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  1. Also getting the exact same problem, can play anything else except MP matchmaking. Tried on both PS5 and PS4.
  2. move and dodge arrows? only if you want to lol I literally just loaded in for normal, hard and blind as a Mango, the arrows avoid my stationary snake. This was a ridiculous plat, didn't enjoy it at all, best thing for me was reading the trophy descriptions.
  3. any idea how to get that 100 XP boost?
  4. I see for Dregg, Appolonia and Buck you suggest lock On Rounds, but none of these 3 characters appear to have that as a mod, do you mean just use the basic ship with no mod for those 3 pilots? or am I missing something
  5. You sir, rock!
  6. Did you manage to get the JP version done at all? I'm also looking for it
  7. You were having luck in domination? I kept backing out of those as bots would never cap for me so I was usually 2 points AI 1 for me, Alien Assault, Hold your poles were easiest, anything with a healbot was tricky, hammer was just plain stupid, nobody would ever be able to turn 1 in as both would be held and you could stand around waiting for your team to kill the enemy and return hammer and they never would.
  8. missed out on the 100 hours by probably minutes... gutted haha, oh well, that'll teach me
  9. Does anyone want to team up and knock out these missions? The bots are driving me mad making it hard to actually win the matches.
  10. so that would be Golden Boy in 2k17? Edit: If so, I'd love some help and am available all this week at whatever time and timezone suits you.