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  1. That's actually a smart way to do it, because most of the time cars drive around or snipers are waiting untill you will open it, will add this in the topic. I always did it on plain sight, which made it more difficult. Hmm never saw this bug before, I know after you threw one there's like a timelimit untill you can throw another one. So you couldn't throw a grenade at all? And you were sure you still had grenades? If it happens again try to look into it what may cause the problem, will add this and edit it if you have more info about it. Thanks for the input both!
  2. Beta is coming soon, the only way you could play it right now is by buying the early access pack which is added yesterday. (59.99 euros) Release is announced in september.
  3. TIPS AND TRICKS H1Z1 Based on own experience Intro: As you guys may know there is not a big source or forums for H1Z1 with tips and tricks to get better or to at least know some general stuff which you shouldn't discover after some games. That's why I decided to put some effort into posting this topic to inform you about some general knowledge and some small tricks to improve your gameplay and the trophyhunt (in case you care about them as me). I will write down a little 'guide' with some own experiences and situations that gave me the best chance to complete them. This isn't enough info to make a guide so I decided to make a forumpost about it, hopefully you guys can use these tips and tricks to accomplish some of this trophies. 1. Map and drops: So first things first, after you drop down go hunt some weapons (AR15, riot shotgun). These 2 guns are always my priority, Ar15 for some far distances gunfight and riot for close combat after you get out of your car. IMPORTANT: Always drop near a car/quad, it's because of the simple reason if the loot isn't that good or even nothing on some spots, you can drive fast to another place where the loot is better. (Icons on minimap or villages). After you got locked and loaded it's time to go hunt down some enemies. OR get ready for the first planedrops (green flares). These drops are filled with basic stuff which could give you some advantage even it's just simple stuff. Armor (75), Helmet (50), combat shotgun, grenades, emps etc.. I recommend hunt atleast one crate of these, these are not really hunted that much in the games. Watch in the sky for some lights or crates when you're on the right spot (you can hear and even see the planes when you're on some right spots). If you don't see anything you may drive a little more to the center of the green circle. Out of my experience they drop more frequently around the center of the green circle. Purple flares: these are the second ones and are harder to catch, decreased to around 5-6 crates max. Same principe as the green ones, only harder to get. Includes some purple weapons and other stuff like the green ones. Golden flares: These are the last and by far the hardest crates to get, only 3 crates will drop from the sky. Get ready for a war or be clever and look around to see if there's a crate where there are no near enemies seen. (Happens rarely but sometimes really happens). If you get that chance, don't waste time and just pick up the golden things you see and an armor in case you need one and get as soon as possible away from there. A different situation is you let somebody else open the crate and they may run away because they're getting fired at. If this happens you may drive to it very quick and pick the things up as mentioned above, you will seriously have to consider this based on the M40 sniper trophy. NOTE: There are also some soldier crates on the ground you can get on some places (tankstations, bridges and other places which are really hard to tell since they change alot). This contains 3 items which could be usefull in the beginning of the game, but nothing special to search continue for it. It will sound as a broken radiosignal, that's the only way to know if there's one close or not, they look like simple black boxes. 2. Strategies: Most of the trophies will come naturally when you play the game, but a couple of them are really necessary to focus on them to actually complete them. In a short amount of time ofcourse, if you enjoy playing the game and don't really mind the trophies, just continue playing and enjoy it, they will come after all. No gibs for you: Get 10 kills with grenades: Grenades are found in the crates, green flares are the easiest to get them. I guess we all can agree they are most of the time just shit to use. Try to get sneaky behind some fences or rocks, when 2 players are fighting eachother or when an enemy is unaware of your position and isn't moving that much. Another option is to get sneaky somewhere where a crate is going to drop (purple and golden are more success to get because the bigger hunting on it). Get into a building or whatever you feel comfortable and wait untill someone appears near the crate, if you think he will open it, quick throw a grenade or 2 and hopefully you will succeed. One eye closed: Get 25 kills with the M40 Sniper: To get the sniper you really have to hunt down a golden flare crate, no matter what you will only get the sniper in the final circles and you will have to push out some kills with it. Hunt the crate down are wait for someone else to hunt it down and look if they have it. (Most of the M40 owners will take the camouflage with them). If you didn't really couldn't do both there's still one option left: try to hear where he is, the sound of the gun you will defenitly recognize. Another great tip from Smzthy-!: Throw smoke grenades around the crate so you can't be shot from snipers nor cars, this is a very effective way that increases your chance to get a golden crate (hopefully with a M40 in it!) If you have the sniper: Try to hide behind a building, fence or your own car. NO QUAD. The best strategy seems to drive to the bounderies of the green circle, try to hide somewhere on the edges of it. Most of the people are focused to move on in the center of the circle. Try to look around and find some gunfights or guys hiding somewhere. If you feel like you will get attacked just move to another save spot, better safe than sorry in this case, because you wont have much chances to obtain this sniper. This is a hard trophy and is luckbased and skillbased, I can't really give much tips about this since you really have to get lucky with alot of things (timing, opponents, gas). I'll add some extra tips if they're posted below and useful, so we can give you guys some more advice about these trophies/strategies. If you want to see another trophy with some extra information or just information about the game feel free to PM me or just post into this topic. BUGS: It may be possible you can't throw grenades at some point ingame, this is under review and will be updated if we have more info about this.
