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  1. Looking for lvl50 rank Crew will leave once joined PSN ID: Arifii93
  2. Gotta go with 100% just feels right seeing all those Platinums at 100%. But i'm starting to get to the point where it's not bothering me so much now since DLC are getting worse and apparently adding new game plus or higher difficulty is considered new content. But overall i do try to go for 100% on all game and for DLC i just see if i can be bothered with doing.
  3. All you have to do is once the game finish's installing is to start it up and make your way to the Makers Forge, from here you go to the elevator and you will most likely get a message saying can't progress need to finish installing, once your on the elevator quit the game to the title menu so you make a save right in that spot, now after that you can close your game and wait about 15 to 20 mins. all you gotta do is start it up again and continue your game and you should be able to go down the elevator from there. this is how it worked for me so give it a try see what happens. Also guys i recommend doing this on your second playthrough rather then your first, reason being that the version without the patched is extremely buggy and it will effect the quality and your enjoyment of a really enjoyable game. it's not really a long game your first playthrough should take around 14 to 17 hours maybe another 2 for mob up remaining trophy's. and another 7 or so hours to do the glitch with the run, or you can just start on Apocalyptic and forget all this and go from there, it's frustrating but is doable with patience and gear and item usage.
  4. Alright my fellow Trophy Hunters i can confirm the glitch works. 1. Don't update your game (Must be version 1.00) so just pause your download. 2. start on normal difficulty and get all the way to the end boss fight the last sin. 3. Make backups from this point either online or a USB. 4. now simple start the boss fight and once you are about to kill her just change to difficulty to Apocalyptic and you should unlock both Death Incarnate,Protector of Humanity. 5. now reload your save or backup and finish it on normal mode and that should do it for all the difficulty trophy's.
  5. this is good to know, i'll try this out today so it should take me a couple of hours since i know pretty much everything about the game. also one thing I've notice is that the unpatched version and the current 1.03 version is that they have changed the difficulty names, thought this was odd, it might explain this glitch then.
  6. You would have to either be a die hard fan of the Big Bash or a moron to buy a Big ant game day one at that price,
  7. I'm not sure about the unpatched version of the game yet, however it has not been confirmed that it works. there to much speculation people saying they had it patched and still had the glitch work and for some didn't. i started on Apocalyptic Difficulty and drop it down on normal and i only got the finish the game on any difficulty trophy and that was with the current patch. So my best guess would be just to finish it and see if it works. Look Apocalyptic is defiantly doable however doing on your first run will get you frustrated and hating the game and this is coming from someone that loves from software games, i got to about killing the sloth boss before i change mine down to normal. it's just depends if you have the patience and willing to learn every movement and timing which is so narrow by the way, also the fact everything 2 shoting you doesn't help. But if you make good with your enhancement and weapons upgrade should be a lot easier.
  8. That might be the case, however i pretty much finish dubbing the hell out fury with max weapons and all my enhancement that i need to balance. last night i killed the last boss on Apocalyptic for fun and blew threw her in a couple of mins, so NG+ on apocalyptic shouldn't be a problem unless they make it harder. also the fact we pretty much collected everything on my first playthrough, means i can just boss rush in NG+ so it shouldn't be that hard.
  9. Well i think that settle's it then. until some can confirm how it works it's just a waste of time really. but by then i'm sure it will be patched so who knows. just gonna wait until they add new game+ then i will do Apocalyptic difficulty, it's really silly that devs are not putting new game+ in especially since you made the game more darks souls this time around.
  10. Just want to clarify a few things for Darksiders 3 for some people. 1. there is no new game+ at all, once you finished the game and killed the final boss and watch credits play it will take you back to the title menu where you can either continue your story or start up a new game. (also when you hit continue it loads you back before the final boss fight.) so you just go back collecting and doing all the other activity's you missed when you continue your game. i started on apocalyptic difficulty and got past the sloth boss fight until i drop the difficulty down to balanced, now apparently there a glitch where you can get apocalyptic trophy by messing with the difficulty, however this did not work for me. so i should've got the normal trophy because i went from Apocalyptic to Balanced but got neither during the final boss fight, (also changing the difficulty on the final boss fight won't do anything.) so if your playing on Apocalyptic best option is to try to finish it on that difficulty until someone can confirm how the glitch works. 3. 2 Missable trophy's (A Parting Gift,For Whom the Bell Tolls) I definitely know that (For Whom the Bell Tolls), is missable but is very obvious how to do. and for (A Parting Gift) not 100% sure if it is missable but i wouldn't leave it to chance if you plan on doing 1 playthrough. you will get the trophy close to the end game. also very obvious how to do.
  11. Like soultaker655 said, i'm using the PSPRO with a HDR screen and seems to mess with the colours. just turn of HDR via your playstation settings should be fine after that.
  12. Just started playing TT Game of Thrones PS3 version today, and well my list corrected it's self when i earned and synced my trophies. However it's saying i earned Game of Thrones trophies on the 28th when i started today on the 29th, not sure if that is normal since i live in Australia but it shouldn't be right? Also don't but Telltale games on PS3, There horribly ported on the dam machine.
  13. Seem's i'm having the same problem as well, just platinum Gravity Rush Remastered last night and it's not on top of my list. However on my PS4 it show gravity rush in the right spot but not here. Also just had a look on the PS4 mobile App and it shows it in the wrong order as well, so it seems to be a PSN issue. i'm wondering if this could be because of the PS3, Because i loaded up my PS3 couple days ago and signed in with my account, synced my trophies when Gravity Rush was third on my list, now it's seems to have stayed there in that spot. But i'm just guessing so don't take it serious, so i will try syncing my trophies on my PS3 see if it fixes anything.
  14. Lego Marvel Super Heros. Seriously was so close to smashing my controller, with the amount of time you need to replay and collect all the collectables for the 100% was god awful. Also gotta go with This War Of Mine: The little Ones, this game just straight up sucked. and don't get me started how many people died or kids that where severely depressed just to get a trophy, it was truly awful. and by far the worst Orc Slyer, and i platinumed it twice.
  15. You can try out, i believe they have a forum dedicated for PlayStation platinum difficulty.