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  1. June 2012. 524 trophies, 16 platinum trophies. This was about the time I tried out my GameFly trial, so I loaded my list down with all the easy licensed guff I could find. There were a few good games in there too, but it’s was mostly crap.
  2. NES Game Boy SNES N64 PS2 Gamecube GBA DS Lite Wii PSP PS3 Xbox 360 3DS XL PS Vita PS4 Switch PS4 Pro So yeah, a lot of Nintendo and Sony.
  3. 90% of my runs are as a Paragon Maleshep that romances no-one in ME1 and Tali in ME2/ME3,. I just seem to bring myself to make different choices outside of appearance/class. When I do play a Femshep I either go with Liara or Garrus.
  4. The last Handyman can definitely be skipped, yeah. I just booked it and made for the exit. Bad luck struck when the handyman electrified the rail as I neared the top, but I was just able to reach Comstock with a sliver of health.
  5. Pretty similar to what I had, only I used Blood to Salts as my shirt for my main battle loadout. Made salts almost never a problem in most fights. Only time I ever used the respawn was the final airship battle, because what else am I gonna use my 900~ extra caps on? I did a lot of save-scumming for good gear, so I was fully kitted by the Hall of Heroes. I even kept resetting that one checkpoint where the couple you saved gives you a gift, because there's 2 gear within 50 feet of one another, so I kept resetting until I got 2 really good ones (Blood to Salt and Overkill).
  6. Oh no, what was wrong with Wonderful 101 Remastered?
  7. Orc Slayer Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness My latest platinum, Big Drunk Satanic Massacre was also pretty bad, and heavily censored to boot. But the three games listed above beat it, because they were actually painful to play.
  8. Sword Saint, followed closely by Owlfather.
  9. Welp. Made it to postgame on NG+ and I can confirm you DO need to fight her again to unlock further NG+ cycles. Ah well.
  10. So I just beat Anise for the first time (Angela DD/Duran DL/Riesz DD) and unlocked NG +. I’m about to start my Kevin/Charlotte playthrough, and I was wondering; Do I need to beat Anise again to go through the last NG+ cycle, or can I just skip straight to the next cycle once I unlock Class 4 again and get those trophies?
  11. Oh god, seconded. The last boss on NG+ cycles monstrously difficult and not in a fun fair difficulty kind of way. More like a “constantly summoning minions while spamming attacks that kill you in seconds oh and by the way he can heal himself” kind of way.
  12. Platinum for the Surge 2. Stayed up later than I should have. Captain Cervantes on NG+ is a jerk, but I persevered and got his shotgun, then downloaded my NG save from the cloud and got the other ending for the platinum. After platting Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and this, I think I’ll go after a couple of simpler platinums.
  13. Should be easier, I think. In MGR you had to S rank everything on the highest difficulty. In W101 you need all Platinum ranks on any difficulty, plus simply beating the game on the highest setting. In addition, Platinum isn’t even the highest rank. Each mission is graded by Time, Damage, and Points. If you get platinum for all three, you earn Pure Platinum rank. You can get gold in one of the three criteria and still get Platinum rank.
  14. Holy hell. I loved Chip Cheezum’s LP of this, but resigned myself to never getting to play this because WiiU. Platinum trophy will probably be a pain, but the game itself looks like a blast.
  15. #50 Shadows of the Damned #100 Saints Row - Gat Out of Hell (had Doom 2016 as #99; wish I’d had it as #100) #150 Demon’s Souls #200 Monster Hunter World - Iceborne