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  1. There are 3 Shadestones you can use. Awakening (+, ++) Hexbinder Tsukomo (final boss) Pick your favorite Daemon and equip Skills that can hit really hard and cooldown fast. For me, I used Izana with: Serial, Nemesis, Force and Parallel Some things that I felt were true but not necessarily: The more enemies you hit in a single hit will give you multiple chances in a single skill usage. So it's not just using the skill, but when it hits an enemy to cause a chance to proc. The idea is you want as many proc changes as possible. So let's say I use Parallel which is an AoE around my character and it hits 10 enemies. It's 10 proc chances + each Shadestone proc, so what was 1 proc to 10 procs to 30 proc chances. I would run from Floor 90 to Tsukumo of the Sanctum of Rebirth. The reason why I would go ahead and kill Tsukumo is just because I wanted the Shadestone from him. Takes like 20 seconds to murder him. It took about 5 hours for me to get the last few Awakenings I needed, but it does appear that you need every awakening on a single skill and there are two procs that are invisible and is not equipable. My final proc was Iron Will which I had proc'd on Aisha's Gale, but not on Izana's Parallel. Once that proc'd, it popped the trophy.
  2. Depends on the content but Sony removed some things because of licensing issues so even if you have the Season Pass, if it was removed due to licensing in general, you won't have access to those cars.
  3. I did say he's not the most difficult guy in the world. What it really comes down to is when the game decides to roll a bad set against you and you have to fight him a couple of times over. He's just one of those guys where most of the time, you'll roll him over the way the game wanted you to by baiting his attacks. Other times, he decides to Scourge Tifa next to Aerith and then use Tantrum in the middle of your entire party ending your battle. Also, once you push him past a certain HP %, he introduces his invisibility attacks and stuff. Why bother with that when you can basically skip the mechanics of even fighting him. *shrugs*. Figured I post a nice little cheese for him in case someone is struggling.
  4. Using the 300% stagger method, make sure Tifa has 2 ATB Charges and 2 Charges of Unbridled Strength. Put Steelskin on Barret and take full control of him. When attacking Tonberry from range, he will pretty much lock into a single skill: Scourge. It does a bit of damage and binds the character, rendering them completely useless for a bit and makes them completely susceptible to Chef's Knife. This doesn't matter. When ever Tonberry casts "Scourge", when you see the purple wisp fly at Barret, simply use Steelskin. It will ignore the bind and Barret will take the hit. The most important thing is making sure that Barret is in his animation of using Steelskin as it hits. Now, the nice thing about this is your party will some times run around Tonberry and make him miss his attack which will put pressure on him. You can put a decent chunk of pressure with Cloud's focused strike. Also having Barret and his constant barrage of attacks will also eventually just naturally cause Tonberry to become pressured. The second Tonberry is staggered, swap to Tifa. True Strike, True Strike, Rise and Fall, True Strike, some basic attacks, some more True Strikes and just before stagger goes away, Omnistrike. In between you using True Strike, have Cloud and Barret use some abilities if they have them. If that doesn't straight up kill Tonberry (9 times out of 10, it does), he'll at least be really, really hurt. I've seen Tonberry use Doom and Gloom once in like 15 fights doing this, so it's rare that he'll just murder Barret, but it does happen. -- Tonberry isn't hard and this method isn't really a solution to a massive problem, just a strategic method of attack to help get through one of the quests and battle simulators a little faster.
  5. After reading Spaz's break down, I was literally about to say that AMG was what I cut my teeth on. When I first bought DriveClub on launch day, I was horrific at the game and didn't even beat it. Over the years, I got some of the base game done and when I started to take the game seriously and bought all the DLC, instead of going by the order listed on PSNProfiles, I went in the order that appeared in the DLC list. AMG came first so I had to bust my balls to learn the game and actually clear it. AMG is the DLC that literally teaches you control because it was near impossible to drift with any car. You literally have to learn how to corner and break, which then translates to better technical skill in managing other cars. AMG is like the DriveClub version of Dark Souls. Once you understand the fundamentals, the rest of it is pretty easy.
  6. @Jproche44 There are only a handful of flags you can get in Single Player as part of a challenge or completing certain conditions. Judging by what others are saying: 10 DLC Flags (Purchasable) 6 Infiltration Flags 1 S Rank Flag 1 Default Flag Total: 18 The Platinum is 100% Unobtainable if you did not already have 2 Online Flags.
