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  1. Hi, how are you? Can you help me with a problem installing the Comrades expansion in Final Fantasy XV? When I try to download the update, error CE 40851-8 occurs, do you know what I can do?

  2. This announcement actually made me lose my mind! I can't believe the countdown actually revealed something we actually wanted to see, lol. Aliasing aside, this looks phenomenal. It's exactly what I imagined a 3D TWEWY game would look like. And my man Minamimoto is looking so zetta cool!! I'll probably double dip for this game, since I'd like to have a PS4 copy for the trophies, but also a Switch version to compliment the Switch port of the first game.
  3. Every line of dialogue is voiced in this game.
  4. I've actually never realized that this information wasn't already on the OP. Thanks for notifying me about this; it'll be updated in a minute.
  5. The NA and JP versions of the game share the trophy list. Pretty sure if it was just NA only, the rarity would've been similar to the EU list. But JP players tend to be better than NA and EU players, especially for a Japanese game like Catherine, hence causing the rarity difference.
  6. The concept of World Tendencies is pretty simple, but knowing what items and events are exclusive to what tendency can be kinda confusing. I'm glad that they kept the WTs because it made the levels feel more alive and dynamic. I'm glad that they're changing the UI so you can tell exactly what the WT is in a level. I always found the original game's UI to be confusing. I'd have two different worlds at PBWT, yet one would look slightly more darker than the other because the archstones in the UI would have their own individual lighting depending on how close are far away they are on the picture. Because of that, I'd always mix up the last two BWTs and end up wasting another Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
  7. I'd also love it if I can go down ladders faster than a snail.
  8. True, I guess full playthroughs aren't required. But still, huge chunks of the game will still need to be replayed, so it should be a 100-150 hour plat. That being said, I wonder how the endings are tracked. If they all need to be done on the same save file, it would be rough.
  9. Obligatory trophy list discussion thread. It'll be a pretty time-consuming list as you'll need to get all endings and there's six of them. There's one ending that can be determined with something you do near the end of the game, but the other endings are determined through choices you make throughout the game iirc. Therefore, at least 5 playthroughs will be required. 100% compendium required and all magatama need to be maxed out for another trophy. And then there's the silver trophy for finishing on hard (should be a gold trophy). For people who've been playing Hardtype, this will seem trivial. But for people who haven't played SMT3, it'll take some time getting used too. Though people have broken the game inside out and you can find some great guides out there.
  10. Went from LV 35 (3%) to LV 464 (73%). Only half of my friends list has their level updates, so I guess not everyone will receive the change simultaneously.
  11. It's Bend Studio that made the game, not ND
  12. To be exact, you'll need to do at least 55 of the main/sub-missions (excluding the blue online missions and dojo missions) in order to unlock the DLC in DotD. I believe the requirement was only 29 missions in DotSt As for the difficulty of DotD, I thought it was okay, though the tankiness of the bosses were kinda annoying. They did make for some tense moments though. Having fights go on for 10+ mins makes the final moments of the fight tense. I had an unoptimized sword build and I don't really use any of the active skills as I kinda play Nioh as I'd play any other souls-like. I know that's not the true way of playing the game, but I just got to my play style. When I played Nioh 1, I didn't even know that there was a skill tree until I was almost done the main game. And by that point, I already got used to playing the game without any active skills. And honestly, the skill tree's overwhelming! I have no idea what skills work best for what playstyles 😓 Yoshitsune was a hella long fight (took around 15-20 mins for a full attempt) thanks to his tankiness and the fact that he moves around too much. But the one boss that pissed the living shit outta me was Nue. There's that one counterable attack he does where he jumps at you from a wall. Even if I successfully burst counter the attack, the lightning strikes still killed me. It's almost like the game's punishing players for successfully timing their counters, lol. I was stuck with that boss for almost an hour and it's probably the only Yokai boss I didn't have fun with in DotD.
  13. Dante being DLC is a bit of a bummer, but it's expected. Atlus needs to recover the licensing cost for the character in some way. And it's not like as if it's content that was cut out from the base game, as the remaster is only for the version with Raidou in it, instead of Dante.
  14. Sigh, now I gotta delete a crap ton of games to get this 77 GB game reinstalled. Can't say I'm excited about the new trophies though. Story-driven games like TLOU don't really have the best replay value. And the game's poor pacing and bloated length made it a drag to play through the first time around. Can't wait for another playthrough or two of collecting materials and walking point A to B for 70% of the time, wooo
  15. If it's actually a GaaS game, then I couldn't care less about the game.