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  1. This is my biggest issue with the game. You've correctly and very eloquently pointed out how everyone in the world will have done many morally questionable things to survive and protect the ones they love. However for the game to succeed in it's message it needed to make me emphasise and to some extent like Abby, it does not. Abby treats the closest person to her awfully, so much so that he's driven into the arms of another woman to find companionship. She then has a pretty dim view of Mel because of this, not realising the reason Owen forms a relationship with her is because of her own behaviour. She seems to get a kick out of torturing others, not only was killing Joel not enough he had to die slowly. Furthermore she was okay with luring someone out from Jackson to torture for information on Joel's whereabouts. When walking through the WLF's FOB she comments on how she'd enjoy torturing some of their prisoners after having a rough morning. When Mel confronts Abby and reinforces my viewpoint, "You're a piece of shit Abby, you always have been", she reacts very angrily and gets upset. This implies to me that she knows there's truth to what Mel says, if there wasn't she would have brushed it off. The game does an extremely poor job of highlighting any redeemable qualities she has outside of the plot surrounding Lev/Yara which I feel the same as dj about. Her actions in helping them escape the forest more than made up for Yara ordering Lev to cut her down, saving her life, as they wouldn't have escaped the forest alive without Abby's help. She didn't even know the pair 24 hours earlier, yet her only motivation for helping them is one bad dream. Now her character does an unbelievable heel turn where she's goes above and beyond not once, but twice for the siblings, as well as turn against her own people. Very odd when the game makes out she's far more loyal to the WLF than a character like Owen. I actually think if Owen was swapped with Abby it would've been easier for me to emphasise, as he's the only one of that group with any redeemable character traits, despite how poorly he treats Mel at the end of the game. It's not just the matter of Joel being good or bad either to me. To make me feel more remorse the game had to do a lot better job of making me dislike Ellie, a character like Joel who the audience has had 7 years to grow attached to. It also fails in this department for me. If the only reason for Abby's friends dying wasn't because in every scenario they either attack Ellie or the person she loves most (Dina) and force her to act in self defence perhaps I might have been more conflicted. The only tough part for me was her beating Abby's location out Nora. However when you see Abby having no adverse reaction to similar treatment of Joel, as well as wanting to do similar to Scar's in the FOB, in contrast to Ellie's response it further underlies one character being better than the other.
  2. It's pretty disappointing that so much of the discourse around this game has revolved, on the internet at least, around being bigoted or not empathetic. I did really like Joel as a character, in fact I thought he was one of the better written characters in gaming. Because he makes a decision that is incredibly selfish and is to so many morally wrong, yet I find him likeable too. If Naughty Dog wanted reference for a character who does wrong, yet wanted me to emphasise and like them (Abby) then they had to look no further than someone like Joel. I was looking forward to Joel being in the game. I still liked his scenes in the game regardless of what happened to him and how little you actually play as him. But I ended up like Ellie even more. She's now probably one of my favourite VG characters. Unfortunately for the game, as I think their message would've worked better on me if she was more dislikable. I also thought Lev was the best part about the second half of the game. I didn't like Abby, but it wasn't because she was butch - it was because of her actions, how she treated others, and I found some of her character motivations for the good she does very flimsy at best. I was disappointed, because at the halfway point I was thinking it had the makings of being to be my favourite video game of all time. I still like the game, because when it was good it was phenomenal and some of the moments in the game will stick with me for a long time. But I don't think it's nearly as clever as Neil Druckmann thinks it is. I'm pretty sure your message isn't aimed at me, but it's sad that to some people, I am lumped in with a bunch of assholes for not liking Abby. I wish the internet didn't provide so many the platform to behave in such a disgusting manner. I feel it's going to completely override legitimate criticism of the game, if it hasn't already.
  3. It just goes to show how stupid so many people are. She's just the voice actor, it's not like she worked on the script and was responsible for the game's narrative direction. Of course not that death threats towards those who did work on the script are warranted either.
