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  1. It comes with the Deluxe edition of New Dawn, plus the Gold edition of Far Cry 5, which includes all of it's DLCs. At $38.99, it's a damn good price.
  2. Content wise, this feels like a proper full-fledged came. It's definitely a complete experience. However I will say that the game is a bit buggy. Not much is gameplay intrusive, but you might see some wonky animation transitions here or there. I think the main issue I'm having is that the loading times can be a bit too long at times. Hopefully they fix that later.
  3. Most reviews I've checked stated that it's around 20 hours if you main focus on the story stuff. 6-10 hours for those that played Story difficulty. Those that play on Jedi master or Grandmaster difficulty might take around 25-30 hours
  4. Played a bit of it and I'm absolutely loving it! The combat is fun and very souls-like. Or I guess more Sekiro-like. Playing it on Jedi Grand Master difficulty (which i believe is the hardest one, assuming no new difficulties get unlocked after beating the game) and I love how they didn't make the enemies have sponge-like health bar. You do the same amount of damage, but they do more than usual. Plus your parry window is significantly shortened, but it feels pretty reasonable. I'm actually surprised with how many Sekiro-like mechanics there are. Combat requires uses of dodges, blocks and parries. Deplete an enemies posture stamina and you get to do a finishing blow on them. There's idol/shrine substitues where you rest and use skill points to buy new skills. If you die, you lose your XP but you can recover it by killing the enemy that took it. I'm not too sure about some of the mechanics since I'm still early on, but it feels nice when playing. The Uncharted-like scripted segments to a good job in creating cinematic moments without making the controls away from the character. I want this game to sell like crazy and let EA know that they're is a market for single-player games and they don't need to put their crappy monetization all over it. It's not gonna stop them from releasing their yearly sports games with dem "surprise mechanics", but if we can get good single-player games from them too, then I'll be glad. It's the first EA game I've picked up in 6 years and hopefully it doesn't take another 6 years for them to push out something good again.
  5. I never understand why people would boycott this only because it's EA. If this game turns out to be good and if there's no off-putting business practices added later on, then it deserves the sales. Because if it doesn't earn enough revenue, then what's stopping EA from giving up on single-player, microtransaction-less games? It may take many games for the publishers to redeem themselves, but they won't push out more quality stuff if their previous quality stuff doesn't sell well. I'll wait until reviews are out to decide on whether I wanna pick this up or not. Based on Respawn's track record and how the gameplay looks, the game can turn out to be good.
  6. Damn, literally playing Nioh right now and slowly making my way to 100%. Starting to do some of the WotD missions, but I should really spend the time grinding because everything that breathes one-shots me. Though I guess I am 300 levels behind the recommended, but that's my fault for completely rushing through WotS. If you're into souls-like, then I highly recommend it. Personally, I find it harder than all of the FromSoft souls-likes. From the looks of it, it's pretty easy to become broken and OP, but I'm too lazy to search up the builds for it
  7. I don't mind getting rid of the navigator lines trophy, but this list seems a bit too simplified. No maxing of all confidants, no 100% persona compendium, no secret boss, no read all books, play all games, etc. Hell, not even a trophy for clearing the new dungeon that'll be added in Royal too. And here I was hoping for a trophy for merciless difficulty, lol. But what bugs me the most is the trophy list picture. It kinda looks, idk, lazy?
  8. Hitman 2 for sure. Accidentally missed out on it during its last sale. And I think it's actually a bit cheaper now too.
  9. True, PS Plus does add up a lot. I was just looking at Sony first-party titles and their attach rates with the PS4 being not as high as something like the Switch. But the membership cost probably makes up for that.
  10. 99% sure it'll be USD $499. Considering the specs, $399 is too cheap. Unlike Nintendo, Sony can't afford selling consoles at a loss or minimal profit because they can't depend on the sales of first party games like Nintendo. Also, there's no way they're making the $599 mistake again.
  11. Yeah, they said that the list should be publically visible within 24 hours.
  12. Literally was about to post this same topic, lol. I've sent Spike an email and idk how long it'll take to get a response. Kinda held off from playing this game until I can see the trophy list and requirements so I won't miss out on anything.
  13. So for the two good endings, one requires you to do none of the Eos vestiges and one requires you to do some or all of the Eos vestiges? I already did Eos II and III (I is given automatically I believe), so I'm locked out of one of the endings I'm assuming.
  14. Yeah, it's a lot more doable now.
  15. I'll try to keep an eye out for them. I guess I already missed one from the second Somnium then, but I'll tinker around with the interactive stuff a bit more and see what unlocks what. Also, really loving this game so far. The writing, especially the humor, is fantastic. From the looks of all the promo art, I thought Date was gonna be a more stoic character. Turns out he's one of the funniest characters I've seen in a long time