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  1. Here's one of the trophies. There's a short article over on Kotaku about it, essentially Jason's thoughts.
  2. Thanks for the response. Sounds like it might be a good idea to focus on Avela's quests and progressing the main story so I get more interviews with Keri. Get those two first instead of Peebee & Reyes.
  3. I thought I'd already romanced Peebee as I got the scene in the escape pod on the Tempest, but after reading the above I guess not. Then I've gone for Reyes next, because I believe he's also someone you can have an open relationship with. I just finished the quest 'Night Out' where you go to Sloane's party and he disappears, you go and look for him and you get a contextual opportunity to kiss him as a distraction whilst he's looking for a bottle of whiskey. The quest then ended with a cutscene of the Ryder & Reyes drinking, looking out onto Kadara Port. My question is, is that Reyes romanced now? Because it isn't particularly conclusive. I was planning on choosing PeeBee, Reyes, then Cora in that order, as the guide on the site here says Peebee and Reyes are open relationships? Any advice for the best three to do in one play-through would be appreciated.
  4. Just asked Colin Moriarty about missable trophies.
  5. Here's what the images look like - I've seen a few gameplay videos where trophies have popped, they all follow the same black & white design. A little dull imo & not as nice as Rise of the Tomb Raider's black and white images/icons.
  6. I'm about to finish the main story at around level 33/34. If I can find someone to boost me to 50 does anyone know how long it would take? and what the best way to do it is? (FWIW I have all the DLC).