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  1. lol, whatever you say. Literally did exactly what I described, took us up to 10 minutes after shooting Lazarevic, Flynn and Eddy at the start of the match to finally kill them and the trophy popped. Clearly, I'm wrong.
  2. It literally took 1 week. I got pretty much all of my treasure within 3 days and was missing a common Lost Pendants. I was getting the same treasure over and over and over again. Ended up swapping my boost account to a fresh account and started seeing what I needed (repeats of Lost Pendants) until the common one finally popped.
  3. That is incorrect. It will start the timer ONLY after you have killed one of the bosses. --- When you kill the adds on the map, it will cause Flynn and Eddy to converge on you because they no longer have add support so they will work their way up to you. Sometimes, you'll find that either Flynn or Eddy will not get within range so you only have the opportunity to kill 2 of them with Clusters. I recommend not using AO3. Instead, use 2x Cluster Bombs (at the same time) which can kill 2 of them without the need of AO3. When 2 of them die, pop AO3 and then gun down the final guy. The only danger is that if you had cleared out snipers before, when you kill a boss, it will trigger the next sniper spawns. --- Bonus trick: If you mess up, you can kill all three bosses, but DO NOT kill any of the adds afterwards. Let them knock one of you guys down and keep picking them up to get Medic and Purple Heart medals. Once you have all your kickbacks again, die and restart the checkpoint. If you get there with all 10 lives, you have 4 attempts to do this.
  4. I haven't even started Elements yet and already know that it's going to be the hardest one. Venom Hot Lap is just stupid difficult mostly because of how uncontrollable the car is and how tight the lap times are. Just knowing there is another one of these? Yeah. Elements is going to be obnoxious to do. AMG was pretty rough. I just got it done and I'm about to start Elements (was just going down the DLC list). Don't look forward to that one at all. @Schmitt_Wylde To be honest, I can see why you would say Sakura is hard. I would argue that for some people, it may be harder based on how well you can play the game. DriveClub does not play like other racing games like Forza or Gran Turismo. DriveClub in itself is a weird game and doesn't feel... quite right. When playing with heavier cars or cars with really bad handling, it can be extremely challenging which is why Venom Hot Lap is such a pain. Sakura, on the other hand, is a much different beast because you're dealing with cars that have ok handling on longer and tighter maps. There are maps where a lap is like... 1:30 to 2:00 minutes long where previously, you were probably dealing with 0:30 to 0:45 minute laps. Messing up in Sakura and having to restart means that you have to spend a lot more time on a round than you would in the base game or other DLC. On top of that, many of the maps involve extremely tight drifts and cornering using a car that has pretty terrible handling which makes drifting with them hard in the first place. There are few instances in other DLC where you're going to be doing back to back to back cornering on a mountain and city. You'll be eating a ton of collision and corner penalties in the process which would mean that you'd definitely run into more trouble than usual.
  5. In regards to Unchained on Wave 3, it's more that my Account Level isn't high enough to smack them down before they buff their mercenary partner. Just to give you an idea of what that looks like: If I follow your setup 100%, with traits and everything and with the same timing, at Level 6 against that Unstable Rift on Wave 4, you're doing over 400 damage. I do less than 200 damage. So there are circumstances with RNG when those Mercenaries spawn, the worst possible setup for me is actually not Chaotic Kobold because the guardians I have setup will kill them on their own, it's when the Dwarf Priest shows up. I can't do enough damage to him with Unchained to stop him from putting up a shield on his partner. So if his partner is anyone BUT Chaotic Kobold, it's a bad day all around for me (hence why I mentioned that a perfect run for me nets higher gains). Using an account in the 80 range, it gets closer and closer to what you're seeing on your clears. With my account at the 40 range, I can get the same coin results, but with worst times because I simply can't wave clear as fast, which was something I didn't consider when I wrote my post earlier. With the switches I've done: Using Shock Zapper/Arcane Bowling Ball/Lightning Rod doesn't change the time nor does it change the coin amount that much. It's within the same ranges that you've seen. What seems to matter is whether you get a combo or not to build up coin. Arcane Bowling Ball in that first spot is great because it just hits that entire line and it's a free +1 the entire game. It doesn't appear these particular changes made much of a difference. It's the 3rd Entrance that really sucks. Like you said, tall enemies get smacked by it, but you lose all the