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  1. Fair play to them for reversing it and so quickly. Not only that but making free to play games actually free to play, a bit silly that wasn't the case beforehand.
  2. Appreciate it. Just seen the access pass prices in the "add-on" section for the game on the store. Absolutely ludicrous pricing.
  3. Probably a long shot given the server issues they're experiencing, but I don't suppose anyone could get a screenshot of the access passes preferably with EU/UK currency so I can see what they're selling and for how much? Also any idea what completion percentage you'd be at for the game if you only got the platinum for Hitman 3 and non of the DLC (legacy content) trophies?
  4. So you've got 8 hours 40 minutes as of this post to wait to find out.
  5. I've done Bugsnax, Astro's Playroom and Dark Souls 3 since I last posted here but I'll skip straight to the most recent. Platinum #68 - Days Gone One Percenter - Uncommon: 34.69% I get why some people really liked this game and maybe I'd have enjoyed it more if I hadn't spoiled the ending for myself when the game released (I didn't think I'd ever play it). To start off with the good stuff, it looks fantastic on the PS5. The writing for the main plot is pretty good (aside from one awful line), it's not Red Dead, but it's better than your Assassin's Creed's. The voice acting is really strong too, Sam Witwer as Deacon in particular is an excellent lead. And finally driving the motorcycle feels great. But holy shit does this game drag on, it could easily be 15 hours shorter, if not more. It doesn't help that mission variety is really poor. It's 60 hours of going from one camp to another just killing enemies with the occasional rescuing of a hostage and some tracking. The games major selling point, it's hordes, don't feature at all until the final act of the game. A straightforward trophy list for an open world game and a Sony first party one at that. Nothing that poses a much of a challenge. The most annoying trophy for me was one that it requires you unlock every skill, because if you do every mission in the game when you reach the end you're 3/4 levels short. This means you have to spend some time post game either; killing hordes - which uses up a tonne of resources meaning you have to farm resources too, or reseting all the camps on the map and farming those over and over. It's not that bad compared to stuff other games require you to do, I'd just got really tired of doing the same stuff over and over again by the end of the game. In addition this game has way too many collectibles (at least 240) most of which serve no real purpose, but at least you only need to collect 75% of them rather than every single one. It deserves credit for it's trophy checklist in the menu, which tracks exactly how close you are to achieving each trophy in the game, that was a nice touch and very helpful. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Playtime: Around 60 hours
  6. Are any of the DLC trophies easy enough that a couple can be knocked out in an hour or two? I don't think I care enough about the game (plus have other stuff to play) to commit a tonne of time to 100% it, but I care enough about my completion % that it'd be nice to get it a bit higher than 70% for this game if there's some easy ones lol.
  7. First Trophy: Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Superpower Awarded for increasing your influence to 70,000,000. 38.65% (Uncommon) Last Trophy: Days Gone First Time Buyer Upgrade your bike for the first time 77.83% (Common) And 1,457 in between. Great year for games, rubbish year for pretty much everything else.
  8. Maybe I'll give it another try but it was impossible to complete a stage without dying. At any point Sackboy moved at speed whether that being flung out of a cannon, jumping off a bounce pad, or anything else - it would lag the character off the screen and just instantly them. That's in addition to taking damage from enemies, being unable to grab & hit certain items, all due to lag. We did 8 levels I don't even think we fought a boss and it was miserable. Im glad you had a better experience with it, but it was most definitely unplayable for whoever wasn't the host when I played last night (and it's not my internet).
  9. Tried to play online co-op tonight and if you're not the host it's so laggy it's pretty much unplayable. Super disappointing after they delayed this a month. One of the main reasons I bought it was to play it with a friend.
  10. I've done this for my last 8 milestones. Most recently 2 days ago because I wanted this from Astro's Playroom as my 4,500th trophy, because it has a picture of the OG PlayStation (my first home console) on it. I see the milestones all the time when I look at my profile so it's nice to have some memorable trophy icons there to look at.
