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  1. Thats too bad , im trying too avoid that. And being patient untill a solution comes along What did you lose from starting over ? Did you keep your weapons and horses and other stuff ?
  2. I have all flags , different theme , 3 different outfits .. And no trophy . It shouldnt take us anymore than 5 upgrades . I want to keep trying but there isnt many upgrades left . And i want to keep my money for other stuff . Probably going to have to start over with new character for this glitched trophy
  3. I have wasted both money and gold and i have pretty much everything now . It doesnt matter what you use , it can still glitch on you . My social club account says 80 % as well. Please contact rockstar about this because i did and they were useless . But if more people join in maybe they will fix it and compensate us for our loss because i really dont feel like starting over and nor should we
  4. I had everything 100. % and i didnt have enough coins , i think its because i bought stuff i got for free early in the game . Anyways i got it , and you cant continue on a new save , that only works on Xbox .
  5. I finished collecting everything in the game to 100 % . I went to the supply shack and was missing 77 coins . I went searching , got it down to 51. I couldnt find anymore at all after searching for hours . I havent finished the game on survivor yet and i want to know if i can continue with the coins i have left to get the last item . Or do i have to start over on survivor from scratch and get all the items on that difficulty ? Thanks to anyone who can answer this question for me