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  1. It took me forever to find the button to create a post for the second time but I'd probably have to say either Red Dead Redemption or GTA IV just because of how satisfying it is to shoot someone and have them fall off or over something, GTA V just didn't seem right because of the way the characters behaved when being shot, even if they were shot in the arm they would just drop to the ground. In Red Dead or GTA IV, if you shot someone that was close to a ledge or someone that was in a high up place, they would almost always stumble around and fall but I've never really seen it happen in GTA V unless you shoot someone point blank with a shotgun that's leaned right up against something.
  2. Title says it all, I'll start with "Red Dead Revolution." Edit: And I'd like to be able to customize individual clothing items instead of just having a dozen or so outfits to choose from and no multiple playable characters.