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  1. It's Jedi Academy that's on sale, not Fallen Order.
  2. Damn, that cuts roughly 15-20 hours worth of grinding! It doesn't really bother me personally since it's been a while since I platted this game, but for those who have just finished grinding 20 million zeni recently, it'll be a pretty big oof for them 😅
  3. Yeah, that's what I did and it saved my progress and the accessory.
  4. What I did was constantly defeat the Onryoki in the mission "Greater Demon Hunting" in the Kinki region. If you can make your way to Way of the Demon and do the grind there, I think you could get around 10 million amrita per run (I could be wrong tho). If you're not strong enough to grind in WotD, you can try it on Way of the Strong until you're strong enough. I recommend doing this all the way to Way of the Nioh difficulty, where you'll get 1.5 billion amrita per run and get some nice gear drops.
  5. It's fine. Sekiro plays a lot differently than most souls-like games. Even if one were to have experience with the genre, they'd still have to accustom themselves to parrying instead of blocking/dodging.
  6. Ammo isn't an issue when you can pick up a weapon, drop it, pick up the same weapon somewhere else in the area, and go back to pick up the first weapon. If your doing this for an AK-47 for example, you'll be picking up approximately 60 + 60 ammo, instead of 60 + 2-3. It makes the whole ammo issue trivialized. The real issue is when they give you a checkpoint where your exposed in front of enemies and you have to pray to the RNG gods that within your 40th attempt, you'll be able to get to cover safely and actually continue playing the game again. Moments like these are when you can tell that Brutal difficulty wasn't play-tested.
  7. I hope people try out Brutal difficulty without any tweaks first though. I know the difficulty gets hated on, but I find it to be pretty satisfying. But if you really want to use the tweaks, then that's fine. The limited amount isn't an issue if you know how to maximize the ammo you get (pick up the gun you want, drop it, pick up a different drop of the same weapon, then go back and pick up the first weapon). If you do that with a pistol for example, you'll get 32 + 32 ammo, rather than 32 + 1-2 ammo. That being said, Brutal mode is cheap at some moments. There's a lot of moments where the checkpoint reloads and you die instantly without getting the chance to take cover. But even if you use the tweaks, that'll still happen regardless.
  8. Damn, either the Switch version will be heavily downgraded, or it'll turn the console into a pile of burnt metal.
  9. I never really found the whole ammo thing to be an issue. Since each weapon has its use against certain demons, there was a lot of weapon switching around. Because of that, ammo never ran out too quickly because I was using a bit of everything each time. And when it is close to running out, there's fodder demons walking around almost everywhere that can be chainsawed. The limited ammo kinda forces the player to constantly switch weapons if they don't want to run out on a certain type of ammo. It makes Eternal more of a management game than its predecessor. I can understand why people won't like this new mechanic, but personally, the 2016 game now feels mindless and simplistic compared to Eternal. I don't mind the platforming stuff either. That short break is always welcome, and it makes the action much more rewarding. The underwater controls were ass though. Luckily, they were only really present in one mission.
