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  1. Doesn’t reach my threshold for the Worst Games EVARRRR, but definitely a boring game I’ll never touch again now that I have the platinum. Wouldn’t have bothered if it weren’t free at the time.
  2. For ones I’ve played that aren’t listed: Omensight (same folks that did Stories TPOD), Cat Quest 1+2, Legend of Kay, Night in the Woods. Blacksad: Under the Skin counts, but last I checked it was glitchy beyond all reason. Might be a bit better now.
  3. So as I recall, at the end of the STAG Party mission you can receive something that lets you auto-conquer one section of the map, automatically completing the challenges in that area. Which area is the best to use it on (ie which has the hardest/most annoying challenges)? I remember some of the minigames were a real pain, but it’s been a while and I’d like to hear others’ experiences. Also, I heard that there was the possibility of getting a second unlock (via DLC) I believe. Was that included in the PS4 version? Thanks in advance!
  4. So, I’m seeing that this is on sale and I’m wondering if the glitches were confirmed fixed, or if I should just turn off my internet connection and restart the console every time I go to play?
  5. I keep seeing people say that this tank is awesome and the blueprints can be found in a chest in NG+, but I can't seem to find anyone actually say WHERE the chest is located. Does anyone have a location? I want to get stronger as soon as possible so I can go get revenge on the last boss for how much he bullied me my first run. Thanks in advance! EDIT Found it. It's in the tunnel that leads to Dark City. Just take the second branch and it's at the end in a chest you have to leave your tank to reach.
  6. So you have crowns for both Savage Jho and regular HIgh Rank Jho? Huh. Only other thing that comes to mind is to make sure one of your crowns isn’t mistakenly a silver crown.
  7. If you haven’t, you need the crowns for Lunastra and regular Deviljho. They’re part of the Iceborne trophy. Rajang and any monster released after It are not necessary though. I didn’t need Rajang or Stygian Zin to pop it, at least.
  8. Whenever I read something like, “an honest review of game X”, it pretty much always translates to “look at me poop on the game look at me”. Bonus points for calling people that liked it “dick-riding”. Top marks for shit-stirring there. A perfect 5 out of 7. That said, I agree with most of your points about the story being iffy. I felt the swordplay and atmosphere helped make up for it and keep me reasonably engaged. Story must not have been a complete dealbreaker for you if you went and got the Platinum. Overall, some fun swordplay and stealth with a meh story. Not my GotY, but a more enjoyable experience than your typical AAA game.
  9. Only question now is whether it's obtainable on all versions or just the European version. The patch update website seems to imply it's just the SIEE version.
  10. June 2012. 524 trophies, 16 platinum trophies. This was about the time I tried out my GameFly trial, so I loaded my list down with all the easy licensed guff I could find. There were a few good games in there too, but it’s was mostly crap.
  11. NES Game Boy SNES N64 PS2 Gamecube GBA DS Lite Wii PSP PS3 Xbox 360 3DS XL PS Vita PS4 Switch PS4 Pro So yeah, a lot of Nintendo and Sony.
  12. 90% of my runs are as a Paragon Maleshep that romances no-one in ME1 and Tali in ME2/ME3,. I just seem to bring myself to make different choices outside of appearance/class. When I do play a Femshep I either go with Liara or Garrus.
  13. The last Handyman can definitely be skipped, yeah. I just booked it and made for the exit. Bad luck struck when the handyman electrified the rail as I neared the top, but I was just able to reach Comstock with a sliver of health.
  14. Pretty similar to what I had, only I used Blood to Salts as my shirt for my main battle loadout. Made salts almost never a problem in most fights. Only time I ever used the respawn was the final airship battle, because what else am I gonna use my 900~ extra caps on? I did a lot of save-scumming for good gear, so I was fully kitted by the Hall of Heroes. I even kept resetting that one checkpoint where the couple you saved gives you a gift, because there's 2 gear within 50 feet of one another, so I kept resetting until I got 2 really good ones (Blood to Salt and Overkill).
  15. Oh no, what was wrong with Wonderful 101 Remastered?