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  1. Great game, such as the first one. Deck nine surely lived up to the expectations. It's a shame that Dontnod's announcement about a new life is strange game was just smoke on the water... I really hope Square will continue this series, even if it would mean no Chloe or Arcadia Bay anymore... I will definitely miss them.
  2. Doesn't sound like it at all At least this is my opinion.
  3. Wow, an announcement for a prequel and another one just around the corner for a sequel. Totally didn't expect that one week ago when I finished the first game. It was about so much emotion that I'm very hyped for another 2 games of LiS. For me at least, before the storm is the first game I have pre-ordered just after I saw the announcement trailer. Somebody please call Max and tell her to fast forward all of us to 31st august...