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  1. Or when the Walking Dead came out.
  2. Rocket League with 56%. I play this game once in a blue moon
  3. I’m playing this game on the first gen. It has a lot of bugs and glitches, but I find them rather funny than annoying. I love this game, it has a great story.
  4. I’d love to play A Plague Tale. It has been on my wishlist for quite some time. Only if I had a ps5
  5. It was fun, but it had so much lag I stopped playing it
  6. I think I’ll wait till the slim version comes out. It can take a few years before that happens, but I’m not in a rush
  7. Ps1 : Tomb Raider Ps2 : SSX Tricky Ps3 : Dead Or Alive 5 Ps4 : God of War / FFVII (I can’t choose) Ps Vita : Hungry Giraffe
  8. I’m probably not going to use the avatars, but I’ll sign up anyway
  9. Thank you, I added it to my library
  10. Done ✔️
  11. As a kid, I used to play Dead or Alive 2 on the ps2 a lot. DOA3 and 4 were only released on Xbox and I didn’t have one and didn’t want to buy an Xbox for just one game. Then finally they released DOA5 on the ps3. I wasn’t really into gaming and didn’t know ps3 had trophies. I earned some trophies while playing the game and heard that “pop” sound. I was curious what it was and saw a list of trophies you could earn. Then I wanted to earn all of them and that’s how it all started.
  12. ^This. Never have I’ve been shot by another player in this game. They always helped me out and gave me high level weapons.
  13. It’s not working for me. I even enabled the additional data, but still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. A friend helped me out on this one. I put a level 1 lock on my door in my camp and had my friend picklock it. He then became wanted so I killed him and got the bounty trophy.
  15. The Circle is Complete has glitched out on me and I really can’t be bothered starting over again.