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  1. I tried again in game and got golden keys! Cheers wouldn’t have tried again otherwise.
  2. They all worked except for ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H which didn’t show the platforms to redeem for, cheers!
  3. No - because this is an enjoyable piece of nostalgia with the easier trophy list and I’d like to save the grind time for brand new games such as Borderlands 3 next week! I’m really enjoying FFVIII again but I wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of hours on it when it’s not a complete remaster of all assets (like FFVII remaster) and there’s plenty of new games coming out in the next month.
  4. Watch the FO76 stream at Pax, 24mins into this video, faith in Bethesda restored:
  5. Did you manage to boost this at all? I did try creating and closing a team with someone 20 times but it didn’t work.
  6. I remember during beta everyone was enjoying it and begging for the servers to stay up as they had specific times on specific on specific days when it was live. I feel it was the meme that killed it not the actual game as I’m having a blast and it has a lot of qualities that some newer games don’t e.g. Anthem which has no feeling, whereas 76 can be serious, sad, and funny with the little stories it tells. The quality of the environments, the greater number of features including camps and actual meaning crafting keeps me coming back. The recent Fasnacht parade has shown the potential for the social elements. If it had released in the state that it is now there’d be no meme and it would have done as well as FO4. Now that the meme is dead it won’t be long before previous players can return to some decent end game content.
  7. There’s valid points on either side, I’m only on chapter 2 and get the feeling that this is a long slow burning game which will appeal to some people but not to others. It’s definitely very high quality and is enjoyable if you have enough time on your hands. It doesn’t feel so good if you only play for an hour or so each day because you won’t feel any progress compared to other games.
  8. I’m beginning to find there’s a vocal minority that’s making a very big deal out of any issues with any new games, particularly on YouTube which influences the opinions of their followers. The hate then spreads on from there, a bit like how fake news spreads. Anthen and now Metro Exodus are getting this treatment on unimportant issues. Far Cry New Dawn and The Division 2 will be next as we near release date this month. I notice that big Japanese games are immune to this treatment as they don’t even get a single bad mention from these people. it really comes back to people having to make up their own minds and avoid getting dragged into what is essentially a meme. Hopefully this meme dies quick this year as it’s getting tiring!
  9. MP games like Battlefield I buy digital and they stay installed but everything else non-digital has a resale value so I’ll sell it once fully completed including DLCs (being 100% sure there are no more expansions coming e.g.AC: Origins). I find it’s safer to just take the hit in monetary return by sending to companies such as Music Magpie (UK) than eBay where there’s a high risk of getting scammed. Definitely not CeX though who sell used games for more than they cost brand new!!
  10. Update on my last post: my bet was right! The same YouTubers have already started usual tirade now with Anthem, is any game safe?
  11. Yep loving it too except for some of the objectives really annoyed me like the sandstorm hiding ground targets, I had to replay that multiple times as I kept running out of time. Also the 2nd VR mission was a pain due to running out of time again when trying to destroy the AD Tanks. Theres definitely some AC Infinity returning mechanics I enjoyed such as the aircraft tree and aircraft parts, we just need the co-op PvE back! Also the soundtrack is excellent. Anyone else love the Ace Combat 2 soundtrack?
  12. Yep enjoying it too. Unfortunately too many people are falling for the click bait articles and YouTube videos from creators that make money from selling negative press, usually without even confirming the facts for themselves. Even Jim Sterling put up a video about the new year bunker glitch 3 days after it was fixed. Hmm 🤔 Also the canvas bag issue and Nuka Dark thing have nothing to do with the quality of the game, but Bethesda do need to replace their marketing team. If you play it for a good number of hours and still don’t like it, that’s fair and I’m sorry to hear that. Currently FO76 is going through similar issues as some other online only games like Destiny 2 and Sea of Thieves which are now much improved. My money’s on Anthem being the next target.
  13. There are rumours of new style controllers in design that give more control like other VR systems but I think that’s just from people finding a new Sony patent. The aim controller is the issue for me, it’s like they’ve stopped making them??
  14. It just goes to show that politics needs to be removed from the forefront of gaming as currently the discussion is about how the publishing company acted up to launch, the quality of the PR campaign, the image on the box, how buggy the beta was (why are people still shocked by buggy beta tests?). this has nothing to do with the quality of the game itself. My opinion - I don’t give a shit about that, I’m a gamer: tell me if the game itself is any good and then I’ll decide to buy it or not. iIt does concern me that normal people are being put off decent games by the left wing/right wing BS floating around gaming at the moment. The same is happening with FO76 just tell me that the game is off to a bad start or released too early and I’ll leave it 6 months to improve then look at it again, I don’t want to constantly hear about canvas bags or Plastic Nuka rum bottles.
  15. Sorry correction on my previous post - I don’t think it’s only with the Support class, I feel it’s definitely the best one to use for this due the high rate of fire and large magazines of the MMGs.