  10. #125 & Trophy #6000 - Super Meat Boy! It's actually been a couple of weeks since I got this platinum, but now that I'm off that adrenaline rush I got from platting it, I think I can talk about this game now without losing my sanity, lol. After platting this game, I immediately deleted the game because I thought that I never want to play this game ever again. Just that game icon of Meat Boy smiling with a missing tooth pissed me off. But during the last couple of weeks, I ended up reinstalling the game since I'm still craving for it. SMB plays and looks like a polished flash game, and I get this weird sense of nostalgia whenever I play the game. It reminds me of the times when I used to play flash games on my PC as a kid. And looking back at this game now, I can easily say that it's one of my favorite platformers. I had this game in my library for years now, ever since it was free on PS Plus. It looked like a fun game, but I chickened out from trying it out because I knew 100% that I can't plat this game. Since the beginning of 2019, I was planning on starting the game as part of my 2020 New Year's resolution (ended up starting the game two days before 2020 though, lol). I wasn't expecting myself to actually plat the game, nor did I need to, because my completion rate isn't anything impressive to begin with. I was fine with leaving the game incomplete, I just wanted try the game out. Once I got 106% in the game, all I had left to do was the no-death runs. I didn't want to start from the easiest run and make my way to the hardest. I'd be pretty cheesed if I spend weeks getting most of the no-death runs done, only for me to give up on the hardest one because it's just too much for me. So I started with the hardest one, Impossible Boy. I told myself that I don't see any improvements in a week, I'll drop out from this game. Yet for weeks, I was half-assing this game. I'd come online every other day, play for 10 mins and then turn off the game, telling myself "Meh, I'm too tired to play today". I was pretty much using excuses to convince myself that "today's not the day". Five weeks later, I suddenly realized that I'm going absolutely nowhere from doing this. I didn't want to quit the game because I haven't played enough to determine whether or not I have it in me to plat this game. At the same time, I'm choosing not to play enough to determine whether or not I can do this. I believe it largely has to do with the fact that I was 99% certain that I can't get the trophy and playing any more of this game would be a waste of time. However, during these weeks, I wasn't playing any other game. Every time I'd turn on my PS4, I'd always start up SMB because that 1% inside of me believes that with enough dedication, it's doable. However, because I always called it quits within 10 mins, I ended up barely playing anything during those weeks. So one day I decided to play a good couple of hours in one sitting and I’ve gotten a 12/20 levels no-death run, which was much higher than my usual 5-6/20 levels. That’s when I realized that if I play the game regularly, only then will I see some progress. So I dedicated several hours each day, and after a week of torture, I finally got that no-death run done. Though before I got it done, on the same day, I had a run where I died at the last level and that hurt my soul. I even ended up calling it quits and closed the application. But then I decided relaunch the game and give a couple of more tries. Shockingly, the first attempt I did after relaunching the game was the run that netted me the trophy. I’ll post the run here: It was pretty neat that the first run I did after relaunching the game was the run I got. I always did 7-19x first because every time I tried that level, it takes me a couple of deaths to relearn what the pace of the jumps are supposed to be at the end. As you can see in the video, it took me two deaths until I finally got it right. My run order was 19-20, 16, 9-11, 6, 1-2, 13-15, 7-8, 12, 3-5, 17-18. I nearly died at a couple of spots though 😅. At 1:46, I was a pixel off from death. Luckily, even if I died, it was just the beginning of the run. At 6:08, I started panicking because I thought I got the timing wrong. It was actually okay, but because of me pausing so much, I messed up and had to back out and retry. If I died during the retry, I'd be pissed at myself for pausing so much in the previous attempt. At 8:17, I had to pause and wipe the sweat off my d-pad. It felt way too slippery 😂. I kept the 18th level for last in my run. For that level, I use a tactic that a lot of people use, which is cluttering all of the “oob” enemies together, then flinging them out of the map. In the video I posted, I do it at around 11:33 in the video. If done correctly, they won’t be able to come within your proximity in time and you can just wait it out and finish the level. When I got to the part where all I have to do is wait it out, my heart was beating like crazy! I had conflicting thoughts going through my mind, like “Is this finally the run?”, “Did I fling them out of the area properly?”, “Aren’t they coming back a bit faster than usual?”, “Did I forget to do a level?”, etc. My thumb was shaking like crazy while resting on the D-pad