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  1. Well I have given in and just started a new game, my issue was with the gig called 'Getting Warmer' in Westbrook not activating when approaching its location. This was reported fixed in 1.05 and I tried again after 1.06, so it probably doesn't fix the issue for existing game saves where it was already bugged. It was the very last thing to do for platinum, and the only activity left on the whole map! Starting again took just under 10hrs to get level up to 35 street cred (to unlock the last gig in the borough, also requires 'Ghost Town' gig completed) with enough character levels to be powerful enough to take out the enemies. Just goes to show that if you can wait long enough (probably 3 months or more from now) you'll have a much better experience and less game breaking bugs. Will definitely check out the PS5 version when its available as I actually enjoyed the game, and played nothing else since it was released.
  2. Mine are at least 12MB and no corruption yet! I remember the Fallout/Skyrim 10MB issue *shudders*
  3. I’ve not had the settings issue on PS5 but if it helps I changed the settings to turn back on film grain/chromatic aberration from the main menu (after starting the game fresh from patch). I then loaded my save game and then turned those two visual settings back off again while in game, no issue here either. But the game crashes continue with 2 in the last 4hrs so if you haven’t started the game yet just wait until March and see what the deal is then.
  4. Lots more fixes listed on the official site:
  5. Awesome, I hope that is due on consoles very soon, hopefully today for a less buggy weekend. I believe it's true that the certification process is much longer than on PC for game updates.
  6. I tried PiHole to block the adds but it turns out it’s not that easy, so now I just pay for YT Premium no ads at all though... across any device you watch YT on. However PiHole works really well except for services that put the ads through the same URL as the video itself, like YT, Twitch, Amazon Prime just as DaivRules explains above.
  7. Sorry to all those with issues preventing them from enjoying the PS5 including simply buying a console, I really do feel for you and hope it’s resolved very soon! After 1 day so far from UK release I’ve not had any serious issues, just the Miles Morales game getting deleted from the console after removing the disk. I’ve only played around 30mins of that game, a couple of hours in Astro’s Playroom and apparently 3 hours of Watch Dogs Legion. Placed the console horizontally from out of the box, charged the controller from the front USB-A port, have NOT attached any external storage, did NOT transfer anything from PS4. Have not used rest mode and have turned off the rest mode timer. I have played two PS4 games so far including one that may have issues according to the system notification (Need for Speed 2015) but didn’t experience any problems with that one. Regardless I’m still nervous to play Miles Morales for any length of time and just dreading the moment this great experience to come to a grinding halt with some nasty crash or bricked console...
  8. Letting the timer run out in The Haunted Ruins got me the trophy after I did the steps below: Killed by Zombies – The Graveyard: These are the default enemies everywhere. Completed the level after it reloaded Drowning – The Graveyard: Jump into the deep water at the end of the Graveyard Level. Completed the level after it reloaded Lava – Cemetery Hill: Jump into the pool of lava at the foot of the mountain where the rocks roll in. Completed the level after it reloaded Rolling Rocks – Cemetery Hill: Let the rolling rocks kill you. Completed the level after it reloaded Fire – Cemetery Hill: In the starting area are several fireplaces. Stand in them and let the fire burn you to death. Completed the level after it reloaded Crystal Spikes – The Hilltop Mausoleum: Throughout the level are crystal spikes on the floor, jump onto them to get a game over. Completed the level after it reloaded Collapsing Floor – The Hilltop Mausoleum: After you pick up the earth rune, the floor will crumble. Just don’t escape and let it kill you. Completed the level after it reloaded Bats – Scarecrow Fields: In the first building that requires blue rune are bats that can kill you. Completed the level after it reloaded Let the timer run out - The Haunted Ruins Trophy popped Obviously that takes a bit longer than not completing the levels but I didn’t want to take the chance and have to repeat it all over again if I was wrong.
  9. Well Greg Miller says he has the platinum already, I don't know his gaming ability but if anyone else does then maybe that helps understand the difficulty.
  10. Tetris Effect, Ace Combat 7, FF7R, and of course anything on PC only such as Satisfactory!
  11. Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Deadly Obsession: Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Deadly Obsession difficulty I just don't have the patience to replay 30min segments for a silly mistake or a Lara miss-grab. I know we have speedrunners out there who will reset after 5 hours playing because of a mistake, and that takes a godlike level of patience that my casual trophy hunter arse doesn't have.
  12. I wish they’d just left it as rumble (spinning cams) which feels more natural to me. On the Xbox One controller their version of haptic feedback feels like you’re holding varying levels of an angry wasp and quickly becomes grating. I’m quite surprised by people turning rumble off! Not saying I disagree as each to their own, but I came across a bug in Fallout 76 where the rumble would randomly stop working until I restarted the game. Without rumble the game felt very flat when shooting, I felt detached from what was happening on screen, a bit like the frustration of watching someone else play a game while you sit there picturing how you would play it instead with that muscle memory feeling 😂 Each to their own of course, no judgement on people’s own preferences. These extra features like touch pad, controller speaker, and motion sensors are all gimmicks that are fine for small features to add something special but a pain in the arse when they are core game mechanics. The only exception in my mind is motion control in Dreams, just look at what people are creating all without a computer mouse. So I believe that naturally all games will use haptics like they use rumble now, but the other features should not be required as we’re used to by now with PS4.
  13. Are kills tracked anywhere has anyone found?
  14. Got the Platinum months ago but like an idiot I started a New Game back in Jan to show some friends the amazing intro to the game and have overwritten my 100% game save and the cloud copy. Does anyone know if the DLC is aimed at end game players or can be played at any point in the main story? Just deciding whether to replay Control or start the Borderlands 3 DLC instead.
  15. I tried again in game and got golden keys! Cheers wouldn’t have tried again otherwise.