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  1. The hardest platinum that I have achieved so far would have to be Overwatch. Since the majority of the trophies are highly skill/luck-based...
  2. Overwatch - 3 years, 10 months Honestly, it was a difficult platinum and all of the trophies are entirely luck based... I had to get the last 6 trophies or so boosted because I suck at Zenyatta, Genji and Hanzo. I'm very glad that I have the platinum now though. Time wise... I'd have to say; Fortnite - 1 year, 2 months It took me 2-3k hours just to get the platinum on that game. I decided to buy Save the World while it was on sale and I looked at the trophies thinking that they would be quick and easy... I was right about the easy part but not the quick part. That game is one helluva grind. =/
  3. Number of Games Played: 108 My Top Games: Fortnite - 790 hours Rainbow Six Siege - 272 hours My Hero One's Justice 2 - 159 hours Total Hours of Gameplay: 3085 hours Days Played: 361 days Total Trophies Earned: 1378 — Platinum trophies overall 34
  4. Realm Royale — 1/3/2021 😁👍🏻
  5. 1.) A Way Out 2.) Slime Rancher 3.) Gravity Rush 2 4.) Planet Rix-13 5.) Concrete Genie 6.) The Sims 4 7.) Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition 8.) Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus 9.) Control 10.) Jak and Dexter: The Precursor Legacy 11.) Jak II 12.) Jak 3 13.) Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet (PS4) 14.) Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet (Vita) 15.) A Winter's Daydream 16.) Fortnite 17.) Spyro The Dragon 18.) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 19.) Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon 20.) Taimumari: Complete Edition 21.) Minecraft Dungeons 22.) Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion 23.) Adam's Venture: Origins 24.) Strawberry Vinegar 25.) Sly 2: Band of Thieves 26.) Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves 27.) Rocket Arena 28.) Rocket League 29.) Life is Strange 2 30.) Rogue Company 31.) Watch_Dogs: Legion 32.) My Hero One's Justice 33.) My Hero One's Justice 2
  6. Taste of Your Own Medicine The Deep End Great View From Up Here So I got that going for me... Let it go! If anyone could help me get those trophies for the PS3 edition, I would really appreciate it. 😊
  7. You're welcome, good luck to you! =D
  8. Piece de Resistance is bugged for me... I went through and did all of the Paste Ups with the same character without closing the game or switching the character inbetween. Is there any way to get the trophy to pop or will I have to back-up my saved data and start up a new game? =( Edit: Alright so I did the new game thing and I managed to get the trophy with the starter character. I'm happy I was able to get the Platinum but I wish it wasn't such a hassle to get that trophy, hopefully Ubisoft patches it at some point for future Watch_Dogs Legion trophy hunters. =)
  9. I'm having the same problem... =/ If you figure out a fix for that bug, please let me know. Edit: Okay so I figured out how to fix the wanted level not popping up. You have to complete the side mission Home and Hosed, when I finished it I was able to get a wanted level again. =D Hope this helps!
  10. I'm going to buy a PS5 around my birthday, which is in Spring. Hopefully I'd be able to get it by then anyways. I don't think gaming is boring, I'll always love gaming myself in all honesty. I'm excited for the future of gaming. 😊✌🏻
  11. You need to buy the Battlepass... That's how I got that trophy to pop. As soon as I bought the Battlepass, that's when the Car Collector trophy popped for me. All I need is the Stocked trophy for the platinum as of right now, which I'm trying to grind for, although it feels like it's taking forever to unlock 150 items. =P
  12. I was level 29 and now I'm level 414.
  13. I think you need to purchase the Battlepass to unlock the trophy. I decided to get the Battlepass tonight since my friends and I are going to be playing Rocket League alot, then as soon as I purchased the Battlepass... The Car Collector trophy popped for me.
  14. Does anyone know whether or not we'll be getting a "double XP weekend" before the season ends? I'm around level 37 myself but it just feels like the last few levels are a drag and I've been feeling sick for the past few days so it's just been making it harder for me to stay focused on the grind. =/