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  1. PSN ID: VLAAMINGK_N1 Region: Belgium Languages: Netherlands, english and a little french I'm mainly a dedicated completionist, trying to keep the completion percentage as high as possible all the time.😁 I'm always looking around for some challenges here and there, and maybe teaming up with some people from psnprofiles! As I boosted already quite some games on here, so would love to meet more of you people out there. Feel free to add me, even for a casual chat!
  2. I tried this already a couple of times with randoms, always landed inside the goal with the animation (sometimes he decides to skate at the wall instead). But for some reason it doesn't pop, so I have no idea if they mean with 'pass' you have to get through the goal or not, or you have to pass to a teammate when in front of the goal, but that would make it ridiculous hard.. Hold L1 at a teammate and press x and then hold x to pull it off. No success so far for me
  3. Perfect way to describe it how to pull it off, tried it alot with just uppercuts and going high as possible but no success. Combination of uppercut jump uppercut worked as a charm, thanks! As you described it ain't a hard 100%, just the 100.000 fans is a little grind.
  4. Platinum #200: I am bread Rarity: 0.36% Total hours played: 15-20 hours Difficulity: 9/10 Fun: 5/10 It was time for a challenge again after completing mein leben in wolfenstein, this time I took a even harder challenge based on the rarity of this game. I am bread is quite a clumsy simulator where you are flinging around as a slice of bread, baguette, bagel and going into zero gravity mode. To top it of you also have to be a cracker that is on a hunt for cheese.. By far is the cheesehunt category the worst, and I can tell you it's just one level that will screw you over for a long time (Garden level). This is a familiar feeling with the learn curve from surgeon simulator. At the start it's a pain, but once you start to get the hang of it you will progress quite fast through the challenges (with alot of patience and practice ofcourse). Same developers, love some challenges, but surgeon simulator was way better than this in my honest opinion. Long story short, you can achieve it if you have some steel nerves and the patience to beat these levels and master the mechanics. I only recommend this game for the challenge, not for the gameplay or 'fun'. As for me there is nothing special besides the challenge for myself to have the ultrarare plat. Special thanks to @Bushido_Cypher for the top-notch videoguide he dropped for this game, makes it more doable and has some great tips to get through the levels.
  5. Platinum #192: Wolfenstein II The New Colossus Total hours played: 65 Difficulity: 9/10 Fun: 9/10 I started this game with a challenge, as a friend also was aiming to do a Mein Leben run. Ofcourse I started the game on the lowest difficulity just to make things easy as harder parts will come later. This game is a masterpiece in many aspects: the cutscenes, atmosphere, the story behind William Joseph Blaskovich. I really enjoyed my journey in this game, even tho you have to replay it quite a while on your Mein Leben runs. Every run makes it unique as nothing is the same as before: enemies may take different turns, an explosion you didn't expect and many more aspects. I would recommend everyone to give this game a go, even tho the mein leben is hardcore as hell. With the right practice and a little dedication you will achieve this eventually. Mein leben shouldn't turn you down to play this beautiful game!
  6. Yeah the box is the safest spot to kill all the enemies on that floor. Even when alarming it's safe, as I did it on mein leben run for the first time. Just make sure you lean all the way backwards with joystick down, no damage from enemies nor dogs, nor big guy. Simple as that, worth a try as you can shoot thru the open box while leaning all the way down and peak once in a while. For the final part I used the elevator and went all the way back till the fence (facing all gates that throw the guys in the air from as far as possibel). Then used my laserkraftwerk to kill all the bots dropping in. After that I run 'under the map' and kill all the enemies that spawn. Once done I distract the 2 giant ones on one side of the map and run back to the other side to refill my laserkraftwerk. After that 4 easy shots to these guys, and done.
  7. Hello guys, I got my playstation 5 for like a month or two now, and I really enjoy it so far. But my ps5 start having small problems lately. Everytime I play for a couple of hours, some of the menu options don't want to load anymore. It depends, sometimes it happens very early, sometimes after an hour or 2. This happens almost at every section: my personal profile which doesn't load up properly (see picture below), the trophy section which only shows a message and no list of games with trophies (also see below), also parties don't load properly anymore. Did somebody experience these problems already, or is there even a solution for this which I missed while looking this problem up? Would be happy to hear about it.
  8. Breakout is on sale, is this game still active enough to get the platinum?
  9. You have to complete deathmatch in 1st place indeed. Second and third place doesn't count.
  10. Big yeetus in Hex-a-gone or jump showdown on a streak. FUN yeet. Ok jk, they won't do that, OR MAYBE THEY WILL.
  11. If your kudos go up you screwed up your streak, no matter what. The server registered the loss already, so my advice is to skip all the risk minigames that have a very unpredictable ending or a very small window to quit the game. It may take longer to get the trophy, but you have more chance to achieve it later on. Try to master slime climb, do teamgames that you can quit on time if it gets risky, and get good in races and finals (obvious). That's your ticket to the trophy, even more with a team. After alot of effort I also managed to get it, so don't feel bad and try to continue and get even better!
  12. Fall mountain is trash if you want to quit with a winstreak. I already lost a couple streaks because this one, if you ain't having a perfect run you better quit out immediatly, or else just watch on your way to the hammers with the 3 color tiles, if there's no one next to you on the other side continue, if there's someone it's 50/50 to quit or continue. After that zone you have to go for it or decide to leave, because it will count if you quit (atleast for me in all the cases)
  13. Can someone tell me if it's still possible to get hex-a-gone as a finale with a party of 2/3 or even 4 people? I tried it today with a friend and we only got it once in like 20 finals. Maybe we had bad luck with the map rotation or it's just extremely rare in parties? It would also make sense if they don't add it frequently in parties, just curious. Goodluck to everyone who still needs the trophy, I also didn't have the luck yet. (Team yellow is the best *sarcasm*)
  14. I still remember when I first tried this track with the roach I almost thought it was impossible to do.. The feeling you get when you keep getting better on the track and feel the chance to beat the track without faults was a really nice feeling haha. Even when it took WAY TOO MANY tries haha After giving it a rest for over 1 or even 2 years I restarted everything and somehow in a couple months I've beaten the things that looked impossible to finish. (Pipe fobia, top roach and all redlynx records). This game is a rollercoaster of emotions haha, congrats with earning your 100%! Glad I'm also part of this 100% club after this long road
  15. There were good boosting sessions, for this game on PS3 the sessions are almost dead. Online heists are full of players which are trolling around killing themself or killing teammates, or I may just be unlucky but I doubt that. Online is still active, but going for objectives like heists or trophies which require alot of activities is almost a no-go with randoms. Best shot is with some players from this site here, as these are not going to make your progress endless long.. Good luck!