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  1. I don't remember exactly which reapers gave Dilatons, but I do know that Dilatons are exclusive to week 2, just in case if you wanted to check day-by-day and go through all of the blocked walls again. That being said, there's three dilatons you can get during Week 2 Day 3 (the Scramble Slam day). There's one for splitting up the team, and one for sticking together. But then there's another one for taking over 104 before Hikarie, after you claimed the Scramble area (basically guessing correctly where the other teams are meeting up).
  2. There's a limited amount of FP and you need to get all of them to unlock everything in the network. You'll have to do all side quests and get a gold rank on all of the dives to have enough points to unlock everything. This also includes the dive in Another Day.
  3. Yeah, the list is the same order as it is on PSN. The game does have option to replay chapters (just like the first game), so I'm pretty sure nothing should be missable.
  4. On a side note, carrying over your save from the demo does not auto-pop trophies. However, if you redo something related to a trophy, the trophy should pop up then. Simply mastering one pin also got me the trophy for mastering 10 pins, since I've already done that in the demo.
  5. Got the game early, so I thought I'd post the trophy list here. There's a total of 51 trophies: 1 1 9 40 This Trophy Ends with You - Collected all Graffiti. Survivor - Completed the Final Day of Week 1. Fortnight - Completed the Final Day of Week 2. Game Over - Completed the Final Day of Week 3. Bonus Round - Completed Another Day. Secret Sleuth - Collected all Secret Reports. Beginner's Luck - Won your first battle. Risk vs. Return - Won an 8-reduction chain battle. High-Stakes Hijinks - Won a 20-reduction chain battle. Killer Remix - Erased a group of Noise using a Killer Remix. In Perfect Sync - Landed enough Beatdrop Combos to boost your Groove above 200%. Hunter - Took down 1,500 enemies. Punisher - Took down 3,000 enemies. Silencer - Took down 6,000 enemies. Master of the Enemies - Took down every type of enemy. Noise Know-It-All - Collected 80% of all enemy dossiers. Valued Customer - Reached VIP Level 5 with a brand. Super Shopper - Reached VIP Level 5 with 8 brands. Favorite Customer - Reached VIP Level 5 with every brand. Fashionista - Purchased every type of fashion item. Full Tummy, Happy Heart - Exceeded 100% Fullness. Familiar Face - Became a restaurant regular. Gourmand About Town - Became a regular at 8 restaurants. Famous Foodie - Became a regular at every restaurant. Experimental Eater - Ordered one of every food item. Dress-Up Debut - Wore a full outfit. Brand Ambassador - Wore a full outfit using a single brand. Passion 4 Fashion - Wore a party's worth of full outfits. You Wear It Well - Unlocked all of a full outfit's abilities. Super Stylish - Wore a full outfit of clothing whose abilities all require over 100 Style. Made of Money - Possessed ¥999,999. All Grown Up - Reached Level 100. My First Pin - Mastered one type of pin. Ten Pin Master - Mastered 10 types of pins. Play to Pin - Mastered 30 types of pins. Pin Pincher - Mastered 50 types of pins. Pins Aplenty - Mastered 100 types of pins. Plethora of Pins - Mastered 200 types of pins. Pin Perfection - Mastered 300 types of pins. Full House - Equipped a 6-pin set. True Pinthusiast - Collected all pins. Viva la Evolution - Evolved a pin. No Music, No Life - Collected all CDs. Theraperfect - Earned gold medals in 15 Dive missions. Rise of the Pig King - Erased all Pig Noise. Photographic Memory - Completed all Remind images. Sultan of Slam - Earned all Scramble Slam rewards. City Walker - Visited all areas of Shibuya. Social Butterfly - Connected your entire social network. Skill Savvy - Collected all social network rewards. Bring the Noise! - Completed the Final Time Trial. It seems like this list covers everything that there is to the game, which is pretty neat. There's definitely a lot of redundant trophies though, like 10 pin-related trophies (7 of which are just for mastering them). Same goes for the trophies related to the number of defeated enemies, leveling up brands, becoming a restaurant regular, wearing outfits, etc. It could be pretty grindy if the drop-rate for some of the pins are rough or a whole lot of money-spending is needed to max out brands or restaurants. It doesn't look like it will be too long of a plat though, but it could still be a 50-60+ hour plat. I guess the difficulty of this plat is dependent on how hard the Dive missions or the Final Time Trial is. Some of the Secret Reports may have some challenging requirements, considering how it's the only gold trophy in the game.
