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  1. I just tested this and you have to win both rounds on Stages 1-8. However, you can lose both rounds, select rematch and win both rounds. I lost a round against stage 5 May, lost the second match on purpose and rematched her. That still got me to Stage 9.
  2. Just got another 5 win streak and no trophy pop. Looks like they have truly patched it. Hopefully we can have better luck in Season 2, they did say it'd be easier to get crowns. But we're just gonna have to see. I recommend if you are gonna do this using the exploit that you wait and don't stress over it. And to those who are going for it, I honestly wish you good luck.
  3. I got a seven streak win today and the trophy didn't pop. I kept track of my Kudos for each win and for some reason I didn't get it.
  4. Go for the Shadow of the Colossus plat!
  5. Hey, I saw you got the GGXRD: Rev plat recently. Was wondering, if you had any tips for getting the plat and the online trophies? :)