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  1. It's Bend Studio that made the game, not ND
  2. To be exact, you'll need to do at least 55 of the main/sub-missions (excluding the blue online missions and dojo missions) in order to unlock the DLC in DotD. I believe the requirement was only 29 missions in DotSt As for the difficulty of DotD, I thought it was okay, though the tankiness of the bosses were kinda annoying. They did make for some tense moments though. Having fights go on for 10+ mins makes the final moments of the fight tense. I had an unoptimized sword build and I don't really use any of the active skills as I kinda play Nioh as I'd play any other souls-like. I know that's not the true way of playing the game, but I just got to my play style. When I played Nioh 1, I didn't even know that there was a skill tree until I was almost done the main game. And by that point, I already got used to playing the game without any active skills. And honestly, the skill tree's overwhelming! I have no idea what skills work best for what playstyles 😓 Yoshitsune was a hella long fight (took around 15-20 mins for a full attempt) thanks to his tankiness and the fact that he moves around too much. But the one boss that pissed the living shit outta me was Nue. There's that one counterable attack he does where he jumps at you from a wall. Even if I successfully burst counter the attack, the lightning strikes still killed me. It's almost like the game's punishing players for successfully timing their counters, lol. I was stuck with that boss for almost an hour and it's probably the only Yokai boss I didn't have fun with in DotD.
  3. Dante being DLC is a bit of a bummer, but it's expected. Atlus needs to recover the licensing cost for the character in some way. And it's not like as if it's content that was cut out from the base game, as the remaster is only for the version with Raidou in it, instead of Dante.
  4. Sigh, now I gotta delete a crap ton of games to get this 77 GB game reinstalled. Can't say I'm excited about the new trophies though. Story-driven games like TLOU don't really have the best replay value. And the game's poor pacing and bloated length made it a drag to play through the first time around. Can't wait for another playthrough or two of collecting materials and walking point A to B for 70% of the time, wooo
  5. If it's actually a GaaS game, then I couldn't care less about the game.
  6. Just so you know, Crystar's user score used to be 6.7, but got inflated to a 9.5 because this one dude on ResetEra made a bunch of fake reviews. They also review-bombed AI: The Somnium Files, and although that got fixed up, Crystar's score hasn't been changed. The actual situation was hilarious. The post I linked basically went in-depth on what the user scores used to be vs. what they are now. The way they explained the situation kinda gave away who actually did all the review bombing
  7. The mission's level requirement is 120, which is around the same level the average player would be before starting NG+. I switched back to the gear I was using before starting up NG+ and it feels fine, difficulty wise. You can start up the DLC right after beating the main game and you won't feel like you're falling behind. There is a lot of divine gear drops in the DLC though.
  8. A boss rush mode sounds kinda crazy, but a bit exciting. I wonder if it's a boss rush for all mandatory bosses, or will it have Demon of Hatred and that hard-ass Owl fight included.
  9. DotD difficulty only for the DLC doesn't seem to bad. Though the DLC will most likely be harder than the main game anyways, so even if they asked for DotD for the main game, it would barely change the difficulty.
  10. Well, the trophy icons are about as lazy as it can get. After all, It is from the same devs at the Atelier series, and most of those games don't have very good trophy icons.
  11. Already own the MW2 Remaster, but I'm super ecstatic to see Fall Guys free at launch! The game basically looks like a cartoony, colorful take on Takeshi's Castle, and that's more than enough to have me hooked.
  12. I'm pretty sure the Moon Presence was designed to be easy since it takes place right after a boss fight (assuming you have to fight Gehrahm again if you die to the Moon Presence). Gehrahm's not hard, but I wouldn't call him terribly easy either. He's probably mid-level, but he does seem easy for a final boss. However, FromSoft's final bosses almost always tends to be easy in comparison to the other stuff in their games. I'd say Sekiro's the only FromSoft game that had a challenging final boss. And since you did the DLC (which arguably has some of the hardest bosses in FromSoft's history) Gehrahm will feel like an absolute breeze in comparison. I will say this, Gehrahm's still a really fun boss. His movesets and the boss arena design is what made the fight memorable for me. Hunter fights are when Bloodborne's at its peak, so it was nice that the game finishes off with a stylish Hunter fight.
  13. Have you tried using the Guiding Wind to see if you've got all of them or not?
  14. Idk if Spider-Man would be considered as a new IP or not, since that sold over 3 million in three days. That being said, Spider-Man's pretty much a brand and the fact that GoT came close to those numbers just shows how strong the pre-release hype for this game was. Sucker Punch deserves it though. They've departed from their cartoony/comic-book style to what is basically uncharted territory for them. And not only is the game something so different from what they've worked on before, but they have made what is arguably their best work yet.
  15. Yeah, it's definitely overpriced and it's kinda what Atlus' business model turned into. I'm pretty sure the fans themselves know that they're being nickel-and-dimed by Atlus (with especially with the amount of DLCs Persona 5 and those dancing spin-offs got), but they live it with it, myself included