and I was worried that I’d screw up something minor and maybe accidentally fall off at the end or something like that. But when the trophy popped, my god, that adrenaline rush I felt, I can’t compare it to anything else. I actually got all teary-eyed when I realized that those six weeks that I spent on this (even if five of those weeks were half-assed) finally payed off. Even if I wasn’t playing the game regularly, the Impossible Boy trophy was always on my mind. The fact that I don’t ever have to touch those same 20 levels ever again truly made me cry tears of joy. My blood was probably rushing to my head that entire night, lol. No matter what I’ll be playing in the near future, I pretty sure I’ll never feel that same rush again, because I’ll never play a game harder than this, LOL. Though I don’t mind trying out other hard games, but anything harder than SMB (stuff like Necrodancer) is a big no-no. As much as I love feeling that rush, the weeks up buildup to it was immensely stressful. I’m pretty sure I even put my university courses I was taking on the line for this. Luckily it was easy to get good marks out of those courses because it transitioned to online courses due to the whole COVID-19 situation. Since I got the hardest no-death run out of the way, everything else felt like child’s play. Well, they weren’t all that easy, but I wasn’t stressing about them at all. If I lost a good run, I’d just laugh about it, or watch my Impossible Boy run to reinvigorate myself with hope. If I were to rate the no-death run difficulty for each world and how long it took me to get them done, I’d say: Wood Boy – 3/10 – 10 mins Squirrel Boy – 4/10 – 30 mins Needle Boy – 3.5/10 – 20 mins Blood Clot Boy – 5/10 – 1 hour Salt Boy – 4/10 – 40 mins Missile Boy – 7/10 – 3 hours Brimstone Boy – 4.5/10 – 1 hour Demon Boy – 7.5/10 – 4-5 hours Maggot Boy – 5/10 – 1 hour Zombie Boy – 9/10 – 12-15 hours (had to relearn how to use The Kid and Ogmo properly) Girl Boy – 8.5/10 – 4-5 hours (it’s mostly an easier version of Impossible Boy, so it was a quick one) Impossible Boy – 10/10 – 50-55 hours I actually ended up leaving Wood Boy for later, since I wanted to make SMB my 125th plat and 6000th overall trophy. I was 13 plats and 391 trophies behind, so I looked for 13 games from my library that gives me exactly 391 trophies and I was lucky enough to find those 13 games 😅. And all of them were really quick plats too! I questioned why I bought some of them (must’ve been dirt cheap or something), but a couple of those games were actually quite good. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince and Minit were great games, and Ovivo, Icey, Full Throttle Remastered, and Donut County were quite alright. At least I got rid of some games off my backlog. Once I platted those 13 games, I was left with 124 plats and 5998 trophies. Wood Boy was my 5999th trophy and the plat was my 6000th. In the end, all I can say about this platinum is that the hardest thing about it was the thought of not being able to plat it. With enough determination, it’s a platinum that many people can get. The skills you need will be earned by just playing through the game normally. If you can 100% the game, then you're skillful enough to do the no-death runs. Besides, it’s more about muscle-memory than anything, so it’s all about just practicing and doing the same levels over and over again until you can do them consistently. It can get pretty monotonous, and coming close to the end of a run can be extremely stressful. But that adrenaline rush you feel at the end of a run makes it all worth it. I probably put around 200 hours into this game and the fact that I still find myself coming back to this game just shows how addicting I find it to be! Out of all of the precision platformers out there, this is truly among the top. On a side note, the upcoming sequel (SMB Forever) looks pretty bad. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to turn a precision platformer into an "endless" runner-like game. It's not really endless, but just like those games, all you do it press the jump button; the character runs for you. Also, I thought I didn't have much to say, but clearly I underestimated how much I had to say about my experience. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 10/10
  11. Looks like it's wearing overalls
  12. Doesn't PSNProfiles also have in issue where it's not tracking all of its 4.3 million users anymore? More info on this topic here: Though there's no saying that more tracked players will change the rarity. But a smaller sample size does make the rarity easy to influence.
  13. It largely has to do with the fact that Souls-like games don't attract a lot of casual players. Those that get into these games know that they're gonna go through, hence less people dropping the game. Those that play and like these types of games mainly like it because of the challenge, therefore they want to make sure that they experience everything from the game. They would naturally want to defeat all bosses and collect all weapons, which is basically all you need to do to get Bloodborne's plat. I have friends that aren't trophy hunters at all, yet they got the Bloodborne plat by playing through the game naturally.
