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  1. Just a post to say that online functions on this game are no longer supported, which means we can't use the unlockables anymore. Not sure if you can still get the trophies for unlocking them, but if not, then it makes the platinum now unobtainable.
  2. Cheers guys. Started another playthrough, got to chapter 4, used the toy gun (even though I used it on the first playthrough for the trophy) and the all guns trophy popped so I've finally got the platinum. πŸ‘
  3. I'm looking to do the speedrun exploit, I've uninstalled after my recent playthrough and then reinstalled without the patches, yet my game just constantly crashes and ejects the disc, usually can't even get past the start up screen. Is this happening to anyone else and is there any way past it?
  4. Managed to get it along with the Crushing trophy. Only problem is now that the only trophy I need for the plat is for using all the guns and my 'bonus' and 'encounter select' menus aren't appearing anymore. Suppose that's karma. πŸ˜‚
  5. Will keep this handy, just in case. Thank you. I'm pretty terrible at these kind of games usually, hence why I'm looking to use the exploit instead. Needs must πŸ˜‚ Ah that's probably why then, duh. Will wait for a bit before starting, thank you. Just presumed it was ready when it said that disc copying was complete and could start the application.
  6. I got the 5 intros in that first part of the room, and I'm sure every chest had a victory in it also.
  7. Can be the same one. πŸ™‚
  8. Can you unlock the trophies by using them in Klassic Towers? Says on Powerpyx's guide that it's only confirmed on Towers of Time, just so I know whether to actually save them up or use them while doing the Klassic Towers.
  9. No, as soon as you lock them in before the fight, it counts. The trophy should pop before the match starts.
  10. Are you trying to get the trophy? If so, just search. I got 2 teammates first time and the trophy popped when the match started. If not, sorry. πŸ˜‚
  11. Funny how this trophy was at 0.1% last night, now it's up at 1.4% πŸ˜‚
  12. Did you get the intros just from Towers of Time?
  13. Just popped now, cheers guys.
  14. Yeah just tried it, opened the chest but no Skull Kabob trophy.
  15. Anybody else try this?
  16. I came back from holiday every season to make sure that I kept that one player you need to play and that he actually played a game. He needs to play a game every season for 10 seasons for it to unlock. Popped fine for me. I can't seem to get the 90% board confidence trophy, did my Scottish Hero playthrough, it was just the squad harmony that wouldn't go up. All I've got left is that, the Manager of the Year related trophies (which is ridiculous) and the Hero playthroughs. On a side note, massive fan of your avatar and name. πŸ˜‚
  17. Yeah, I ended up trying to holiday again and managed to get it. Did the 30 seasons too, all pops fine!
  18. Very late reply, but I just started this game and went on holiday with Barcelona for ages. Can confirm trophies still unlock, I earned around 20 trophies in a few seasons. The only trophies it would affect is the winning Manager of the Month or Year awards as going on holiday apparently makes you ineligible for the awards. 😬 The 'Unlock Unlimited Scouting' also didn't pop and that's apparently for staying at one club for 10 seasons which I have done, so not sure about that. Hope you see this and hope it helps.
  19. Maxing out characters can do one. Doing Destiny and Injustice 2 at the moment and I'm losing the will to live.Β 

    1. PlatynowyKot


      So why do it than ?Β πŸ˜†

  20. How Much Ya Got? - NBA 2K16 'Sign a max deal in free agency in MyCAREER' Rarity - 0.76%
  21. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Flip Flop "Flip" a map twice Now just need the bonus wave map for the last trophy and the platinum!
  22. Mortal Kombat X - #41
  23. Far Cry 5 day! Just have toΒ finish workΒ  first thenΒ it'll be there waiting for me. The excitement is real.

  24. Black Ops 3, an impressive platinum for sure!
  25. Thanks for the comment! As for that list, I've still got to do Alien and Shadow of Mordor, I'm too scared to go back to Alien for just now, that's definitely going to be a hard one to get a high percentage, let alone the platinum! Shadow of Mordor will probably be what I play next after Thief. San Andreas was brilliant to play again, the graphics and game mechanics are obviously hard to get used to since it's an old game, but the nostalgia and the story is worth it. In comparison to GTA V, the platinum is 1000x easier, same with GTA 3, the platinums were easy, whereas the GTA V platinum was a tedious grind with all the collectibles, gold medals, multiplayer levels etc. I prefer the GTA V game mechanics and graphics (goes without saying really) but prefer the San Andreas trophies and story. A combination of the two or a remaster of San Andreas would be insanely good! I agree, GTA V was exactly like that. WWE 2K16 is turning out to be the same, I've managed to get all the online trophies which I wasn't expecting to do at all, even before the servers had a closing date, but now the platinum is in my hands as all I've got to do is buy all the skills, abilities and managers, although that is a massive grind in itself. Thanks again for that!