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  1. Does someone have any tips for me for starting over on a new profile? 

    I had someone cheat trophies for me because they were unobtainable but I’ve learned from that mistake and want to be back on the leaderboards. How do I approach that though? I don’t even know what username to pick or what games I should start out with? Any helpful tips are welcome. 

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    2. Cuddlez90


      😂 I read enough of the disputes to know that "cousins" and "brothers" are not to be trusted with your console. Even though the actual hacking was done by someone else, I know that it is my responsibility so I'm taking the full blame for it and I'm not trying to dispute anything. And because I've learned from that mistake, I want to start over and leave that garbage behind me. What I also know is that I won't spam my profile with these easy but no fun to play plats anymore.

      I think I might go with Yoshi or Bowser as the username if I can find something that isn't already taken. A military themed username that is CoD inspired doesn't fit me at all.

      But thank you for your inputs so far 👍

    3. skateak


      Good on you man. Wish you luck.

    4. Lorajet


      Like what everyone has said - pick a name you can life with for the next 5 years.  Look at the games on your old account - which ones do you want to play over again?  Which ones do you want to avoid because of glitches?  How many are MP?  I think with those answers, you are on your way to a new, permanent account.  And, require a password to sign onto the console if you have other people that have access.  Good luck!

  2. Trophies pop when the corresponding in-game action is performed. It doesn’t have to be online for that. It just needs to be connected to the internet to sync the trophies with the server and appear publicly on your profile. The timestamps however will still be from the time you unlocked the trophy.
  3. Haven't posted in a while here so please do add me. PSN ID is Cuddlez90
  4. Can you extend/update the list by any chance? There's another World of Nubla game (NA region) as well as other quick plats: Mr. Massagy, Energy Cycle (NA 2 x Plats PSW, Vita), Puzzle Showdown 4K, etc.
  5. Kong
  6. He switched things up and is now called GermanProGaming2 and only has PS4 and Vita games on the account so he can't be reported anymore. As for the OP: The system as it is now has it's flaws but I don't see how it could be made better by your suggestions. Your main concern seems to be that innocent people can't defend themselves for games they've played years ago. If the flag is wrong there are plenty of people here with great knowledge of the games who can and have helped get wrong flags lifted even if the flagged person couldn't bring any arguments themselves to the table why the flag was wrong. Edit: My suggestion would be more along the lines of what amazon is doing with customers who have questions for products. They send and automatic message to everyone who purchased the product via their site and therefor have expierence with it. If the flags would be private and everyone who has the game played on their profile would get a notification that there's a dispute for a flagged game, the right people who want to and can help could offer their insights.
  7. So I tried to figure out how I can make more cash and RP by playing preferrably solo or boosting with my second account and console. I found this on Reddit: [–]tophmctoph Specifically you gain 200rp every 60 seconds for just being around a CEO. You can two can afk together in the office and still gain that. [–]you_got_fragged And the associates get money for being afk too. I think you can go afk overnight and get 200k+ but I haven't tested it or done the math (Source to full thread) I have a couple of questions about this and hope that most or all can be answered by people who have done this themselves. 1) Does this still work? 2) Can it be done in Invite Only sessions? 3) Do I just need the 1 Million GTA $ and become a CEO via the interaction menu or do I need to buy a CEO office? If so, are any upgrades or something specific required? Thanks in advance for all responses.
  8. This doesn't explain what happened. When you sync your trophies on PSN, it shows the date when it was earned and not the day it was synced. Your trophy information is stored locally on your console meaning if your trophies don't sync for whatever reason at one point it will do so next time you do manage to sync them.
  9. Yeah, I agree that it isn't fair. I don't see why what you did is any different than someone reloading a previous save to get difficulty specific trophies. As far as I know the latter is allowed and counted as legit.
  10. Glitch means a mistake in the game's programming and is something that happens to random or all of its players which therefore means more than one person is affected by it. I googled if the collectibles related trophies are glitched as there'd be some sort of record of it online of people asking about it. However, there's none. Not for this Infamous game nor any other of the series. So unless you can find a source that confirms these trophies can glitch, I don't think people here will believe you. A lot of people who used save files from others to unlock trophies say it was a glitch or console freeze when they get flagged for their impossible timestamps. Edit: your MW2 trophies proof you've used saves from others to unlock trophies and have lied about that a couple of posts above as well. Trophies don't unlock like that from a console freeze or glitch, just by using saves to get them. But I will get more into that should you make another dispute about that game.
  11. Playing with a save file from another account (whether it's yours or someone else's) isn't getting you unflagged as you cannot prove who it belongs to. Modded lobbies also won't get you unflagged and the GTA trophies don't glitch in the way you have them unlocked. The point of the flags is to remove illegitimate trophy time stamps and save files and modded lobbies pop them within seconds so those are not earned properly and you won't get unflagged.
  12. You're very welcome To clear things up though: When you're in the Helix menus and see all your memories, you can go over to the right and select the co-op missions. There you can see how many sync points you have for each missions along with the diffuculty and mission description. For example Moving Mirabeau has 6 sync points if I recall correctly. In the mission you can collect 4 sync points. After each it'll show you 1/4 etc. collected. 2 of those 6 sync points will be awarded to you upon successfully completing the mission. Meaning 4 collected sync points + 2 for completion = all 6 available sync points.
  13. Yes you do need to finish the co-op missions, but not the heists. You need to collect sync points during the mission (use a guide to find them) and about 2 or so will be given to you once the mission is complete. I'm not sure what you mean with 100 % though. You get 3 different rewards from each mission (armor/weapon). One after each completion of the mission. You do NOT need to finish each mission 3 times to get all sync points. You just need to play each one once and collect all sync points. However, there is a trophy for getting all rewards from a co-op mission meaning that one mission of your choice has to be done 3 times for the trophy.
  14. Aside from removing the profile I'm fairly certain the flag will remain. Using a safe file is always an illegitimate way of getting a trophy because you cannot prove if it's your own or not. At least that's how I understood previous disputes.
  15. Hello everyone. I hope this is the right place for this but since I want help for something concerning PSNP I hope it is. A couple of years ago I wasn't into trophy hunting at all which is why I have several games on my profile where just the campaign is completed or have missing time stamps from when I solely played offline. I've become a trophy hunter fairly recently and finished my old AC II for PS3 and want to finish others if the plat is still obtainable. A lot of people are however suspicious of people with time stamps all over the place as I've been reading in the dispute's forum so I wanted to know if that is something to get me flagged or if it'll be fine and I just misunderstood what was being said there because English isn't my first language. I'd appreciate any help whether or not going back after years to finish a game is going to be an illegitimate time stamp or not. P.S.: Since my PS3 from way back is no longer with us (R.I.P) I will start the games from scratch without a save file in case that makes a difference.