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  1. Just started playing TT Game of Thrones PS3 version today, and well my list corrected it's self when i earned and synced my trophies. However it's saying i earned Game of Thrones trophies on the 28th when i started today on the 29th, not sure if that is normal since i live in Australia but it shouldn't be right? Also don't but Telltale games on PS3, There horribly ported on the dam machine.
  2. Seem's i'm having the same problem as well, just platinum Gravity Rush Remastered last night and it's not on top of my list. However on my PS4 it show gravity rush in the right spot but not here. Also just had a look on the PS4 mobile App and it shows it in the wrong order as well, so it seems to be a PSN issue. i'm wondering if this could be because of the PS3, Because i loaded up my PS3 couple days ago and signed in with my account, synced my trophies when Gravity Rush was third on my list, now it's seems to have stayed there in that spot. But i'm just guessing so don't take it serious, so i will try syncing my trophies on my PS3 see if it fixes anything.
  3. Lego Marvel Super Heros. Seriously was so close to smashing my controller, with the amount of time you need to replay and collect all the collectables for the 100% was god awful. Also gotta go with This War Of Mine: The little Ones, this game just straight up sucked. and don't get me started how many people died or kids that where severely depressed just to get a trophy, it was truly awful. and by far the worst Orc Slyer, and i platinumed it twice.
  4. You can try out, i believe they have a forum dedicated for PlayStation platinum difficulty.
  5. Honestly i would say no, I mean look at the developers that are currently patching there game right now. There really only slapping on a 4K upscaled resolution or Supersampling, sure some developers might use the extra GPU power for graphic fidelity purpose or better framerate, and some AA but overall i don't think dev's will bother upgrading there games any further then that. I'm pretty sure i heard the CPU is basically an overclock off there current PS4, not sure if that is correct but someone might want to correct me. But in all honesty i don't think devs are gonna put the extra time and resource just to make it look a little prettier. I think it'll just be about 4K and HDR, So if you don't have a 4K TV with HDR support i really don't see a point. Sure there are some benefits for HDTV'S users but i wouldn't loose sleep over it.
  6. Boring Pay-per view Sucks that dean is the new WWE Champ,But it was great to see Seth Rollins back in action.