combo generation upfront against the smaller enemies. If I go with your recent video and substitute the Arcane Bowling Ball with Vicious Tar Traps, I do get higher coin, but my time goes up significantly. What would take me 10-12 (this depends on the mercenaries) minutes changes to 12-14 minutes because you're slowing these enemies down and end up not killing them as fast for higher coin numbers at the end (which isn't worth it). That's the one 375k I got, just taking full advantage of what I could, but I sacrifice clear time to do it. A thought that I kind of had doing all of this is... if you take on average, 3 minutes to load/quit out of a game (on completion) and you finish the map in 10-12 minutes. You can only get about 4 games done in an hour because you're looking at a load/play time of 13-15 minutes. 300k to 360k at roughly a 13-15 minute completion rate (loads and everything), you're seeing about 1,200,000 to 1,440,000 an hour. That's around 0.7% every 1 hour. 2,000,000 is a full 1%. If you can push your clear time to 7 to 8 minutes, you're going to see lower coin amounts (because you'll be around less to pickup money bags). But you're doing 6 games in an hour instead of 4. Optimally, a clear time in the 7 to 8 minute range with a coin count higher than 200k will be the same thing as doing a 300k-360k run at 10 to 12 minutes. At my Account Level (45-ish), the fastest clear I was able to do was 8:12 with 290k coin at the end. TL;DR The switches with Arcane Bowling Ball / Lightning Rod / Shock Zapper didn't seem to make a difference. It affects the coin ranges at the end, but not enough to matter. Switching for more Bounty Generators DOES get you more coin, but your clear time goes up by a lot. Kill speed seems to be the best determining factor in how fast you will get through this Trophy. 200+k at 8 minute clear time will out pace 300+k at 10 minute clear time. If you're looking to grind, go for kill speed. If you can only squeeze like 1 or 2 games and not a full hour of play, shoot for high coin count.
  6. For pretty much every trap that has the slots that can take it, high priority to these: Bounty Generator Combo Generator Fire Resonator Debilitation Resonator Kinetic Resonator Charging Spring Double Spring Heat Activated Trigger Subsidized Parts A sample of what I did on my traps: Brimstone: Bounty Generator, Fire Resonator, Charging Spring Cursed Ground: Bounty Generator, Debilitation Resonator, Double Spring Floor Scorcher: Fire Resonator, Charging Spring, Heat Activated Trigger Naphtha Sprayer: Subsidized Parts, Bounty Generator, Heat Activated Trigger Arcane Bowling Ball: Kinetic Resonator, Double Spring, Subsidized Parts Power Generator: Bounty Generator, Subsidized Parts, Bounty Generator (Depending on what you do based on Dan's videos and the availability of what traps you have) Shock Zapper: Fire Resonator, Charging Spring, Combo Generator Lightning Rod: Subsidized Parts, Short Spring (the re-fire penalty isn't really a big deal for these), Combo Generator Great Wall: Revenge Rune, Subsidized Parts, Double Struts The majority of the parts I used combo into other traps that are meant to debuff enemies, increase combo counts or increase damage. You get more coin on combo kills so you would want to kill everything as fast as possible with the highest combo count possible. The longer something stays alive, the lower the combo count becomes due to resets. The big one is Bounty Generator. I highly recommend opening premium part chests until you get all the Bounty Generators you need. It was the difference of 30k for me in my runs. -- Doing each run based on Dan's videos: Under Tier 7 Traps (because they don't kill as fast): I averaged about 180k Tier 7 Traps: I averaged about 190-200k Tier 7 Traps with bad parts not optimized for these runs: 210k Tier 7 Traps with all Bounty Generators and optimized parts: 250k Tier 7 Traps with all Bounty Generators and optimized parts AND using EXP Potion and Luck Potions: 290k Tier 7 Traps with all Bounty Generators and optimized parts AND using EXP Potion and Luck Potions AND dragging mobs into Power Generators: 300-310k All the above while using Unchained at the right moments AND killing everything as fast as possible, maximizing Luck Potion: 315-320k Running Dan's new video with proper barricades pushing mobs into Power Generators: 330-360k You pretty much have to do everything like I had mentioned, otherwise you get vastly different numbers (as you can see how I listed them) from my experience. I keep Ring of Storms and Fire Wall Bracers over the Teleportation Ring and Mending Root for combo generation. I've also been playing around with not using Arcane Bowling Ball. There's really only 1 spot that is effective for it: The very first placement Dan does in his videos. During the 3rd Entrance break, the two that he places is too high to be useful. I opted to move those two particular Arcane Bowling Ball to using just one on the backside of the Stablehand Guardian near the teleportor, 1 grid up so that it shoots at the same level of any enemies coming through. Basically, the Arcane Bowling Ball fires a shot directly behind the Stablehand