  4. Platinum #50 - The Last of Us Part II Every Last One of Them It's difficult for me to summarise how I feel about a game that delivers some of my favourite moments in any video game and does so many things so well, but ultimately fails at sticking the landing on the one key thing it needed to. Probably the best thing I can say about it is that I've long felt Naughty Dog's game's have been carried by their narrative, gameplay is often a little bland particularly in the Uncharted franchise. That's not the case here. Gameplay evolutions like being able to go prone add a nice amount of depth to combat and world traversal. Each weapon feels like it fills a purpose, as well as feeling unique. Each enemy faction feels distinct and provides their own combat challenges to overcome. Sound design is fantastic, from each NPC having their own name, to the way one enemy faction communicates, to the sound of knife scraping bone during combat. It all makes for an incredibly immersive experience. Music being interwoven into the narrative really helps pull on the emotional strings. And the soundtrack helps really intensify situations as well as provide moments of reflection when needed. I can't really talk about the negative without spoiling so I'll tag the rest. Enjoyment: 7/10 - The high points are phenomenal. The low's are at best ballsy, and at worst infuriating. Difficulty: 1/10 Playtime: I spent roughly 50 hours on this, but I was definitely taking my time. It can be done a lot faster, especially if you're following a guide. Platinum Screenshot:
  5. The best game I've played this year came out in 2014, Transistor. But seeing as that doesn't count I'd probably have to give it to The Last of Us Part II, despite it's flaws it's the only real game that qualifies for me so far this year. I can definitely see it changing by the end of the year. It'd probably be Ori & The Will of The Wisps if I'd played it myself.
  6. The Last of Us Part II Apex Legends Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Minecraft Death Stranding Journey
  7. The complete collection of Dishonored games is really tempting.
  8. Given that the only place I see this happening is the r/trophies sub-reddit I don't see the issue with it. In fact I'd much rather see a screenshot someone has gone out of their way to take because they think it looks good, as opposed to the crap tonne of pictures I see of people's PSN mobile app, their TV on the trophies section of the XMB, or their profile from a trophy tracking site (like here).
  9. Special prize for anyone who recognises or remembers where this is from.
  10. 😞 Pretty bummed about this but if it means a better game I'm just going to continue to have to be patient. On the bright side it gives me more time to play Destiny 2: Beyond Light. I just hope the new date doesn't clash too much with Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. It also seems extremely close to launching around the next-gen consoles.
  11. That's just a couple of paragraph's I thought were worth sharing, there's more on the PlayStation Blog here.
  12. 1. FIFA 17 - 1.52% 2. DiRT Rally 2.0 - 3.22% 3. FIFA 14 - 4.05% 4. Mass Effect Andromeda - 5.76% 5. Destiny - 7.23%
  13. Pretty much this. Exclusives are good for selling hardware and will always exist, however the games you mention have still been exclusive to PlayStation for years. Also I kinda think it's good marketing to get people to try them now and then buy a PS5 so they can play the sequel to Horizon, as well as Demon's Souls, and other exclusives.
  14. Star Wars: Squadrons Multiplayer Details Multiplayer will take the form of 5v5 battles, with two modes announced. Fleet Battles will task each team with destroying the opposing teams flagship, while Dogfights will simply ask each team to destroy as many opponents as possible. Locations will be both known and unknown, with Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan announced so far.The announcement press release makes clear that squadron composition will be important, implying multiple ship classes to experiment with. EA also confirmed that, while Star Wars: Squadrons will include cosmetic and gameplay-related customisation, all upgrades will be earned solely through playing the game.Playing through the game will earn you weapons, hulls, engines and shields to allow you to tweak your starfighter into whatever you want it to be, while cosmetics will alter your cockpit, ship exterior and pilot. Star Wars: Squadrons Story Mode Details Squadrons will feature a single player story mode set after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Death Star II. Alternating between two customisable pilots, the story will feature brand new characters, and cameos from familiar faces.The two pilots you play as will show you both sides of the game's conflict – one flies for the New Republic's Vanguard Squadron, and the other for the shattered Galactic Empire's Titan Squadron.In a press release, Ian Frazier, creative director at Motive says: “Through the collaboration of the teams at Motive and Lucasfilm, we’ve been able to create a high-fidelity starfighter experience with an authentic storyline that invites Star Wars fans to explore never-before-seen corners of the galaxy in their own ship. We’re excited to show all this in action this week at EA Play Live.” Release Date & Price Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2 as both a physical and digital product, for $39.99 USD (other pricings unavailable at time of writing). EA Access and Origin Access Basic subscribers can play 10 hours of the game for free at launch, and will get 10% off if they choose to buy it. Origin Access Premier subscribers will be given the full PC game on release. from IGN Gameplay trailer to follow on Thursday at EA Play More info on their site here
  15. Just finished Legacy of the First Blade DLC for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I've played nothing but this for the last two weeks and after 110+ hours on my game clock I think I need to play something else before I start Fate of Atlantis - I'm not going to platinum/100% it until I've done The Last of Us Pt.2 anyway. I might go back and wrap up Death Stranding (just the narrative) before Friday.