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  1. Considering how many of them are lengthy JRPGs, I think I'll be good for the next couple of years or so I should clarify that I'm in Canada, so buying those games in the US would probably come up $50 less.
  2. A part of me is kinda happy that there's no new titles added to the Golden Week sale. I ended up spending $270 on the sale last week, mainly because I didn't have that many Vita titles. Now I need to stay away from buying games for a good month or so 😅 I'm still uncertain about the Utawarerumono games though. I might just wait until the first game gets localized here, then get the games.
  3. He's Akira in manga only. The game never chooses any names. Since the dancing spin-off games are made by Atlus, the name they choose is canon, so Amamiya Ren is the canon name. It's also the same name being used in the ongoing anime adaptation. I kinda like Ren as a name (mainly because in the anime, Ryuji calls the protagonist "Renren" for fun
  4. Might pick up Sonic Forces. It looks like trash, but the soundtrack for the game is amazing But yeah, hopefully the Golden Week sale is worthwhile.
  5. Good adaptation so far. I liked how they showed a bit of the WWIII aftermaths at the beginning of the episode. That nightmare scene with Okabe was a nice addition. Having some of the SOL stuff at the start ensures that it's not heavy on plot from the very beginning. and I loved how they played the VN OP at the end. Just waiting for next week for some good "Lintahlo" goodness. Gotta give Leskinen some good shamen girls
  6. Not the worst, but not particularly great either. FFVI's really low, no TWEWY, Chrono Trigger's top 10 material, has MGS 1-3, but no 4, no Fire Emblem Awakening, no DMC (the good one), and I can go on and on about games that are at least better than Pokemon Go. At least they put two Persona games on there, even if they put the wrong one over the other Plus SOTN and SOTC were high up there.
  7. I wish I can go back in time and slap myself for starting Cloudberry Kingdom. There's no way I'll endure such a painful 100% (not even plat), just because of a silver trophy. I'm fine with all my other trophy lists because I'm willing to 100% them, even if they're hard. Eh whatever, maybe I'll try to get as many trophies as I can in Cloudberry Kingdom
  8. Multiplayer might be a DLC or its own standalone game
  9. I'll be skipping on this for now since I want to play the game in order. I'll wait for Kiwami 2, then play 3-5, then 6. It's a shame that the plat doesn't require 100% completion. But I'll be attempting that nonetheless.
  10. Awesome. After finishing 0 and Kiwami, I'm gonna wait until Kiwami 2 comes out and play that, then play 3-6. Definitely getting the steelbook since I have the Kiwami one, and it would be cool to have both Kiwami games in steelbooks.
  11. New approach, but can't say I'm all the impressed. It's obvious that developers like Naughty Dog are successful enough to have others follow their cinematic take, which is apparent in the new God of War with a more close-up camera, and slower, realistic action. The combat looks pretty in the videos, but how much of those combos are necessary. The previous GOW games had a lot of different combos, but we all know that we -ed 90% of the game. For all we know, simply spamming might still be just as efficient as using more intricate combos in the new one. If the story doesn't end up tying with the previous entries, then this was called GOW just for the sake of extra sales. Well, I guess I can treat it as a reboot.
  12. The director is still kinda ehh. Hopefully it turns out to be a good adaptation. But more than that, hopefully it takes the extra mile and fixes the game's issue. The game required you to know content from the novels and drama CDs to get the full picture, so hopefully the anime adapts the important bits of those too.
  13. This. Back then, mods were super strict about boosting. People had to come up with creative and inefficient ways to boost. And considering how active the online was, it made things even more challenging.
  14. Honestly, co-op makes things way easier. Considering how the bosses choose to attack one person at a time, one person can be used as a distraction, while another chips off the boss' health. Solo is where the real fun and tension comes from. And tbh, Bloodborne is quite an easy game once you get familiar with your weapon and boss patterns. I never played the other Souls games, so I don't know how Bloodborne's difficulty is in comparison to others. Try opting for coop only after you think that a boss is too hard to beat solo. The hardest boss for me where probably Martyr Logarius since his aerial attack really screwed up my lock-on camera, lol. Ebrietas was pretty hard until I realized that staying on its back allows you to avoid most of its attacks, minus the laser ones.
  15. Am I the only one who thought Orphan of Kos was kinda underwhelming? Although I barely made it alive, I was able to do it on my first try. I thought Ludwig was a bit harder. Laurence was pretty hard though. It took me a couple of times because his lava attacks kept on trapping me. Lady Maria was the most fun due to her faster-paced battle. Living Failures were exactly what they're named. But I highly recommend the DLC because the bosses are fun (and have crazy good designs and OSTs), the new weapons are cool, and the new location and level design is excellent.