  14. Agreed, Eternal's much harder than its predecessor. But I guess it's also what makes the combat so much more satisfying too. They give a huge arsenal to play with and get creative with, and I think it balances the fights quite a bit. The Flame Belch saved my ass quite a bit. If I find a group of 2-3 demons and burn them, then throw a frag at them, it gives me almost all my armor back. It made me prioritize my armor over health, since normal kills give me a decent amount of health back anyways. And for the Marauders, I found the Ballista to be the perfect weapon. Whenever he charges at you and his eyes turn green, you can get two Ballista hits on him before he recovers. It takes roughly 6 shots to kill him, though I always leave him at the end so I don't need to focus much on my surroundings. I despise the Arch-viles though. They serves as a buff totem, while being super tanky in health. Plus their fire shield is annoying. And since all of the enemies have a red aura around them, it's hard to find the Arch-vile in the area. The first fight they were introduced in, the game doesn't mention anything about them until they're killed. I spent a good 30-40 mins killing the constantly respawning enemies while looking around for a buff totem (thinking that that's what's respawning the enemies). When I found out that all I needed to do was kill that one guy with the fire shield, I was kinda pissed that the tutorial for the Arch-vile didn't pop up before the fight started. The game constantly spoils demon reveals by having their tutorial and tips pop up right before the actual demon appears. It's strange that they didn't do that for the one enemy that requires it.
  15. Got Impossible Boy done last night. It was my first Iron Man run, so I legit felt like I was gonna faint from the tension when I was about to finish the run. I already ruined a 19/20 run that same day, so when I got to the final level again, my hands were shaking like crazy. The last level in my run was 7-18x (the one with the oobs). After getting rid of the oobs and getting the key, that 30 second wait till the end had my heart beating like crazy. Damn, what a rush tho! It's been about 6 weeks since I got the 100% trophy. Since then, I was sorta practicing with Impossible Boy, but I also sorta wasn't. Every other day, I'd play for like 10 mins and tell myself "yeah, that's good enough for today". And I wouldn't play any other game until I had it done. It wasn't until last week that I realized that playing the game this half-assed would get me nowhere, so the last couple of days, I've been putting around 8-10 hours per day. In total, I think it took 50-60 hours of play time to get the trophy, but in the end, it was worth it. I don't think I'll ever get that same adrenaline rush from a game again (unless if I actively try to go for a platinum harder than this, which I don't think I will). This was the run I got (run starts a min into the vid). If you see a lot of pausing and/or me moving around weirdly on the overmap, it's because I was wiping the sweat off my controller 😅: The order was: 19-20, 16, 9-11, 6, 1-2, 13-15, 7-8, 12, 3-5, 17-18. 7-6x and 7-11x were originally later in the runs, but they killed my runs quite a lot, so I had no other option but to bump them up. Also, I originally closed the game because 7-19x got bugged and it was closing up earlier than it should. I was about to relaunch the game, but I felt too tired to play anymore that day. I was about to take a break, but I still decided to give it a couple more tries. The first run I had after relaunching the game was the run that got me the trophy. Thank god I didn't take that rest, lol! I guess I'll also list some of the strats I have for some of these levels. These aren't necessarily the best way to do them, but I found them to be the most reliable ways to me. I'm pretty bad at explaining stuff through words, so apologies beforehand. 7-1x to 7-6x 7-7x 7-13x 7-14x 7-20x But yeah, can't believe I actually got this done. Now that I got the hardest done, I can almost certainly get the plat. I'm feeling much more motivated than usual! I guess that's also why I decided to start with the hardest too. I still have some really hard trophies to go through, but I think this newly-found confidence can push me through the rest of this game.