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  1. Each game not getting their own list is a huge bummer. Other than that, easy and straightforward list. Probably a plat that'll take 60-70 hours with a 2/10 difficulty, assuming you don't skip through the text.
  2. Unfortunately, every time you start up the game, the new update will start downloading (even if you have the update paused). I don't think the PS4 settings help at all. I have it set to not automatically update, yet it still does it anyways. If you disconnect yourself from the internet, you should be fine, since online isn't required for the trophies. No need to change your PSN password since Charles is save. You were basically accessing your own network through your network, so none of your information is public. And glad that this guide has helped you
  3. If an LAN connection doesn't work, then try reinstalling Charles and rechecking your IP address to see if it's changed or not (dynamically mapped IPs tend to change). I haven't found any video guides myself. As for the mapping, you'll have to copy the actually link itself. No need to click on it because. So for EU, you'd only paste ""
  4. Just to clarify, you're using a physical copy or a digital one. If it's physical, it should only download one thing, which is the newest update. I suggest using an LAN connection for your PS4 instead of a Wi-Fi one. Sometimes, an LAN connection helps your PS4 connect to Charles. Also remember that the .json link only appears if the patch is downloading. If it's already done downloading, or if it's paused, you may not see the .json link.
  5. Unfortunately, yes.
  6. I was super close to getting Hitman, so this is a good lineup for me. Don't care about For Honor though.
  7. Since I've never played much of FFXV, I can't say much about that. Though, I'm pretty sure that there's many here that accidentally got updated to the latest patch, then used this method to go back to 1.26 and continue from where they left off. So it should work.
  8. It's legal. Square Enix, or any developer, doesn't prohibit playing in an older patch. Many people can play physical games in version 1.00 without any patches anyways. There are people who didn't use a HTTP proxy and still have 1.26 because they never updated their game. It's not like Square Enix can ban people for doing something like that. Maybe they may not prefer having people play Comrades through the main game, but they can't restrict it either. Sony won't care either, because they only don't allow network tampering from the source's side (which would be Sony's network). Tampering with your own network is allowed. These older patches aren't being downloaded from a third party source or anything like that. They're coming straight from Playstation themselves. Try having both your laptop and PS4 connected through LAN. It might make it easier for your PS4 to connect to your laptop.
  9. Try deleting the download and restarting it again, and see if the ppkgo folder appears. Although I haven't tested it out myself, it seems like some people on this thread were able to use this method with their digital copy. Normally.
  10. Nope, you can delete Charles now if you wish to do so. Though I'd say to keep it until you've gotten all the FFXV Comrades trophies. Just in case if your PS4 ends up downloading 1.28, you'll need to use Charles again.
  11. It can be on your laptop, as long as you can connect to your router with it.
  12. You can also PM me if you're stuck.
  13. It depends. If you already have Comrades purchased, you can download it off of your downloads list. If you didn't have Comrades as "purchased", you'll need the Royal Edition because Comrades is off of the PSN store, and only the voucher code that comes with the Royal Edition can give you the Comrades DLC now. You'll need to downgrade. With version 1.00, there's no DLC menu in the game, which means you can't play Comrades unless you have version 1.19 or higher. They are all obtainable through this method.
  14. I've posted the method and instructions here: The proxy program used in this case was Charles, which available in Mac.
  15. Keep in mind that when you download the update, even if you're downloading 1.26, it says you're downloading 1.28. The naming of the file will stay the same, but the file size will be different (and that's how you can determine if you're downloading the right file or not). If you're getting a NW-31468-2 error, it might be because the PS4 can't connect you Charles properly. If you haven't already, try using an LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi. Close and reopen Charles if you have too. And about the region, use CUSA code to determine you're region. If it's CUSA01615, then it's Europe. The file after the file (whether it's 32 or 33) changes with every update. So because of 1.28, those file numbers might be different.