  7. After doing DriveClub and Bikes, I also did DriveClub VR. Then I got to one of the trophies, and to my utter horror, it's basically Venom Hot Lap.
  8. Typically no. You can also just set your PS4 to offline mode so it never complains.
  9. Quick note: You definitely 100% need online to be able to get Lifer. There is a very rare bug that has come up with stats not being tracked and I want to make sure this is available for anyone looking for into: If you discover that your stats are not updating, going into offline mode and getting your stats to track again and then turning it back on typically solves that issue so make sure you are checking your stats every so often, especially right now when you have a little under a week and a half to get this done.
  10. Welp. Once I learned of DRS and KERS, I pretty much obliterated DriveClub. Where I used to clear Time Trials with 1-2 seconds of leeway, I was finishing Time Trials when DRS and KERS was available with nearly 5-6 seconds of leeway. Personally, I found Bikes to be pretty tough, including the car DLCs included with it. I wasn't clearing some of those Time Trials with 1-2 seconds of leeway, I was finishing with factions of a second remaining. Like... literally if I had to finish a race within... xx.500, I was clearing with xx.493 or something stupid. @Spaz Don't know if this helps you any with some of the time trials: Those ghosts are not always accurate to the start of the race. Some of the ghosts are timed based on having done a full lap and bursting through the starting line with significantly more speed than you would starting from 0 or from a rolling start. For example: Venom Hot Lap P2 starts you off with a rolling start, but I did a full lap and on the straightaway leading into the next lap, I just went as hard and as fast as I could which often put me far ahead of the ghosts, but made the first corner hard to take, especially with the wet roads.
  11. Obviously as people mentioned, difficulty will be highly subjective and as I had mentioned, a bit of practice comes a long way. @Spaz I was reading some of your rants and I get it. When you mentioned KERS and DRS, I'd have to say... "uh..." I didn't do the ones you mentioned that you thought were hard yet (Torque, Velocity), but I did what some would consider really hard in AMG, Elements and Evolution without knowing what KERS and DRS is, let alone even use the "X" or "L1" button and did just fine. Generally speaking, the mileage of difficulty is definitely going to be different for people. Just knowing the existence of KERS and DRS now makes the game seem even easier to me. And I totally agree, the game didn't explain what those are or even how to use them which is dumb and would've gone a long way for a lot of people had they known what those were up front.
  12. I didn't personally find the game to be that hard and I'm no expert at these kinds of games. You just have to learn how to play it much in the same way you have to learn how to platform playing Super Mario Bros 1. In terms of skill and technique, you just have to know that it's more than just using R2 and L2. There is also understanding what O does and how to use that to maintain your speed around corners. I would say at worst, you have to know what cornering is and what "lines" are so you can optimize your turns so you can take them without sacrificing more speed than you have to and how to take a "line" so you can pass and get your tires to grip the ground so you can accelerate again as soon as possible. Instinctively, you already know what these things are, you just have to play the game a lot to be able to apply it. In terms of actual execution of said skill and technique, what changes the calculus of the difficulty of this game, at least for me, is Venom Hot Lap 1 and Venom Hot Lap 2 where one of them asks you to do mostly cornering and line selection properly, the other one asks you to do that while dealing with bad weather and poor visibility. There are no other events in this entire game where you have to actually execute skill and technique near perfectly to get max stars. Other than that, I felt the 5 / 10 was pretty spot on. If every event was Venom Hot Lap 1 and Venom Hot Lap 2, I'd easily say this is a 10 / 10, hands down no questions asked.
