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  1. Damn there's a lot of stuff here I want; Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Dark Souls III, Uncharted: TLL, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered. Some decisions to make... 🤔
  2. Just over 50 hours in as well. I wish it ran better on PS4, I've had a few too many blue screen crashes, audio glitches, and frame rate drops. But since I can't get hold of a PS5 it is what is it right now. I also wish the combat was a bit better than it is, Ghost of Tsushima really put Ubisoft to shame in that regard, but I'm still having fun with it. Other than that I have no complaints about it so far. I bought the game because I wanted to sink my teeth into an RPG in a beautiful open world and it's certainly delivering on that front. I think the quests and writing in particular are much improved over Odyssey and I'm a big fan of how varied the open world activities are in this game. I'm a sucker for games with a settlement / base building mechanic too - I loved upgrading my pirate island in Black Flag and I like it here in Valhalla too. And finally I really like setting for this game, it's making me want to watch the show Vikings again. In regards to the topic discussion I completely agree with what Stan Lee said. I'm not one for skipping cutscenes in games and I like to make games I'm really enjoying last as long as I can, but I've been enjoying this so much it's tough to put the controller down at times.
  3. Thanks to COVID I've earned more platinums this year than I ever did before. I'll probably struggle to beat the 23 I'm at right now. My list: At the moment I'm working on Assassin's Creed Valhalla. If I can get a PS5 before the end of the year I hope to add Bugsnax and Astro's Playroom to the list. If I don't get a PS5 before the end of the year I'll move on to Cyberpunk 2077, Batman: Arkham Knight & Days Gone.
  4. This should be getting patched today, which means one less missable trophy. Looks like the Jotunheim stuff is still missable though.
  5. Don't think I'll bother adding any of these to my library. I'm not surprised this month is pretty terrible after the really strong offering for November. At least I've got plenty of other stuff to play right now anyway.
  6. Fair, though not really an issue specific to this game. We've been getting screwed on regional pricing for a while and other countries have it much worse than we do.
  7. I don't know where you look for games but that's not true at all. Unless you're referring to the ultimate edition which includes the remake of Spider-Man 2018 as well as all it's DLC (way more than 20 hours of content).
  8. 31. I don't think there's such a thing as being too old to play games, it's just another entertainment medium like reading or watching film and TV. I just so happen to think it's the best of the lot. It's nice that it is becoming more socially acceptable though nowadays as the age of the average gamer goes up. In some ways the industry has got a bit worse in terms of monetisation. But in so many other ways I think games keep getting better and I'm looking forward to the new generation just as much if not more so than any other. As I grow older the only thing I think about is my reflexes worsening and generally not enjoying multiplayer games as much as I used to. But I don't think I'll stop playing games any time soon.
  9. Length ≠ Monetary Value. To me anyway. I've paid £10-20 for games on sale years after release I regret not supporting earlier and paying full RRP for. And I've paid full RRP for games I should've at least waited to get on sale. Quality is more important to me. Not played Miles Morales yet, but I paid full price for Uncharted:TLL when that came out which was a similar deal. I would do it again, it was a fantastic experience even if it was shorter than many other AAA single player games. Also it's not like the length of this game was a big secret before it released, if you were concerned that it was going to be an issue for you I don't know why you wouldn't at least wait for a sale.
  10. Think that gameplay trailer is the best trailer they've put out so far. Good succinct introduction to the plot and great summary of all the ways to play and things to do in Night City.
  11. It was the site, but it doesn't work on the app either.
  12. Just had a look it is only the PS5 version that was free. It tried to see if I could download it from my console, it doesn't even show up in my library on the PS4. So I went to the store to download it there. It still says I own the PS5 version, but when I try to download from my library there is no option to download it, the store knows I don't own a PS5 yet.
  13. Not quite, I'm surprised Doom got nominated. I'm not saying it's not great, but it kind of got overshadowed by ACNH at the time it came out and from what I heard some people like the first one more. I half expected to see either Among Us (yes I know it came out in 2018), Fall Guys, Half-Life Alyx, or Ori and The Will of The Wisps in there. I'm very happy to see Hades got a nomination. Though there are a lot of predictable ones in there.
  14. On one hand trophies are a completely meaningless virtual ecosystem that carry next to no weight in the real world. Yet if you were to critique the ecosystem I don't think OP is wrong. I actually think it's quite hard to argue otherwise (although many will). It's quite easy where you draw the line, these are games that only exist to give people an easy platinum trophy (ones that usually pop within minutes never mind hours). That these platinums are worth the same amount of points in that system as others does skew the whole thing wildly. That being said not all platinums were created equal and it doesn't look like Sony aren't going to do anything about this. So it's best just to ignore comparing yourself to others at this point. I'll never be near the top of the leaderboards, so I just play what I want to play, set my own standards, and set my own personal goals for trophy hunting as I'm sure many others do. I also think OP's post is quite reasonable (the edit at least anyway) and some people have been really rude in response. I guess having a civil discussion without name calling is too much to ask for.
  15. Initially I didn't have a preference for squares or rectangles, was just hoping for some uniformity. But I've just noticed how bad the squares look on people's trophy cards.