt that the crucible (facing 100 waves of enemies) was just there for you to make your life easier by having an avenue to earn the rare materials that you may have missed. The Void DLC was much better but again, it felt like they didnt have a lot of budget making this DLC because it takes place in one area that all looks too samey. The extra puzzles and platforming was nice though. Overall, I really liked the game and would definitely recommend it, especially to fans of the previous games. With that said, Im taking a trip back to memory lane so Metal Slug Anthology is next!
  4. Just as the title says, sell a game with one gif only so make sure you choose the best gif you think is out there! More than one person can choose the same game. Note: I saw this idea from another website so this wasn't my idea but I thought it would be cool to have this on PSNP. Here's mine for Mirror's Edge Catalyst Yakuza 5
  5. I can see it. $89.99 CAD. RIP.. On the other hand this was inevitable. Games are expensive to make and things will only get more expensive with the passage of times especially after Covid.
  6. Me after Covid-19 is over. 


    1. Masamune


      Well we still have another 9 1/2 years to go then. 😂

    2. ResoluteRock


      This is making me want to replay Mirror's Edge Catalyst so much. I feel like it would make Dying Light's parkour feel subpar though, even though I still like Dying Light's movement system in general.

    3. PooPooBlast


      @ResoluteRock haha I was replaying it myself actually today and I ran into this glitch. It seems that the trigger point for the dialogue is crossing the red pipe and it can be triggered more than once for some reason. 

  7. It will be. Reason is that the game originally released on Xbox as a timed exclusive. The devs brought it later to ps4 and added all of the DLCs and called it the 20th anniversary edition or something like that.
  8. Already own rise but it's lots of fun imo so it's great that others get to experience it. NBA on the other hand, couldn't give a shit.
  9. [Darksiders 3]


    Having a blast here. Went in with low expectations just because I've heard bad things but I couldn't have been more wrong with my initial outlook. Although it's worth noting the game has been patched a lot since release which drastically changed a few things such as classic combat as opposed to the dark souls combat it tried to emulate. I don't know how bad it was before that. 


    Visually speaking, it looks very nice and colourful. The environments are varied and look beautiful as well. 


    Gameplay is solid. I'm still early on but I already have 3 weapons to choose from which keeps it varied. 


    Boss fights and character design is also awesome. They have their own unique looks which doesn't feel like it's generic and borrows anything from another game. 


    And finally, the whole loop of finding material loot from exploring hidden paths and or slaying enemies is addictive. Borderlands does this well with its weapons and Darksiders here does it well with the materials to craft stuff. 


    Overall, off to a very good start!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Yuna4353 you might enjoy it. However I'd like to mention that it can get challenging at times if you're not familiar with those 3rd person hack and slash games such as dodging at the right moments for example. 


      @guy who says bruh it's a mix of a yes and no. There is music when talking to the Maker (guy who upgrades weapons and it's pretty nice) and Vulgrim. I also noticed there was sometimes ambient music in the first area with the destroyed buildings and giant tree. 


      However, you will still encounter areas without but tbh I didn't notice it felt off without it just because there's a lot of other ambient noises going on. I agree though it would've been nice to have it on all the time but it's not something I expected to have just because the developers aren't known for being a AAA studio. 


      TLDR: yes in some areas, no in others. 


      Regarding the checkpoints, if you're referring to campfire as the vulgrim spawn point then yes that's still a thing. I can see why that would suck.


      I'm playing on classic mode btw so combat plays very similar to the previous games now. You can dodge interrupt your attacks and also using healing items no longer has an animation and it's instant from the default mode that's more like dark souls. 


      I can't say I felt overly frustrated with dying a lot early on while learning because I can just sprint past the enemies and the checkpoints feel like they're well distributed imo. 

    3. Deluziion90


      I loved the game so much that I killed a bit of sleep for it. 100% in 2 days 😂. It feels like a cartoony souls game tbh and I love these types of games! Glad you enjoy it!

    4. PooPooBlast


      Jesus! I think it might take me about 2 weeks or so. 


      Btw did you use any dupe glitches? I was thinking of using it at the end to clean-up but for now in my first playthrough I won't. I'm also afraid it might glitch out my trophies and my save file. 


      I do have a plan though and that's to back-up a save file after the avarice fight in NG+ as there are a shit ton of materials to collect there and dupe. We'll see. 


      Also so happy they added NG+ because this means I don't need to consult a guide to grab the collectibles needed for upgrades

  10. #140 Yakuza Dead Souls!


    Full thoughts below. 


    Felt weird playing a TPS in a yakuza game and with zombies at that! But being a super fan, I had to try it. No regrets. 


    Normally, I feel like taking a break from the series after sinking lots of hours into a Yakuza entry but for some reason Im more excited to return to the normal entries. Speaking of, Yakuza 5 will probably be my 8000th trophy and Yakuza 6 will be my #150 so Im holding off for now.


    Oh yea and that was also my last PS3 game in the backlog. Feels weird that I'll probably never return to the PS3, unless I decided to purchase something later. We'll see. Up next, Darksiders 3!(probably)

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the Platinum! 👍


      Out of all the Yakuza games I have on PS3 (3, $ & Dead Souls), this is the ones I'm more interested in playing, if only for the sheer ridiculousness of the whole thing. I know it's not one of the main games in the series and more of a spin-off instead, but the footage I've seen the whole premise of killing zombies Yakuza-style sure looks fun. :P



    3. Deluziion90


      If not for that mahjong bullshit I would probably go for all of them as well but can't be bothered. Tried some japanese mahjong on differnt games and so on and never got anything. Would be an easy 100% killer for me

    4. PooPooBlast


      @Honor_Hand thanks! Hope you enjoy when the time comes and hit me up if you have any questions about the game once you start it :)


      @Deluziion90 honestly man, the hardest part about mahjong (it's not really hard imo) is memorizing what hands you can win with. I've handwritten on a small piece of paper a couple of easy hands that you can win with that I refer to from time to time if I forget. It just boils down to pattern recognition, memorizing hands and of course luck when drawing tiles.