  13. I also did the date change trick and had some notes about it: 1. Make sure you're in offline mode. While this doesn't stop the game from crashing, it does stop the server from interfering. I have a feeling that the game does attempt to communicate to the Portal Knights server for some things like whether you should receive things in your mailbox and what not. If changing the dates causes a desync, the server may have a miscommunication and record your event count either where it was last known or incorrectly count your event timer. 2. While you're online, you have a higher chance of causing a server crash. 3. If you were unable to return to main menu at any point, your event counter can be lost. 4. Don't go into sleep mode, this has a chance to break your game counter. Especially don't go into sleep mode, come back to your PS4, change the date and then go back into the game. This will definitely have a high chance of crashing your game. -- Some "counting" tricks. At Level 30, you will receive 230 gold (I had received 230 gold on every turn in so I based my number on this. If yours is different but the same on every turn in, use that number instead) on completion of the event. If you have 0 completed events, you should have 46,000 gold + the amount you had by the time this event has popped. For example: If you have 25,000 gold when you started, write that down. And you have an estimated 130 Events to go. 25,000 + (130 x 230) = 54,900 gold is when your trophy should pop. In reverse logic: If you wrote down you started with 25,000 and currently you have 40,180 gold: (40,180 - 25,000) / 230 = # events done (in this case, 66). -- Alternatively, you can move the year forward by 1 for every event count. The PS4 stops counting at 2099 and rolls back over to 2000. So you can start at 2020 and when you move to 2021, that is 1 completed event. By the time you hit 2099, you have done 79 events. -- If you really enjoyed Portal Knights and want a free leveled up character, you can start a new character and use it to do this event. At Level 15, you get 1/10th of a level per turn in, but the gold counting trick doesn't work because the gold value is different. At Level 15, you get 55 Gold per turn in. At Level 16, you get 65 Gold per turn in. So all the math is different. But all in all, what you can at least count on is if you have exceeded 40,000 gold on a fresh new character, your event counter was bugged. -- Events carry over to different characters. To force save more frequently, you can also switch characters every 10-20 completed Events. -- Based on my experience: I simply changed the month forward and backwards so that it was always 4/1/2020 moving to 5/1/2020, then changing it back immediately to 4/1/2020. So every cycle was actually 2 date changes. One to move the month forward, then one to move it back which will retrigger the event. I had done 200 events on my count and the trophy didn't pop. After doing 210 events on my count, I changed to my Level 30 Rogue and did 20 Events. Then I changed to my Level 15 Archer. Trophy popped 2 turn ins after hitting Level 16.
  14. I have two accounts with a copy of Hand of the Gods. I set each account as a primary on a different PS4 so you can effectively run any number of combinations you need to get the matches to go through. EDIT: Essentially, you can set any number of alts as long as you activate the PS Plus trial during the duration you attempt it. So I have Alt A and Alt B active on both PS4s. PS4 1 uses Main's HotG license with Main, Alt A and Alt B on the console. PS4 2 uses someone else's HotG license with Main, Alt A and Alt B on the console. So you switch accounts every time you match. Therefor, as long as the account you're using to boost has PS Plus active, you can run any number of combinations (like I had mentioned). At minimum, you need 2 copies of HotG, 2 PS4's and 3 accounts. -- If you're not keen on boosting with someone else and only have access to 1 copy, you can also painstakingly create 12 PS Accounts, activate 12 Trials (which requires you to enter a CC Number) and level up each account to 1 so you can access Arena. The unfortunate thing is, if the match doesn't go through, you have to create a new account and try again.
  15. Don't see how it was a lie? I had two PS4's and three accounts and did it just fine. There is a caveat to it though: Main matches with Alt A Main matches with Alt B Alt A matches with Alt B (Repeat) I will cycle through those over and over again and if for what ever reason the match drops (which happened often), I moved on to the next match up even if the match never played because apparently that counts as a match and the servers won't let you match up again unless through some act of god, it does. Essentially, I would go through the motions and say Alt A matches with Alt B and does not start a match. If I attempt to do that match again, both of my accounts will eventually end up matching against someone else (which happened a few times) or the queue timer will actually go all the way up to 20-30 minutes with no match. After observing that a few times and adjusting my strategy, it took me 2 hours to get the 12 matches I needed. About 50% of the matches dropped and I ended up matching against someone else maybe 1 out of 7-8 attempts. I closed out the application and was fine. The way the OP described how to do close out was a bit weird. But to clarify: Both of your accounts will go into a black screen / load screen within a second of each other if not instantly every time. If one goes into a black screen / load screen and the other does not, simply close out the application by having close application pre-selected and pressing "x" twice. If your alt ends up matching up, you can just let the match go through so it for sure resets the alt and makes it easier to match up with your main. The TL;DR Each account cannot play each other back to back even if the match drops and you don't play, that counts as a match up. Closing the application on the black / loading screen if both accounts do not match will successfully cancel the match. As long as you never reach the actual field map, you can cancel reliably and you have plenty of time to close out.