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  1. Never played Revolution, and I'm sure it's a disappointing game and all, but I think calling it 'poisonous' to the franchise moving forward is a bit of a stretch. It's just a spin-off, and the game didn't sell nearly as well as the other games. Not to mention that Chronicles 4 is coming out this year, and it looks much more similar to the original series than the spin-off.
  2. If you ever get the chance, do read the manga, since the anime ends early and doesn't adapt the most hype sports match you'll ever see
  3. Considering how the game has a Hong Kong cinematic sense to it, a live-action adaptation has no reasons as to why it should fail. And since Donnie Yen's in this, we should expect some nice action choreography.
  4. Oh well, this gives me more time to play its predecessor
  5. Knack... ITS A MASTERPIECE!!
  6. So far it's an okay game I guess. The combat's too simplistic as there's barely any combo moves. It makes the game feel even more repetitive than a standard musou game. The Gintama jokes and charm is what's keeping this game from being a bad one. Plus it's a visually pleasing game with well-done character models and animations, and the rendered maps from the anime is nice to play in (even if the maps are pretty small). The trophies aren't too hard, but I'm personally struggling with getting all the interloper bosses, lol. Isaburo, Jirocho and Nizou never appear for me Plus there's those Super Silver Orbs that I'll need to get (only at 61%) EDIT: Nvm, I got the interloper bosses after spending 7 hours of starting up and exiting Kabukicho mode.
  7. Wow, I'm so glad that the Danganronpa V3 guide has won first place! Hopefully this brings exposure not only to the guide, but also to the game itself since DRV3 is probably one of the hidden gems of the year! Thanks to @PixelatedPortal and @ManaFear for all the help! There were some really annoying RNG and grindy stuff we had to go through to make the guide feel as complete as possible. Luckily all of that has payed off! Congrats to all of the other winners, since their guides are absolutely outstanding! There were a lot of great guides this year, like Ys VIII, Yakuza Ishin, Yakuza 0 (which is helping me a lot since I started playing that recently), and so many more! Congrats to everyone for make such amazing guides this year! I also got to give a special thanks to @Dragon-Archon for going through our guide and reviewing it. Your help was greatly appreciated!
  8. Ugh yeah, those are heart-wrenching. And then there's this too:
  9. The game's developed by Tamsoft (same people who made some of the Hyperdimension Neptunia and Senran Kagura games). I'm pretty surprised that they never revealed the developers, considering how they're pretty popular in Japan.
  10. No, there's no tax.
  11. Same, I'm hoping for a digital release too. EDIT: It's on the Hong Kong PS Store for HK$479.00 I recommend getting it from the Thailand PS Store. It costs 2000 THB and you can buy a PSN card that's exactly that amount for like ~USD$60-65
  12. And there's probably gonna be another 'royal' edition once the 2018 DLCs come out. I still haven't started this game, but that's mainly because I lack the motivation to do so.
  13. Right! I had a feeling that it was Takasugi, but I also had a feeling that it looked like short-haired Zura from Benizakura. But he already has his icon with Elizabeth, plus the messier hair must mean that it's Takasugi. Too bad the Shinsengumi didn't get an icon :/
  14. So the Japanese version and Asian version will have the same trophy list then. Trophy icons are a bit disappointing. I can't tell who're the characters on the gold trophy icons though. One of them is Gin, but the other one? Oh well, I don't really like musou games, but it's Gintama, and anything with its characters and humor will get me automatically hyped. There's a couple of arcs I wished this game would've covered, like the Shinsengumi Crisis arc and Red Spider arc. And the Shinigami arc would've been nice too, since that's also a serious arc. And hopefully they add the Silver Soul arc as a DLC or something.
  15. # 80 - NieR: Automata Final Words Platinum Difficulty Rating: 2.5/10 Game Rating: 9.5/10 It’s actually been a week since I got the platinum for this game, but I’ll post my thoughts now I guess, lol. It’s definitely an outstanding game and possibly one of my all-time favorites. You truly need to play the game three times to see what the game is capable of. The first two playthrough are fairly different from one another, but the plotline remains the same. The third playthrough is a whole new game story-wise. Lol, you don't see the title credits of the game until you start the third playthrough. It's basically the game telling the player that "Everything you played until now was just the prologue. Here's the real game!". During the first two playthroughs, it was a pretty good game. Although the combat is easy and it feels like a button-masher, the action is satisfying enough for me to overlook that. The visual style during the combat makes all the fights feel engaging, even with the lack of difficulty. Plus new gameplay mechanics introduced in the second playthrough added more variety. The storytelling in the first two playthroughs were pretty good. It has an interesting premise of androids vs. robots. It brings up some really nice themes that added more complexity to the game. The story itself wasn’t anything too complex and the plot twists were generally quite predictable… …But the third playthrough, holy shit! Its sense of tension and its overall change in tone makes it a brilliantly well-written part. It was the moment when I truly started caring about the characters and how they change throughout the story. 9S might be one of my favorite characters from this generation, lol. Although it’s not heavy on plot-twists or anything (as I think the heavy doses of foreshadowing really ruins some of the surprises), but it was filled with shocking and tense moments. It was also very uncomforting to play through, since the overall tone was just so bleak and depressing. I also liked some of the side-quests and the themes they bring up. And there’s a lot of side-quests that add more to the world-building in the game. And some of them even foreshadow later events in the game. The ending for Route C/D left me in an emotional wreck, but the true ending was much more happier than I thought it would be, lol. I played the game while switching back and forth between the English and Japanese voice acting. Both were done absolutely brilliantly. 9S’s Japanese and English voice actors are absolutely brilliant during the third playthrough. And the soundtrack in this game is breathtaking. The world-building and atmosphere is also very well done. I even liked how meta the game was at times. The true ending was meta as hell, but it works so well. Ugh, there’s just too many good things to say about this game. Platinum difficulty wise, it’s really easy. It’s a bit time-consuming though, with all of the material grinding necessary to max out all weapons and pods. I tried going for 100% unit data, but gave up at 99%. The Enhanced Linked Sphere (Thorn) just never spawned for me. After two hours of reloading my save file and waiting for it to spawn, I basically gave up. Also, I just feel like linking my five favorite OSTs from the game. If I linked everything OST I liked from the game, then I would need to link the entire soundtrack.