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  1. Any chance someone can boost my level up to 72 would be much appreciated, my psn is xTockii send me an invite?
  2. i have a certified juggler mariachi hat, and want to trade it for a different certified item, preferably one that has the goals/wins challenge on it, if you have a spare and are willing to part with it, add or message me through this or psn: xTockii Thanks
  3. Hello is anybody willing to part with a spare certified item. specifically one that needs wins. but any will do, add me on psn "xTockii" Thanks
  4. #12 - Uncharted 2 PlatinumEarn all Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ Remastered Trophies
  5. I thought this game was going to be free? Edit: or is it just not out properly yet for the UK? Edit: Oh nevermind i just did some research its free next week how is the game?
  6. Hey all. So i hate to ask this and i know its cheeky, But is anybody willing to share any Bandai Namco Registration Game Codes, The ones that give you 1000 points on the site. Only if you dont intend on using them and are nice enough to help me out, once again i know its cheeky to ask and im sorry. and that is why its cool if nobody can, I am planning on getting Dark Souls Prepare to die Edition and other games if i have to. But i am at 2500 and i need 4000 to get the dark souls comic that is advertised on there. Once again if you can help then go ahead and message me, i would really appreciate it. Thankyou
  7. Hello everybody, And i want to throw out a little proposition, Ive recently got back into twitch streaming while playing Dark Souls 3, and surprisingly have gotten a few more viewers and even the odd person wanting to donate, which is awesome btw. Ive been wanting to twitch stream for a while now, but i just want to ask if anybody else is just starting out on twitch as i want to host channels, and network with some more people. If you are interested then let me know, it,ll be great seing some of your streams. Thankyou. P.s: I apoligise for any spelling errors and if this post is in the wrong section Edit: I have around 19 followers and 500 views
  8. That is definatly worth it, its a good game and in my opinion the easiest one, although i havnt played dark souls 3 yet
  9. Oh sweet irl try both of those options. Thanks guys, im determined to get this platinum
  10. Awesome thanks man I have watched a few videos on them. i must just suck at the game i want to beat every boss in every game, i already did bloodborne Edit: Well for the main game i still need to buy the dlc
  11. Hey everyone ive not long bought dark souls 2 for ps3, and im not new to the game, i know quite a lot about dark souls. but ive never been able to beat the darklurkers because i always go for a strength build. but i was wondering if there are any other good weapons to use against it, i use the greatsword and drangleic shield. and depend on what rings i have when i get to it. but thats not the only boss im worried about, i want to beat the dragon who gives you the giants soul. its completely optional and isnt needed for any trophies but i want to do it anyway. any tips?
  12. Hey

    I will do, and yeah its been great thanks, everyones so polite and kind aha. im going to buy dark souls today yay i miss that game :3
  13. My Precious!
  14. Hey

  15. Hey

    Thanks man , This forum is so much more active than any other forum ive tried, like i barely get any replies on other sites haha