  6. Aren't taxes 13% in Canada? For your cart, your 5 items have a subtotal of $58.18 and 13% taxes are $7.57, so the total is $65.75. Not sure if you live in a province where you're supposed to be getting 5% taxes on games. Here in Ontario, games have a 13% tax.
  7. The last announcement will probably be P6. It'll probably be a tease next year and probably won't come out until the end of this console generation, lol. A P3 and/or P4 remake with the dancing models would be pretty blessed. P4 can remain as the same game, but P3 should probably combine elements from FES and Portable. Controllable party members and being able to do the social links of all of your party members regardless of your gender is a necessity. It was kinda dumb how only the FeMC could do the social links with the male party members. That being said, the male party members basically replaced some of the social links from the male MC's side so if they don't want to remove some links, they'll need to do some arcana rearranging. Since this is a 25th anniversary celebration, I really hope they do something with P1 and P2 since they've never got any highlights since their PSP ports. A remake of P1 and the P2 duology with a social link integration would be crazy! And yeah, one of these has got to be P5 Arena. ArcSys needs to be on the developing team though, especially after them integrating rollback with Guilty Gear. A 3D ArcSys Persona fighting game with rollback is a godsend combination!
  8. The PS3 version of Minecraft is sitting at a 38% for me. Got the Plat before any of the DLCs were out. I'll go back to it... someday...
  9. Though even by Uchikoshi standards, AI underperformed in Japan. 999 had around 22k sales in its first week despite being a less marketable game than AI. AI's more lighthearted tone with mascot and idol characters should've made the game have a more broader appeal than Zero Escape in Japan, and even with that idol marketing, it didn't even come close to ZTD's 18k sales in its first week (which was the third game of a trilogy and barely marketed in Japan). 4k sales in its first week for AI is just depressingly low. That being said, you're right about Uchikoshi games depending on the western market for sales. After all, it's only really Spike Chunsoft's Uchikoshi games that get a simultaneous worldwide release. Not even Danganronpa gets that treatment, despite being the more popular franchise worldwide.
  10. This announcement is definitely a surprise, because I'm pretty sure the first game didn't sell very well, especially in Japan (only 4k copies sold in its first week, oof). But I'm super glad that it's a getting a sequel! The first game was excellent! I liked it almost as much as the Zero Escape trilogy (almost as good as 999 or VLR, but considerably better ZTD). The story did have pacing issues, and some jokes kinda dragged or ruined the mood occasionally, but the storytelling was truly amazing and the overall mystery is some of the best I've experienced in the visual novel medium. Reading the synopsis on Famitsu, it seems like the sequel also revolves around a murder mystery that relates to a case from six years ago, just like the first game's case. Uchikoshi must love the number six a lot, lol. Although I'll miss Date, Mizuki is an excellent choice for a new protagonist. And I'm glad to see Aiba back! Only thing I'm curious about is how Mizuki lost one of her eyes 😓
  11. Pretty excited for this Iki expansion! Still have yet to do a NG+ run in Tsushima, so now's the time I guess. A $20 USD updrade to the director's cut is reasonable, given the fact that the new expansion adds a new region to explore + new missions. The $10 USD upgrade from PS4 to PS5 is a bit rough. This is probably because the PS5 version of the DC will retail at $10 more than the PS4 version (so people won't buy the PS4 version of DC and get a free upgrade to PS5, skipping the PS5 version's price hike), but the fact that an updated version of a PS4 game is retailing at $70 USD is kinda a problem in and of itself.
  12. The Surge series is definitely worth checking out, especially the second game. Lords of the Fallen wasn't very good imo. Although I despised it, it seems like some people actually like it, so maybe you could give it a try.
  13. Nah, Black Water got an English release (a year after Japan iirc). However, Black Water was only on the Wii U, so not a lot of people got to play the game. Yeah, bless Tempus and all of the other people that took the time to make an English TL patch.
  14. A lot of people say Fatal Frame 4 was better, but unfortunately, it never came out outside of Japan. But the second game is definitely most people's favorite when excluding the fourth game.
  15. Not the best Fatal Frame IMO, but I'll take it. Hopefully it does well enough for Tecmo to consider localizing Fatal Frame 4.