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  1. Hi all, I've seen a few different editions on the playstation store for sale and don't know if any would be more beneficial trophy-wise? I've seen a few were you get a lot more items in the online portion. Is this worth it? I'm really interested in the single-player but would sure like to make the online as hassle free as possible! Thanks for any responses!
  2. Mafia 3 - so many potential bugs and glitches unfortunately!
  3. Yeah sure, worth a try at least!
  4. I need this too, though don't have a mic
  5. That Dishonored 100%, props to ya, those trials seem brutal!
  6. I would definitely delete any game I started but didn't enjoy, I want to have most of the games on my list completed but some certainly feel like a chore.
  7. I updated the game as I was having trouble with crashes in the last room but had the same reservations about it maybe patching the glitch but it worked just fine for me! I got sergeant at arms which was my second last trophy and blue ribbon champ just auto popped right after
  8. Persona 4 Golden, I'd love to play it but don't have a Vita
  9. I think it got fixed before I got it!
  10. Anyone know if PS3/4 versions of Mafia II will share a list of be separate?
  11. I've managed to finish the first two without crashes thanks to the tips in the thread but the angelic ruins keeps giving me issues. I'm trying to be as carefully as possible about burning/melting the bodies but it's still making debris almost immediately which wasn't the case for the other two (after implementing burning method). I'm not sure what to do to finish this as i'm just using the same guns (RPG10 Helix Rocket Launcher with x4 fire, and DL21 C Pestilent Defiler with x4 corrosive - mostly just for guardians and burning psychos) that worked previously. Does anyone who has finished this have anything they wouldn't mind trading to me that will burn easily and possibly with less explosions or maybe a modded weapon so I can round skip? Last trophy too 😭 lol
  12. I got this during the story with Beastmaster by just hiding in a different room any time I had Deathtrap with me (including right at the start of the DLC where I let him do everything) and I found using the spiderant pet was the best for it not just running off and killing everything, or if it did start to attack I would run farther away and change pet so it would respawn beside me and thus out of battle!
  13. Hi everyone, I had a weird glitch when I was playing Psychonauts tonight wherein every time I tried to use the cobweb duster it would grab out and then glitch and not return but just hold onto the point of thin air where the cobweb was and not register the collectable. I wouldn't be able to change equipment after it did this and it would hold onto the one point even if I was on the other side of the level. The only way to get out of it was to reload a save but it would continue to do this when I tried again. Has anyone had anything similar happen? If so is there a reliable fix or should I just delete saves/the game and reinstall? It's made the platinum unobtainable while this glitch is active.
  14. I've updated my list to make things a little easier on myself for now! Hopefully I'll get to more though when these are completed