Guardian, it goes through him and hits any mobs that manages to round the corner into him. Other than that, there aren't really any other spots that are great for these. I've actually started to do these runs with Lightning Rod's simply for combo generation, consistency and pricing. Though, I am also playing around with putting Tar / Vicious Tar Traps with 2 Bounty Generators each. I kept the EXP Potions over the Caffeination Potion and I run Has Ultimate Set of Tools and Overachiever over the Arcane and Fire sales as this setup works better for me and has consistent returns in each match. Doing a bad run where you get something stupid like Chaotic Kobold or a combo like Dwarf Priest + anyone, the setup I have will at worst, always net me 300-310k. If I have a perfect run where nothing goes wrong, I hit every Unchained at the right time, I take full advantage of killing mobs with Luck Potions (because I'm killing so fast), I can get above 360k. I once even hit 372k. I even purchase an extra Stablehand Guardian in the middle area between the two entrances so I can catch Chaotic Kobold running through. -- Just a sample of what I did using Dan's methods. Not saying what I did is better, it just happens to work for me more consistently given certain factors and observations. To say the least, following those videos with optimized parts and high level traps will definitely net you above 300k every 10-12 minutes, hands down.
  7. The way I got mine done: - Get in the Starting Mech - Dash onto the glass and punch kill a lot of the mechs until you get to the other side - Shoot the gas tank to blow up all of the mechs - Turn around and shoot the glass out and hope for a Zap Bonus - When you fall down, dash across the map to the nearest gas tank with enemies and blow that up - Turn around and shoot the glass again and kill any mechs that fall and hope for a Zap Bonus (typically this starts the second phase) - When the second phase of the fight starts, ignore the small prime mech and try to damage it by blowing up gas tanks near it - Combo kill prime mechs the best you can either by blowing up gas tanks or killing them rapidly and using the weaker mechs as combo extenders if you don't kill prime mechs fast enough - If you manage to kill the small mech, you get 99999 x bonus - Once you kill enough of them, the final boss shows up. Kill him and not get hit (it's actually pretty easy to do). If you did all the above, you should pretty much already have the 12 million by the time this boss shows up. If you don't, you should be around 10 million and the final tally will put you over. Once you're done, you'll have between 14 million to like... 20 million points. The trick is, honestly, abusing your thrusters and just getting combos off of the prime mechs by either chaining them or killing them with the gas tanks. Every gas tank kill is 10000 x 2 and multiplied by your chain bonus against the prime mechs. Each phase is based on how many mechs you kill, so killing the primes is really important. Verum Rex isn't really all that bad. Just boost dash a lot and get to the next kill as fast as you can.
  8. Your mileage will vary depending on your interest and love for the series.
  9. Checkpoints occur after each stage of the fight except for Darkside. The carnival of bosses at the end is definitely really long. Each fight can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The only thing that really makes this fight better is actually getting your Strength bonuses so you can do more damage. The less you have to fight, the better. Keep in mind that nearly all of these fights were designed with a pattern. Once you learn the pattern, it's very easy. I think the only fight that is a little painful is actually Ansem III because you're on your own and the only thing you can depend on is your own skill. Aero at any stage is a must. Without it, most damage will lead to a game over. Ansem I and Ansem II is actually pretty easy. Just attack relentlessly and keep your Aero and HP up. If this helps any: On Ansem III, the little shadows that Ansem spawns are attackable so you can recharge your MP to get your cures back up and it allows you to recast Aero. If you don't need to recharge MP, you can simply fly really far away and it will automatically despawn them. The only thing you really need to do is hit Ansem and then run, hit Ansem, and then run. When he starts using his laser barrage, he always attacks where you are and denies you the ability to go back to that spot for 1 full laser attack. So the best thing to do is pretend you're flying to corners of a box. So for example: Have him attack top left, float downwards so he attacks bottom left, then move towards the right so he attacks bottom right, then float back up so he attacks top right and repeat from the top left corner. You will never overlap and you will avoid most damage. You can attack him for 2-3 hits or a short combo when he says "Had enough?" or what ever canned quote he has. After 2-3 hits, he will use a single laser attack and go back into his laser barrage. This is the only stage of the fight that is really hard, after that, it's not that bad.