  4. Hey ExcideSC, You could use gaming sessions (create new session) and select the just for fun category with the amount of players you want to join. So other players can see your session and are free to join it. This is way more effective and easier for everyone. As the forums are more for general questions and not really for recruiting people. Good luck!
  5. One punch man I still remember some people told me they watched anime, but after all it didn't really gave me the feeling to watch such animated stuff after all. I still remember a meme on fb where this guy 'one punch man' had to do a workout, and people who already saw this anime will know what I mean. This was the moment when I decided to watch an anime serie, and believe me I didn't regret it on this one. This is just pure entertaining by so many reasons, simple but extremely fun to watch imo. Thanks to this serie I would bother start another anime serie. THERE IS COMING A SECOND SEASON SOON BTW!
  6. Everything is boostable, just matching up in the lobbys could take a couple of tries, and you need 2 teams of 5 which also is a hard task to get everyone on time etc.. But it's boostable, I did it with a group (Last man standing) Last man standing you have to boost no matter what, or you have to be extremely lucky to pop it somehow. There was a gamemode before which was like search and destroy, but they removed it somehow. If you don't want to waste too much time boost the first 2 trophies I list under this, bounty hunter is just useless, out of my experience I only challenged one guy that achieved over 15 kills and didn't get killed. Also you have to listen to the audio of the game to know if a guy is on a 15 killstreak. I'll set the most difficult trophies to obtain: Last man standing Bounty hunter x Questions later x x = Achievable in regular gameplay but takes some time and a little luck. Good luck with it if you think about platina it, but it's a fun game after all, really enjoyed it.
  7. I guess there's no bug, if you look to the NA version there's a guy with 100% already, so it means it's achievable; maybe you're just really close (1/2 kills)
  8. Yeah I have one grenade kill too (caused an explosion near a car which killed the guy). Also wondering if this counts as grenade or not, and keep me up-to-date about the trainingmode, I had this in mind too but didn't start it. Curious about the result!
  9. King of the Kill Win a solo match
  10. I tought I was the only one who didn't find them at all, knew they drop in boxes but didn't know it was only the gold ones, or very very rare in purple or green as lilpain mentions. The golden boxes are by far the most dangerous ones to get, only ones I got in my hands was the basic hunting rifle and a B1 sniper (purple). I'm also wondering off topic since we're talking about weapons etc. Grenades are also hard to find most of the time, and I'm not even talking about the fact to get a kill with it.. Are these also found just in boxes or around the map? I still remember I found them once randomly, so that may be very rare. Guess the 10 kills with grenades will be a pain in the ass too, or am I just not skilled enough on that, would love to hear a response about this.
  11. #47 Crash Bandicoot Difficulty: 9/10 Excitement: 7/10 Estimated Time to Platinum: 18 Hours I had this game already a while on my wishlist but never really bought it because it was a bit too expensive imo. Now that I had a discountcode it was the time to buy this nostalgic game remastered. When I first tried some levels I was really enjoying the gameplay, but after progressing for a while the game got a lot tougher than I would ever expect of this game. I guess everyone who picked up this game know the struggles of High Road, Road To Nowhere and Stormy Ascent. Pain in the ass but really satisfying if you've beaten the game. After all I'm a bit late with this game, but better now than never, recommended for people who're searching for a challenge and a fun gameplay!
  12. Enjoying the remastered version, even if some levels were hard to beat and made me rage on some points lol. Better late than never!
  13. Since Kingdom Hearts couldn't intreset me so I'm going straight to your rare trophies (doesn't take away the effort you put in to complete these games! :p) Meat boy trophies to the max, not completed but still, hats off sir! I love the trophies earned below 1%
  14. Damn that's a clever way of dealing out the problem, glad you got your platina, defenitly deserved it after all! My most difficult challenge is by far the Stick it to ya (15 enemies with the boarder spikes). The grind to find the vehicles with such enemies on it and then let them jump on those spikes because we all know how the AI's were on this game. Pain in the ass..
  15. I guess the easiest way to achieve it, and I guess from my experience I also did it with a melee weapon, this increases your fury meter a little more than just using your fists. You will know when you're in fury when the right upper corner skull is filled all red. So basically I'll try to explain it as easy as possible and you should finish it somehow. First of all find a spot of 3+ enemies or max 5, otherwise there's a chance you will get screwed with a random hit. (TRY TO AVOID INCOMING ATTACKS IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WILL GET IT) Next parry a weapon from an enemy (triangle, x and then x again to finish him with the weapon) I think finishing moves gives an extra boost for the fury meter Continue the other enemies with smashing them with the melee weapon. If you see the furymeter is filled red but it didn't unlock, try to evade attacks untill it lowers again to yellow, then continue fast to fill it again, that should do the work if it somehow didn't pop the first time. Furymeter is first just white, fills yellow and when the fury is on it's red. Good luck and keep us updated with the result!