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  1. I usually wait about a year or two after a console comes out to buy it. I do that just to be on the safe side because I wouldn't want to buy a console on day one incase it overheats and it ends up dying or something else wrong going on it with. It's better to be patient and wait until you know the issues with it is fixed. But that's just me, good luck to everyone that gets the PS5 when it first comes out.
  2. Fortnite I have almost 2,000+ hours in Save The World and I'm still not close to the platinum trophy... It was fun at first and I didn't think the grind was going to be that bad but it is that bad. There's a trophy where you have to Build 500,000 Structures in Successful Missions. I'm only at around 180k structures built and there's a few other ridiculously grindy trophies that are just as bad as that. It definitely feels like a chore trying to get the platinum on that game and it has become extremely boring and repetitive too... I honestly do NOT recommend trying to go for the trophies on Fortnite: Save the World, otherwise it will take you ages. I'm still gonna keep trying to go for it but it does suck... Good luck to anyone that does attempt to go for it though if it ever becomes F2P.
  3. Yeah... My game list on my PSN Profile isn't updating either. I got Slime Rancher recently and it's not on my Game List at all. It says the last game I played was Fortnite and it's been frozen like that for over a week. :/ I was hoping the patch today would have atleast fix the Profile Game List bug but it didn't sadly.
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) I'm pretty sure it has Achievements on the Xbox 360 - never owned an Xbox console though - but there aren't any Trophies for it on the PS3.
  5. Fortnite: Save the World The trophy list has some ridiculously grindy trophies, but I hope I can manage to get the Platinum Trophy by the end of this year. I don't mind grindy games but sometimes it can be too much to handle. After I get the Platinum on it, I most likely will never play Fortnite again though, if I'm being completely honest.😂
  6. Sadly, SSD's don't count towards the trophy if they're already totally finished. I tested it out myself the other day in Stonewood (I completed all of the SSD's there) and I exited out after a little bit of building and it didn't count at all towards that trophy. You would most likely have to go into a random mission, privately with a group of friends or trophy helpers, and after awhile successfully complete the mission. Fortnite definitely does have some ridiculously grindy trophies, honestly though... I don't even have the Platinum for it yet.:/
  7. I'm excited for Watch_Dogs 3 and a London setting would be really cool!😁 I hope it has a dark story like the original did. Watch_Dogs 2 was decent, but I never got too into the story like I did with the first game.
  8. I think an App for PSNP would be great! But there's no way I would pay for it, since it's easily accessible for free on mobile devices Web Browsers anyways.
  9. - Accidentally deleting my original GTA: SA (PS2) save that had over 300+ hours on it. - Buying Final Fantasy XIV: Online just because my ex boyfriend begged me too so we could play it together... He dumped me a week after I bought it so big rip. - While sleeping over my ex-best friends house, and I brought my PSP with me, she purposely spilt a drink on it and it got ruined. - Not taking the best care of my PS2 games disc when I was a young kiddo and the disc ended up too scratched up to play. I still have most of my PS2 games, but alot of them are unplayable sadly. - Buying games on Sale and then they end up being on my backlog for awhile.
  10. - Demon Souls - InFAMOUS - InFAMOUS 2 - Fallout 3 - Fallout: New Vegas
  11. My first Platinum this year is: Detroit: Become Human 😊
  12. Yeah, in the most recent update - Like the one guy said - the Specialist automatically is unlocked for everyone. But you can still do their "quest" to unlock special skins for them.😊
  13. Cheated: No, I haven't. Mods: No, but if you count being in a lobby on GTA V (PS3) and a modder hacked my level and got me up to level 100 or whatever... Technically, yes I guess? I didn't ask the modder to mod me though or anything. Exploits: Yeah, but only with one game that I was getting really bored of so I got the rest of the Trophies by using the secret shop on it (NieR: Automata).
  14. Yeppers, you can see the Aquatic Update trophies on the PS3 Edition.😁 The Trophies don't pop up on the PS4 Edition though, I don't know about the Vita since I don't own Minecraft for my Vita.
  15. 54.38% 😀