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  1. Folks who've played Assassin's Creed: Valhalla- are there any buggy trophies in the game? And if not, is it just a case of the game being so long and grindy that it literally takes an age to get the plat? Just wondering why the plat percentage was so low!

    1. EIdain


      It's longer than Odyssey and requires 100% completion of all regions which is probably why it's lower. That and it's still new.

      There's some quests that have been a bit buggy, but nothing that couldn't be solved by re-loading to an earlier save for me, but you could be a bit screwed if you haven't been saving regularly.

      I've enjoyed it more than Odyssey, but if you or anyone were interested in getting it I'd definitely recommend waiting for more patches first.

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  2. PS5 event: 8/10

    Xbox event: 5/10

    1. EIdain


      Avowed, Fable and Everwild really peaked my interest, but nothing at launch. Halo looked really dated...

      It'll be a great console to own in 2022 or later when all the games with CG trailers start releasing, but not much to say I need to get it anytime soon.

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  3. Anyone else enjoying the UK thunderstorms?

    1. EIdain


      Yeah, I find them weirdly relaxing. Helps keep things cool too, not a fan of the heat & humidity.

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  4. I've been slowly re-playing MGS1. Still haven't gotten very far in the game, although I started it a week or so ago. Not just because I'm taking my time and contacting people by codec every 30 seconds (I've actually found new conversation I hadn't heard before), but also because I've been spending more time listening to a Playstation podcast.


    I'm talking about PS I love You XOXO. The old one - with Colin and Greg. Started it from the beginning, and my plan is to start listening to and/or watching Sacred Symbols and other Colin's stuff after that. I watched some of his earlier CLS videos that he's done before Sacred Symbols. I've been following Kinda Funny during that time and until the last year. So, in other words, I'm going to switch from KF to CLS.


    What's fun about listening to podcast episodes from 2015 is how the guys talked about games that have just come out in 2020. They were skeptical about Final Fantasy VII Remake because it's episodic and we didn't know how many parts it was going to be. 5 years later we still don't know, and some people are still skeptical 😂.


    The other reason is the old topics they discussed give you more context to what's happening now. There was a controversy surrounding the fact that a white voice actress (Laura Bailey) played a black woman (Nadine) in Uncharted 4. Neil Druckmann was on the receiving end, and he had to make a statement in defence of his vision. That whole story obviously played a big part in how Naughty Dog's games changed since then. Among other things, like Amy Hennig's departure and Anita Sarkeesian's involvement, of course. 


    But the coolest thing is watching Colin and Greg host a podcast together, have fun, discuss some stuff, argue about some things, agree on other things, and still be the best friends no matter what. Such a shame that it had to end the way it did.

    1. EIdain


      It's not as good as it once was because Colin & Greg just had great chemistry, but I'm honestly kinda surprised at how much I've enjoyed Blessing on PSILY. I've tried Sacred Symbols a couple of times, but it's never stuck for me.

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