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  1. Pfft, silly me! I don't even know why I didn't even consider that. 😰
  2. They're primarily visual novels, so it's mainly just reading. It does have a point-and-click like nature. I'd say they're just as gameplay heavy as a Telltale game. Personally, I found V3 to be the best entry in the series. Realized that this is supposed to be the play order
  3. Looks really good (and I guess it encouraged me to give the RDR1 a try before this one comes out.
  4. Never played any of these Tomb Raider games despite getting them. Idk, they all kinda look the same to me. If anything, RotTR looks a bit visually better (or I could be wrong).
  5. HELL ON EARTH!! Love how they're making the sequel a parallel of the original Doom II And that Mick Gordon music was top-notch!
  6. The way he screamed when he lost his arm, it has to be JYB
  7. I have to preorder this!! I've been waiting years for a true DMC sequel!! Short-haired Nero, old man Dante!!!
  8. Three game deal is probably Bloodborne, Bloodborne II, and Bloodborne III or something The game looks cool though. Not really Souls-esque, but still really cool. It resembles Nioh more than anything.
  9. Lol, still coming out on Xbox. Watch it only sells like 10,000 on that platform
  10. Well, it's free so I got nothing to lose here.
  11. Those Walmart Canada leaks are becoming more and more plausible. First Rage 2, then AC, and now this. Gears 5, New Splinter Cell, Dragon Quest 2, and Borderlands 3 might get a reveal this E3. Haven't played JC3 yet, but wasn't it a disappointment or something? I know it was a technical disaster on consoles.
  12. Looks like they've learned their lesson of not releasing the game in an episodic manner. The previous game went under the radar for most people because of that reason.
  13. Lol, and I imported the JP PS3 version not too long ago. Oh well, I'll have two plats to work on now
  14. If the artbook wasn't digital, I would've gotten the collector's edition. The figurine is pretty cool though, for those who are interested.
  15. As other have said, side VNs like these rarely get localized.