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  1. Sorry correction on my previous post - I don’t think it’s only with the Support class, I feel it’s definitely the best one to use for this due the high rate of fire and large magazines of the MMGs.
  2. Use the Support class and when shooting at enemies it will suppress them, don’t hit them if you want to increase the chance of suppressing them. You will know when you’ve done this right because you will get points: +10 Enemy Suppressed As you unlock more weapons for the Support class look for MMG type guns in the weapon selection screen as these are better at it.
  3. Why don’t you just create a new character only for those few trophies then go back to your main character instead of starting again? That’s what I’m doing, unless you progressed very far during the beta!
  4. Trophies have popped for me covering my beta progress each time I competed a relevant action e.g.kill 300 features popped when I killed my first mole rat after loading up the release version of the game for the first time. However the leave Vault 76 trophy hasn’t popped nor has the level 10 trophy, I started the release version at level 17.
  5. Good point, same here I will wait for another tower.
  6. Placing my money on the DLCs having very hard trophies including the BR mode in March! I’m not bothered by how many trophies a game has - Platinum is Platinum, 100% is 100%!
  7. The coming soon section on the main menu shows an MK arcade kabinet - does that mean next week is the right Premier tower for a secret fight?
  8. Rock Band 3 unless you have all the instruments and are a pro musician!
  9. Is this just in the US does anyone know? I’m UK
  10. Ive not played God of War yet but considering praise for the game saying ‘best PS4 game ever’ do you think it will exceed HZD time in the top 10?
  11. You can see the trophies and your progress easily by holding the PS button to access the quick menu and then highlighting the game and selecting the trophy list.
  12. Just bought the season pass 5mins ago and was able to download this so not an early access thing. Is there an issue earning trophies before ‘release’ I’m sure I read someone playing Detroit early had to re-earn the trophies? Guess I’ll find out soon enough!
  13. In previous Far Cry games this trophy was to ‘fully’ distract an enemy and the trophy guide suggested this meant they need to walk over to where it landed and then return to their patrol route. I think this meant you could only do this once per enemy as they wouldn’t fall for it a second time.
  14. Hi all, there’s a Warframe documentary on YouTube well worth watching by channel noclip who are still realeasing episodes. I’ve posted those released so far below but I also suggest checking out their channel as they have some other fascinating documentaries about other games too. Channel link:
  15. Thanks for this! I was worried there wouldn’t be enough bottles for everyone making this harder to earn but it’s great to know they are kind of instanced for each player. So far they’ve always been available to me when I’ve looked but I previously thought that was because not many people knew about them.