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  1. Very late reply, but I just started this game and went on holiday with Barcelona for ages. Can confirm trophies still unlock, I earned around 20 trophies in a few seasons. The only trophies it would affect is the winning Manager of the Month or Year awards as going on holiday apparently makes you ineligible for the awards. 😬 The 'Unlock Unlimited Scouting' also didn't pop and that's apparently for staying at one club for 10 seasons which I have done, so not sure about that. Hope you see this and hope it helps.
  2. Maxing out characters can do one. Doing Destiny and Injustice 2 at the moment and I'm losing the will to live. 

    1. PlatynowyKot


      So why do it than ? 😆

  3. How Much Ya Got? - NBA 2K16 'Sign a max deal in free agency in MyCAREER' Rarity - 0.76%
  4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Flip Flop "Flip" a map twice Now just need the bonus wave map for the last trophy and the platinum!
  5. Mortal Kombat X - #41
  6. Far Cry 5 day! Just have to finish work  first then it'll be there waiting for me. The excitement is real.

  7. Black Ops 3, an impressive platinum for sure!
  8. Thanks for the comment! As for that list, I've still got to do Alien and Shadow of Mordor, I'm too scared to go back to Alien for just now, that's definitely going to be a hard one to get a high percentage, let alone the platinum! Shadow of Mordor will probably be what I play next after Thief. San Andreas was brilliant to play again, the graphics and game mechanics are obviously hard to get used to since it's an old game, but the nostalgia and the story is worth it. In comparison to GTA V, the platinum is 1000x easier, same with GTA 3, the platinums were easy, whereas the GTA V platinum was a tedious grind with all the collectibles, gold medals, multiplayer levels etc. I prefer the GTA V game mechanics and graphics (goes without saying really) but prefer the San Andreas trophies and story. A combination of the two or a remaster of San Andreas would be insanely good! I agree, GTA V was exactly like that. WWE 2K16 is turning out to be the same, I've managed to get all the online trophies which I wasn't expecting to do at all, even before the servers had a closing date, but now the platinum is in my hands as all I've got to do is buy all the skills, abilities and managers, although that is a massive grind in itself. Thanks again for that!
  9. Been a while since I last updated, but there's not much to really update you all on to be honest. 😂 100%'ed Disc Jam last month, so that's been added to the list, removed Minecraft from my Currently Playing as the 100 hours trophy must be glitched since it just won't pop.. I might buy the disc version without installing the updates and see if it unlocks then. I have added Thief and WWE 2K16 to my Currently Playing/Working Towards because they were low percentages in my trophy list, so getting the platinum for Thief is my current goal, whereas WWE 2K16 is a long term goal because there is such a grind for it, managed to get the online trophies before the servers shut next month so there is no real time limit for it now. Also I have added Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth to my backlog as I recently purchased them because the deals were on them were too good to resist, but I still have plenty of games to platinum before I can even start them! Hopefully I'll have more platinums to update this list with in the very near future! 😏
  10. Great.. well guess will have to give it a shot.
  11. Daughtry? I can't find any with vampires in the music videos though.. they're quite poppy/rock.
  12. Was he the singer too or just the guitarist?
  13. Only got the 100 days trophy left for Minecraft.. why is it not popping?! Just my luck, it's been way more than 33 hours.

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    2. taywahhhh


      I've got the digital version, I deleted game and reinstalled today but all the patches will automatically be included in the original download right? How would I be able to delete the patches?

    3. New display name

      New display name

      Delete the game, then reinstall the base game again. Once the base game has finished installing, disconnect from your internet for a few minutes (which will obviously stop further downloads) and then create a world. Just make sure you prevent the download of any patches. 

      It should install in parts, first the base game and then the update file. Just stop the download when it gets to the update file part. I know this method works with other games, not entirely sure about minecraft though.

    4. taywahhhh


      I can't download the base game separately, it's just one download. 

  14. Still not popping for me either and I've definitely left mine on for longer than 33 hours... Do you actually have to be moving the entire time? or would having it on Peaceful/Offline be why?
  15. Original Gangsta for me please. I have the platinums for III, San Andreas and V.