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  1. I just beat the game and captured all of the territories. I've done one or two stunts throughout my entire playthrough. The game is just ok. If the stunts take as long as beating the campaign, I'll just move on. Thanks!
  2. What would the difference be between the Now version and the regular digital version? Either way, good to know. Just picked Now up for $42!
  3. For the 250 barrels, do only the bigger barrels count? I've also been shooting gas cans, hoping they count.
  4. I'm having the same issue on Vita. I've played each mode multiple times. I've quit the game and tried again. No trophy. Edit: I figured the issue out. I had to go back and start a campaign mission. It seems you have to play all of the modes in one session.
  5. Thanks guys! I'll skip buying other weapons.
  6. I'm hoping to do one gun in my impossible run. I have a question regarding ammo. Do you have to buy a weapon from the store in order for it's ammo to drop? If that's the case, should I worry about buying any of them from the store (if so, which is the best to buy), or just focus on buying plasma cutter ammo? I'm worried that money could be an issue on impossible, and want to make sure I have a good plan going in.