  11. No doubt they tried to cover up how well it ran on last gen consoles. But in relation to your problem both statements can be true, CD Projekt likely don't have the ability to grant you trophies. All they can do is continue to work on fixing bugs and glitches.
  12. Platinum #64 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Don't Ruin The Moment - Uncommon: 21.59% Decided to go back and platinum this after my physical copy stopped working a couple of years ago. From a gameplay standpoint it's basically Uncharted 4 with lock picking, but I really enjoyed the narrative in this one. I'd probably put it 3rd in my rankings of the franchise behind 4 & 2. The trophy list is the best of any of the Uncharted games in my opinion. There's some challenge for beating the game on Crushing, but nothing too difficult, then a decent mix of collectibles, combat & some random challenges. The trophy icon art is really nice too. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Playtime: Around 20 hours
  13. I couldn't find Bream for quite a long time, they weren't spawning for me in the ocean areas. Like others have commented I eventually found some near the mouth of the Medeuage river.
  14. Not between PS4 and PS5. It's cool my PS5 should get here this week & I don't mind waiting for the patch if it's still not ready by then.
  15. Appreciate the reply. But I actually was hoping it'd be fixed so I could play with a buddy online. Guess I'll keep waiting.
  16. Anyone know if this has been patched yet?
  17. Platinum #63 - Assassins Creed ValhallaViking Legend - Very Rare: 5.48% I enjoyed this one quite a bit more than Odyssey. I think mainly because the setting just really clicked with me, I also love a game with a base building or upgrading mechanic. It still suffers from similar issues such as poor pacing of the main plot and being at least 10-20 hours longer than it needs to be. But I felt like the writing here is much better which leads to better side quests. In addition the variety and quality of the open world content is also improved. It was nice turning up at a location not knowing what to expect. There's other small improvements like the decision to tone down the mercenary system and the removal of the pointless conquest / battle for region control that was in Odyssey. I much prefer that they choose to focus on fewer sets of armour as I spent way too long in my inventory deleting stuff in Odyssey, however I don't know why they removed transmog and some of the stat bonuses don't feel worthwhile. Combat is fine, again it's very animation lead and more about looking cool than actually being great. It still lags behind many other open-world action games in this regard. I could've done without the finishing animations it locks you into as it really slows things down mid fight. One last thing worth mentioning is that it runs quite poorly at the moment on my PS4, I've had it blue screen crash as many times if not more than Mass Effect: Andromeda did at launch. It's also pretty buggy. I'd recommend the game, especially if you're a fan of the series, but you'll definitely have a better time with it if you wait for some performance and bug patches. I quite liked this trophy list, it makes you do everything the game has to offer with a couple of fun hidden trophies and random contextual ones. At the moment it's made less fun by the high chance you'll run into a bug or glitch that ruins something. If you play this in a few months or years down the line after some patches, it'll be much more simple. It's definitely a grind though.Enjoyment: 8/10Difficulty: 2/10Playtime: Around 130 hours
  18. Can't say I'm a big fan of that trophy art. List looks pretty straightforward.
  19. Pretty good. I played: All of the ND Collection Bioshock DiRT Rally 2.0 Erica Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Fall Guys Need for Speed Payback I also have Bugsnax waiting for me when my PS5 arrives, a couple of games I've yet to play included in the PS+ Collection, as well as Hollow Knight and Shadow of War on standby if I run out of stuff to play. Im more than satisfied with my subscription. It's paid for itself and then some, not just with the games given for free, but also with the money I've saved in sales too. I'll be renewing again at the start of the year. It would nice if more of the 'bigger' titles this year weren't games I'd already played, but also realise the more games I play the more unlikely that becomes.
