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  1. 10/10
  2. 2/10
  3. 10/10
  4. Hey dude! I saw you visited PSNProfiles about 21 hours ago. It's been a long time since we've talked, I thought I'd never see you again! And it seems like I can't view your Profile... Got it removed or what? Anyways, glad to have you back! :D :wave:

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    2. Maxximum


      Did you try going on Safemode on your PS3 to clean and repair all corrupted data? It works :D

    3. DeadlyHawk78


      Yes it did not work had to reset everything

    4. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Can't wait to see you back my friend (^_^ )

  5. 8/10
  6. Hi my friend, greetings from ME (^_^ )

  7. Greetings from Pixel-CAT-, have a good evening my friend (^_^ )

  8. Minecraft Story Mode Chip Off the Old Block
  9. Finally updated this added 2 new plats
  10. Life Is Strange
  11. lol I have 11 plats now I will update this tomorrow.
  12. A very nice user on this site.
  13. Has no trophy cabinet. I will spam then till a human does the game for me.
  14. Has no trophy cabinet. I just want a normal person to play the game correctly for me i have no intention of doing it to you but you're spamming this topic so i have no choice.
  15. Has no trophy cabinet. You wont get anything from me till you get one.