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  1. GTA V, almost 4 years. I was playing this game on and off for years and recently decided I want to plat this game.
  2. I would have to go for PUBG cause I can't be bothered killing 50 people with grenades and doing other crazy requirements. I also have plenty of other games that I would like to get a platinum for another time, but PUBG isn't one of them. So what game will you never get a platinum for or aren't you simply bothered by trophies at all?
  3. Just one rule: only plat the game if you actually enjoy it.
  4. Any race where it's pitch black. I will have to sit in a dark room and turn up the brightsness in order to see something.
  5. I’m quite happy with the change, since I’m not a fan of soccer.
  6. SSX, I really miss that game and which they would remaster the franchise.
  7. I usually play the game first and when I’ve finished it, I’ll play it again to collect the trophies depending if I think I can get platinum for it or not.
  8. It sucks it's US only.
  9. Kingdom Hearts Need For Speed Underground SSX Tricky SSX3 Tomb Raider
  10. I don't pre-order at all, but I'm excited for Battlefield. I wouldn't mind trying out CoD either.