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  1. For the Metatron grind, I used Thor's Wild Thunder skill (severe elec), with Elec Boost (25% extra damage), Elec Amp (50% extra damage), and Spell Master (SP costs are half). An entire run (accept request, defeat Metatron, submit request) would take me around 1 min and 45 secs. Here's how I made the Thor build: Get Alice to level 90 to learn Spell Master. Fuse her with Cerberus to get Mot. Fuse Mot with Abaddon to get Trumpeter. Now you should have a Trumpeter with Spell Master. Fuse Raja Naga (who has Elec Boost) with either Silky, Kikuri-Hime, or Sarasvati and you'll get Nebiros. Now you should have a Nebiros with Elec Boost. Fuse Trumpeter and Nebiros (and carry over Spell Master and Elec Boost), and you'll have the Thor you need. Level him up to 78 to learn Wild Thunder and Elec Amp and you're good to go. If you've done all requests, you may already have an Elec Boost skill card. If so, then you won't need to bother with carrying over Raja Naga's Elec Boost. When using Thor, simply spam Wild Thunder and don't bother with 1 More attack. Since Wild Thunder has a wide range, you don't need to move very often either. You can choose to do All out Attacks when you get the option, but simply spamming Wild Thunder is about as fast too (I think).
  2. Crazy month for those that don't own FF7R! Even if you don't get the free PS5 upgrade, getting a GOTY nominee within a year of its release is pretty wild. Especially considering FF7R hasn't gotten a really good sale yet. Only game I don't own from the list is Maquette, and it seems like I'll need to wait until I have a PS5 in order to play that. Bummer, but it is what it is.
  3. Everything was wonderful and I was totally in blissful fanboy territory...until I saw Weiss. I can handle some references to Deepground, and I don't mind it making an appearance either. But having Weiss appearing means that they're fully embracing Dirge of Cerberus. Let's be real, no one like FF7 DC at all. It's like that one child that gets kicked out of the house once they turned 18. I'm fine with Advent Children, and I can somewhat tolerate Crisis Core (mainly only Zack tho), but Dirge of Cerberus is a big no. I just hope I don't have to see Genesis in the remake in any shape or form either... That being said, having to deal with Weiss is a lot more appealing than coming anywhere near that First Soldier game. I can't believe I actually thought that trademark was hinting a Sephiroth spin-off...
  4. Super excited for this! I've only played Sigma 1, but I really liked it. Can't wait to finally experience the whole trilogy!
  5. The fan-translations for DGS 2 is taking really long, so I'm glad that it's officially getting localized. It's about damn time!! Though this was pretty much confirmed due to the Capcom leaks, it's nice to see more confirmations. Calling Sherlock Holmes, "Herlock Sholmes" is gonna take forever to get used too... 😓
  6. If you liked Danganronpa, then there's a high chance that you'll like the Zero Escape series. Both have a similar killing game concept, though Zero Escape has a more "escape room" premise. Zero Escape's a lot more bleaker in tone too. And if you end up liking Zero Escape, you can try out the director's other work, AI: The Somnium Files. And if you liked 428, I wholeheartedly recommend 13 Sentinels. Just like 428, you play as multiple different characters and have the option to tackle the characters' stories in your own order. 13 Sentinels is a lot more non-linear in structure, and it can get pretty confusing with the sheer amount of plot points you'll get thrown at you simultaneously, but piecing together the story is part of the fun. And because of its brisk pacing, there's always something important going on in every moment.
  7. No, you won't be able to access that dead end anymore, as the next time you continue Juro, you'll be starting a different branch. Not that it matters, as it's just a dead end and there's nothing you're really missing out. You'll still get the 100% completion for him, since the next time you unlock Juro, the dead ends will automatically fill up their empty spots.
  8. My total playtime is 2688, which is significantly more than I was expecting... especially since I had some long breaks off of gaming last year. I guess I underestimated my COVID summer time
  9. Hi, how are you? Can you help me with a problem installing the Comrades expansion in Final Fantasy XV? When I try to download the update, error CE 40851-8 occurs, do you know what I can do?

  10. This announcement actually made me lose my mind! I can't believe the countdown actually revealed something we actually wanted to see, lol. Aliasing aside, this looks phenomenal. It's exactly what I imagined a 3D TWEWY game would look like. And my man Minamimoto is looking so zetta cool!! I'll probably double dip for this game, since I'd like to have a PS4 copy for the trophies, but also a Switch version to compliment the Switch port of the first game.
  11. Every line of dialogue is voiced in this game.
  12. I've actually never realized that this information wasn't already on the OP. Thanks for notifying me about this; it'll be updated in a minute.
  13. The NA and JP versions of the game share the trophy list. Pretty sure if it was just NA only, the rarity would've been similar to the EU list. But JP players tend to be better than NA and EU players, especially for a Japanese game like Catherine, hence causing the rarity difference.
  14. The concept of World Tendencies is pretty simple, but knowing what items and events are exclusive to what tendency can be kinda confusing. I'm glad that they kept the WTs because it made the levels feel more alive and dynamic. I'm glad that they're changing the UI so you can tell exactly what the WT is in a level. I always found the original game's UI to be confusing. I'd have two different worlds at PBWT, yet one would look slightly more darker than the other because the archstones in the UI would have their own individual lighting depending on how close are far away they are on the picture. Because of that, I'd always mix up the last two BWTs and end up wasting another Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
  15. I'd also love it if I can go down ladders faster than a snail.