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  1. This worked perfectly. The only thing im worried about is, im on a 2nd playthrough of the main story trying to get the "kill" trophies. Did this method just reset my progress and require me to start a new game?
  2. Only put the first 2 in order, the others I can't commit to 1. Red Dead Redemption 2 2. God of War Horizon: Zero Dawn Rocket League or Uncharted 4 Arkham Knight
  3. All these people complaining about a free game that is actually really good. Oh what a world we live in...
  4. I'm level 58 I believe, and I still have not gotten the trophy :/ Only one I don't have for the game
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  6. Full playthrough of a super fun PSVR game I caught on sale for $5. Platinum time < 5 hours, maybe a 3.5/10 difficulty.
  7. Requiem For A Killer is one of the hardest trophies in any Arkham, and I have 6 Arkham plats (+ Arkham VR). The only game I can think of that even has comparably difficult trophies is Arkham Origins.
  8. It probably took me about 10 hours of gameplay to meet all requirements for AWP, but I didn't run into any glitches and I had some very helpful partners. You will need a dedicated partner to go through the races (you need to win over 100), and 1-3 partners to go through the remaining MP modes. The requirements for fly the co-op are pretty challenging especially if you don't use the optimal strategies. On top of that you're looking at another 5-50 hours boosting to reach max level, depending on your method. The quicker methods require quite a bit of memorizing and set up. In conclusion, it's doable but definitely not easy or quick. Edit: I managed to go from level 5 to level 10 in about 3 full BDB2 glitch runs, earning ~1,750,000 in less than an hour (each run) with a good boosting partner. This is by far the quickest method but as I mentioned requires some set up and a semi-competent and reliable partner.
  9. Late to the party, but I remember renting this back in 2010 and thinking it was really lame... and I LOVED the first Godfather game, and Scarface, both on the PS2. Thinking of getting this one though to give it a second chance and clean up the trophies.
  10. NHL 16 - 0.41% Earned Jul 10th, 2018 Took months to get it
  11. Gotta be Red Dead Redemption 2 based on the single player alone. Once the multiplayer kinks are worked out, it will be even further out in front. 2nd would be God of War, 3rd would be Spiderman.
  12. I've been frequenting this site for quite a while, though not too much the forums, but I am trying to get some more interest in my YT channel so I figured this would be as good a spot as any to do so. It's definitely a work in progress, I've got a ton of videos but I am always altering the types of content I put up, the format, etc. I also don't have much skill in video editing which is why they are often pretty basic. But here it goes anyway. Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLC83bpObAR_u-163xJVPOQ My most recent vids are RDR2 Online Beta so I'll just post some of my best ones from the last couple weeks. I mostly play showdown series. I am particularly proud of the kill at 16:55. Probably my nicest kill in all of the 31 hrs of online beta play so far. My high score for Name Your Weapon (my favorite mode) I got accused of hacking during this matched because I won 3 matches in a row. Guy said he had video proof and said he was reporting me to Rockstar. Well here's my video proof. The next day I got kicked from a different lobby (by players) for winning 3-4 games in a row. These next videos are just some of my most popular/proud ones: I welcome any and all input for the channel. I know it could use some obvious stuff like face camera, better video editing, etc.
  13. Also make sure to "read" the pamphlet. Simply owning it does not learn the recipe.