  20. Piece of Cake Award Marvel's Spider-Man. It's Like Dark Souls Bloodborne, it's very much like Dark Souls lol. Bad Ass Award Unlocking Ghost stance during the Ghost of Yarikawa main quest in Ghost of Tsushima. It was a cool story moment, but the music just made this moment. 👌 Grind of the Year I don't tend to grind for platinum's if I'm not enjoying the game enough, case in point I gave up on Death Stranding this year. So it'd probably be a tie between the three play-throughs of Dishonored 2 and the chalice dungeons I did for Bloodborne. King of the Internet Fall Guys. Easily. I'm hoping for more fun, different, multiplayer and party games in 2021. Tired of BR's. Ghost of Tsushima Legends deserves a mention though for it's co-op experience and excellent raid. Worst Online Experience Monopoly Plus, since it broke for some of my friends. Sleeper Hit of the Year Dishonored 2. It's not an unknown, but I do think it's pretty underrated and I should have played it much sooner. Shout-out to Ni No Kuni 2 as well, everyone told me it's no way near as good as the first (and maybe it isn't since I haven't got around to it yet) but I had a blast with it. Biggest Bomb of the Year The Last of Us Part 2 was the game I was most disappointed by, I still enjoyed it, but it just didn't go in a direction I wanted it to. Marvel's Avengers would be the biggest bomb I skipped on. Best Trophy Image Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - One True King. Beautiful art style in the game. Beautiful trophy art to follow suit. Worst Trophy Image Minecraft - Awarded all trophies. I don't mind the art style matching that of the games, but the grey background on all of these makes them look really drab. Best Female Character Ellie (Ashley Johnson) - The Last of Us Part II. She was the best character I played in any game this year, male or female. Best Male Character Jin Sakai (Daisuke Tsuji) - Ghost of Tsushima. Best Platinum of the Year I loved The Witcher 3's trophy list. I didn't mind the grind for Gwent cards too much since I loved playing Gwent anyway and wanted to improve my deck. Worst Platinum of the Year Umm Death Stranding and Fall Guys had the worst trophy lists of any games I played this year, but I didn't platinum those. I guess Erica had the worst of the games I did plat, it was just really boring rather than difficult. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2021 If I don't finish it before the end of year it's Cyberpunk. But of new games releasing next year I'd probably go Hitman 3 (assuming it gets a platinum this time). I'd go with God of War: Ragnarok, but there's no way that game is coming out next year, also being a Sony first party game it'll probably be too easy.
  21. Damn there's a lot of stuff here I want; Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Dark Souls III, Uncharted: TLL, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered. Some decisions to make... 🤔
  22. Just over 50 hours in as well. I wish it ran better on PS4, I've had a few too many blue screen crashes, audio glitches, and frame rate drops. But since I can't get hold of a PS5 it is what is it right now. I also wish the combat was a bit better than it is, Ghost of Tsushima really put Ubisoft to shame in that regard, but I'm still having fun with it. Other than that I have no complaints about it so far. I bought the game because I wanted to sink my teeth into an RPG in a beautiful open world and it's certainly delivering on that front. I think the quests and writing in particular are much improved over Odyssey and I'm a big fan of how varied the open world activities are in this game. I'm a sucker for games with a settlement / base building mechanic too - I loved upgrading my pirate island in Black Flag and I like it here in Valhalla too. And finally I really like setting for this game, it's making me want to watch the show Vikings again. In regards to the topic discussion I completely agree with what Stan Lee said. I'm not one for skipping cutscenes in games and I like to make games I'm really enjoying last as long as I can, but I've been enjoying this so much it's tough to put the controller down at times.
  23. Thanks to COVID I've earned more platinums this year than I ever did before. I'll probably struggle to beat the 23 I'm at right now. My list: At the moment I'm working on Assassin's Creed Valhalla. If I can get a PS5 before the end of the year I hope to add Bugsnax and Astro's Playroom to the list. If I don't get a PS5 before the end of the year I'll move on to Cyberpunk 2077, Batman: Arkham Knight & Days Gone.
  24. This should be getting patched today, which means one less missable trophy. Looks like the Jotunheim stuff is still missable though.
  25. Don't think I'll bother adding any of these to my library. I'm not surprised this month is pretty terrible after the really strong offering for November. At least I've got plenty of other stuff to play right now anyway.