  11. Edit: Spoiler tags don't always work for some reason. Click on the previous page and then click back to this page. This seems to fix it. #140 Yakuza Dead Souls #Best Souls game, #Best Yakuza game! 69 hours (not a joke ) and 18,743 zombies were killed in the process of obtaining the plat. "Kiryu never killed anyone" my butt! Game starts off with you learning the news that Haruka got kidnapped (SURPRISE!!!! I think I'd be more surprised if Haruka doesn't get kidnapped in a Yakuza game ). You come back to Kamurocho to bring her back but discover that it's ravaged by zombies. Hold on, Zombies?!! Yea zombies in a yakuza game. If that's not weird enough, the game also brings back Goda and decides to chuck everything off into the trash from what happened in Yakuza 2 . I also know the game is not really cannon and doesnt take itself too seriously so hey Im not complaining. Regarding the controls, I'll admit it was really weird at first not engaging in the brawler combat that we're used to. And then on top, you have the weirdest control scheme I've probably played before although I got used to it. For instance, you aim with and you shoot with . You strafe while holding (which used to be in previous games) and it's pretty much useless because the camera goes all crazy. And finally, when you aim down the sight with , you use the Left stick to move the camera! Wicked! Story-wise, it's probably the weakest of the yakuza games but it was still enjoyable, especially the finale with the really dope soundtrack. I think what made Yakuza dead souls an enjoyable experience was that the story never took itself too seriously such as finding the origin of the virus for instance! The 4 playable characters were also lots of fun to play as. I think the highlight for me was Majima and Ryuji. I think I loved Ryuji the most just because he's arguably my favourite antagonist of the entire Yakuza series and his VA just hits the spot for me. Finally, regarding minigames, they're directly copy and pasted from Yakuza 4 so I won't really talk about them but in short, if you liked Yakuza 4's minigames which I did, then you'd feel right at home Overall, the highlight of the game were the following: - Teaming up with Ryuji and Majima! - Majima's Get to the Top Karaoke version (see for yourself ) - Some weird Substories like Daigo being in drag and going out with Majima to lure the zombies - Some cool bossfights especially Ryuji's bossfight without spoiling it. - Really great hostess interactions. I didnt really like Yakuza 3's and 4's hostesses that much but I felt here that they were a lot better and varied. Not to mention, you get to see a little bit more of Ryuji and Majima and how they behave around women (which can get pervy at times ) - Karaoke. I know I mentioned it already with Majima but it's also worth mentioning that the other characters were great singers as well and once again, I was fangirling over Goda and his Kamurocho Pure Love Song - The Soundtrack! Ah yes the soundtrack. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to share a couple of cool tracks from the game so grab a pair of headphones and enjoy! 🤘 And with that, I bid thee farewell Yakuza Dead Souls. You were a fun game, albeit a weird Yakuza game.
  12. Didn't want to recommend games that have alternating night and day cycle but seems like you're also content with that. For games that only take place at night, I'd say batman Arkham series and saints row 4. (Technically it's a simulation but same shit, everything is dark outside anyway lol). Edit: I guess alien isolation counts as well
  13. It's the exact same list as the ps4???
  14. Having 100%ed both I can confidently say they toned down the explosions a lot. You also have less destructive weapons. Probably has to do with prioritizing the framerate. Let's be honest, if I didn't have a pro with boost mode on in JC 3, game would've been a disaster to play. Overall I didn't like JC 4 that much. I still think JC 3 was the best
  15. I've seen multiple reports on Reddit that whenever they post a low score, it gives them a 503 error but when they post a higher score, the website lets them do so.
  16. The ending absolutely makes no sense and I think this YouTube commenter nailed why
  17. That was me until I looked it up
  18. Shadow Warrior (2013)
  19. Genuine question, I personally believe that pictures or gifs if done right, aren't considered spam. It gets the meaning across, straight and direct so why is this a rule that's being enforced? I agree about the latter as it can get ugly really quickly but for the former, if it's about discussing something that happened in game, why would that be an issue? (Game is rated M after all).
  20. Lmao! The memes are the best thing that came out of this game👌
  21. That is one hell of a difference between journalist reviews and user reviews. 


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    2. XchocomanX


      @Deluziion90 Metal Gear Solid 2....just spicier lol

    3. Deluziion90


      Funny how we made Poopooblasts status update an actual forum complain topic xD

    4. Alderriz


      @Deluziion90 that's all we have now after the real story discussion thread got locked 😄

  22. I'm more on the "I don't give a crap about virtual tits" whether big or small. If I really wanted to see that, the internet is one click away. What bothers me about that scene is the message behind it.
  23. I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that
  24. Grabbed metal slug anthology which has 1,2,x,3,4,5,6. For $8 CAD that's a steal
  25. Just saw Metal Slug anthology on the current retro/remaster sale which includes metal slug 1-6 and X which is an enhanced version of 2 for only $8 CAD. 


    I grew up mainly playing 3 over and over and after watching videos to see how they hold up, all the memories came flooding back when I heard the sound effects. Holy shit, I'm sold. Cannot wait. 

    1. PooPooBlast