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  1. I still remember when I first tried this track with the roach I almost thought it was impossible to do.. The feeling you get when you keep getting better on the track and feel the chance to beat the track without faults was a really nice feeling haha. Even when it took WAY TOO MANY tries haha After giving it a rest for over 1 or even 2 years I restarted everything and somehow in a couple months I've beaten the things that looked impossible to finish. (Pipe fobia, top roach and all redlynx records). This game is a rollercoaster of emotions haha, congrats with earning your 100%! Glad I'm also part of this 100% club after this long road
  2. Glad it's done..
  3. There were good boosting sessions, for this game on PS3 the sessions are almost dead. Online heists are full of players which are trolling around killing themself or killing teammates, or I may just be unlucky but I doubt that. Online is still active, but going for objectives like heists or trophies which require alot of activities is almost a no-go with randoms. Best shot is with some players from this site here, as these are not going to make your progress endless long.. Good luck!
  4. Sorry for the bump, is the playerbase still any good? Want to start the game with EA access but have no idea if it's still active enough, since it's an online grind.
  5. Just stay in touch with this topic: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Bf5-trophies-glitched-bugged/td-p/7898519/page/46 I quote the most important reply here: EA_Blueberry COMMUNITY MANAGER: I received word the team would have trouble implementing the trophies/achievements as retroactive grants because it would pose a greater risk of breaking other things, so current plans are to address this in the coming update so progress is once again tracked. Thank you sticking it out with us and if there are any updates prior to the 4.4 update surrounding this we'll share it with you here. Have a great weekend and see you on the battlefield. /Blueberry
  6. Sharing the same opinion about this, tried to complete everything but still didn't manage. Currently stuck at 89% (not trying at the moment), for me this is also the most annoying one currently in my list. @freddie1989 : Based on my opinions it is actually a hard game. I wouldn't say impossible, but you need to gain alot of skills to get every trophy in this game. I'm currently on 89% completion (that was a year ago). Once tried to complete the other trophies, but lost alot of learned skills etc.. I should say if you have dedication and want to keep doing tracks over and over untill perfection this is a game you will like. Practice makes perfect is the real key in this game, a bit too much..
  7. I also can confirm, all wins before they bugged out counts towards this trophy. I had 7 wins before they bugged and won 1 game during this period. After 3 wins today it popped.
  8. You guys are right, it shows as GOTY on the video but the description says 'Complete first season'. I've looked into the ps store and the only thing I found is GOTY edition. Or upgrades to GOTY for the disc version. So I'm pretty sure it will be the GOTY edition which includes the bonus missions and will give you 100%.
  9. I totally agree with your opinion, I'm not a zombie player either. That's why I also decided to not continue with newer CoD games, they all contain zombie DLC.
  10. Black ops 3 is still a rare platinum percentage (0.84%), so I will stick with this game as hardest. Absolutely hardcore if you do realistic difficulity solo like I did in the past.. lol
  11. There is no way to check it, I also searched for it but with no results. Only thing I can give you as advice is to look in the left uppercorner of your screen. The medal is called "Checked out", will pop if you drive 2 enemies into obstacles. They also say you can only earn it once per game.
  12. 63 FIFA 19 No.1 FanUnlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies) Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 8/10 Time: 50 hours This year FIFA went even harder on their trophies, not like in the past were there was only the online fut draft which was already way too hard for seasonplayers (read trophyhunters). Now they added 2/3 hard trophies into the list of FIFA 19. Hoop Dream Score on the basketball hoop at Venice in The Journey Skill Games Legend Get A grade across all Skill Games Climbing the Ladder Achieve division 4 in FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals This is the reason why I only gave a 6/10, because these trophies can literally be pain to achieve, hours of practice and perfection/luck are the keys to achieving these. Besides this every other trophy is really enjoyable to achieve, even the story is pretty good with some new things they've added. If you enjoy playing FIFA without minding the trophies it's worth a go for sure, it's fun untill you have to focus on the 3 things I mentioned above. If you're up for a challenge, go ahead and try it, you will feel accomplished if you've achieved the platinum. My rating is based on a season player which leaves the game after everything is completed, so if you stick with the game for a while you will eventually get this easier than my run for sure.
  13. I give my answer based on what I could find on the internet (didn't play it, but I guess it's almost the same thing as Lego the movie which I played). Cheat codes doesn't affect trophies, they are only extra characters which are not required for the trophies. So yes you have to unlock all the character tokens and purchase them to pop the trophy. But I recommend you to get the red bricks first, you can equip x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 studs and other great stuff which you can find in your menu when you press pause . This will make your progress waaaay easier to buy everything that is necessary. Red bricks are like 'cheats' which will help you out with most of the things.
  14. Survival Of The Fittest Complete any special operation on Hard difficulty 27th Sep 2018 4:58:22 PM 0.22% ULTRA RARE
  15. Good luck with the platinum mate! You'll get there really soon