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  1. I can't wait.
  2. Characters ranked on how much I like their personality and design. Inazuma characters with the exception of Kokomi who looks like she's wearing a diaper. The one's between 25-40 are either spoiled a bit by an annoying personality or I dislike their character design because it's a bit boring. The bottom 2 are in their own tier; I cannot stand how down bad Lisa is and Barbara's VA annoys me. Characters ranked on their gameplay; considering how strong I find them & how fun they are to play. There's a few characters that I've only put so high because of just how strong they are, like Bennet who is broken but pretty boring to play. I generally prefer characters with quick movement's, normally polearm & sword users. I decided not to include Aloy for either ranking as from a personality point of view she is very out of place in Teyvat and is not included in any events or story, I also dislike that her VA is not Ashley Birch and it's very noticeable. Then from a combat standpoint I haven't built her & she's never included in any events to try out.
  3. Hey, I see you got the platinum now. Do you know what resolved this issue for you? I just got the last Cipher I needed for Echoing Ruins tonight but the trophy never popped for me. I have all the collectibles apart from Scout Log 47. My trophy card says I'm missing a scout log, but all the stuff I look at online says #47 is in Fractured Wastes. EDIT: Sorry for the ping. It just popped for me after finding Scout Log 66 in front of the house, after finishing the last house sequence.
  4. Not a huge fan of all the crossover offerings between PS+ Collection & now the PS+ Extra catalogue. But Crash 4 is awesome, even if it's too hard for me to ever get the platinum.
  5. Platinum #78 - Unpacking All Moved In - Common: 75.34% I really loved this indie game. It has a pretty unique take on how to tell a narrative with some great environmental storytelling. That being said if you don't enjoy the actual act of unpacking and sorting stuff you won't enjoy this as the gameplay is pretty one note. The platinum is super easy, just beat each chapter and then there's a few trophies for interacting with certain things as you play. The chapter select makes getting any trophy you missed really easy. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 1/10 Playtime: 7 hours.
  6. I currently have 25M. I don't even think I've farmed that much and I haven't spent any money on MTX. Though I have done the Spa endurance race a few times, mainly because it's one of the best events in the game right now. I think the monetisation stuff is kinda overblown, the game has far bigger issues than this trophy and microtransactions. Lack of content being the biggest one, the penalty system in Sport mode needs work, & the AI is pretty dumb amongst other things.
  7. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/legendary-cars-dealer-refresh.405079/page-72#post-13714062 It has it at June 2nd.
  8. Yeah it was this list from GTPlanet. It was 1 day out on the DB5. Assuming it's also 1 day off on the Ford & the Jaguar it would be those dates that it'd return.
  9. Longer, the Ferrari 330 P4 was in the store for 12 days before it left (albeit sold out on the last day).
  10. Kinda wish the store rotated a bit faster. Thanks to SiC for keeping this thread updated though.
  11. I ended up getting both of them and you were right I can comfortably win the race now. It still takes at least 26 minutes, so it's not as fast or lucrative as the Tomahawk method. But it's a nice alternative, track is a bit more fun to race on too.
  12. Will give it a shot tonight. I'll just have to do another Tomahawk run first to able to afford one. Looking at the GT-R GT500 & the NSX Concept-GT any Gr.2 cars you'd recommend?
  13. Just tried doing the Sardegna track to change things up. Used a Mclaren 650S GT3 (765PP). It took just under 28 minutes (you have to pit twice now after the patch) and I only managed 7th. I could've probably managed 4th with a better last lap. But it's definitely nowhere near as good as the Tomahawk method.
  14. I've just tried it. Ran lean (6) the whole race, except the first tiny bit whilst I overtook everyone at the start. I also had to pit on lap 10 with 0.7 laps of fuel remaining. Took me 17 and half mins with the pit stop and a couple of penalties.
  15. Numerous people on the GT subreddit are saying it still works, you just have to adjust the setup a bit. https://old.reddit.com/r/granturismo/comments/ubhpw3/pp_calculation_still_glitched/ I will try it out for myself in a couple of hours. Hopefully I can get the rest of the cars off my wishlist.
  16. Thanks so much for posting that Tomahawk video. I saw there was maintenance scheduled for Monday morning, so I've spent the weekend trying to get as much money as possible. Managed to get enough saved for the 2 Legendary cars I'm missing as well as get the Audi R18 TDI, BMW Gr.3 & a couple of cars off my wishlist. I'm really hoping this doesn't get patched, it's such a chill way to get decent money.
  17. I'd been looking for this to come to PS. A bit odd the trophy list is up but there's no release date, hopefully it's soon.
  18. My favourite PvP game and still can't get a plat for it. This next-gen update has been so disappointing.
  19. If there's no plat trophy again I'm gonna be sad.
  20. Since posting that last message I've stuck it on 5. EDIT: TCS 5 was the answer, smashed my previous best by nearly a second & I left plenty of time still out there. I was shocked at how many times it let me get away with clipping a wet curb with that turned all the way up. This game has had it's fair share of justified criticism, but with how easy Sony first parties are making their trophy lists that was one of the most satisfying trophies I've earned in a good while. Really enjoyed that challenge. Shame there's not more to do in the "career mode" right now.
  21. Did you use traction control for this run? If so what setting? I felt like I was breezing through the licences, with IA-10 only really giving me a bit of trouble where I hand to spend more than an hour on it. But I'm now like 7 hours deep on S-10 and the best I've managed is a 2:26:500. I can do a pretty perfect lap but it goes to hell nearly every time at Blanchimont. Even if I just roll through it after passing under the advertising board. I've been playing with TCS set at 2, but feel like I need it on 5 for the last third of the lap. However I feel like it costs me too much time having it on 5 for the first two thirds of the lap and I've lost count of the amount of times I've ruined a lap by trying to change it midway through. 😞
  22. Just hit 3,000,000 cr for the first time. Don't know whether to buy the C9 or not. No idea when it'll be back again, no idea if it counts. What a stupid trophy.
  23. Didn't get one either. Best I've had off any of them is 50,000cr.
  24. Community Manager says no MTX.
  25. Think people are annoyed because they paid quite a bit of money for game that right now is for me at least completely unplayable. I'm sure Polyphony will continue to support it for years with new tracks and cars, providing I hand over more money to them. Right now I'm in the mood to play GT, who knows when it'll pass and when I'll want to play it again, but it is a game I should be able to play on my terms, not when a server dictates. Sure you can play other games, I was playing Apex myself most of the night. The only reason I knew it wasn't working for me was because I wanted to make sure I'd got my daily ticket since that's one of the easiest ways to get a decent chunk of money (if I'm lucky). You can see by my progress on my profile I'm not even close to getting the platinum. It also rubs people up the wrong way when this happens alongside them nerfing the already stingy economy in the game. People don't like having this piss taken out them when the game's economy is being balanced in a way to encourage them to spend stupid amounts of money on MTX's. Not because you have to "race too much".