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  1. EU NA
  2. both can add to Serie Cubic
  3. NA EU
  4. EU : EU : NA : NA :
  5. (AS) RERELEASED VERSION and AS : both can add to
  6. EU
  7. It has now the right Label 😉 I wrote 2 who had achieved the platinum trophy. She said me bought it in japan store.
  8. Can we get a Serie for Pretty Bird there are 7 games on differnt region. Bird
  9. It is a Japan Stack not AS RERELEASED VERSION. AS comes maybe end of this Year. Told me the Developer.
  10. @Lord_Raiden Now I have the Throphie I get it from Japan store. It is a Japan Stack not AS. AS comes maybe end of this Year. Told me the Developer
  11. He told me : it's probably old Xitilon Korea release, because he diden’t have it released yet.
  12. EU : the other can add to serie (dont know Region yet):
  13. I have contacted the developer. wait for the answer
  14. Asia : Can add to
  15. JP : JP : JP :