  10. The PS3 guide with the 130 Hour attach rate is pretty accurate in my opinion. Keep in mind that a lot of it does involve familiarity of the game and how good you are. Also, because the PS4 version doesn't require you to do the Gummi Ship Missions, that time is significantly reduced. The most painful farm is actually for Mage Staff and Defender which can change how long it takes. Basically, the Gummi Ship Missions can easily add an additional 10-15 hours if you're really bad at it. Mage Staff and Defender can either be a non-issue for people or it can take another 10-100+ hours if you're truly unlucky. My first time through the PS3 version, I was Level 50 and hit Level 90 or so on the most inefficient leveling reset path possible. It took nearly 30 hours for me to finally see a Mage Staff drop and that's just for Mage staff. It took me an additional 10-15 hours to finally see Defenders running through the hallway. By the time I finally got those 2 items, if the exp kept going, I'm certain that I've grinded the exp equivalent of level 180+ if you calculate for exp curves past the cap. But all in all, yes, Kingdom Hearts is a very short game. You can definitely plat it in less than 40 hours. Due to differing factors, it definitely can make that playtime variable.
  11. I put this in the OP as well so if people wanted to TL;DR this thread, it's there.
  12. You could've gotten Comrades done by committing 2 hours a day for 3 weeks.
  13. I've noticed that Kenny typically shows up if you don't have any good ingredients at the end. Most of the time, when he did show up for me, it's because the quest I was doing was beyond what I was capable of doing. Take the Jabberwock quest for example, I wasn't prepared for it at all. All my AI were down. I used up all the food I could find in the map and finished with no one having food in their inventory and no food on the map. When the cook at the end collects your food, they also had no premium food to use. That is typically when Kenny shows up. When your options of ingredients is total garbage.
  14. For those of you who are still trying to get the remaining Trophies: If you have updated Final Fantasy XV to the latest version, Comrades is no longer accessible. When attempting to load the game, it will prompt you to download the Standalone version of the game. Saying "No" and attempting to get into the FFXV Version will start you over from the beginning. When selecting your character, it will take an eternity to load and when it finally does load, it returns you to the main screen of Comrades so you are now completely locked out. However, if you had Comrades up when the patch went out, you can still play the game in Offline Mode with AI without updating. When I attempted to load Comrades up before patching, I was able to get into Offline Mode, but I can't verify if that is still true at this point (I had patched it after seeing if I could). I have no idea if you can still get Trophies or not or whether it is tied to anything online. But essentially, you can still play Offline Mode if you haven't patched from the looks of it. TL;DR Don't patch the game if you still got things to do. To play offline mode, do not go past 1.26 Refer to this thread:
  15. Yes. You definitely could. I'd even argue that if you hit level 35 on your crafting jobs and one of your fighting jobs, you should sub mostly so you can still benefit from getting exp, etc if you cared about that at all. Otherwise, like I said, as long as things get marked in your achievements log, you can essentially do everything EXCEPT for the raid. -- Also, I'll throw this in there: If money isn't a factor, you can job boost and scenario skip. One caveat: I am unsure of how scenario skip will behave. I can definitely, 100%, say that many of these trophies are based on your achievements log in game, including main scenario. This is how they know whether to pop trophies or not. While there is an achievement in your log for number of Binding of Coil of Bahamut clears, the trophy doesn't actually pop based on that. It pops based on the zone that you enter right after you kill Twintania. When you use scenario skip, I don't actually know if they mark that as done in your achievements log so if it doesn't... well, the trophy certainly won't pop at that point.